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City Slickers! : Day IV

Swiped from williamnyk. The day started off with another hearty breakfast out of town (forgotten the name!). Four bowls of exquisitely-made noodles with char siew, a piping hot bowl of pork and vegetable soup in the middle and a round of coffee and milo only cost MYR12! It was delicious and freaking cheap. A very quiet place with real honest folks. Nic dropped his wallet there some days back and he actually got it back. After breakfast, he headed back to town pray at the oldest Tua Peh Kong Temple in Kuching. The temple's located at a busy intersection in town and is currently under restoration. Just opposite the road was the Chinese Museum, supposedly the only Chinese Museum in Malaysia, according to the caretaker. The simple, one-room museum housed musical instruments, clothing, artifacts and stories about the various Chinese groups that came to Sarawak in the early days.

Finishing that, we visited the Waterfront. Nothing much to see there. Just interesting to note…


Swiped from williamnyk. Fancy Japanese desserts and coffee? Don't mind paying a little extra for your sugar rush? If you responded positively to both questions, then you should give MOF a try. Located at The Pavilion and brought to you by Izakaya. The abbreviation stands for Ministry of Food, not the Ministry of Finance. The decor is nice and the place is spacious, but the only thing that irks me is the furniture. Small and cramped. MOF is hardly a place of high customer turnover, so I do not see why they employed such a char chan teng approach. Went there because I managed to "convince" my colleague (who was celebrating her birthday) to semi-treat us. Every item on the menu only MYR5!! Hehe.

Having the subsidy made the food so much more affordable. I ordered the Macha Imo for MYR11. Like the MOF in Singapore, certain items from the menu come served with an information card to help you better enjoy the food. According to my card, the dish is a marriage be…

All Under One Roof: Day III

Swiped from williamnyk. Recuperating from the previous day's great outdoors adventure, we decided to take it a little easy and head to the Sarawak Cultural Village, Damai Beach. Breakfast was at the wet market again, but this time we had hand-made noodles. Also delicious. KH tried out Dian Bian Hu-- a Teochew dish that's made out of flour that scraped off from the edges of a giant wok into a broth of pork. Never seen anything quite like it-- eaten with a spoon and has "sick person food" written all over it. It was another bumpy 40-minute car ride out to Damai Beach, Santubong. Was quite a challenge to take pictures of Santubong mountain from the car. There's this legend that Gunung Santubong and Gunung Sejinjang were once extremely beautiful princesses from the Heavens who eventually bloodied each other with a weaving knife and a paddy mortar due to jealousy. Nearly forgotten song. I remember singing it during my primary school days.

Signage was rea…


I had short and sweet trip to Singapore and I'm penning down my
thoughts from the express bus. It is best described as a Triple Play-
a family trip, a shopping trip and a BF trip.On the family end, got to see my bro before his vacation in Australia
and also my aunt and cousins. Got to see my niece Miko too who has
grown to be quite a little princess who rolls her eyes in disdain a
tad too much. Had a nice lunch buffet with them at Sakura,
Omnitheatre.On arrival, we shopped for eight hours at Orchard! Mum and SK bought
several pieces of clothing and shoes at the first mall we entered. I
too managed to some work shoes at Pedro. Interesting highlights were
seeing Charleswanmushi (huge pecs, that guy) in the flesh and the Xmas
decor.I managed to spend time with KH on Xmas day after the mass at St Mary
of the Angels that incidently has a very young and cute Franciscan
Friar. Looks so adorable in his cassock. Met up at City Link mall and
later joined Potato Bill and his BF, Stan for dinner at 8 Cafe…

Merii Kurisimasu

Tomorrow I'll be on a mission to spread Christmas cheer to my fellow
queers down in Singapore. But most importantly, I'll be visiting a
certain naughty boy and making sure he gets a piece coal in his sock
and a kiss on his lips. :). So, a Merry Christmas to all of you!--

Raining on Land and Sea: Day II

Swiped from williamnyk. On Sunday, we got up early and headed to Kenyalang Park Wet Market for a quick breakfast of Sarawak's fabled Mee Kolok. The food court was located one floor above the wafting smells of dead chickens, pigs and assorted seafood. Sure brings back memories. I'm amazed by the sheer amount of fresh produce they have. Needless to say, breakfast was superb. Though simple, the springy noodles and the char siew provided much satisfaction. The meal was completed with a cup of coffee (I still can't seem to convince KH that every cup of coffee served in Sarawak IS Sarawak Coffee :P). Post-breakfast entertainment was a pair of humping dogs at the parking lot. We exited after paying MYR0.20 (!!!) and headed for Bako.

The road there was real bumpy. It was worse for us sitting at the back of POD's Kancil with super hard springs. A few times during the trip I felt that my Mee Kolok was about to do an escape. But we survived and arrived at t…


My boss shocked us all with the following statement today,"I had nothing to do on the LRT today, so I gave it some thought and
managed to raise three error logs!"To which my colleague retorted,"Wow, you could that without even physically accessing the system?!"I guess his workaholic nature has finally raised him to another higher
plane of consciousness. For the betterment of the system. Heh.Chou for yap mor.--

In the Clear

Remember I told you guys that I managed to get my General Manager to
defer the twenty three days of residual annual leave I had lying
around? Well, turns out that I have to clear those days by March 2009
and I have to submit my leave plans for those days by the end of the
year. That being the case, I have been stringing my Xmas and New
Year's leave together and also my CNY and Federal Territory Day leave.
But that still leaves me with a fortnight. Quite impossible to
schedule and that still depends on the approval of my Project Manager
and how smooth things go during the User Acceptance Test. Well, I just
hope that my year end leave is approved first and worry about the rest
later.I hope to be able to say to my colleagues, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!--

Not Going Home Yet?

Ever since I started swimming more than a year ago, I have noticed a
general improvement in my health. Week by week, I'm swimming a little
more laps and I no longer feel like my hands and legs are gonna fall
off. I'm glad that I actually went through with this New Year
resolution.In addition to the obvious benefits to the cardiovascular system and
the muscle framework, it also works wonders for my eyes. Just
yesterday, four eye candy were frolicking in the pool. A nice mix of
lean twinks and semi-hunks. The semi-hunk was from the Mainland and
was real tanned with a strong chest and shoulders. He was fooling
around in the pool, being all playful and stupid. He kept on shaking
the water from his hair and grunting in pleasure from his exertions.But the best thing was, he kept stealing glances at me and SK. After
horsing around with his basketball, getting in and out of the pool,
hitting his head on the pool wall and trying to look cute rubbing his
forehead, he suddenly spoke to me with his th…

Raining Cats and Cats: Day I

Swiped from williamnyk. Note: Long overdue!

My November trip to Kuching was quite a milestone as it was my inaugral trip to East Malaysia and my second holiday with KH. It was a great experience and the company was good. Definitely "My Most Unforgettable Experience" essay material. Haha. Starting out, the trip seemed to be full of obstacles. On the morning we were supposed to leave for the LCCT, some transportation difficulties cropped up, but SK settled it for me very quickly. And then, on our way to the LCCT, SK missed the last exit and she had to fly at 140km/h to make up for lost time. Arriving at the check-in counter, we were solicited by a Sarawakian auntie to bring some stuff for her onto the flight. I was naturally cautious, but it turned out that she didn't want us as drug mules, but as IKEA mules. :).

The flight was uneventful except for a debate I had with KH regarding EM waves and airline safety. Kuching International Airport is quite impressive i…

Family Tree

This is to celebrate the latest addition to the family-- Cheryl's 8th Dear, Leonardo. Reference.


My fatty boss called a colleague of mine to reprimand him for not
supporting him during a resource meeting. However, I left the meeting
thinking that his objective was met. If he didn't get what he wanted,
then I guess that it's his fault for not making it clear with the
other party. Shifting the blame. The weasely way out.Two.
The funniest thing I've ever seen on the rush hour monorail- a
monorail attendant forcefully extricated a annoying passenger at the
entrance who was blocking a whole load of people who were trying to
alight. Like popping a stubborn pimple! I laughed out loud!Three.
The simple pleasures of life- Stuck in close quarters with three
Korean Navy boys in a packed monorail car. I now have a new-found
appreciation for men in uniform. Yummy!--


As of lunch time today, there's still 94 million ASM units left for
investment. Go over to your nearest PNB agent now!--

An Earful

In my company, resources often lose focus and become demoralised due to ad hoc requests. The opportunity for new business is always a priority at the expense of disrupting current deals that had been closed. But this does not mean one does not need to deliver. Things are always rushed and non-existant features are always expected to be provided at the shortest notice. Shoddy work and even if we get the job, the shoddy-ness will find it's way into the project. And so, I was called to work at 9:00am one Saturday morning to do some nonsensical things only to find that nobody had the key unlock the office!And so, I wasted 90 minutes of my time at a nearby mamak shop with my fatty boss. Had to listen to a pep talk that had been rehashed time and time again. This is what I heard over a cup of cow's milk tea:
"I treat you like my brother." "I often think about your career path." "The grass isn't greener on the other side." "I do not see you guys doi…