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Originally uploaded by Pablo Latorre. Yeah, yeah, I know the hype of Superman Returns is already over. So last year. So passe. But, I have a bad memory these days. I keep forgetting to post stuff. However, it's still a little relevant as I still see it on TV. If you watch weekend cartoons (I still do, after all these years. Even if I'm reading the papers, I'll turn the idiot box on). There's this one advertisement that really takes the cake of toys these days not leaving anything to children's imaginations anymore:

The Superman Inflato-Suit from Mattel

Buy it for a tonne of money. Get your kid to wear it. Put in the batteries (batteries not included of course). Turn it on. The fan goes of. Voila, your kid's torso balloons up faster than you can shove steroids down a goose bred for foie gras. In my opinion, this concept would have worked better for Marshmallow Man. However, one can't help but wonder where's the bottom portion of the suit....


Originally uploaded by Monster.. A gem in my recent keyword activity:

can't get it up inexperienced

I hope my post actually did some good for somebody. But my usual disclaimers apply of course. :D

Weekend Work

:: فن ::
Originally uploaded by Ra3ni. Can you believe on blogging from the friggin' office on a sweltering Saturday afternoon?! My stupid system went down for the past two days. The database was acting up. All connections timed out causing a meltdown. I'm now looking at all the logs, but I've come up with nothing significant, except that the database log is a little bloated (thanks to the IT department for changing the scheduled task user password and not notifying, causing my task to be stagnant for months). I've fixed that. Now I'm praying that it'll be good and not cause another fiasco!

Geek Joke

bar nun (for slogrl)
Originally uploaded by Rakka. Was doing some R&D for work today and came across this. I have to share...

Want to get some funny looks in the hallway? Stand around in the hallway near the marketing department with your colleagues and discuss the benefits of using SOAPBwahahahaha (*Urkel snort*)

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

Mel's right, I'm slowly and surely going over to the Geek Side. Or I am already there in the first place...

Some Things are Better Left Berry'd

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Tried my second non-coffee ice-blended at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (my first was the Malibu thingy) the other day. It was a Berry'd Treasure. Concocted primarily with berries. It wasn't good. Perhaps I should've went with the Sunrise-- every other customer who walked in ordered that (I should know since I sat near the counter for 3 hours that night). In conclusion, don't dig up this berry'd treasure anytime soon. You've been warned.

PS: Sorry for the puns. I couldn't help myself.

See You in the Water II

a a a h h h ! ! !
Originally uploaded by Aelle. My second lesson didn't go too well. This time round, a new instructor, by the name of Gary. Nothing to say about him, except the fact that he ignored after my 45 minutes were up, unlike Roland. So berkira. :P. I was taught the stroke favoured by Kermits everywhere. I started with just the legs. Even then, I couldn't quite get it right. Apparently, my kicks aren't forceful enough to propel me in a decent manner. And when they were hard enough, I tended to move diagonally rather than straight ahead. Pressing his luck, Gary decided to teach me the arm movements as well to see whether I could work it out. But no, I couldn't coordinate myself yet. Haven't quite found my balance.

Any tips?


madwoman in the attic
Originally uploaded by *raffaella. Having moved to a new project, involving a new system and technology, I have also gotten myself a new project manager. It's widely known that he's not a very popular person in the office, but that's not my complaint.... yet. He irritates me. To be more specific, his overuse of a certain word, *REALLY* irritates me. Let me now unveil that evil word:

Per se

I for one don't really know what the correct usage of that word is, but something's definitely not right if nearly every single sentence that comes out of his mouth during meetings includes that word. I flinch each time I hear it. If one ringgit is credited into my account each time he says it, I'd be a rich man. Comment a sample sentence. Thanks.

Myanmar in the Streets

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Posted along Jalan Raja Chulan in conjuction with the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. No idea who these people are-- NLD something. People on the street didn't seem to pay these posters any mind. I wonder if Aung San Suu Kyi will ever be free...

Cosmic Curve

Originally uploaded by ruthvickd. At The curve, some nice people from Sahaja Yoga were operating a booth where they offered to do a five minute meditation exercise for free. The purpose seems to be to free up our chakras and enable ourselves to be the conduit of cosmic energy and thus maintaining health and achieving peace. Some people were having laying of hands, aura cleansing kind of gestures. They were being 'tuned' to feel the energy emanating from themselves. We thought, "What the heck. We'll give it a try". They were really having a hard time explaining the concept to us, but we said we'll just go for the practical anyways. It started like this:

Practitioner: Put your right hand over your chest.
(We follow)
Practitioner: Look at Mother Mataji's photo. We affectionately refer to her as Mother. She's the founder.
Me: What?
Practitioner: Beseech Mother to grant you inner peace.
My mother and I: What?
(We bolted off)

I guess we wer…

Bus No. 11

Traffic police
Originally uploaded by Wam Mosely. Work is getting shitty lately. A transitional period for me. Trading in my previous tasks for something. Something that I've been doing for three years. Time to move on, I guess. Something cooler. However, the learning curve is quite steep and the timeline is short. Discussions going on every day. Trying to come up to speed. And the new site is at Taman Tun. Horrible place to be if one decides to use public transport. People have already asked why I've not gotten a car. Better mobility, zero savings. A liability in exchange for security? Entahlah. I'll work out something soon. I hope.

New Toy

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. I recently received my new gadget from the office, a spanking, new Laptop!!! An Acer Aspire 5540. Here are the specs for you to drool over:
- Intel Core Duo Processor T2050 (1.6GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache)
- 14.1" WXGA CrystalBrite LCD (boleh bercermin with it)
- 2GB DDR2 RAM (!)

Luckily it's not too heavy at 2.5kg. I developed a sore shoulder lugging around a previous model. It's supposed to be for work, but I have other plans for it. :P.

Traditional Viagra

Traditional Viagra
Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Can't get it up lately?

Waning sex drive?

Non-existant libido?

Distrustful of established pharmaceutical companies?

Couldn't care less about double blind tests and FDA approval?

Would prefer something more holistic?

Well, don't I have the answer for you...

UBAT LELAKI KUAT. Just call the number, if you're desparate enough.

Jam Fest

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Lotsa activities at Cineleisure Damansara. Apparently something called the MYSO Jam Fest. A Red Hot Chilli Pepper Wannabe Band Search; Extreme sports; Indoor bball; Rodeo rides (don't expect the Edie Britt scene from Desperate Housewives, but one plump girl really beat all the others in terms of staying power); sumo wrestling (remember when X fought Tim Curry at the pre-Stick Man Fight Party?); Jousting (think American Gladiators) and slipper throwing.

Pensonic Friends

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Met William Quah at The Curve as he was doing a promotional junket for Pensonic, AmBank, etc. I've never met him before in person, but I remember him from his early days on TV doing HotTraxx (or some other music chart show to that effect). He was really stiff back then. Like a Ken Doll. Later it was on MTV. I remembered he had robotic hand gestures. Like planks had been tied to them. But he's SO MUCH BETTER now. Relaxed. Natural. I expected him to be taller, but he's still taller than me. My friend Mel has seen him hanging around Bangsar and Amcorp Mall, and according to her, dia memang layan adiknya dengan baik. It went something like this:
(The floor was practically devoid of spectators and I was grinning broadly to the side)
William Quah: Blah, Blah, Blah... Would you like to win some prizes from Pensonic?
Me: Sure.
William Quah: What's your name?
Me: William.
William Quah: That's a *GOOD* name.
Me: It sure is.
William Quah

Bangi Sake Surprise

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Yet another free dinner (yes, Zemien, another free dinner) from SK at Kampachi, Equatorial Hotel Bangi. This time due to her raise and a thank you gesture for helping out in her masters (which I so don't deserve). Joined by FK and KLT. Two others lepas kapal terbang. It's so hard to get people together these days. The logistics are a killer. Hotel Equatorial looks nice, with it's own garden, ala IOI Resort. Kampachi was quite small, but luckily SK got us a private room upstairs, away from the hustle and bustle. The spread isn't quite as big as I expected. Quite modest. You have the usual, salad bar, teppanyaki & sukiyaki station, tempura station, sashimi and sushi bar, dessert counter and non-japanese fare. Overall the food is good. Not too salty, the tastes are subtle. The sashimi is fresh. The unagi is perfect. Dessert was so-so, but the serve the all-time DOraemon favourite, Dorayaki. The service is above average. When …

See You in the Water I

Truly Madly Deeply
Originally uploaded by eyecatcher. I finally enrolled for swimming lessons at Bukit Jalil Golf Resort. Cost me MYR294.00 (plus tax, no less) for 12 lessons. Entah kena fleece ke apa, but it's the nearest to my place. I went for the 5:00pm lesson and oh, boy, the sun was blazing. I think I caught too much sun, sore throat the next day. Roland's the name of my instructor-- a really tanned uncle (I know some of my readers would be sorely disappointed). I was issued a green plastic card. Green as in inexperienced. Lessons started by asking me standard questions of whether I have any experience, afra
id of the water (in case I struggle mightily and rip his eyeballs out in the process), yadda, yadda, yadda.

Too familiarise me in the water, he started by asking me kneel and submerge my face into the water whilst blowing bubbles of air. First the face, then the ears, then the whole head. I got the hang of that pretty quickly, with just one gulp of water to date. That p…

Bumbu of Life

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Celebrated HP's birthday yesterday at Bumbu Bali, Bandar Puteri Puchong. Just the three of us. We were given the honour of celebrating with her on the actual date (with the exception of her colleagues) as her other gang of friends have weeekend do planned for her. The place has a nice ambience to it. Cosy, woody. Open-air concept. The food is mainly BBQ, with the choice of Bali and Western style. They use coconut husks for a more fragrant effect. I can vouch for that s the food sometimes contain the fibres (!). Sauces are not really required, as the grilled food by itself is full of taste, but sometimes a little on the salty side. So it's a good idea to pair it with rice or wash it down with something clear. We ordered the Nasi Campur Special and Seafood Platter. Enough for three. The mixed platter consisted of nasi uduk / nasi kuning, grilled dory (recommended), cuttlefish, chicken, prawns, satay lilit (fish paste over serai stick-- …

High 5

high 5
Originally uploaded by LUVle. Tagged by Zemien again. Drumroll please.........

In Form 4. I was back in Kuantan. Together with JM, we were the famous apple polishers and teacher's pet. We had many society's and clubs under our pinkie. The teacher's gave us full trust! We ruled with an iron fist! Those were the days....

In University (1st Year). Moved to KL. A new chapter in life. Had a great clique of friends who would go to MidValley at the slightest break between classes and frequently have Keropok Lekor & Pisang Goreng sessions at the cafeteria. Unfortunately, we have mostly gone our own way now.

Working at the same job that I had joined when I first graduated. Many people have asked why I was still staying on. I asked myself the same question. I'm still here and I think I begin to see why.

Running between 2 client sites. Crappy work problems. And I just found out that I have an extra si…

Aunty Fodder

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Last weekend was a very busy couple of days. The day after the treasure hunt, I had go through another gruelling day at a charity dinner. My mother talked me into helping out. Had to get there by 3:00pm. My sister, bro-in-law, SK and HP also lended their hands. Upon reaching the venue, we found out that there's actually no *REAL* work to be done!? WTF?! Then why call for volunteers? Anyway, it turns out that the logistics were not smoothed out yet, so I bersabar je la.

We did a lot of standing around, being given the evil eye by some of the dinner committee members. Then we had some minor work putting brochures and contact forms on the 110 tables. Finished that in no time at all. Nobody gave us any instructions, so more loitering. SK tried to be proactive and got off with a scolding. So much for that. Pissed off, we decided to just lazed around.

Finally at 4:00pm, one of more organized of the dinner comittee gave us our tasks-- as usher…

Gag Order

Originally uploaded by bonniegrrl. Before I begin, let me clarify that I'm in no way announcing that I'm into S&M and bondage. But the picture is cute is it not?

Well, I'm currently at another project site, and I must say that the internet filtering policy here sucks. Leaving blog comments is prohibited (classifies as "chat", WTF?!) and LJ is completely blocked. Luckily I can still post via other means, but just look at my last post, semua HTML jadi giler. But I'm thankful that I can still read blogger posts.

Not being able to leave comments is really getting to me. An itch I can't scratch. In person, I find it hard to keep quiet, on the internet I have to leave my glib remarks! Until I get back a decent internet access I'd just have to bide my time and compile my offline comments onto a CD-ROM. Hmph.

PS: Vengelyne, you *had* to to link me as "William and his GBuy", didn't you? :P

Pirates of Subang Jaya

Originally uploaded by williamnyk.
City Revival Church organized a Charity Treasure Hunt on Saturday and I was roped in to help out in my sister and Cin's team. SK joined last minute. I tried asking KK earlier, but he gave me some lame ass excuse that he's car sick-prone. Cin was very excited over it and even exclaimed that she's in it to WIN. Wow. No pressure, then (seeing that it's my first time in a motor treasure hunt and all). What about charity?! :P. Truth be told, my only experience in treasure hunts was gained more than 15 years digging paper clues outta cracks in the wall, under bricks and in the bark of old mango trees.

We arrived at the starting point, Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya at 7:00am (imagine what ungodly hour I had to wake up) and found that the organizers had just begun to put up shop. Kena tipu, celaka. Seeing that we couldn't register yet, We went off to nearby Taj Curry House for breakfast. The thosai (not to mention service) was not up …

Back For More

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. What you see here is the menu of lunch joint in Wisma Cosway. Pasted on the walls like some ancient commandment. The place is always crowded. Stuffy. The food is hot and served by near-perfect efficiency. The crew-- a bunch of old hags who are obviously underpaid and in serious need of a vacation are seen buzzing here and there. They grunt, scream and scowl. Fabulous. The woman who collects the lunch money when the food is served has a military-like air to her. She demands money like you owe her thousands and that's not counting the interest yet. But for some reason, we keep going back week, after week. Defies explanation.

Do you have such a place?

Gnome Around The World I

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Inspired by the French movie Amelie, this post will have my little gnome travelling around the world, seeing the sights. In the movie, Amelie steals her father's garden gnome and takes pictures of it at various famous locations around the world. She then sends the snapshots to her father (how she fakes the postmarks, or why is her father is so dumb if the postmarks are local, is not explored in the movie). As a result, her father decides to stop mourning the death of his wife and go out to see the world. Our first stop, Barcelona. Temple de la Sagrada Familia by the famous Antoni Gaudi (1884 - 1926).

Care For A Ride?

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Hi, I'm from Italy. I have the sexiest eyes and curves to die for.

Everyone says I'm fun and lovely (see the heart on my forehead?).

I'm from Italy and clad in the most luxurious red, skin-tight rubber outfit.

FYI, I'm also bouncy and go for hours on end.

So, care for a ride? I'm going only MYR168.00 a pop...

PS: This post is made solely for the benefit of Vengelyne, who was sorely disappointed with the duplicity of my last post.

Dark Threesome

night ripples
Originally uploaded by fotogail. Boys and girls, it's time for movie review time again and this time it's an indie horror set of three entitled Black Night. 3 stories from 3 regions from 3 directors: Next Door (HK), Dark Hole (Japan) and The Lost Memory (Thailand). The stories are not related but have common elements-- water and vengeful 'entities'.

Of the 3, I found the story from HK most satisfying. The best effects, the best pace, the best story. It even came with a message-- don't leave your lover alone for five minutes, even if it's to buy condoms. The other two were kind like yawn-fests. The worst was the one from Japan-- sea monster ghost, enough said. Bwahaha. The Thai offering was of a vengeful son. Bad makup, this one, but pretty actresses. The mother gets angry at the promiscuous father and speeds off in a car, which ends up crashing and killing the son.

Art imitates life in which there are too many cases of parents taking the lives o…

Sweltering Heat

Originally uploaded by Kaippally. It's been REALLY HOT in the Klang Valley lately. I used to complain about the thunderstorms in the evenings. Boy, am I missing them now. The nights are stuffy. The air is gummy. Nak tidur pun susah. Luckily, my hair's short now. A lighter feeling (So iklan shampoo). However, every trace of colour is now gone. Have to start my Tabung Pewarnaan Rambut William. Every comment left equals a pledge of MYR1.00. *Grin*. Please comment generously.

Even if this fails I will not stoop to APT Academy's MYR30.00 guy's hair colouring service. How can one trust a salon where the staff don't even know what products they are using? Pengz.

La Petit

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Had an official celebration for SK's successful handing up of her Masters thesis on Monday night at La Petit, Seri Petaling. HP joined as well. The interior is dark as you can see in the photos and we were the only customers when we walked in at 7:00pm.

The food was quite good, though. We ordered a Whisky Sour (nice!), a Long Island Tea (could have been better, too watered down) and HP settled for an iced Honey Lime. She claimed to be very hot that night and needed to cool down. I had other alternative ways in mind for her. :P. Anyways, she's allergic to alcohol. It makes her cough. Pelik, kan?

The main course was OK, but HP's cheese-baked fish was a tad overboard with the cheese. Ewww. The baked potatoes were also great! The sauce and the bacon bits.... heavenly. I ended up way toooo full. Stole bits and pieces from everyone else's plates. As if I didn't get enough liquor at dinner, my mum opened up a can oh Heiny at home. …


GoogleBuy - Google Money
Originally uploaded by Touted as the PayPal killer, the arrival of Gbuy is highly anticipated. It has not escaped the attention of my colleagues, but it is for the wrong reason altogether. They giggle at the slightest mention of its name. Proof that the people from Google who thought up the name are not hokkien as well, as in the case of Mel Sampat. While searching for a 'suitable' picture to post from flickr, I came across an exact title match-- a picture of a bun with a striking resemblence to female genitalia, proving that GBuy has already raised snickers elsewhere... But I chose something a little more tasteful. Cheers.

CSI: Petaling Jaya

Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Met up with Mel. Had mamak at Kinrara Curry House, Sri Petaling, The Ultimate Ice-blended at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Jalan Telawi, some shopping at the Bangsar Night Market and back to her place in PJ. We always hop joints. Not our best record. Anyway, the highlight of the day involved a black Vios, scratches on the passanger door, stucco on the Vios paint job and black paint on the corner of the porch postbox. Case closed.

Hair Adultery

I'm not a customer here! :D
Originally uploaded by williamnyk. Lately, I've been getting a lot of comments about my hair.

Colleague: William, do you style your hair in the morning? Gel it?
Me: Yeah.
Colleague: It definitely looks styled. You wake up like what? Four in the morning?
(Rolling my eyes)
Colleague: Don't get me wrong. It looks good. Like in cartoons.
(Look of disbelief)

Last week, I was told that I look like someone from DragonBall Z. Truth be told, it's bedhead + 5 minutes of random mussing with hair mud. Effortlessly messy. Time to get it cut, though. Too unruly. FYI, my regular stylist, KKY was recently promoted to Senior Stylist, thus his price too. So I decided to screw behind his back with SK's stylist, Samantha. Same price. Senior Stylist vs Artistic Director.

The result is pretty much the same. Just much shorter and thinner. Samantha is more heavy-handed. She doesn't quite muss up my hair like KKY, a bit more conservative. However, Samantha's …


Originally uploaded by kaiuhlemeyer. Recently had lunch with CPK, an old classmate from Kuantan at IOI Mall, Puchong Jaya. The last time I saw the guy was at SK's housewarming. Had a REAL hard time getting hold of him. A veritable workaholic. Stays 5 minutes from his office. OT nearly every day. Finds much excuses to work. Brrrr.... I don't know if it's a case of extreme work ethics or just a severe lack of a social life. Says that he's currently putting his love life on hold for his career and immediately the Ice Breakers poster comes to mind:

What's the point of having a great career if you don't have someone to share it with?

SK and I are determined to save him from himself. But her interests may go far deeper than that. Hohoho...