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Day three of the walkthrough at the Tower. My boss is talking like a madman. Simply talk, simply promise. Big drops of sweat bead my forehead. -_-".

Download Those Memories

As we get older, the things that we used to like, the food we used to crave, the tv shows we used to not miss seem to lose their lustre, lose their appeal. I remember KFC to be the most heavenly smell around. Id be happy just standing outside their kitchen exhaust fan. But now, it doesn't quite compare. Have I changed, or has KFC changed? Another example would be my ex-love affair with the night market. It used to be for me an interesting spectacle, the mingle of people and food. Now the crowds turn me off. The food on sale fail to excite. A headache ensues, my eyes water and I'm out of there. Well, I guess we all change and everything around us does too. Cherish the memory. Nothing can beat it. Do not attempt to recreate them. Leave them be. Hold them dear. Cherish the memories.

Day Two

Greetings from the Tower. Second day of requirements gathering session and it isnt pretty. Too much backtracking, going off topic, harping on irrelevant issues, talking too far ahead and plain confusion over what is needed. Im lovin it. Every minute of it. Drives me up the wall. Driver imaginary hot nails into my skull. Too many cooks spoil the soup. Too many meetings spoil the mind. And Niel and DanielH, thanks for the concern- Im not on crack. Really.

Into the Unknown

A journey that knows no destination. My feet are already on the path. I stumble along the way. I am lost. I lose myself. Given up hope on the damp earth. My fists pound the earth in futile desperation. Even my tears have lost its salt. A hand draws me up. I look up to meet the strangers gaze... No, it is a familiar face, it is a familiar face.

I Hit the LOTR

Can you guys believe it. OMG, OMG. I can't breathe. It's so unbelievable. So surreal- I actually met Arwen on the LRT! You know, Aragon's wife! I'm sure it was her. She had the Evenstar on. She may have let her body go a little but I'm sure thats just a side effect of Elronds ire- she did disobey him and marry some scruffy mortal ranger-king. Yes, Im losing my mind. But fret not, Im supposed to be getting my net access REAL soon.

Rapunzel After a Haircut

Oh my, I'm still blogging from the Tower of Solitude. sorry i can't write a long post or any of my usual fluff, so i'll just blab a bit about my day or just until my thumbs get tired from typing on the phone. the day started off bad with production problems at one site. two migrations were performed and both ended with rollbacks. if it were to fail again, they'd have my balls. so i had to make an appearance and miss a chance to have lunch with some coursemates and an "ex" cum psycho. Solved at three, but had to face the music at the Tower. problems. problems. requirements keep changing and i wonder why i'm always in the dark about it. sigh. rework. ugh. i hate that word. Thanks to all who have been visiting "religiously, but did not leave any offerings". For those who did, at least i can return the favour and "worship at your altar". am i making sense? pengz...


A message from the Tower of Solitude. I was recently assigned to a new project site somewhere behind Central Market and the place isn't pretty. No water. No internet. So deprived- I'm blogging from my phone. Sigh. I shall let down my hair from the 25th floor and let the technician climb up to install a wireless router...


Swiped from williamnyk. KFC has disappointed me once again (Niel, you may file your objection in the comments section). After years of not eating Zinger, I tried the new and improved Zinger Maxx. Apparently it isn't new and it definitely isn't improved.

1) Fillet dah kecut.
2) Harga dah naik.
3) Added a slice of cheese.
4) Replaced the normal bun with the Kaiser "what-the-f*ck-is-so-special-about-it" bun.
5) New ho-hum sauce.

With that price, just go get a snack plate. Your eyes and stomach will be more satisfied. I should've filled in that bloody money-back-guarantee form!

Is That Tang-y Enough?

curse of the golden flower
Swiped from nozomiiqel. The Banquet and Curse of the Golden Flower. Both are big budget Tang period movies. Both have a conniving Empress at its core. Both feature dysfunctional royal families. Both showcase that ancient court opulence goes hand in hand with the spilling of human blood. Both feature coups and deceits. Sex and incest. And it's all fine and dandy. Regardless of all the similarities (I really shouldn't have watched both back to back), there are some salient details that differentiates both movies. In general, Banquet is not so in your face, but the storyline is slower. In Curse, the story is easier to follow but the plot is really thin.

Let's look at Banquet first-- Prince Wu Luan's interest in the arts really borders on the absurd. He and his "The Song of Yue" troop. Even in death, they perform their mime-marionnette act to perfection. Zhang Zi Yi's performance here as Empress Wan is surprisingly tolerable, not s…


Swiped from williamnyk. Back during my early university days, Mel introduced me to the wonders of ice-blended coffee. But before I immersed myself in Coffee Bean and Starbucks, she firstly let me sample Dome. Being the idiot newbie, she gracefully ordered a Twister for me. A latte cup filled with coffee and mile-high whipped cream. I ploughed through half the cup before it finally hit me-- I can't take whip cream in copious amounts. I felt really sick. Mel told me my face practically looked green. I nearly threw up there and then. Luckily after a few cups of ice water, the feeling passed. I left the unfinished amount untouched. Since that fateful day, 6 years ago, I have not spent a single cent at Dome. However, I tried my luck my today. Apparently, they had revamped their menu and introduced some Espreski's. At $14.95++ a hit, it's definitely the more expensive ice-blended on the block, but the price is quite justified. I ordered the Caramel Nut Crunch and I saw th…


Swiped from bertrandom. TTDI is a real haven for celebrity sightings. Just today at lunch, my colleagues and I caught sight of Malaysian Idol Daniel Lee walking at the shoplots. I nearly screamed......

Mak oi, putih melepak. Tak keluar rumah ke??!!

At the same row of shops during the fasting month, I saw Michael Wong on the day of his Bt. Jalil
concert. I thought to myself....

Apasal mamat ni pakai blazer time panas giler ni.... oh.. Kwang Liang...

My female colleague was practically pointing and screaming much to the delight of his driver and aides. There must some kind of recording studio there... hmmm.

Anyway, in addition to local celebs, I have also seen Eason Chan & Jordan Chan having lunch at the coffeeshops. OK la. Not the Real McCoy, but still close enough. A very good resemblance. Haha. Other than people from the entertainment business, I have seen A. Samad Said at Pasar Seni LRT station
(his trademark unruly white hair and beard-- as he was on the cover of Wark…


Swiped from williamnyk. Listerine for a sore throat? But when people got out of their way to ease your pain, you give it a try.

It stingssssss.... it stingsseesss usssss... nasty hobbitssesss..

Oh, that's something else.

Thanks for the thoughtful gesture, Clay.

PS: The title not for show, really feel kinda drained these days...


tofu man
Swiped from arimoore. Meeting new people can be fun especially if you clique well and are on the same frequency. But as fresh as it is, seeing each other too frequently can be quite step backward. Heh. It'll get much easier to hit those lulls in the conversation, since there's not much catching up to do anyway. Sometimes, there's only so much one can mengumpat dan mengutuk to keep the conversation lively (at the expense of the victim-- sneezing fits). Was at KTZ with new arrivals Eugene and Eric when the waitress asked me a fantastic question in Cantonese:

"You don't want to eat tofu ar?"

It loosely translates to taking advantage of someone sexually and I immediately guffawed. Later, when Eugene's order of Chu Cheong Fun arrived, many chopsticks were dropped on the table. Since there were many extras, I contemplated playing pick-up sticks with them. However, the same waitress came by to collect the chopsticks (disposable ones, mind you) and I th…


Swiped from williamnyk. While I was a wee young lad, I used to tape old "The Simpsons" episodes on VHS tapes and watch them over and over again. In one episode, I remember Homer got his hand on some Menoxidil (Springfield hair growth tonic) and it did wonders for him. He immediately became the office hunk and Burns even promoted him without realizing it was due to the hair. Everything was rosy, until of course he ran out of Menoxidil. This brings us to the sensitive topic of hair and balding. A subject that is close to the heart of many men (and some women as well). Hair is the symbol of youth and virility, and when you lose it, it really is quite devastating. People resort to combovers, toupes, hair plugs and of course "Menoxidil". However, reality's "Menoxidil" is not quite the silver bullet we see in Springfield, but something much less miraculous. In addition to medicine's Rogaine (purpotedly helps grow peach fuzz rather than hair), man…


Swiped from williamnyk. Aloha @ Jalan P. Ramlee. Seems to be new. The Buddha Bar / Pondok Gurami replacement I think. What do you think those hut roofs out front look like?

a) Elogated breasts
b) Condoms
c) Plain 'ol hut roofs
d) Fat assassins with small heads wearing the straw raincoats of old

PS: The winning entry gets a free return ticket from Air Asia to Bangkok. Tax and fuel surcharge to be borne by the winner.

Cup Crazy

Swiped from williamnyk. Did you ever collect stamps as a kid? I sure did. But my collection is now stagnant and collecting dust somewhere. I hope it's worth a lot of money some day. I hope I'm not dead and buried when that day comes. In addition to stamps, I used to collect "Calvin & Hobbes", "Dilbert", "The Far Side" and "Lurie's World" comic strips. I would cut them out from the papers and paste 'em in exercise books. Come to think of it, "Lurie's World" was so political that I wonder if I actually understood it back then (I don't think I even understand them now). Apa lagi? Oh yeah, postcards and some other not-so-pubishable things. The intro for this post is digressing too far. The pictures are taken at the home of a very ardent collector of cups, specifically "Coca-Cola" cups and mugs. The wall space near his living room and kitchen ceiling is fitted with customized shelves to fill his …

Beard Papa

Swiped from williamnyk. Truth be told, I'm no fan of cream puffs, but when one of my colleagues ranted about Beard Papa's World's Best Natural Cream Puffs, I had to go out and try some. I got one in original vanilla and another in chocolate. The fluffy pastry is prepared in advance. When you order, they'll remove the cream from the fridge (in a large stainless steel dispenser) and start pumping in the filling. Shove the nozel into the pastry, and give it a big press. The effect is a cream filling that threatens to burst out with every subtle physical pressure applied on the pastry. Perhaps my expectations were too high, I didn't find it at all worth the $3.30 I paid for each. The original filling is really creamy and the chocolate version tastes like milo. I prefer the latter. Riche Montana at South City Plaza serves a better cream puff, methinks. Cuter versions at $1.50 per piece. I immediately complained to my colleague, to which he replied:



Swiped from williamnyk. For some unknown reason, I have been visiting a lot of Taman Tasiks recently. Not for skanky, behind-the-bushes sex, but for charity fairs. Earlier it was Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, this time it's Taman Tasik Permaisuri. Was passed some coupons for the Charis Food & Fun Fair. The proceeds are supposed to be for the church's new community center. I got there at 10am and boy, it was already teeming with people. Had to park far, far away and worst still beneath a tree infested with cirit-birit pigeons. Celaka. Anyway, the fair was of decent size but it was located in a mud hole. It was all muddy! Yuck. I felt like Dilbert in Elbonia. I really regretted not wearing shorts. Had to tie up my cargo pants like some apek. And the food was pricy, even for charity food fair standards. Can you imagine I paid $9 for a packed of nasi lemak? I was desperate to quickly use up the coupons, so I just forked it out. Mostly food, some crafts, christmas deco, plan…

Under Wraps

Swiped from vee8. Someone remarked that I'm uncomfortable discussing feelings and emotions, specifically my own. That person has great insight into my character. I guess it's true that I put much of my feelings under lock and key. Now and then, it leaks out, and even when it does, I don't express it fully. Sounds so repressed, doesn't it? I don't know, it's just me. Or I haven't found the key yet. I hope I don't drown under the flood waters when the gates finally open... or perhaps I'm already drowning...

Going for Gold

50th Balloons
Swiped from williamnyk. Knowing a person for 50 years is a long time. Being married to that person for 50 years is an even LONGER time. Well, I was witness to that recently at Uncle Peter and Auntie Anna's 50th Wedding Anniversary. It really is quite rare with people marrying late, dying early and divorce being as common as a credit card balance transfer. As Niel so succintly put it:

"Does that even exist anymore?!"

Well, I guess Uncle Peter and Auntie Anna are one of the remnants of a passing age. All their children and grandchildren got together (from overseas and outstation) to throw their pre-octogenarian parents a bash they won't forgot. It was complete with a renewal of vows at the church and a lavish dinner at Hee Lai Ton, Bandar Puchong Jaya. Plenty of friends turned up and there was a carnival-like atmosphere with gold and white balloon ornaments (emblazoned with the "50th Wedding Anniversary", no less) decking the church aisles and th…

Good Taste Walking

Looking for the Perfect One
Swiped from carlosluis. To commemorate the last day of Niel's last day of year-end self-imposed "exile", we set up a dinner. Supposed to be at Mee Jawa, but it wasn't open on that day. Last minute change to Seri Petaling's Good Taste Walking. Forgot that it coincided with the night market, but no choice, we were already in the gridlock. Luckily managed to find parking. KH recommended the place. Nice fusion dishes. Chinese. Western. French. Japanese. Visually-pleasing. Very French in presentation. I don't have any pictures to share, for fear of Niel's deadly gaze (psst, he despises food posts and people who photograph every morsel that they put into their mouth), so my poor descriptions will have to suffice. We were tended to by a really cute character. A dimunitive, Thai waiter who speaks as though the words tumble out of his mouth with a rushed flourish. Couldn't really get what he was saying, but we had fun none-the-less…


Swiped from williamnyk. SK recently got back from a business trip to Ho Chi Minh city and from what I heard, it was quite a disaster. Her maiden overseas business trip and it practically sucked big time for her. First things first, the courier service screwed up in handling her samples for the exhibition. Secondly, immigration gave them "a hard time". Thirdly, culture shock. Last but not least, discovered that her boss is real big time jerk.

The impression I got of the city:

1) Traffic is hell
2) There are no fat women there
3) Lotsa lovin' happening around parks and public areas
4) Cleavage and butt-baring abound during the hot season
5) Food is weird

It's an unfair generalization, but I'm sure it has some redeeming factors and anyway, point (3) and (4) are pros, not cons. :P.

Although her trip was crappy and didn't have much of a chance to shop around, she none-the-less went out of her way to get me some cool souveniers-- A ring, a grey-green-bronze-…

Auld Lang Syne

How quickly the year breezes by. Everytime I sit down at Coffee Bean with Mel, we reminisce about our university hey days and lament how swiftly it all went by. Every year we make some kind of resolution and most of the times we brush them off, only to carry them forward or completely forget about it. This time round, I'm proud to say that I've at least accomplished some things: 1) I actually learnt how to swim. Not very well. But good enough la.
2) Got a promotion at work (not exactly planned, but I'm very grateful)The following are the things I hope to achieve:1) Get my wisdom tooth extracted (sakiiiit...)
2) Learn to ride a bicycle? (laugh, laugh)Simple enough? I'm the world's greatest procrastinator.....PS: SK can attest to the fact that I took 1 year to actually buy my digital camera. 6 years to decide on a pair of shoes. As Niel so eloquently put, "in the name of Tom Ford and Kark Lagerfeld..."

Follow the White Rabbit

Rabbit ambulance
Swiped from kamagurka. Slumped over the console. Characters flicker across the screen.

Follow the white rabbit. . . .

Rollercoaster ride. Down the rabbit hole. Red pill. Blue pill. Screw that choice.

KH. Kino. Bus. What?! Walk. Times Square. Siam Square.

Clayton. Bunny. Alex. Frankie. David. Harvey.

Un-ton Aiken. Rabbit. -ander McQueen. Foo. Spade. Norman.

Food. Drink. Rave. Bambi. Laugh. Astig. Petty Cash. Koyok. Curry Chicken. Cam Whore. Split.

Movies. Pain. Aurum Boobs. Neither. Yaoi. UW.

Starbucks. Cher. Kylie. Rant. Cackle. Credit Card. Seed. Bang. Cyber-law.

Up. Leave. Walk. Train. Close. BMW. Bye.

PS: Lemme say "WTF" first. I beat all of you to it. Haha.
PPS: It does the gathering no justice, right?

Auld Lang Syne

How quickly the year breezes by. Everytime I sit down at Coffee Bean with Mel, we reminisce about our university hey days and lament how swiftly it all went by. Every year we make some kind of resolution and most of the times we brush them off, only to carry them forward or completely forget about it. This time round, I'm proud to say that I've at least accomplished some things: 1) I actually learnt how to swim. Not very well. But good enough la.
2) Got a promotion at work (not exactly planned, but I'm very grateful)The following are the things I hope to achieve:1) Get my wisdom tooth extracted (sakiiiit...)
2) Learn to ride a bicycle? (laugh, laugh)Simple enough? I'm the world's greatest procrastinator.....PS: SK can attest to the fact that I took 1 year to actually buy my digital camera. 6 years to decide on a pair of shoes. As Niel so eloquently put, "in the name of Tom Ford and Kark Lagerfeld..."