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Quiet Reflection

Lord, Hear His Prayers
Swiped from ~The Olis In 'Consin~. Every Christmas, I would be going around with my BEC posse to spread Christmas cheer via carolling. We'd be all dressed in red and we'd belt out songs in English and Mandarin, with the accompaniment of guitars and tamborines. However, behind that noble intent, it was our best money horse. Heh. Unfortunately, we didn't do any carolling. The parish priest had decided that carolling should only be done after Christmas, so that kinda potong our steam. No extra income, no lavish christmas party. I don't mind not having the giant Christmas do, but missing out on the experience of carolling is another matter. Nothing beats going around in a convoy of cars, singing our hearts out, reading some scripture and later makan-makan plus fellowship. Still, we made do. We just had a simple potluck and invited some friends. Managed to do our carolling. Our face-stuffing (my first time tasting salted-egg chicken). Had a littl…

Christmas, isn't Christmas...

Swiped from williamnyk. Christmas coincided with KH's trip back to Malaysia, so that was definitely a plus. Brief moments together, but I guess it wasn't that bad. We'll see each other soon enough during CNY. On the 22nd, celebrated the Winter Solstice at home. Had the ginger soup variety. Mum gave the palm sugar and savoury versions a miss since since sis wasn't around. In the afternoon, SK, mum and I went to an RCIA mate's wedding at the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puchong. New, but kind of small-ish with an interesting architecture. All glass and rounded (a Hispanic mud wall feeling), with a skylight above the crucifix and a golden sepulcher, seemingly held aloft by two cherubs. Couldn't help but notice the priest emphasising on the need to "remain in love" numerous times in the course of the wedding mass. Too many divorce cases? Hope not. The commentator was also quite enthusiastic at times-- he even read the portions that…

The Nutcracker Suite

Swiped from williamnyk. On The Day of Sacrifice (coined in some blogger thread), SK, mum and I headed out early in the morning to One Utama. Early it may be, but that didn't spare us of a crawl on the LDP. An accident had rendered the road jammed. Blegh. Anyway, after the "clog", we reached our destination rather quickly. We spent a solid 6 hours shopping at the new wing! Really spent, spent and spent. Mum bought an Estee Lauder Pleasures EDP set and some stuff from Skin Food, while SK and I bought nearly 200 quid worth of clothes at Sisley. My first time buying that brand. They have really nice-fitting T's. SK also did her market survey for work, hopping from cosmetic counter to cosmetic counter. Overall, the service staff were quite unfriendly. Perhaps she needs a more Datin-y appearance. Was quite happy that the U Parkson staff mistakenly gave us an extra MYR20 cash voucher which I used to subsidize an Akemi bedsheet. Hehe.

Lunch was at Itallianie&…

Southbound III (finale): The Tao of Love


Southbound II: Kawaii Waiters, Daemons & Bitch-slapping Ang Mohs


Southbound I: Early Christmas

e 023
Swiped from shimmertje. It's not even a week yet and I'm already posting about my trip to KH-land? Amazing, huh? Oh well. When you feel like shitting, do go to the toilet, or it might result in irregular bowel movement. Hell, I think it applies to blogging too. So here goes. Primary objective: Spend time with KH before we go bonkers. Secondary objective: Christmas shopping and the famous Orchard Street decor.

Went down to Singapore with SK on Friday afternoon after a very early office Christmas gift exchange at RedBox Ria, Sogo. We went with the Secret Santa concept. Budget-- minimum MYR20.00. Got my colleague a designer key-chain. It's basically a metallic pig with a screw-on tail. Sorry, no pic. And in exchange for my early shopping troubles, I got a wine cooler. Quite useful when it comes to boozing at SK's. :P. And my colleague from Myanmar, Phyoe, threw in a Japanese fortune cat charm and a greeting card for everyone. My songlist for the day:
Theresa Teng'…

Negative Nancy

Swiped from williamnyk. So far you've heard about Uncle HeMan, Ungrateful Kids, Gym Jenny and other characters from my STAR LRT journeys. It doesn't end there folks. Let me introduce you to the newest member of the cast-- Negative Nancy. She's an employee of Sogo, KL it seems. On the fateful morning that I met her, she was sitting opposite me, grumpily inserting 2 fresh Eveready batteries into her cheap, plastic analog camera. Having done that, she tried snapping a pic. It would not respond. Turning the camera this way and that, she fiddled with every nob she could find.

At her wits end, she eventually opened the film compartment, effectively exposing a couple of negatives. She appeared oblivious to the fact that the film is photosensitive. Eventually, she removed the roll of film and found it hard to put it back in, nearly crumpling it. After a few attempts to bang it in like a neanderthal, she finally succeeded. And yet the camera remained staunchly unrespons…


Eric Cartman
Swiped from Brann. I'm not writing about the sequel to "Dare To Fail" (incidently, the author is looking for a wife that looks like Rosamund Kwan to accompany him on overseas trips to collect his book royalties-- good luck, man!). DareToLose is a new series on TV sponsored by the evil people at Mayfair Slimming. It is thinly camouflaged as an attempt to help people look good (read anorexic) but it actually has the sinister objective of propagating bad body image amongst the populace so that they can make a buck.

(wife plays the piano, husbands sits beside her with their wedding album)

"Dear, look at this."

"You're just insinuating that I'm fat. Not as thin as used to be when I married you!"

(the wife storms off)

Then they interview the husband. He's spewing a whole lot of crap about hoping that his wife will lose some weight for her health (yeah, right!). And if she doesn't lose any weight, well, that's OK too (yeah, righ…


sleepy soldier
Swiped from mindvoice. Hi guys and gals. If you didn't notice, I've been away. I'm down south, in Singapore taking some time off and fulfilling my conjugal duties. I will be back in KL on Monday, but don't expect a full report until like what... next week? Hehehe. Toodles!

Wayang Kulit

majlis berkhatan
Swiped from lastsham. Upon reaching my office on a Saturday morning, I saw the darndest thing-- someone was spraying water from the fire hydrant right in front of the building. Was there a fire? A fire drill? Crowd control? Nope. They were actually hosing down some 20 kids. Why? To soften them up. Soften what up? Soften their skin up. Shrivel their little pistols. Yes, dear friends, a mass circumcision. The poor kids. The whole kampung turned up for the party. Cameras a-clicking. Food and relatives everywhere. When I came down for lunch, I was half expecting to see bloodied foreskin strewn all over the floor of the carpark. But I guess the Foreskin Fairy already cleaned up after...

If you're uncut, would you consider going cut now? And if you're cut, at what age did that happen? :P

Serendah III: Long Night

Swiped from williamnyk. ...continued from here...

Exhausted from the game of twisted twister, we slept at about midnight. I didn't sleep well. Woke up at 2:00am, 5:00am and 6:45am. Too darn cold. Even tried sleeping downstairs. Seems that I wasn't the only one. Little Bull was up too. Said he was harrassed by insects (the whole toilet floor was bersepah with wings, a massacre of sorts-- we suspect Froggie had a late night snack). And his tossing and turning in turn bothered Magus. Froggie complained about cramped real estate, but the Birthday Bibik seemed to be most comfortable... illegal logging the whole night... Not being able to sleep, I went for a morning walk with my digicam. The insects weren't awake yet, but the birds were and the cool air coupled with the sound from the babbling brook were very relaxing.

After that, the rest of the gang woke up. Magus and I were the designated maids-- Siti and Haryanti, preparing breakfast. A hearty breakfast of m…


Swiped from Il Topone. A little break from Serendah, so meme time! QueerR tagged me again, but I decided to bagi muka coz I can really identify with the number 8. No prize for guessing why.

8 Things I Am Passionate About
{"KH", "$$$", "Anime", "Undies", "Camwhoring", "Friends", "Health", "Food"}

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
Note: Magus did mention something about climbing Ayer's Rock in drag like in "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", but I don't think so...
{"Married the person I love", "Found job satisfaction", "Found financial freedom", "Reveal my true self to the world", "Travel the world", "Tried every weird cuisine in the world", "Tried out acting", "Get a tattoo"}

8 Things I Say Often
{"OMG", "Wahsei", "Yes, my dear?", "Beh tahan", "Hi, baby", "Shi…

Serendah II: I'll Huff and Puff and Blow your House Down

Swiped from williamnyk. ...continued from here...

The living quarters for our trip was the Glass Shed. As you can guess, the concept is transparent living. A whole lotta glass, wood and metal mesh. Stark. Semi-spartan. IKEA. Smack dab in the middle of a forest. Upon entering the place, we dumped our bags and immediately the shutters were clicking. True cam-whores. Only after a while did it hit us that we should be putting the perishables in the refrigerator (what camping trip has a refrigerator you may ask? Well, this one had. And a microwave too!). The pictures in the website are better, but I guess that is to be expected. The hammock and the stretched canvas awnings were missing. Oh well, macam gambar depan mee maggi, serving suggestion only.

Upstairs is the bedroom with 2 queen-sized beds and whole lot more glass. The bathroom has a large gash in the ceiling (open shower concept) and anyone upstairs can just pull up a chair, munch on snacks to see the free show tha…