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Charity Sale Sunday

BIL had bought MYR100 worth of coupons for a charity sale on Sunday, so I had to sacrifice much needed sleep to go there. Sis and the kids came along because BIL was tied up with his year end workload. Proceeds from the sale at the Bandar Puteri Puchong indoor badminton complex (home of Michael's Badminton Academy, chock full of sweaty teenagers) were for Da Zi Jiang Tang, a Buddhist organization to helps orphans and old folks.

Plenty of food available for sale. Took my breakfast there-- fried noodles, yam cake, assorted kuih and teh tarik. From there, went straight to church using the LDP only to be greeted by an abnormal jam near the exits to Sunway and Federal Highway. Turns out that the crawl was due to Adidas King of the Road. Ugh. Thought these things finish earlier. Of late, marathons seem to be all the rage. And collecting finisher badges and jerseys are becoming a hobby. The more zealous would fly around the world to run. To our relief, Little Monster didn't make mu…

The Mousetrap & Celebtrity Kong Sai Karl

Been working my ass off ever since the system went live. Coming in at the wee hours and leaving late at night. As the Chinese like to say-- "No day, no night". Or worse still, "Got time to die, no time to fall sick". KH had bought tickets for Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" (or some reason, KH always tersasul say "The Mouse Hunt") and it wasn't cheap. Naturally he was worried that I couldn't make it and he hadn't seen me for more than a week. Gotta admit that I was a bit disappointed that he seemed to be more worried about the play rather than my current work conditions. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Just that KH often says the wrong things at the wrong times. I know that he always thinks of me. But anyway, with the system stabilising by the end of the week, I sat down with my boss and arranged a work shift so that I could take Saturday afternoon off. Naturally, KH was thrilled. Picked him up at about 1:00 p…

Korban Demi Syarikat

Hari Raya Haji was a working day for me. I think my client was quite shrewd to have chosen to go live on the Saturday before it. Any hiccups on the working Monday and one could use the public holiday on Tuesday as a breather to deploy fixes or in the worst case scenarios to fall back to the old system. I came in at 4:00 am only to be told that the host system had not run its batch yet. They had delayed the processing due to a major glitch the day before. Major patching went on till 4:00 am and subsequent transactions were throttled to a snail's pace. Thirteen thousand transactions basically took five hours. Only at 5:00 pm did they begin the host batch. Since it would be another three to four hours, I drove back home to catch some Zs. Took me a while to fall asleep a my mind was quite active. Luckily it rained heavily, think that help me sleep. However, it wasn't very deep sleep. Had a skanky dream about an ang moh twink in my bed. Remember that he had a pleasant face, long-i…

Code Name: Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak Wisdom, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. The project that I had been working on since August last year finally went live on the 12th of October after one postponement. Truth be told, the scope was too big and the timeline too rushed to produce a good end result. And it was muddled by internal squabbles between teams, unclear requirements from users (exacerbated by indifferent business analysts on our end), some sloppy development work on our end, bad feng shui, gung ho upper management, poor dissemination and coordination by the project management office and difficulty working with a 'black box' type of technical framework. Till the final week before D-day, we were still in the dark about many things. Wasn't even sure if the production environment was ready. Anyway, they finally told us to check the parameters on Friday night and by then I wasn't even sure if Saturday was actually with live production data or just a test run. Went to the data centre on Frida…

Exact Double Three

Google Wishes Me Happy Birthday, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. I'm the not the kind of the person who always looks at the calendar. Hence when my birthday came up, I didn't even know it was on a Wednesday. Finally, KH had the chance to actually bring me out for a birthday meal on the exact date since we were working close to each other (we've been missing out on the simplest of things, things that most couples take for granted). He suggested TEN at Marc Residences and unfortunately, I was late for lunch. Kinda bad timing cause my project was going live in a couple of days and the preparatory work was less than satisfactory. I was all worked up and stressed. Definitely not the right mood to enjoy fine dining. But anyway, I tried my best. Poor KH didn't get to see me at my most appreciative and happy. :P. When we walked in, the restaurant was quite empty (only three tables occupied including us). More staff than customers. Naturally, the service was better. So rajin

Double Three Samba

Honey Chicken, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Big Monster and his dad went to the National Science Centre on Sunday night, leaving his mum and Little Monster tagging along to church. Had to continuously feed the tyke to keep him happy-- chocolate chip cookies, apricots and crisps. Lunch was at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Paradigm Mall. Little Monster didn't mind going there again although he was just there the day before. Any kai kai is good kai kai. The kid loved the fried noodles there. But after having his fill, he couldn't sit still any more. When the head waiter came over to play with him, he practically froze up. But with his mum, he threw tantrums and demanded attention. Went to Uniqlo to look for bargains and mum walked out with some tops. Did some shopping at Daiso too. Before leaving, stopped at Hokkaido Ice Cream for some dessert. Strangely, Little Monster preferred the waffle over the ice cream. Seems to be quite averse to cold items. Same went for the 3Q Passion…

Meet the BFF

wine glasses, swiped from Xipe Totec39 on Flickr. Saturday was another working day for me, but I just clocked in a few hours after having a WTM breakfast. Arrived in the office at about 11:00am; had free nasi lemak compliments of my client; waited for the file to be loaded; found that the transaction settings were incomplete; waited for my client to complete the set up; verified the results; found that there were problems; had free lunch of fried chicken and stingray curry; unable to resolve the problem cause the other team didn't come in; clients went home, so did we! Reached home at about 3:30 pm. Should have rested, but I didn't. Went for a swim instead. Dug out my black Aussiebum trunks and when I stretched the material, I heard a crackling of sorts. Kinda like crumpling a pair of undies with dried cum on it. Think it's about time to retire that pair. Luckily it didn't slip off during my laps. Dried myself off and went up to SK's place for dinner. Two of SK'…

Salmon Bones

Double Shot Latte, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Met up SK, Lifebook and KH at Empire Subang on Sunday after mass. First time ever, I was jamming into the mall and had to park at B4. Good sign for them. Lunch was free that day, compliments of SK cause she managed to hit her sales quota for 2013. Ate at El Fresco, Jaya Grocer where the concept is you buy the ingredients and pass it to them to cook. If the ingredient is more than MYR20.00, the cooking surcharge is waived. One can pay extra for side dishes and sauces. A very food court style to the place but seems popular (several sexy arm cuties were dining there!). Not bad as you can ensure the freshness of the food. Came out stinking of food fumes though. Up next was double shot lattes at Whisk. My first time there and it was horribly stuffy. Ordered some cakes too. Made our mandatory visit to Kitchen Shop too, but didn't buy anything. The rest went home, but mum and I loitered at Tangs. It was their anniversary sale, but the c…

Working Weekend Again

Porky Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Worked on Saturday again. The whole day ugh. Started with breakfast at Restoran Yoong Seng. Found that their pork ball noodles had increased in price to MYR5.00. An increase of MYR0.50! At least they gave an extra portion of noodles. In the office, my senior manager had a very long face. Like someone had deleted his favourite his porn stash. The reason for his unhappiness was the fact that the project was not ready to be delivered. With just two weeks before the projected deployment date, error logs were still being raised and the rate at which we were closing them was not satisfactory. With every ten closed, five was reopened and not counting those fresh from the oven! Actually it's not quite my business, but I was seconded to help out. Worse thing was that they expected you to help, but could not furnish you with complete instructions. This translated to a trial and error approach that not only wasted time, but demoralized staff …


Big Breakfast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Woke up earlier than usual on Sunday to attend English mass at 8:45 am. Deprived myself of sleep cause KH and I had matinee tickets to Hands Percussion's "Lafaz Gema". Ate breakfast with mum at Coffee Sprex. Their big breakfast set is only MYR9.50 with cereal and bottomless coffee. On the way back, stopped to visit mum's friend in Seri Petaling who had just been discharged from the hospital. Lunch was a simple meal of leftover dim sum and pau. Left home after that to pick KH up and made our way to KLPAC. The lobby was abuzz with activity and more young people than usual (some cuties and a ex-HVD actor who was there with someone who looked like his BF). Seemed like a good turnout, but actually Pentas 2 wasn't full. When we walked in, we were greeted by a giant ginseng (actually a bleached, curved faux tree trunk) and a suspended giant drum on stage. The show started on a slow note. A topless dude came out and starte…

Malaysia Day

I.D., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Some ugliness came up in the office on Sunday. Yes, you read correctly, Sunday. My big boss was pissed with another team and had decided to offload their tasks on my team. So my manager called me in on Malaysia Day for a meeting. Heard the explanation that the other team wasn't so experienced and needed some backup, so the more senior resources were chosen to look at some aspects of their work. Come to think of it, I have much less experience on their things and I don't have a backup for my things either. Ish. Anyway, I gathered as much information as I could from the other team. The most annoying thing is that, they couldn't give me definite answers. When you outsource tasks to other teams, you really have to give clear instructions. We are here to help, not to sit around and try to digest your requirements. Since time is of the essence, just tell us A and we will do A. Failed. Went in for just three hours before I bailed. Picked KH …

High Hair

Coffee Sprex, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. As usual, mass on Sunday morning followed by a cup of Macadamia latte from Coffee Sprex. Drove over to Plaza OUG for my hair appointment. Was expecting to see my stylist in his super blonde hair, but he had dyed it darker. These guys change hair colour like lampu lip-lap. He asked me the desired length and I answered, "short". He shaved the sides of my head much higher this time. The reason he gave was like a knife to my heart. It would give added 'length' to my face, as though my forehead was higher. Reason: to camouflage the roundness of my face. T_T. Aduh! Finished my haircut some time before 2:00 pm. Was famished. When mum saw me, she got a little shock as my stylist had gave me high hair that day (something that could challenge Nicky05, but the pic here is not original 'altitude' LOL). We ate at Vietnam Kitchen, Citrus Park. Been ages since I ate there. Ordered a little too much. Such a large portion. Loved …

Working Saturday

OT, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Saturday wasn't a day of rest for me. My client's CIO cracked the whip and 'encouraged' his staff to work the weekends to make for better progress in the testing. So far, only 40% of the test cases had been covered and a milestone was coming up in a week. I doubt that there will be much drastic improvement even if they worked 24/7. But still, it was duty as vendors to help the project along, else we get blamed for delays. And so, I went in early in the morning. Not much activity from my client's side that I could detect, but there was a major glitch in the web application that caused most of the inquiry screens to fail. Scrambled half the morning to fix it and arrange for an emergency deployment. That was enough to disrupt things. Such a stroke of bad luck. But that wasn't really my issue. After making sure that my stuff was working well, I took my leave. Immediately went to pick KH up from home. I was yawning all the way fr…

Langkawi Lads

Hi guys. Today we have another spy cam contribution from BeautifulMale. His skill and cute ang moh magnet capabilities seem to be advancing by the day! This set of photos were from his trip to the beautiful island of Langkawi (sorry, not Speedo shots). Check it out!

So very German. Wish he wore less.

More of the blonde shutterbug.

This couple is obviously fabulous kan?

Waiting for his knight...