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CNY III: The Tribe and Cutiepie

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, mum and I attended English mass at SIC. Went earlier cause my sister was back from her in-laws' place in Melaka and would be visiting. Planned to have breakfast at Coffee Sprex but seeing that it was overflowing with customers waiting for their Big Breakfast, we made a detour to Restoran Rishadh closer to home. Upon reaching home, mum immediately started cooking lunch. The tribe arrived some time after 11:00 am. Missed the kids. Practically a seafood lunch since my refrigerator overflow-eth with fish from my cousins. Apollo, SK and granny were our repeat lunch guests. Food-wise, it was a semi-rehash of what we had on Friday during reunion dinner. With lunch out of the way, mum started her major siang ikan operation. Little Monster was kinda spooked by the size of the fishes. Since mum was all gung-ho about finishing up the job, she didn't join us for the birthday party at Cutiepie's place (KH joined instead hehe). Her son just turne…

CNY II: Babysitting in Bagan Sungai Burung

This year, mum decided not to visit relatives in Teluk Intan. Instead, we made our way to Bagan Sungai Burung to meet her nephews. Years and year ago, her eldest sister married into the small fishing village and spent a good part of her life there. Some years back, she was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer and passed away. Due to some drama in the family, several of her daughter-in-laws skipped town (they were Chinese diaspora from Indonesia), leaving the family without any women around the house. Kinda descended into 'chaos' in my opinion, but we all have different standards for that. Left home at about 10:00 am and used the new LATAR highway to get there. I expected less cars on the road, but PLUS was quite busy and the roads in and out of Kuala Selangor wasn't smooth. Impressed by the level of development in Kuala Selangor. It has GIANT, TESCO, a standalone McDonald's, Old Town Kopitiam and even bubble tea joints. Not bad at all. Bagan Sungai Burung has also c…

CNY I: Mass & Movies

Note: Do you miss CNY? Don't be sad as it starts again at my blog! LOL. Enjoy.

Woke up bright and early on the first day of the Lunar New Year to get ready for the special mass. Did my stretches and simple exercise routines before freshening up. A very Esprit CNY for me as both long-sleeved shirt and indigo jeans were from there. Seriously, my first time wearing indigo jeans. Never my first choice, but it was gift from Lifebook, so I won't complain. LOL. The shirt was also a gift-- from SK. I dug through my collection of unworn undies and pulled out a pair of neon green 2EROS briefs. My look was complete. Following tradition, wished mum a Happy Chinese New Year and called down all the blessings that I could think of in exchange for a red packet. Hehe. Then I also gave her an ang bao. Got one from my bro too and the isi is always in SGD. XD. Proceeded to go out after that. Since we were early, we managed to get a good pew. Being one of the few members of the hospitality ministr…

Get Together Dinner

Preparations, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. My big boss declared half day off for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Anticipating the same treatment for the Lunar New Year Eve, I just applied half day leave. I was right. Kakaka. Went out to breakfast with bro and mum. Hunted for curry noodles at Kuchai Lama. One shop was closed, but the other wasn't. Surprised that I had to take a number just for my order to be taken! And the price was jacked up to MYR6.00, without any chicken! More surprising was the fact that the dim sum joint next door, Jin Xuan was brimming with customers. Yuck. Basically the whole day was preparing for reunion dinner and the coming lunar new year. While mum was busying herself at the kitchen, I was busy vacuuming the cars and cleaning the carpets. Once in a while I would help mum out in the kitchen to boil rice, prepare vegetables and etc. Never an easy job giving her a helping hand. Her instructions are always abstract and she would only like things t…

I Am A Princess

I am a Princess, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Got the shock of my life when I received a heart shaped postcard in the mail. I actually saw it on the table but ignored it cause I thought it was some kind of flyer. Upon closer inspection only did it dawn on me! It was a postcard from The Bunny and The Bear! Complete with his trademark drawings! TQ! Forgot that he did ask me whether I wanted a postcard from Euro Disney. LOL. Never in my wildest dreams that I expected him to send me something from the Princess Department. Goodness. Not a fan of those four b*tches on the postcard. They should stay away from our hunky Prince Charmings! LOL. Wonder what my mother was imagining about the sender. :P.

Tater in Town

Horsing Around, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. On the Monday before reunion dinner there was a "Tater In Town" event at The Pavilion. Due to work, he was in Kuala Lumpur for two days and one night, so we managed to arrange a dinner date. Met him up at the Coach boutique among all the hideous midget horses that The Pavilion chose to use as their CNY decoration this year. Tater was looking slimmer than I last remembered, but he was a bit tired in the eyes. Turns out he was nursing a headache and all that travelling made things worse. Brought him down to Restoran Hiong Mun (Duck King sudah close shop) to wait for KH who was running late due to work. Since there was no place to sit, we stood around and chatted. Didn't quite remember much about it but I think we had an Underwear Expert exchange. LOL. Yapped and yapped and yapped. When I looked at my watch, holy cow, it was already 7:20 pm. And no update from KH. Quickly ushered Tater into the restaurant and ordered food bef…

Mall Celebrities: Red Ron

Forgot to introduce Red Ron from my mum's visit to the hair saloon before CNY. He was at A-Saloon, IOI Mall with a bunch of his lala friends. One of them was getting a haircut while the rest of the pack just wu liao-ed there. If you're a fan of twinky meat, skinny jeans, dyed hair and contacts, he's the boy for you. I'm sorry that I couldn't get a frontal shot, but if you zoom enough, you might make out his face in the mirror's reflection. I'm also in some of the shots, but my face has been cropped away. Hehe. Could pass for a COAT WEST porn actor, but looks a bit like those who whimper a little too much when getting f*cked. :P. Or perhaps not. Hehe.

Septième Anniversaire

Noodles to Start the Day, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. It was the last weekend before CNY and I brought mum out to do last minute shopping for groceries and fresh produce. As expected, the roads were jammed and the crowds were crazy. Parking was also sparse. Our first stop was at the Jalan Hujan Emas 8 market. The narrow bi-directional road was made narrower by inconsiderate shoppers who stopped their car by the road. When cars came from both directions, they had to squeeze their way through. Matters were made worse by the fact that many who shop there drive large, luxury cars out. :S. Why drive out an unwieldly Chevrolet Colorado out to the market where there is no proper parking? Really baffles. Saw tensions rise a bit when an old lady in a Kelisa slowly but surely scratched the side of a red Mercedes B class. Fortunately, the aunty did not ask for compensation and just sulkily drove off. Rushed over to the Nissan service centre after that. Now that I had bought the warranty ex…

When Less is More

Hula-Hula, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Lunched with SK and her granny at Rakuzen, Empire Shopping Gallery on Sunday. Our initial plan was T Forty Two, but they closed down, giving way to Espresso Lab. In the year of the horse, Empire decided to use the Chinese lion as the main theme. Quite nicely done really. And upon arrival, I was just in time to view a Chinese acrobatic act with very butch looking PRC girls in spandex. The background music was hypnotic-- "Hula, hula, hula, hula x 1000". On stage, they transformed into human slinkies using hula hoops. LOL. Turns out that Kura in One World Hotel shares the same menu with Rakuzen. Both below to the Super Dining Group. The staff there were super attentive. They kept refilling your tea to the point that I found it annoying and intrusive. So free meh? They could have just left the pot on the table like Pasta Zanmai does. And they don't seem to take no for an answer. At one point, I just surrendered and dutifully passed…

Bleeding Love

Nosebleed DSC_3356, swiped from ettible on Flickr. Adrenaline and blood was pumping on Wednesday afternoon with an emergency call from SK. She had started bleeding from her nose and mouth since 4:00 pm and it had not stopped. Apollo was supposed to send her to the A&E at Pantai Bangsar but luck wasn't on her side because the MyVi that he was driving had ignition problems (things usually tak boleh harap in times of need)! And in order to help her, I had to take the LRT home and drive to her place during rush hour traffic making it at least a ninety minute journey. Her guardian angel came in the form of her colleague who was nearby. Hearing that she was on the way to the hospital,I took the LRT to Kerinchi and walked up to the hospital. She was sitting down with her head back with a bowl of blood-stained tissues in her hand. Comically she had an ice pack on her face. The specialist arrived soon after. Thankfully, he was having dinner nearby and managed to rush over in a jiffy. Im…

January Pigs

Three Little Pigs, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. A decade ago, my mother had a persistent nose bleed. She visited the government hospital many times before they referred her to the ENT specialist. The pros found polyps and scraped them out. The bleeding stopped. Recently, mum started having nosebleeds again. Fearing a recurrence of polyps, I advised her to see SK's ENT specialist. Really had no desire to go to the government hospital to wait and wait and wait. Since SK was there on Saturday for a post-op follow-up, we tagged along to Bangsar South. During mum's examination, the doctor's first question was about cancer and high blood pressure in the family. That really set the tone. The examination was brief. The scope found no polyps or growths. Cause of bleeding-- dryness in the nasal cavity. Phew. He prescribed her some nasal gel and charged MYR300. Quick and simple. With that out of the way, we cracked our heads deciding what to eat for breakfast. SK suddenly thought…

LRT Celebrities: Smiley Cyril

Smiley Cyril, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. It's been a long time since the last LRT Celebrity. Some of you must be thinking that the plug had been pulled on this segment. That couldn't be farther from the fact. I have been snapping away, but for some reason, I had neglected processing the photos. Huhu. Too much distraction from KH perhaps. :P. Without further ado, I present to you Smiley Cyril!

LRT: Ampang Line

Direction: Towards Sentul Timur

What caught my attention was his sweet smile. Not sure what video he was watching on his smartphone (Coat West perhaps?), but it surely perked him right up. And if his smile doesn't do it for you, I'm sure his hairy, strong legs would. If only his backpack wasn't blocking the view of his torso. :P.

Braving the Crowds

Koi You Eat This?, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Note: Miss CNY? Here's a throwback. LOL.

Thaipusam was marketing day for me. While some were braving the crowds at Batu Caves, I was braving the crowds at OUG. Couldn't find any parking so for the first time ever, I paid for parking at the multi-level car park. But truth be told, it wasn't as meriah as I remembered. The bestsellers were the biscuits, new year cakes and decorations. And people were busy buying plates and bowls too. More than usual. Breakfast was at my usual noodle stall at the lorong and I was pleasantly surprised by the 50 sen price hike. Semua barang naik. Went to Giant BK 5 after that. Yes, mum was hunting for more ikan kampung. Bought the whole fish this time. 4 kg at MYR103! Should last us a few weeks at least! Always make sure you have enough for CNY!

Happy Birthday Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Pork Ball Noodles III, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Was supposed to meet Apollo for breakfast at Restoran Yoon Seng on Maulidur Rasul, but he was a no show. At noon, I sent SK to Pantai Hospital for her turbinoplasty (sinus operation lo). For the past four months, she had been suffering from a lingering case of flu, eye irritation, ear infection and sore throat due to her problematic sinuses. The ENT specialist had declared that she was non-responsive to medication and recommended surgery to shave off bits of soft bones from her nasal cavity. By doing so, those offending bits will no longer be inflamed and she will breathe better. Admission took longer than usual due to three reasons:
Her HR is shitHer company's third party insurance administrator (TPA) is shitHer company's insurance company is shit
Practically ding-dong-ed at the adminission counter for ninety minutes. On the admission form, the specialist stated that SK needed to be warded one day earlier for a CT scan be…