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The Blues

The Blues , swiped from nicholsphotos on Flickr. Moi: Baby, how did you sleep? Tired?

KH: Feeling blue.

Moi: Har... Why feeling blue?

KH: Cause you're not by my side.

Moi: Sorry baby...

KH: Actually not blue la... auto-corrected from BLUR.

Moi: Pheww!

Tangled No More

donut., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. "Easy" is a word not found in my mum's vocabulary. Everything must be done the hard way. Last Saturday, I went to four markets in order to settle her grocery shopping list. For pork, we went to Taman United. For chicken, it was Jalan Hujan Emas 8. Vegetables? of course Jalan Hujan Emas 5. Kitchen accessories are aplenty at Seri Petaling! Didn't know that hor? Now you know. Luckily I made it in time for work. But it was good too as I managed to buy some Chinese garlic chive pancakes for my colleague. The poor fella never had them before. Also got a pack of chicken rice for lunch (else I would have to eat Subway) and zoomed off to Bukit Damansara. Five hours later, I made my way to OUG to get a haircut. Finally decided that my hair was too long. It had started to get caught in my backpack straps! Hahaha. And my assitant project manager kept on saying that he would like to buy a ribbon for my hair. :S. Worst of all, someone comme…

Do You Know What Charsiew Looks Like?

CHA-CHA-PAN-MEE-AMAN-SURIA-3, swiped from ewinee on Flickr. Ever since Sis gave birth, I have been going to church alone on Sundays because mum would be helping out with the baby. I would normally eat before going home. That day, I decided on Cha Cha Pan Mee at Aman Suria. They had moved from their corner lot to a smaller intermediate lot near Heritaga Village. Business must have slowed down. Looking at the menu, I finally decided on charsiew pan mee. When my meal came, question marks popped up all over my head:

Moi: Eh, ini charsiew pan mee ke?

Waitress: Yeah la. You order itu kan?

Moi: Takde charsiew pun?

Waitress: You order charsiew pan mee kan? Inilah charsiew pan mee!

Moi: Har?! Ini original pan mee la...!

(I flipped the noodles to look for hidden charsiew!)

Waitress: You order dengan siapa?

Moi: Uncle tua itu.

Uncle Tua: You ordered charsiew pan mee right?


Uncle Tua: Oh yeah. Wrong order.

I was flabbergasted that both of them did not even bother to…

Chaos, Order

C&O, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. BACKLOGGED! Work, work, work. This is what happens when I handwash my delicates. Plenty of fresh pairs around, but if I delay it any longer, I might be the victim of a soiled underwear avalance (though I suspect there are some people out there who might appreciate such an adventure). Haha. At least I don't have to iron that pile. :P. Perhaps I should outsource. Any takers?

May Marriage

hei., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Some time in April, one of my mum's distant relatives called her up to invite her to a wedding. The woman came over with her suptugenarian dad and pre-teen daughter to pass us the invitation card. Was kinda shocked that one of her daughters were getting married. Must have been knocked up! But mana tahu, it was actually her sister who was getting married in her forties. The wedding was held at Bukit Kiara Golf Resort on Labour Day. Being a big family affair, my uncle and aunt also came down from Teluk Intan to attend. Once again, they stayed at my place the night before. In the morning, we had a big breakfast gathering with my cousins at a coffee shop near my house. A bloody humid day. Moved from the stuffy interior to a table by the roadside, but it was still enough to make one sweat. At 11:30am, we made a move. Never been to the venue, but it was easy to find. Quite a hassle to get parking though. The Chinese restaurant was nestled beside th…

Manic Monday

OKR, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. When it rains, it pours. On a Monday no less. As usual, I check my inbox first thing in the morning. In addition to the usual crap from Men's Health, I found an e-mail from a product manager regarding a proposal that we were working on the week before. She told me that she did not have the base reference documents. We have been using the same documents for the past two proposals le... ugh... never mind. So I decided to make a detour to TTDI to pass her the documents since they were too bloody large to e-mail. My first obstacle was the traffic. Upon turning into Jalan Mega Mendung, I was stuck in a horrible jam. A road that usually takes no more than five minutes, swallowed twenty minutes of my time. And when I saw OKR, my jaw dropped. Horrible at both directions. In the end, I chose the Jalan Templer way. One hour and forty minutes later, I reach the TTDI office. And you know what? She wasn't there. In the end, I just copied the files into…

New Kid on the Block

Munching, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. My sister's tummy was getting really, really large. The skin was pulled taut with the baby inside. A Goodyear blimp wouldn't be a bad comparison. Just two more weeks to D-day. On Thursday night, she complained of back pain. And on Friday afternoon, mum called to say that she had been admitted to Serdang Hospital for labour pains. And at 6:20pm, I received word that Roan had been born! Her first child was via C-section, this time round she went for natural childbirth. Quite quick. Not much news from my BIL as mother and child were still in the labour room. When I got home, Cyan was really jumpy. He kept telling me that he wanted to see his little brother at the hospital. Mum, BIL and Cyan went to hospital at about 9:30pm, but they were turned away as visiting hours were over. Dejected, Cyan complained to me when he reached home. Haha. Cute kid. He spent the night at my place. Kicked my mum the whole night, depriving her of a good night…

Taxi Wisdom

Taxi driver awaits brisk business during lunch hour, swiped from teddy-rised on Flickr. Ever since I was reporting to work at KPMG Tower and Jalan Dungun, I had to take the taxi in the morning. I would drive out to Old Klang Road and hail a cab there. Mum would then drive home. And it's so very sad that just to get there, I have waste at least thirty minutes braving the jam on Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil. But that's just the first leg. OKR traffic ain't pretty too. Both directions can be shitty. I have tried it all and have been entertained by all sorts of taxi drivers. Some keep quiet. Some talk your ears off. Either way, I would still fiddle with my phone looking at skanky photos on Instagram while the taxi driver does his job. So far, I have learnt that:
Taxi drivers who rent the taxi and the permit from taxi companies have to pay MYR45 a dayFor those who already own the car just need to pay MYR17 for the permitTo grease the wheels to get your own permit? Just pay MYR4,000Cam…

MRT Celebrities: Some Pointers

Here are a couple of MRT Celebrities from KH. The first guy is quite cute with a high breeder quotient. With his masculine looks, I think he can carry off some facial hair even. But judging from the picture, the subject of this photograph seems to be looking directly at the iPhone! This is what happens when you take pictures at face level. A very obvious action that could land you with some awkward and unhappy MRT moments. But then again, the guy might reward your appreciation with his phone number. Hahaha. Try shooting from a lower angle. The second guy ain't my cup of tea, but KH assures me that his side profile doesn't do justice to him. Anyway, look at the bottom of the picture-- blurred right? Most probably KH's finger. Always remember to keep the lens clear from obstructions. Kinda like taking pics only to find the lens cap still on! Hehe. Happy spy-camming!

Green Over Yellow II: Can't I Suck Some Balls In Peace?!

Message, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. The place was packed full of people. Business was so brisk that the drinks were sold out, they only served a standard order and even the chili sauce ran dry. Moved towards the back and found one available seat for mum. Two more seats were available, but there were bags on them, so I naturally thought they were being saved for someone. Seeing that nobody came for the seats, mum opened her mouth:

Mum: Is someone sitting here?

Bitch: Huh?! You want the seat ah?!

Mum: Yes.

The bitch actually saw me standing there and did not bother to offer me a seat. Her bag and hat was more important. She grudgingly put the items on her lap. She then hailed the waiter:

Bitch: Wei, where are my noodles?! Two bowls here le!

Mum: I also ordered one bowl.

Bitch: That woman's order is none of my business ah! Two bowls here!

Amazingly selfish and rude. We just ignored her and finished the meal. Mum liked it a lot. Wonder if it was because she was super hungry! LOL. Paid u…

Green Over Yellow I: The Calm Before The Storm

Green Over Yellow, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. I wasn't really if I wanted to go to Bersih 3.0. Several friends asked me about it, but I didn't give a definite answer. My mum told me that she was going, so what the heck, what kind of son would leave her mother to go alone? So I said yes, and peeled myself from the laptop and put myself in the thick of things for the first time.

The night before 428, mum told me that we should gather with some DAP members at Taman Sungai Besi before heading out to Tasik Selatan. I heard 8:00am and I was like... forrrrrr whatttttt. Told her that we were going to the same place, so it didn't matter what time we left. No point going out of the way and end up on the same LRT line. As usual, she was a bit bull-headed about it, so I gave her friend a call. Luckily her friend saw my point and also changed her plan to board at Bukit Jalil at a later time. In the end, we left home at about 8:30am to use the park n' ride facilities at Bukit …

LRT Celebrities: Loo Leon

I know, I know, the name doesn't do justice to this college cutie. So boy next door. Met him twice on the STAR LRT to Masjid Jamek. Both times I caught him napping (he looks much better with his eyes open!). Good for me to cause it makes my job much easier, but of course he has a different charm with his eyes wide open! One day, as luck would have it, we both headed for the toilet after alighting at Masjid Jamek. One could conclude that I actually followed him, but I swear I'm an angel! I can get you some character witnesses who would vouch for me if you like. Hehe. And so ngam we urinated side by side as there were only two urinals available. XD. I did not steal a glance k? Hehe. Perhaps some of my readers might think that my skills extend to the level that I managed to take a spy cam of him peeing while I myself was answering the call of nature! Wakakakaka. Hope to see more of this cutie. :).

Cakap-Cakap Cockles

Cockles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Suddenly received a What's App message from Gratitude to yumcha in BK5. Met him and SK at Restoran Rishadh after showering. Shared a tosai and Tandoori chicken with SK while Gratitude ordered a plate of blanched cockles! Goodness. Never ever saw anyone ordering that. Even influenced the table beside us to order the same. :S. Wouldn't touch that stuff with a ten-foot pole! But judging from the looks of it, the dish was overdone. The whole session was quite interesting as a gay couple sat beide us. Gratitude kept on stealing glances at the young pair. Gossiping was also the order of the night. Cakap sampai tekak pun kering. Some topics don't ever get boring and some people never fail to provide fodder. Six drinks and two hours later, we paid the bill and left for home. A great way to end a Friday night.


Recently watched "Seven Days in Heaven", an artsy Taiwanese movie that pokes fun at death and funerals. It's based on an award-winning short story by Essay Liu (what a name) about the seven days mourning ritual. In the story, a pair of siblings go home to settle their father's funeral under the watchful eye of the village's funeral director cum Taoist priest. Along for the ride is their big-city cousin who records everything with a camcorder, and is also the eye candy of the movie! Some real funny scenes in the movie, for example showing professional mourners who grind their teeth in the dust and cry one second, and stand up to freshen up and enjoy an istonic drink the next. The daughter is also portrayed brushing her teeth beside the coffin because it was an auspicious time to mourn according to the Taoist priest. LOL. In another scene, the local politician is seen donating two huge towers of canned drinks for the funeral only to later see the drinks explode on…