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Crazy 88 Fighters
Swiped from ёndo. On Friday night, SK and I sent my mum off to church to catch the group tour to Bukit Mertajam for St. Anne's Feast Day celebrations. SK and I decided to skip the trip this year.

Tour leader: Aiyoh... both of you not coming this year ah? Never mind, never mind. Join us next year.... with your baby yeah!!

SWEATZ. I wonder if my mother heard that. Blek. After seeing her safely on the bus, we waved our goodbyes and proceeded to Aman Suria to yumcha with Bunny at our usual haunt, Lotus. Upon parking, we noticed some unusual activity. Around 10 Toyota Mark X's were parked at the roadside together with a few stray black models. Was half-expecting the tuxedo-ed gangsters to come out wielding katanas, but they just suddenly revved up their engines, turned on their headlights and left. Weird. If it was daytime, I would have guessed a wedding entourage, but at night... organized crime comes to mind! But most probably some automobile club la. Ngor lam t…


Azuki Bun from Milk Houses 米哥烘焙坊
Swiped from yusheng. Gastric. I think I have it. At least a mild form of it. When it attacks, I get a 'lil bloated and my tummy rumbles after every meal. Would need to rush to the loo not long after. Somehow I don't that it's due to any food poisoning. A GP did give me this diagnosis last year and even prescribed e some Ranitidine, but I was not convinced. Another sign is that I can no longer take red bean soup. If I take more than half a bowl at one sitting, I would get a feeling of pain and indigestion. How sienz. I wonder what brought this on... :(


A Dream
Swiped from cliffardo2001. I realized several things on this recent trip to Singapore. Sleep comes easily to me now although I'm cramped in a single bed with KH. No longer do I toss and turn, knowing that he had easily fallen asleep beside me. Hugging him to sleep comes naturally now. And when he wakes up in the middle of the night to wet his throat, I know it too and instinctively reach out for his warmth. In terms of physical intimacy, I think that we've discovered a lot about of each other's buttons, but it doesn't mean that we've stopped looking for new ones. Hehe. In terms of mang zhang-ness, I think I can contain my temper better now (KH, don't laugh!). However, that doesn't mean that I have stopped projecting killer qi when the need arises. Hehe. And KH also reads my mood very well now and knows how to pre-empt things. He reads me like a book at times. Even so, he does not understand all that he reads. Haha. Where's the fun if there'…

A 'Wet' Singapore V: Cooking Mama

Swiped from williamnyk. Monday came quickly. Sigh, how time flies when you're having fun. JJ's medical leave ended, so he went to work. What does this mean? The king-sized bed is now available for skanking!!! LOL. I know Bunny is cringing as he reads this. Hehe. It's so much nicer having more space to manoeuver. Beats doing it on the bottom bunk of a double-decker bed. Wakaka. Did our COAT West re-enactments and proceeded to clean up. Having rejected all his healthful breakfast options, I got KH to cook me ramyun with oyster mushrooms and egg. So yummy when compared to saw dust in milk! With breakfast out of the way, we did some net surfing and then KH packed up some books for me to bring back. At around 1:00pm, I started cooking lunch. Just a simple spaghetti in green pesto (from Marks and Spencer, nice stuff), topped with some rocket and pine nuts. The accompanying dish was hardly Italian, steamed salted chicken thighs. Satisfying, though. Most importantly, KH…

Insane Inbox

Note: Oppps... I just noticed that I did not completely download the photos from my camera, so I'll have to pause the ending to my Singapore trip posts. Here's a filler for you!

A question for all iPhone users out there.... after upgrading to OS4.0 does your inbox go nuts intermittently? I use GMail and maybe the 80k+ mails in the inbox are giving it a hard time to sync. As you can see in the pic, the listing goes nuts with no sender, content and subject. Zombified e-mails. Takes a few syncs to clear things up a bit. Then it comes back again. Like a persistent credt card salesman. Lemme know if you have any solutions. Thanks.

A 'Wet' Singapore IV: Holy, Holy & Spruced Up Siblings

Church of the Holy Family
Swiped from williamnyk. Woke up to an avacado yoghurt breakfast. Was fed 'banana' earlier, but one needs variety in one's diet. Hehe. I had rejected KH's suggestion of cereal, so he came up with the next best thing. Celebrated the holy Eucharist at the Church of the Holy Family, Chapel Street. KH was nice enough to accompany me although he's not of the faith. I think he's more receptive to the liturgy now-- at least he didn't roll his eyes during the sermon. Hehe. Thank you, baby. It really means a lot to me. Lunch was at the nearby Beach Road Prawn Mee. Met up with C-Mon, Den, HJ, Bunny and POD there. The two shoplots were full! But don't be misled, the prawn mee doesn't taste remotely like KL prawn mee. LOL. The soup has the right colour, but it neither has the right taste nor aroma. The prawns were big and the pork ribs were aplenty though. The ngoh hiong stall inside also did brisk business. Couldn't stay long as cus…

A 'Wet' Singapore III: Tardy Tosai & Korean Cuties

Sachoom I
Swiped from williamnyk. Sonny was someone I had not met in ages. Our first meeting was at my maiden clubbing experience at Play. Remembered him as the guy with the plunging deep V over his manly chest of hair (he told us that he had retired his deep Vs, :P). Having seen my FB status, he buzzed me and arranged a meeting. The best thing was, he was only one bus stop away from JJ's place. Our breakfast meeting was at 10:00am, but due to an early morning skank session, we kinda overslept. By the time KH woke me up, it was already 10:20am! Crap. Quickly made a call and rushed out of the house. In total, we were 45 minutes late. Luckily Sonny didn't pull a blackie face! LOL. He had finished his morning paper from end to end. He brought us to have his favourite tosai stall. Business was so brisk that the seller cooks stacks and stacks of tosai. For the first time, I tasted masala-egg dosai. Basically an egg dosai wrapped with potato filling. A very filling affair. Catched …

A 'Wet' Singapore II: Thunder Birds & Stuffed Wolves

_3020677bw copy
Swiped from mingthein. Got up early on Friday to catch the MRT to Boon Lay. Our destination: Jurong Bird Park. It was a long ride down from Simei. Upon reaching Chinatown, it started to rain heavily and we nearly turned back. Seeing that it let up a bit, we continued our journey. We took a bus from the interchange at Boon Lay. The interchange was impressive. Completely-covered with air-conditioning! Just line up and when the bus arrives, go through the auto-doors to the waiting bus. Orderly and comfortable! Unfortunately, it was still raining heavily when we arrived and several other tourists were stranded at the bus stop. Some of the Indian and PRC nationals just ran for it. KH and I however decided to call it off. I was a bit dejected, but the weather can be unpredictable. So we headed back to the city.

Before lunch, we did some window shopping at Wheelock Place and The Ion. Walked into a bag shop that sold many types of novel bags at very fantastic prices. Fancy a k…

A 'Wet' Singapore I: One After Another

Swiped from williamnyk. Of my whole Singapore trip, the first day was the most gruelling. KH bought me the 8:40am Jetstar to Singapore, so I woke up at 6:00am to prepare and SK was nice enough to drop me off at KLIA. Unexpectedly, even such an early flight was delayed, so I arrived at Changi T1 twenty minutes later than scheduled. The whole gang was there to greet me, KH, JJ and Bunny. Took the cab home, I freshened up a little and we immediately headed out to Circular Road for lunch with Eskay at Baikohken. They serve quite an amazing ramen. KH and I shared a shoyu and miso based ramen. The full-sized order really bowled us over. Huge! And sooooooo many pieces of char siew the size of pork chops! Next time if you're there, just order the half-size (but I did see a girl finishing one by herself, but not everyone has a gremlins appetite). And do go early. Eskay was his usual fabulous self. Was nice seeing him again.

Next, KH and I headed for the Tanjung Pagar KTM Station. I…

The Rambutan Trimming Accident

rambutan / nephelium lappaceum
Swiped from neo studio. I am not a hairy person, but I do need to trim the nether regions once in a while. Especially true when anticipating sexual encounters with dear KH. Not so nice la welcoming him to an unkempt forest and having him coughing up hairballs after working his way through. So before my trip to Singapore, I whipped out my pair of safety scissors and started trimming my pubes. I'm definitely no Vidal Sassoon, but I think I did quite a great job. But when I started on my balls, I think was a little bit too zealous. Metal collided with delicate skin and ouch! Saw a drop of red blood forming on my left scrotum. Eeeeek. A near-Bobbit experience! Out came the tissues. Boy, that place sure can bleed. Put some Betadine on it and finished the job. Pheww. Perhaps I should consider a Boyzilian next time. Hehe.

LRT Celebrities: Guitar Gary

Guitar Gary works in KL Sentral. He sports loads of yakuza-style tattooes on his arms. Whenever I see him on STAR LRT, he'd have his headphones on and his HTC Smart would no doubt be blasting guitar riffs. He'd be tapping his foot and his air guitar would appear. And when his air guitar is deemed insufficient, his hands would go for the stainless steel poles. His fingerwork would bring him snaking up and down. Reminds me of Jackie Chan in the movie "Snake in Eagle's Shadow". Itchy hands he has. Syok tak?
Do you have moments when you get carried away on the LRT? Raise your hand if you've pulled off any Matuatama stunt. Hehe.

A Simple Sunday?

Precious Mother's Milk
Swiped from fesign (in Rome July20-26).
Church as usual on Sunday. Was ambushed to buy raffle tickets again! 42" LCD TV and Canon DSLR. Pray that I win. Lunch was at Restoran Chi Kar Yin at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Hakka cuisine. According to SK, the place has many positive reviews on the internet. More than ten actually. Sad to say, it was a disappointment. We ordered Hakka Salted Chicken, Vinegar Pig Trotters, Pepper Stomach Soup and blanched lettuce. The salted chicken was the best dish. Big portion. Full-bodied herbal fragrance. Use of free range chicken. The pig trotters were completely wrong. The vinegar they used was of sub-standard quality. And the pepper stomach soup at the foodcourt near my house tastes better than their's. For MYR8.50, they mixed in lean meat. My goodness. I'm not going back there. On our way to get the car, saw Taiping Mali just a few shoplots away. A healthy crowd. Wanted to ta-pau their yellow sticky rice, but it was s…

The Bomb

129/365 - I'm the bomb like...tick tick
Swiped from Emabearrr. Foreword: In case you didn't notice that I'm missing my regular blog postings, I'm currently having my conjugal visit in Singapore.
I'm trying my best to enjoy myself with KH, but things are getting a bit out of hand back home. First things first, I must start digging out a bundle of cash to pay for my condo down-payment. Secondly, mum is having one of her drama moments regarding house renovations. Thirdly, even SK is not spared as her family is currently in a big tug of war regarding money. Sigh.

Cares, cares go away!
Come again... like never?

Pray for us, people. Thanks.

Losing Sight

Over the Red Roofs Architecture - Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Swiped from Batikart. SK's housemate never fails to entertain me with her flip-flop mentality in buying her dream house.

"We don't wanna buy at Taman A because it's too far from my in-law's place."

"Am now checking out Condo B cause we heard that the rental return is very good!"

So confusing right? From the first statement, you'd think that she's buying for own use. But her second statement is a complete U-turn! I thought she wanted landed property! It's difficult enough trying to find a property that fulfils our specific criteria, but if those criteria keep on changing, I think one should just stop looking altogether and think things through.

"Erm, I've decided to buy Taman A after all."

"What changed? Your in-laws moved closer to Taman A?"

Oh well.

Berkhidmat Untuk Negara

Yay! At last, my cheque is in the mail! Thanks to the PCB, the bloodsuckers at the IRB over-taxed me last year. If the government's really serious about KPI, we should be paid interest on our extra deductions. It's only fair since we pay late charges. But of course we know that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Hope everyone else gets their cheque soon. If you're not expecting one from IRB, means you memang gaji tinggi and kena bayar lebih!. Hehe.


Spotted at Restoran Chew Yang, Taman Puncak Jalil. Perhaps its a new species. A splice between a bean sprout and a ..................... ? Anybody?

Wet Market Celebrity: Rice Queen

Here's a spin-off from my LRT Celebrities series. The blogger version of my Saturday morning FB market updates. Enjoy. It's not very common to see PLUs at the morning wet market. A (stereo)typical Friday night would most probably be spent hanging out with friends, and most would prefer to sleep in on Saturday. But once in a while, I do catch glimpses of domesticated couples who do actually go out to buy their groceries. Domesticated they might be, but they still dress to the nines just to buy some vegetables. Always fabulous. However, last Saturday, my gaydar picked up something interesting-- a queer rice merchant. He was sitting on a stool amongst sacks of grains and many aunties were jostling for his attention.

Auntie 1: Uncle, uncle, is this fragrant rice?

Rice Queen: Aiyoyo, I'm not uncle la!

Auntie 2: Uncle, uncle, how much is this brown rice?

Rice Queen: Not uncle! Not uncle! I not yet get married la! (he used the Chinese term for unmarried girls!)

Auntie 1 whispering to …

Musca Domestica

Musca Domestica
Swiped from williamnyk. Spotted this fly at The Store (Seri Petaling)'s bakery. It was shaking the dust off its feet on the unbaked pastry sitting outside the counter. I took so many photos of it and never once did it shy away. A natural model. It was so intent on putting the finishing touches on that kiddy bun. Hope the baking process eventually killed all the germs. :S. On a similar note, I had breakfast at Steven's Corner, OUG some time back. An uncle was buying vaadai. He opened the kuih cabinet and started fishing the stuff out with a pair of tongs. One missed the plastic bag and fell on the floor. Looking around and seeing that nobody noticed the accident, he picked up the vaadai and put it on a plate. He turned around to look again and found me staring at him. Seeing that I wasn't go blow the whistle on him, he proceeded to the counter. Later on, a waiter came along and found the nutritionally-enriched vaadai sitting on the plate. He put it back ins…

The Gayest BKT In Town?

[This space has been intentionally left blank]

Missing Jase

Cute White Seal Wood Magnet
Swiped from ♥ Rainbowcatz ♥. It's official, my Pioneer Di, Jase is officially on the Missing Queers List. Disappeared from FB, MSN, GTalk and Blogger. SMS go unanswered. Someone told me he changed his number. Talked to his ex and he too has difficulty getting in contact with him. But I do have his home address. Hmmm. The last I heard from him was from a comment he left on my blog at the end of April 2010. Anyone see him?

LRT Celebrities: MSG Max & Seedy Sam

A couple of sweet-looking boys. In a few years, they'd be twinky enough to harvest I reckon. Sorry, I don't have any frontal shots for you to confirm that fact. Just take my word for it. But then, I'm not blogging about their looks actually... As you know, I've seen many shocking things on the LRT, but this somehow managed to make my jaw drop. The kid on the left was actually eating Maggi cup noodles. He was slurping away on the train! Must have bought it at a 7-11 nearby and by the time he had boarded, it was chow time! Amazing right? So Air Asia. And I thought eating nasi lemak on the train from the packet was news-worthy. Kids these days. The other day, another bunch from La Salle regaled me with their stimulating banter:

Kid 1: Ona-ni! ONANI! ONANIIIIIIII! (while flapping his arms)

Kid 2: Lancap!

Kid 1: Onani. Onani. Onani. Onani. Onani. Onani. Onani.

Classy, right? Lovely kids.

Pray for a Smooth Journey

Check out this nifty prayer to be said before entering the loo! Spotted it in Bandar Seri Begawan. It is interesting to note that demons have a specific sex too! Lets hope this does not create a loop hole for asexual demons. Amen.

Playing House

Playing House
Swiped from Andrew_and_Kristie. Ever played house? Imaginary wedding. Imaginary spouse. Imaginary house. Imaginary chores. Imaginary life. Everything seemed to gravitate around "The House". The focal point of being a grown-up? And so we finish our studies, join the rat race. We scrimp and save to eke out a living in this cold, heartless city. The goal seems to be to bring a fat pay cheque home. Get some wheels. Have a roof over our head. Yes, the very same roof that we imagined during our childhood. That goal seems to be so distant these days with ballooning real estate prices. So difficult with so many factors to consider. Money. Location. Freehold. Leasehold. Density. Quality. Developer. BTS. STB. Bank loans. Interest rates. Feng Shui. Termites. Neighbours. Acquiring a place of your own is most probably one of the biggest decisions in one's life. To sign on the dotted line. To be in debt (unless you sleep on a mattress of cash that is).

I bring up this t…

LRT Celebrities: Mother Smelly Crab

bw no cursing
Swiped from kkunurashima. Welcome to another edition of LRT Celebtrities! This time round, I offer no pictures, only an ear-witness account of what happened. :P. I present to you Mother Smelly Crab. I dunno how to describe her... perhaps a Chinese Baba-Yaga? I don't really know how it started, but I think she tried to jostle for a place to sit at the Bukit Jalil station where she got on. She lost to an uncle I suspect. So she dragged her sorry ass together with her plastic bag and umbrella to the side. But she was not out yet. She started snorting loudly a few times (like a rhinoceros preparing to charge? :P). And then it began...:

Warning: The content you are about to read may contain elements that you may find offensive or crude (if you can decypher my phonetic cantonese that is. Some parts are translated for better comprehension).

"Ma chau hai! Nei ge ma ge hai."

"What are you looking at?! Never seen a sick person before ah? You've never been sic…

Touched By A Psycho Ah Long

Sexual Harrassment - Star Wars Style
Swiped from mrtomollerton. Remember Psycho Ah Long at my office? Well, now that I am back at KL Sentral, I'm once again the object of his 'affections'. In this latest installment, he hit my ass while I bended over my laptop and exclaimed:

"Hmm... your ass has quite a nice feel to it..."

Err... ohhhhhhhhhkayyyyy. And in addition to him calling my name out of the blue during office hours, he would sometimes come over and caress the nape of my neck while saying:

"William-zhai, William-zhai"

I'm just so lucky! But one thing's for sure, it make KH angry as hell! Hehe. Love to see KH's protective side.


2 question marks - Hebrew and Latin alphabets - fractal
Swiped from Sharon Pazner. "How come like that??"

Do you find anything wrong with the sentence above? For me, I really hate to see double question marks. It's like typing in caps. It works perfectly well with one question mark. Why add another? For emphasis? I don't think its stated anywhere that double question marks are rude, but I don't like it anyway. Maybe it's kinda like this emoticon O.o that I banned KH from using when conversing with me via text. Irrational? I dunno. It just irks me. A lot. Hehe. Now you know which buttons to press. :P