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About a month ago, three newbies were assigned to my team. Neither of them had any English names. I encouraged them to choose one of their own to make things easier. Since they were reluctant, I christened one of the girls Monica and that name has stuck till today.Am I an evil team leader, or what.

Dream Sequence 4

Is it considered cheating on KH if I had a vivid dream of doing skanky things with a cute guy in my room. I remember quite a few details and I even recall him having kohl in his eyes ala Captain Jack Sparrow. No wetness from the dream though. Heh. Give me your thoughts, people.

It is Black, It is White

The last time I wore a white long sleeve shirt with black slacks, my colleague remarkedKerja kat Jusco ke?What an insult. Learning from that experience, I avoided the said combination like the plague. Continuing my story, the other day, I wore a white short sleeve linen shirt with grey pants and I immediately got thisYou look like a school boy.Celaka. But as always, think of the positive. Means I still can exude youthfullness. hehe. What can I do with my white shirts?

Dream Sequence 3

Since my father passed on in 97, I can count the times I had dreamt of him on one hand. This is the third dream. By far the clearest dream I had of him. His presence and face was quite real. In the dream, my dad brought me on a foodie trip. Jalan jalan cari makan la katakan. Our first stop was a famous fried mee hoon with a generous helping of vegetables an seafood. Next was a sinful cendol with lots of coconut milk. Somewhere in between the food reviews came a subplot ala Supernatural where an evil spirit was trying to ruin somebodys life by chipping away at his soul. Random giler. Time to buy 4D perhaps. Miss ya, dad.

All the Time in the World

The STAR LRT is back to normal today. No indication of yesterdays accident perhaps for maybe some overzealousness in jamming on the brakes. Yes, we should all slow down a bit and enjoy the journey rather than rushing about to the destination only to find disaster awaiting.I was having dinner at a hawker stall outside my office when I caught sight of a guy who seemed to have all the time in the world. It was like taichi. Every scoop of rice took 30 seconds to find its way to his mouth. He would stare at the traffic. Pause, with spoon in midair. After the rice, he slowly pored over the menu, quietly consulting the waiter on what was good. A plate of fried chicken came later and he did not acknowledge its arrival. He puffed away on his ciggie before having his first bite. Finishing that, he sippede his coke. After meticulously wiping his hands, he left. Amazing, right. And you know what. He is cute. haha.

Out of Service

For some unknown reason, the STAR LRT ended its service at Tasik Selatan this evening. They did not have the courtesy of informing passangers upstream that they would be unable to travel to the terminal station at Sri Petaling. The announcement only came when train abruptly stopped at Tasik Selatan. Passengers were subsequently told to cram into RapidKL buses to continue their journey. The scene at the station was hecticas cars were jamming into the station and people were running around looking for their connecting buses. Everyone was caught off guard. The PA system kept on announcing that the train would be out of service until 2330, that is the service closure time. Just announce that it would be closed for the day, who cares about whether it closes at 2330 or 2345. It is the same to the stranded commuters. We apologive for the inconvenience... my foot.

Death of an Appliance

Woe is me. My tv of more than ten years is on the blink. A Sony 25 inch, a generation behind flat screen tvs. I remember going to the neighbourhood electricl shop with my late father to pick it up. I still have the free t. rex alarm clock that came with it. It roared me awake for years. People around me have been asking me to upgrade. To go LCD. To go Plasma. I shall not write it off without getting the professionals to appraise the situation. For the time being, my tv just turns on for a few seconds before shutting down in white flash. If its mood is good, it will let me watch for a couple of hours. But that is getting rarer. Pray for my tv, guys and girls. Or pray that I will hit 4D and be able to before a Plasma tv. Haha.

Temper, Temper

I have been getting complaints from KH lately regarding my foul mood. Caring and manja tones can very quickly transform into lack of response and annoyance. My MCP would quickly try to placate me and turn my frown around. What is wrong? Are you ok?Nothing. It is nothing.I hear the soothing words, but it sometimes just does not register. It just feeds my anger. I do not know why I get annoyed at the smallest of things with him at times. It is so unfair to say that it is because I love him. Perhaps I subconsciously do it to get his attention. Perhaps it is sent up stress from work. Either way, I definitely need to cool myself down and show the proper respect for the person I love. Sorry, baby. I love you.

Bollywood Engagement

Swiped from williamnyk. Staleness Factor: 5/5

Some weekends back, Mel, my oldest friend from my Uni Perdana GPL (Goreng Pisang and Lekor) times got engaged to her boyfriend, BB. Was truly happy for her, because I had been through all the ups and downs with her. A veritable minefield of race (Mel's Indian, whereas BB's Punjabi), religion (Mel's Roman Catholic, while BB's a Sikh), in-laws and ex's. The happy occassion was very low-key with just BB's relatives, Mel's immediate family and a few select friends (score!). It was held at her new home in Kajang, so it was also kind of a house-warming too. Nobody knew how to get thee, so SK, my mum and I waited for her to guide us in. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she got delayed, so we killed time at the nearby Tesco. We were so over-dressed!

By the time we got there, we were already late. Most of the guests had arrived by the time we walked in with the ritual gifts (clothes, fruits, sweetcakes, …

Straight Answer

When dealing with clients, it is usual not to overcommit to lessen the scope of work and avoid possible problems that cannot be overcome in the project timeline. Experienced marketing executives normally beat around the bush to confuse clients who are not too sharp. Even the terms used are usually guarded and noncommittal, for example IN A WAY and INDIRECTLY, YES. Recently I have been hearing a lot of these phrases from my project coordinator. It is down right annoying to be used in internal discussions. If we cannot even give each other a straight answer, how are we going to deliver a coherent product? Can you finish the development on time? I think I will just answer, IN A WAY.

Dream Sequence 2

I have been going into overdrive my REM sleep these days. Dreams come easily and are obviously influenced by current events. Dreamt that I was an ADUN for Penang and that I was having a meeting with my boss, Lim Guan Eng. Strangely, his face was clear. The impression I got was that he was a real jerk of a superior. Haha. Jaded Jeremy hypothesised that the dream came about from the chat I had with him regarding senatorship. Claims that I subconsciously want to enter politics. A remote possibility. But I would not mind having cute interns around me if that reality materialised. Hehe.

A Whole New World

Swiped from dlumenta. Staleness Factor: 5/5

Made it a point to go to QueerR's farewell many Saturdays ago. My object was 3-fold:To send off one of the pioneer members of my alternate friends groupTo raid his 32GB of PSP games (forgot to raid his 70GB of porn)To catch up with the gang at one go (specifically Takashi and Jase)Quite an interesting affair. It was a potluck, but SK and I were at risk of turning up with 4 sikat of bananas. Tried our luck at Great Eastern Mall. Left the place with 2 roasted chickens and a delicious bread maki from Riche Montana to alas perut. Being already 30 minutes late, we still made it as the 2nd batch of guests to arrive. As the guests arrived, the dining table was filled with skewered chicken, roti jala and the accompanying chicken curry, fried rice vermicelli, shepherd's pie, tomato beef stew, potato-tuna-egg-mayo salad (a mouthful, this), nachos with taco sauce and a bucket of KFC.

Entertainment was provided by Janvier-- the Wii. But…

Dream Sequence 1

Unlike SK, my dreams rarely turn out like Hollywood Blockbuster action movies. The special effects are limited as the overall feel of the dream comes from feelings and impression. I usually only remember little snippets, but this time there is a little more plot. I dreamt that a taxi driver fell in love with me. Not an uncle, mind you, but a young chap. From the impression I got, I had been on his taxi a few times and we knew a bit about each other. In my dream, he suddenly confessed his feelings for me with a pair of cobalt earrings. I remember him vaguely telling me that there is a significance to it, but I cannot put my finger on it now. He kissed me in drin of my porch. I was so freaked out as my mum was watering the plants. But it turns out that she did not see anything. Suddenly, the scene changed and I was backstage at a school performance. Four teams duking it out on stage. Weird? I cannot explain it.

Long Time No See

An old friend of mine will be arriving in the country tomorrow. We go way back. I have known him since I was 13. We had many good times together and also moments of conflict. But that is just usual in any healthy relationship. We have many things in common and it made us brothers. However, his decision to leave the country for greener pastures did make us drift apart, and I notice that we are different people now. With him coming home tomorrow, it will be like getting to him all over again. And I pray that the journey would not be too difficult. Welcome back, Ryan.

Cat's Face

My fight with adult onset acne is not yet over. The secret weapon my dermatologist prescribed seems to be losing its efficacy, or perhaps my skin has gotten used to it. As a result, I have gotten a litte spotty around the cheeks and it doesn't help that I have itchy hands. I am restraining myself now. But I think I would need to resort to what my sister uses for Cyan, MITTENS. Ample rest seems elusive too with my hectic work schedule and my rebelliousness towards sleeping early. As KH says, I em teng wah. hehe. I guess it is time to be obedient.

Death To Playthings

death to playthings
Swiped from mad !. The story so far...


It wasn't a dark and stormy night - that's really a clichéd beginning for a story. For Julien, it was bright enough to see the faint outline of Philip's naked body. Philip was sleeping soundly on the silk satin bedsheet, but Julien just couldn't even get his eyes close on that full moon night. He was looking out the dusty windows, lightly holding the almost empty wine glass. Then, he caught a glimpse of a shadow... who was this stranger in the night?

Julien silently shut the window and kept in the shadows, to avoid being silhouetted in the moonlight. "Must get the job done quickly now," he thought while appreciating Philip's physique, "before he gets back." He downed the remains of the wine, then took out his garrotte. Why do I always get the good-looking ones? he pondered as he got into bed, cradled Philip's head and slid the garrotte around Philip's neck. Then Jul…

Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni

FUWA--Beijing Olympic Mascot
Swiped from freelife. Note: This post was written before the closing ceremony (so arty-farty, so Cirque du Soleil). And the Olympics are now over. I'm that far behind.

Nearly everyone has blogged about the Olympics. From the opening ceremony to the cute athletes to the queer atheletes to our expected failed bid for an olympic badminton gold to man-stuck-in-bench to failed China track and field hero. It's all so very interesting, but with work and lack of RTM1 or Pay-TV, my exposure to the games has been minimal. Heck, I didn't even watch the opening ceremony. Was with my colleagues eating dinner at Kim Gary Beyond at table 88. SUch a coincidence to be sitting there on 08/08/08. Too bad we didn't time our departure at 08:08:08pm. Anyway, I miss oogling at the gymnasts and divers. Sigh, even Athens 2004 was a blur for me. It's sad to let such a big event just pass by. Perhaps YouTube will be my saviour...

Have you collected all the Fuwa&#…

The Return

KH dah balik, KH dah balik. Yea, yea, KH dah balik. Yes folks. The boyfriend is back again and I am really stumped as to what to do and where to go. I feel pressured to do something special, but to us maybe even the most mundane can be considered special due to our distance. Anyway, will be looking forward to spending time with him. Any time IS quality time.


I am sure that everyone thinks that their boss is the worst boss this side of Jinjang. Nearly as sure as there are lucky bastards out there who have nice bosses who appreciate and respect them. For me, everytime my boss opens his mouth, I get annoyed. To show that he is contributing, he would expect the whole world sitting there beside him wasting time on his indecisiveness and lack of grip on reality. And the way he talks, goodness, so condascending. He goes on and on, using his favourite words and phrases.INDIRECTLY. Then what happens directly?THUMB OF RULE. sic. What a dumbass.CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG. As if he will admit making a mistake.TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. What extent is that? We will never know.Bersyukurlah if you have a good boss. To the unlucky ones, sabar itu separuh dari iman.

East Chamber

Swiped from williamnyk. Being the dear she is, SK has been downloading classic wuxia movies for me recently. Among my favourites that she managed to find were "Dragon Inn" and "The Swordsman". In my opinion, both movies are extremely good in terms of plot, fight choreography, pace and acting talent. Coincidently, both are set in the period when the East Chamber eunuchs were in power. In "Dragon Inn", many big names were namely, namely Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin, Leong Ka Fai and Donnie Yen as the villanous eunuch leader. Maggie was superb as Golden Jade, the cunning owner of the inn which is the movie's namesake. My favourite scene involving her was when she tried to diffuse a tense moment in the inn by sprinkling tea on both antagonists. Brigitte Lin and Tony Leung play a couple who are trying to rescue a close friend's orphaned children. Everything culminates at Dragon Inn, in the desert, in the middle of no where. A classic f…