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Minimalist Embrace
Swiped from qwurky. Dear KH is arriving today. It's been a long month without being in the presence of my significant other. I can't contain myself. To see, to hear, to taste again.

Hehe. As Bill put it so eloquently, I'm gonna be sticky rice this weekend!


Swiped from williamnyk. A couple of years back, The Star showcased the Shanghai Dance Troupe and one of the signature pieces was The Zebra Dance. It's kinda a ballet piece about a pair of young zebras in love. Two years later, I got the chance to catch and excerpt of it for free at E. Excel's 20th Anniversary Celebration and Convention at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. Last year's performance was more oustanding in my opinion, but let's not compare apples with oranges. If you know me well, you know that this post is not about expounding the finer points of dance and choreography, but towards something more skanky. Hehe. Trust me to pollute art.

Let's get back to the Zebras-- One guy, one girl. One black, one white. Both wearing skin-tight leotards. They guy's costume was quite scandalous. Mesh running down both sides, so you can imagine that he doesn't have much choice in terms of underwear. Since I arrived late, the seat I got was right at the side o…

Bill, Revisited

Multichromatic Beams
Swiped from Reciprocity. In the course of our lives, we meet many people. Friends, acquaintances. People you just meet everyday. And it makes sense to be civil with each other. To find common ground. To build up a camaraderie. However, I have always felt that some connections we make last longer than others. Some are merely exist due to circumstances, encounters due to work commitments, study commitments. We seem to enjoy each others' company. Have fun. Talk cock. And that's just about it. We merely skirt the surface. We never talk of personal issues. Feelings. We keep that fenced off. Private. It's like we put on a mask. It never goes deeper. And so, we never REALLY know each other. It's a two way thing I guess. Sometimes we are afraid to ask. To show genuine concern. To care. And most of the times, we are afraid to tell, to appear vulnerable. Admittedly, it is difficult to open up, to find the right people to bare our soul. Trust is a difficult …

Excellent Choice

Swiped from TW Collins. There are money love-hate stories about MLMs out there and I'm pretty sure among my readers here, some practically swear by the products of certain companies and some just have an aneurism when direct-selling is mentioned. From dodgy claims to over-aggressive marketing, it is not surprising that many would avoid MLM companies and their brain-washed, zombie distributors like the plague (I have heard of friendships going awry). To be fair, I would say that sometimes, there are genuine products out there, just that ignorant distributors sometimes get a little over-zealous when trying to convince the consumer. This scenario is especially true in cases where health products are concerned. And unfortunately, as with all MLM marketing models, the price of products must be jacked up to support the "wealth generation" structure of the organization. The pyramid. Heh. Sometimes, I wonder why the supposedly miraculous products aren't sold on the …


Star on stage
Swiped from Rune T. Truth be told, I owe IkanB this meme. Then David had to tag me again. Oh well. seems simple enough. Like A, B, C. As easy as 1, 2, 3.... 4, 5. Yeah. That easy.

5 Things in My Bag
LaptopWater bottleSoftware InstallersMisc. access cardsUmbrella

5 Things in My Wallet
$$$ (goes without saying)Credit cardsIdentity cardsBusiness cardsList of bank account numbers

5 Things I Like Most in My Room
My collection of souvenirs from around the globeMy underwear drawerMy porn collectionMy book collectionMy study table (Where I, ahem, do most of my work)

5 Things I'd Like To Try
Eating fried insectsRiding a bike"Switching" with KH (tee-hee)Rock-climbingDriving a car with automatic transmission

5 Things I'm Doing Now
Waiting for KH to callBreathingScratching my headScratching myselfScratching this meme off my To Do list



Fish Lips
Swiped from boopsie.daisy. KH has this tag, moniker-- The GodFather. Our friends call KH that because KH seems to know many people. We all get linked through KH. Like a social middle man of sorts. Sounds like a mama-san hor? But not that la. Anyway, Bill is a friend that I recently came to know through KH as well (come to think of it, KH's the one that introduced me into the circle, so I guess most of my friends are KH's friends in the first place, but I've grown my own network these days, :P). Seems that they visited each others' blogs. E-mailing each other back and forth, between Singapore and Washington DC. So, since KH started mentioning me on his blog, Bill also started to want to know me better. Hence, we started an electronic correspondence too.

As luck would have it, Bill managed to squeeze in a trip to KL to meet the faces behind the blogs. It was a great coincidence that Jan orginized a karaoke session on the day of Bill's arrival (congratulati…


Swiped from williamnyk. As usual, out of the blue, DanielH messaged me that he would be in the vicinity and asked me whether I was free for tea. I obliged. He always catches me on my good days. He told that he wanted to get his hair cut before his Berlin trip the day after and that he'd be doing it a salon somewhere near OKR.

Errr, I don't know the name of the place la. If you take the $1.60 highway, the one that can go Bangsar or KLCC, you can reach there direct!

Huh?! Anyway, he gave me very detailed instructions after he actually reached the salon, so I was happy. :P. The place is called Blanc. And it was their official opening day. Flowers. Horribly catered food. Fab-looking guests. A Marge Simpson look alike. Relatives. Red parasol. Heavy rain and a lion dance quartet. I chatted with him for 2 hours, but he still didn't get his hair cut. I couldn't wait anymore as I had to swim, so I bid him adieu.

And yeah, he finally gave me my souvenir from his HK tr…

Fruit Protein

Dragonfruit I (Red & White)
Swiped from espion. I've not been doing a lot food posts lately. No mood? Moved on? I'm sure ThompsonB is happy about it. I'm sure my brother is happy about it. But that aside, I'm doing a semi-food post today. It depends on your definition of food. It hs a gross factor of 6.5, I think. So, if you haven't had your dinner, better skip this one.

After a long day at work, I come home and read the papers. My mum offers me a juicy hemisphere of purple dragon fruit. It was so inviting. The colour vivid. So big and round (not talking boobs here people!) Sweet and juicy! I dug and dug at the juicy flesh. When I was nearly done, I noticed something odd near the skin. The pulp should be purple, so what is that white streak I see near the skin? Hmmmmm. Upon taking a closer look:

"GAWD! It squirmed!"

They were fruit worms. Fat and white. Nothing like your sago grubs, but disgusting enough. With further inspection, I found another 2 worms…


picture a day - white trash
Swiped from less like math. Conversation I with Lex (Lanky Lex not Lex Luthor) of the JayLex Foundation:

Lex: hahhaha. u r becoming very naughty.

Moi: why le?

Lex: dunno le. u r different that the william i know. hahahha.

Moi: har.

Lex: u have changed....

Moi: serious?

Lex: where's the william i know?????

Conversation II with Queer Ranter:

QueerR: What's wrong with you ar?

Moi: Huh?

QueerR: You're like super skanky these days!

Moi: Yameh?

QueerR: Everyting from your mouth is sex, sex, sex.

Moi: Bisasalah.

(For those of you who know QueerR, to have him call me a skank has quite serious implications)

It's weird. In just a span of 1 week, 2 friends have told me that I've changed for the worse. That I've slipped over to the dark side of Skankdom. They view me as sex-deprived and having a perpetually yellow-tinted mindset. A far cry from the person they knew from 2007/01/01. The quiet William. The book-ish William. The decent William. Well, let me just …

Uncle HeMan II

Swiped from williamnyk. Skeletor isn't back to plunge the universe back into chaos. Don't worry. Once again, I've started bumping back into Uncle HeMan. He still digs into his classics the moment he sets foot into the train car. I nearly didn't recognize him as he seems to have to dumped his hairstylist. Things are neater now, less Brady Bunch. So kids, this weeks book for The HeMan Book Club is William Faulkner's Sartone. Do me a 500 page report, then condense the bloody thing into a 20 word comment. Thanks. =)


Swiped from williamnyk. Yes folks, the MIFC -- Malaysia International Fireworks Competiton, not the F*cking Convention. Was not keen to see the thing. Didn't bother to drive all the way out to Putrajaya, park dangerously by the roadside to catch the show for free. However, through a twist of fate, I was given a free ticket, as Cho couldn't make it. So, I joined SK, Kiam, HP and her little sister (the girl calls me Uncle too! Bitch!). Having heard of the notorious jams during the preliminaries, we arrived early to get a better spot. Well, our kiasu-ness paid off as we managed to double park by the roadside (trudged up the hill to PICC) and wait in the rain for two hours before enjoying a 30 minute display of money burning in the sky. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it. :P.

In order to peddle their MYR3 bottled water and MYR6 Nasi Lemak, the organisers disallowed food and water to be brought into the convention center. The checkes were lax, so we still managed to smug…

Book of Answers

Book of Answers
Swiped from Caro's Lines. Hi all. Sorry to say that nobody got all the right answers.

Clockwise from top left

Pic 1: Hero, Queer As Folk, A Scanner Darkly, Amelie

Pic 2: Angels in America, The Animatrix, Akira, Transamerica

Pic 3: The Black Adder, Snatch, Zatoichi, Blow

My free time is officially over. I'm seriously overworked.....

Movie Madness

Swiped from williamnyk. After divulging the contents of my music playlist, it is only fair that I extend it to movies and series as well. I shall be the initiator. If it catches on, Hurray! If not, your employer will thank me for not affecting productivity levels at the workplace.

I know it's a bit troublesome needing to scan the pictures, edit and then upload 'em, but do play along if you have the time. Heck, you can even be a little creative and cover the movie titles with some paper and then take a pic with your camera phone. And as usual, no prize for getting all the right answers, but I might just reward somebody with a little something ...


Swiped from williamnyk. Merdeka. Public holiday. What to do? Go to work?! Screw that! Go to the mall? Spare me the jams! Head to Floria Putraja 2007. A hassle-free outing with your friends and family. Left for the flower exhibition at 9 in the morning that day while other Malaysians were either still snoozing or the rest "glued" to the TV set watching the marching bands, fly by's and other equally-lame (Floria is just a different type of lame. :P) activities going on at Dataran Merdeka. Putrajaya's a ghost town as usual. When we reached Precint 2, we only saw a couple of Floria 2007 buntings. We didn't know where to go. Had to stop by the roadside to ask for directions from the security staff. So pathetic. No decent signage. Anyway, let me just get this over with. Hot day. Half dead flowers. Floral arrangement exhibition. Floral landscape showcase. Floral interior decoration showcase. Floral fashion expo. Flower bazaar. There were some interesting piece…

Bladis Liberamus (Thanks, Lex)

Part Four
Swiped from McNeney. (Backtrack 27th August -- yeah, ancient history again!)

I went swimming again last Sunday with SK, but with a little twist, a newcomer. The kid's name is Ah Zon, someone I came to know through a twist of fate on Friendster. The story goes like this-- QueerR talked about Ze Nephew. Says he shakes hands like Squidwer. I was curious. Asked to see his Friendster profile. Viewed the kid. Viewed his friends. One viewed me back AND added me as a friend. Asked the kid about it. Said it was a mistake. Thought I was some other William (not the bloody first time). Fine. Mistaken Identity's friend views my profile. I view back. He added
me as a friend. Messaged the kid asking whether it's ANOTHER case of mistaken identity. Said he genuinely wanted to be
friends. :). The kid's name's Ah Zon.

A fun guy. Friendly. He can magically add 3 years to his looks by putting on spectacles. Kinda like Clark Kent. Calls me Uncle. Grrrrr. Kids these days. Anywa…

One for the Road

Dell'amore #3
Swiped from Roby1kenobi. (Backtrack 20th August -- yeah, ancient history)

On Monday, my mood was kinda out as I knew that KH would be going back to Singapore the next day. It's so weird to actually feel the longing even before the person has left. Unlike Friday, I worked that day and after work, SK was nice enough to borrow me her car so that I could go meet KH for a proper goodbye. After picking KH up, KH accompanied to Kuchai Lama for a supposedly famous wanton noodle stall by the name of Cho-Cho. However, I find that it's just average at best. As it was starting to rain again, we drove over to OUG for a decent place to talk. Parking at Central Hypermarket, we walked over to Pearl Point with my umbrella in hand. Our hands found each other and we braved the rain together. Apt weather for the occassion, come to think of it. At first, I was rather moody and quiet. KH sensed it and kept on asking me about it over coffee at Starbucks. KH was amused when I said I…


Milk Drops
Swiped from jurvetson. (Backtrack to 3 weeks ago)

I've always been proud of the fact that I have semi-flawless skin. My adolescent years had been virtually acne-free, so I did not have to put up with inflamed and blotchy skin and scarring (gasp!). Howoever, it seems that my skin has decided to take a detour back to the age of dermal carnage. I don't know if it's stress or lack of sleep or increased coffee intake, but my poor skin has taken a turn for the worse. A liking for acne, especially on my T-zone. Can't really blame the hairstyle, as for the past two years it had always been covering my forehead. Hmmm. During my last visit to my beautician:

Janet: Ei. I already have the flu. Now you come with so many pimples for me to press. You wanna kill me faster is it?!

Anyway, she did the dirty work. Making her wantan's as she went along. It was a scream-worthy experience for me too. I felt like I had a whole batch of Alien eggs on my forehead. Just wish Ripley…