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pour the soy sauce, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Sunday after church, mum and I ventured to IKEA. The traffic condition was horrible. There was a long line snaking into Mutiara Damansara. I think it took me half an hour to clear the traffic light. According to the LED board, there were 600+ available parking bays in The Curve, but traffic was at a standstill! Doesn't compute right? I parked at e@Curve. Saved myself a whole lot of heartache. However, the parking lot looks very scary and it would come as no surprise if something untoward happens there in the near future. Some B-Boy 3-on-3 action was going on at the main lobby (it's not what you think!). Watched a bit of the hip-hop moves (tak minat, sebab tak comel lol) then left to look for lunch. Tried Senjyu Sushi. Quite desserted, but luckily the food was decent. Ordered a sashimi set and a pot of kimchi nabe. Next up, we made our way through the flea market to IKEA. There was a sale going on! So many items were marked …


cross your legs, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. On Saturday, mum and I skipped marketing to have the kitchen cabinets installed. The contractors came at about 10:30am, and after they had settled down and started work, I went out to the car accessories shop again. This time to find out why my car alarm became mute. Turned out to be a dead horn. After replacing it, my old Iswara now sounds like a foreign car. LOL. Cool. After getting that fixed, I met up SK for lunch at a nearby coffeeshop. She was around to get her wound dressed. Helped her to hop into the shop (seven stiches on her sole!). Ate a lousy chicken rice and packed an even lousier mied rice for mum. When we got home, the cabinets were still being installed. The guy was very meticulous. He would test each door thoroughly. Everything had to be smooth. A litle knock here, a little adjustment there. The QA was superb. Left the house again to collect another MySale package at my office. This time round was some super cheap Eas…

Tiga Sekawan

SS20, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. My colleague recommended that I try Restoran SS20 Fish Head Noodles, so I ventured there after church. The place was air-conditioned and super clean, definitely worthy of an A+ rating. Perfect for the u lui clientele. The menu was very detailed and even specified how many pieces of fish you would get. Goodness. A step in the way of the Europeans, where they might even start putting the weight of the fish you would be getting. Ordered one bowl Song fish and one bowl Haruan. Of course the Haruan was more expensive and the only item where you could have half of the fillet fried and the other half un-fried. When the food arrived, I was quite disappointed. The fried pieces of meat weren't fragrant, unlike in Woo Pin. Just kinda flat, with a hint of oil. Not good. I wasn't impressed. I rather pay MYR7 at Taman Desa compared to the MYR9.50 there. The saving grace was the ABC. That was quite good and cheap. The person who took our order even as…

Poodle Alarm

Kopitiam, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Mum was busy over at my sister's place taking care of the kids (my sis was rushing on a job), so I did not go to the wet market that Saturday. Slept in and at about 10:00am, I drove out to Restoran Yoon Ping for breakfast. Wanted to eat something healthier, but I couldn't resist the curry noodles. Took my sweet time to eat because the all the car accessories shops weren't open yet. Had to fix SK's car alarm you see. At about half an hour later, one shop had opened, so I quickly approach the staff there. Described my problem and let him diagnose it. He thought it was an open and shut case but apparently he was mistaken. In the end, he had to remove the alarm box from under the dashboard. While squatting down to do that, I had good view of his ass crack... and it wasn't pretty (I have the sneaky shot, but I'll spare your eyes). Not a cute ah beng car accessories guy... just my luck. And I was wearing a tiny, flirty tank …

Replenish The White Stuff

Soft boiled egg, swiped from radiomofosounds on Flickr. It's uncanny how the morning after I shoot my load, my mum would surely make soft-boiled eggs and bread for breakfast. I don't wanna know... I don't wanna hear any explanations for this... XD. Happy Monday!

Second Coat of Paint

Painted Skin 2, The Resurrection, Cannes Film Festival, swiped from Real TV Films on Flickr. Bought tickets for "Painted Skin II", so mum, SK and I went for early English mass instead of the usual mandarin mass. Breakfast was mee kolok at Taman Megah. From there, it was easy getting to Paradigm Mall with the new underpass. Our movie was at noon, so we did some shopping first. Mum and SK had a field day at Sephora. I think their combined purchase was more than MYR600, comprising of eye shadow sets, cleansers, toners, eyebrow pencils, hair colorant, and curling agents. Luckily most men don't use make-up. For the first time, I used the autogate at GSC. It read the QR Code from my iPhone app and after three of us entered, it automatically closed. Not bad. When we entered the hall, it wasn't ready. Pitch black! And truth be told, the iPhone wasn't bright enough to light our way. Great opportunity to grope some hunk in the dark while trying to make my way to the seats,…

Halal-ness from the Land of Pigs

Herbs~, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Back to Saturday marketing with the POC out of the way. Just a short trip this time. Breakfast was had at the Happy Garden market where downed a couple of bowls of curry noodles with an extra helping of mint leaves and roast duck that we had bought. After sending my mum to my sister's place, I followed SK to meet her supplier at an unmarked factory lot in Puchong. Felt like we were collecting bags of heroin. On the way back, saw a familiar restaurant near the industrial area-- The Wok! I remember it being in Kota Damansara. As we stopped in front of the place, I immediately recognized the owner. The interior decoration was exactly how I remembered it. Woody and antique. Kinda like heritage preservation where the shop was moved piece by piece to the new location, or perhaps it was picked up and dropped in the new place. A fabulous leng gor with shades on his head took our order. Was impressed with our choice of perut ikan, sambal kacang boto…

Dear Lunch

stadium., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Finished the second half of the POC on Wednesday. Couldn't care less about trying to get points for the items. Just told the truth and said that it was unsupported but customizable. There were also several boo-boos with the system, but I deftly hid the errors or in some cases just jual air liur. The audience was already sick of me and restless, so they let it pass. Wakaka. I was out of there by lunch time. Took the train down Bukit Jalil, collected my car and thought about lunch. Made a last minute decision to call KH:

"Hi dear, you have one hour to accompany me for lunch?"

His mum would just have to wait to have lunch with him. :P. Picked him up and we went to Star Cafe, Taman Desa. Ate there once with my colleagues during a farewell lunch. Was told that the chef was from The Colliseum. Finding parking was relatively easy, but digging for coins to pay the parking meter wasn't. I practically had to dig for coins under the seat…


Sharing an iPOD, Wine and the Sun, swiped from DarkB4Dawn on Flickr. On the POC D-day, I waited and waited and waited and waited... Thank goodness the client provided tea breaks, lunch breaks and other what-not breaks. My slot was supposed to be at 2:30pm, but it was delayed by three freaking hours till 5:30pm. The idiots before me where so enthusiastic to show off their few items that they forgot the big picture. I had a bloody one hundred and thirty seven to go! By that time, the consultant was pissed and she hissed at me through her braced teeth.

"Please speed things up and make sure that the demo system has a faster response time."

F*ck off. What do you expect when we are using an erratic wireless broadband to VPN back to our HQ?! (you should have let us use the internet line b*tch!) Definitely ain't moving the million ringgit iSeries server all the way there for a deal that most probably won't even materialize. Barely 50% through, the audience was getting restless…

Meet the Ex

BlackBall Signature Combo. Dessert overload, swiped from satkuru on Flickr. Monday was the last day that I could do my preparation for the big demo. Did several last minute checks and changes to fit the POC script. Even up till the end, one can still find more things that were lacking. Since I had no more time, I just gave it the old "f*ck it". The demo laptop had to be brought to the client site for connectivity testing, I so didn't stay back that day. Picked KH up and we went to Seri Petaling. Randomly picked one of the new food outlets there for a quick bite to eat before meeting KH's ex, Kenji. Yes, you read it right, his ex. An awkward thing one would say, but what the heck. Just ordered ten bacon meatballs at Tao Tao Kitchen. Tasty, and as it should be since it was MYR1.40 per piece! Talked more about KH's future plans and the possible opportunities for him in KL. At 9:00pm, we walked over to Blackball for dessert. Took their Bestseller. Looks-wise, very muc…


SpiderKid, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Dragged Cyan to church on Sunday. Roan stayed up all night and his mum was on the verge of a breakdown. The elser kid was all puffy-eyed and sleepy when we picked him up. At church he was quite well-behaved. Lunched at Restoran Ho Boh. The adults had lui cha and pan mee while we ordered the kiddy fried rice set for Cyan. Before going home, we stopped by at Giant BK 5 for some shopping. Refilled Cyan's cream cracker quota (eats them like Cookie Monster) and bought him a set of bowling pins. He was already restless and kept whining that his mum was waiting for him at home. In the afternoon, I drove over to KH's apartment. Chatted at the playground. Talked about his coming interviews and his relocation plans. When the sun was condong ke barat, we changed into our swimming gear and jumped into the pool. Did our usual skanky laps. ;). Halfway through, we were joined by a guy who had quite a yummy body. Not too muscular, but the definitio…

Mamak Celebrities: Lepak Lan

Working for long hours can be shitty, so my colleagues and I usually go for breaks at the nearby mamak shop for some sanity and to de-stress with food.  Saw this straight Malay cutie hanging out with his machas at Devis's Corner in TTDI. Sad to say that he has the typical straight attitude (was 'blowing bull' with his friends, talking big and what not) and smokes. But I can overlook that seeing that his arms are quite sexy. Huhu. That definitely perked me up for more drudgery in the office!


swimming., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. In my line of work, there are several abbreviations that I abhor. I shall list them out for you and they do come in that particular order: RFI - Request for Information - a short inquiry about a certain solution that the potential client needsRFP - Request for Proposal - basically the customer gives out a list of requirements and questions and we are supposed to come up with a complete proposal that addresses their technical, functional and commercial needs. A lot of lying, creative writing and delusion takes place herePOC - Proof of Concept - if the potential client is happy with the RFP, they will shortlist us to do a demonstration of what we said we were able to do in the RFP. And since we always lie, we always end up coming up with some half-baked features just for show (think cardboard movie backdrops)And I recently had to endure all that crap. The bloody POC script had eight scenarios and one hundred and thirty seven items for me to co…

Taking The First Step

Paxton and John, swiped from themaleimagesf on Flickr. Many people have asked me when my LDR will end. Truth be told I have no definite answer, so I just arbitrarily tell them, "2012 kwa...". I can only repeat what KH told me (but he insists that he did not say 2012!). For the first five months of 2012, I never saw any indication of KH's relocation back to Malaysia. And I never said anything to exert pressure (but KH begs to differ!). Just a few 'innocent inquiries' here and there during our conversation. Hehe. But recently, things seem to have shifted into high gear. He had contacted a head hunter and started distributing his resume to potential employers. Even managed to go for two interviews in KL! He has also started moving some stuff back home (knowing what a big hoarder he is, he would most probably need at least six trips). So far, he has not received any offers. But when he does, it will be another three months to serve his notice. To my surprise, he has a…

Nasi Lemak Sunday

duck., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Filled up on my spiritual needs at church on Sunday. Was feeling rather helpless with the strong currents at work and a little faith did help to ease the burden. Somehow it feels better when one gives in and leave things to God. Sempena Father's Day, the Youth did a disjointed dance performance in the church compound-- adolescents dancing to Madonna's "4 Minutes". The whole atmosphere was dripping with lala-ness. Was sick of the food options in Kelana Jaya and OKR, so we ventured to Puchong Jaya for lunch. Stopped at Restoran KH20 (no affiliation with my KH) for bihun kolok (they ran out of noodles) and duck rice. Not bad. Sent my mum to my sister's place after that. Sis and BIL were having a dinner party later for Cyan's birthday cum Roan's baby shower. The main dish was nasi lemak so I helped with some prep work before heading home. Rested a while before I went for my weekly swim. As usual, the guests were late in…

Danny Roo

roo, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Having participated in Danny Gaga's guessing game, I won some souvenirs from Melbourne!!! He was so nice to courier me a box of nougat, a kangaroo refrigerator magnet and a wooden boomerang with aboriginal art on it. Thank you so much! So many things right? And yet in his note, he described it as "just a little something" and in his e-mail correspondences, he told me not have high expectations over "just very little thing" (sic). I hope this doesn't mean that I'm disqualified from future contests!

P.S.: Actually I was secretly hoping for an Aussiebum underwear model. :P


pizza?, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Once more, Saturday saw me doing the market and office routine. One would think that Saturday's a day of rest and sleeping in but I've not done that in a long time. :(. Left work a bit earlier coz I wasn't really in the mood to work. June's been a pretty bad month for me with three proposals to rush, one proof of concept, a project manager breathing down my next regarding development progress and a quality manager asking me every other day whether I had finished testing the system. Team lead. Developer. Tester. Pre-sales. Marketing. Way too many hats. Way too long hours. Way too little pay. Left work a tad early to swim. At the entrance of my apartment, I bumped into my tenant and his friend. We both gave each other the scan. His friend was very likely gay. Hurriedly asked about the leak at the unit and went to change into my swim trunks. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to swim on that day as the haze was pretty bad. Ever…