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LTS 2018

On the 13th of January, I was back at a large Nu Skin Success Together event called the Life Transforming Seminar at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC). I was there with KH to received some recognition for his hard work. I also managed to meet his boss at the event, who was currently on the TR90 programme. As usual, the atmosphere was super-charged with many ageLOC Superstars, performances, and sharing sessions. The Singapore team did an amazing job with their ageLOC into the future performance, where they envisioned that TR90 would become TR9, a Nu you in 9 seconds. Haha. They adopted a Japanese style of visual art where stage hands donned black Zentai suits to create visual effects (e.g. Kabuki Kuroko). Actually, Sharky was also at PWTC, working freelance for Malaysia Cyber Games, a gaming event. Unfortunately, we had no chance to meet.


Hidden in the SS4 residential area is a quaint place for coffee called Otherwise Cafe. It's neighbours are a Protestant church, a Buddhist society, and a design firm called Yipieyaya Studio. I suspect that it's related to the designers from next door. Don't expect a huge signboard, there's only a small logo out front. Just look out for a quaint looking place with vintage wooden chairs and lots of metal and rivets out front. I really wonder where the designers source for all the quaint stuff in there. Surprised to see a vintage diving helmet in the window display. The counter is made out of old railroad sleepers. Some of the chairs are the vintage folding chairs with red cushioning. The last I saw those was at Yan Keng Benevolent Dramatic Association in Petaling Street. At one corner, they have an old barber's chair with an antique gramophone and ship lanterns. If you like to sit cross-legged, you can also climb onto an antique metal bed frame that they transformed…

Automobile Ouch

When I first got my Almera, I scratched it at church against a pillar. That was the right side. So like a good Christian, I turned the other cheek, and scratched the left side as well. That happened against a wall at the wet market's multi-level car park. My heart sank when I heard the groaning of metal against concrete. Ugh. The damage was worse than the right side. Oh well. The body and paint work would cost a bomb so... I'll just let it be for now.

As much as I tried to forget about the whole incident with the car, it still managed to make my Mee Kolok and  Laksa Sarawak lunch at Rumah Asap Tan 16 a little less fantastic.

By dinner time, I was feeling much better and enjoying my Japanese meal at Uroko. It was SK's first time there and she was quite impressed by their Salmon Ball Salad and kushiyaki.

Since Happy Mansion was nearby, we went there for some coffee and cake before calling it a night. Tried Good Blue Men and we weren't disappointed by their selection of …

Catching Up With Kenji 2018

Kenji was back in KL as part of his long vacation. The last time we reconnected in Malaysia was in 2015. Asked him what food craving he had as a way to decide on the lunch venue. He answered YTF, so we went to Ker Yuen Kitchen in OUG, a convenient location for all of us. KH was with us but Sharky wasn't because he was in Europe with his family. Always a pleasure to see Kenji's eyes light up when the food arrives.

And with Kenji, a meal is never complete without dessert. We walked to the nearby Chaplang Cafe for coffee and waffles. When I saw the Bulatan Kampung Pandan Waffle on the menu, I ordered it without a second thought. Where can one find a waffle with four big scoops of g-Lat ice cream on a pandan waffle? The choice of flavours was also very Malaysian. Took the Neslo, Teh Tarik, Chocolate, and Coconut Gula Melaka. Kenji's sweet tooth was satisfied. The cafe is decorated with antiques and all sorts of old knick-knacks. Comics strips also covered the walls giving it …

NYE 2018

On New Year's Eve (after a Big Pau Breakfast), reconnected with Peng and her husband after a long hiatus. Met them over lunch at Let's Joy Cafe in Kuchai Lama. For as long as I can remember, Peng was thin as a reed. Now I can see some padding on her. Guess we can't stay slim forever. On the other hand, her husband has managed to maintain his figure although he has a voracious appetite. The milk tea and Japanese curry baked rice at the cafe was pretty good actually. Plenty more to choose from actually. Even the dessert menu is extensive.

At 10:00 PM, mum and I went to church again. As usual, there was an NYE mass that ends with fellowship and fireworks. So unlucky that a lady knocked my phone out of my hand while I was recording the fireworks display. Got a small crack at the corner which prompted me to get a more protective casing. Hope your 2018 started on a better note than mine!

East Coast Road Trip III: From Cherating to Calong and Celup

Although I wasn't happy with the hotel room, I slept like a baby anyway. When I got up, KH was randy and wanted to get inside me. I went to clean-up, then he got me nice and ready with foreplay. As he was poised to enter me, we got a knock on the door! Bwahaha. Time to get ready and have a walk on the beach. So we tucked our woodies into our shorts, combed our hair, and headed for the pool. SK already her morning swim on that dreadfully windy monsoon morning. If the weather was nicer, it would have been great. The beach was clean, but halfway through our walk, we were hit by sporadic showers. Anyway, we didn't have long to linger there as we had a breakfast appointment with the Y Tribe in Kuantan.

Breakfast was the famous Mee Calong in Beserah. A fairly new addition to Kuantan's culinary dictionary. Created perhaps a decade or so ago. They brought us to Joe Warung Mee Calong dan Keropok Beserah, an open-air restaurant that's built right in front of Joe's wooden ho…

East Coast Road Trip II: Delicious Dagang

According to Lynn, there's this legendary nasi dagang at Kampung Atas Tol (quite some name eh?). Due to its popularity, we had to get there really early. Got to Kak Ros Nasi Dagang at around 7:30 AM, but there were no free tables, and a long line had already formed outside (we were the only Chinese there, something I often notice in KT). The side of the road was full of parked cars. The drizzle failed to turn people away from the allure of the nasi dagang. There were actually two queues, one for eat-in and the other for take away. The former is the slowest moving because people tend to take-away a lot of packets. Easily twenty packets per order. If you're eating there, they'll assemble you order on a huge metal tray, and you can carry it away one shot! To accompany your nasi dagang, you can also have keropok lekor (sedap jugak) and Teh Tarik Meleleh (literally translates to Dripping Pulled Tea). In my opinion, it's a like an overflowed tea cappuccino. The foams stays …