Mum's MCO Menu

One of my favourite's from mum's kitchen is yam cake. The recipe was passed down from my paternal grandmother. The characteristics of mum's version are generous amounts of cubed yam, dried shrimps, and fried shallots. Some people like lots of five spice powder in the batter, but not me. It's a great snack to have with Kampung Koh chili sauce, and the leftovers can be pan-fried for another level of enjoyment. Mum made this dish several times during the MCO.

Lohmaikai is a dish that mum had not made in a long time. Think the last time I had it was back in Kuantan, probably two decades ago. We were lucky enough to sample it again during the MCO! Homemade lohmaikai is not soggy and soft like what you get from kopitiams and dim sum restaurants.

When I was a kid, this dish was a favourite for breakfast. Mum would steam a whole lot of tapioca, then make a thick sauce out of palm sugar and pandan leaves. Very delicious, very sweet!

Buburchaha is another gem. The combination of ya…

Bao Down

The MCO had revealed that frozen bao and dim sum are staple favourites among the Malaysian Chinese community. Factories went into overdrive, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry seemed to be selling frozen charsiew bao, sang yuk bao, and siew mai on social media. Wouldn't be surprised if one of your neighbour's was a distributor. Can't deny it's popularity because it's delicious, easy to keep, and easy to prepare. Just stick it in a steamer and you have a hot meal. Great for breakfast or tea time. 
Was bao and dim sum part of your MCO diet? 

We Are The Easter People

For the first time, the Easter Triduum was observed away from Mother Church. The clergy had started jumping into the deep end, leaning about the challenges of live streaming over social media platforms. Some embraced technology pretty well, and emerged as mini online influencers. Stations of the Cross was broadcast live from my church compound using Facebook Live. And through YouTube Live we participated in the Maundy Thursday Mass, Good Friday Liturgy, Easter Vigil Mass, and Easter Sunday Mass. Usually, the Holy Week would be such a busy time as it involves much preparation and involvement from multiple ministries, but the Covid-19 pandemic had turned things on its head, giving a chance for everyone to take a step back and reflect. "Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song." -- St. Pope John Paul II

Pandemic Pants

The MCO triggered a huge surge in e-commerce. Those who never bought things online were suddenly forced to embrace the new trend. For me, I somehow found myself a little too click-happy. There were many MCO promotions and I was sucked into it. Well, of course I am talking about underwear shopping (but not to say I didn't buy some misc. household stuff)! Blame Private Structure for their price slashes. On top of that, I also bought stuff from Shopee, and I must say that I went a little crazy. Here's what I got :
Private Structure : Jammers x 1Jockstrap x 1Hipster brief x 1Knee-length Tights x 1Boxer briefs x 1Split boxers x 1Total = 6 pieces.
Shopee : Boxer shorts x 2Lounge shorts x 3Fundoshi x 2Long Tights x 1Total = 8 pieces.
Promenstore : Sento briefs x 1 Total = 1 piece.
Did I overdo it with 15 pairs? Is sexy underwear a way to cope with being cooped up at home? Now, where to put all this ...

MCO Makan-Makan

With the Movement Control Order enforced, one can't go out searching for good food, but it does't mean that good food can't come to us. SK found a Malay caterer from Shah Alam who was willing to deliver to our area. However, the delivery charges cost nearly as much as the food. Even so, it was worth it. Good nasi dagang, and sambal sotong, but the I can't the say the same about the nasi kerabu.

SK also managed to get a slice of burnt cheesecake from the famous Say Cheese Cafe at Jalil Link. But can you imagine how difficult it is to fully enjoy something so rich after a heavy meal of Malay carbs?

And for dinner, it was the continuation of the theme... Sis made nasi lemak with with Hainanese steamed chicken roll. Quite a combination, huh? Talk about a caloric surplus!

Aging UA

This pair of Under Armour meggings was supposed to be delivered on the 18th of March. Right at the start of the MCO. The delivery guy gave me a call and asked whether it was possible for them to deliver. The delivery address was my office, so it was a big NO. My package ended up sitting at their distribution office for nearly a month. The backlog must have been immense when they finally called me for a delivery redirection. Quite a nice pair of meggings right? Do I look like someone who needs such fitness gear? Hehe.

Sewing Surgical

Covid-19 created a surgical mask obsession among the general public. Supply was scarce and the price was obscene. MYR80 was considered cheap. During the haze period, I remember buying a box for just RM7. All that drama inspired mum to start sewing face masks. But first, had to fix the leather treadle belt for her old Singer foot-operated sewing machine. So easy to source for spare parts online. Much easier and cheaper than the brick and mortar shops. Once she got it working again, she started digging out her hoard of cloth remnants from her long career as a seamstress. Mum's cloth masks were double-sided, and featured a lining at both ends. Its designed to be used with a surgical mask, where its inserted into a slit at the side. Talk about making a fashion statement in this pandemic. Most people like her batik and floral variations. 

Keep safe, and keep sewing!