Berkhidmat Untuk Negara

Yay! At last, my cheque is in the mail! Thanks to the PCB, the bloodsuckers at the IRB over-taxed me last year. If the government's really serious about KPI, we should be paid interest on our extra deductions. It's only fair since we pay late charges. But of course we know that's not gonna happen anytime soon. Hope everyone else gets their cheque soon. If you're not expecting one from IRB, means you memang gaji tinggi and kena bayar lebih!. Hehe.


Twilight Man said…
Lucky devil...! I have to pay balance some more! How about giving me a treat with your extras?
MrBunnyBan said…
i always get this, hehe.
Gratitude said…
Wah, extra SGD200 to spend hor ;)
Pluboy2 said…
Breakfast, lunch and dinner on u!! :p

Twilight earn a million sure have to pay tax la...
lol.. i overpaid PCB but my dedcutions also high.. thanks to my 2x insurans nyawa..
Skyhawk said…
Now IRB has improved compared w/ previous year...good-lah, got extra for new underwear!
Little Dove said…
I am one of their overworked drones. You're gonna be RM497.96 richer in 14 days. :)
kidz said…
still not been taxed yet.. =p

but u kinda reminded me to check on these stuffs.. else next time go back get tahan at custom for dunno wat reason...
Danny said…
wow.. can buy a nice pair of shoes liao horr?
William said…
I'm guessing you make much more than me!

Your accountants kau tim for you! :P

I'll just spend his money. XD

Meals Station. :P

Wah..... Such a pity that life insurance + kwsp only maximum 6000.

Wah... can buy a lot of underwear le!

The postal service in my area sucks. In wonder it will be 14 days.

You need not pay IRB.

Haha. No need buy shoes lo... just bought not long ago.
simonlover said…
@Danny: William only buys sexy underwears with his extra cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!
plainjoe said…
At least they sent you a confirmation letter! Nothing is showing in the postbox for Dad here! hmmphh...
TZ said…
wow~ you only get back now. I got it long time back and i din need to ask from them. They sent me the amount back :p
William said…
Sabar... :)

Shows that you're a VIP
Jaded Jeremy said…
I hope Singapore never move to such system.
famil said…
damn, im still waiting for mine.. sigh
Ed said…
William said…
Ah, but you might be subject to the Malaysian system next time!

Go complain!

Yes, I know. :P

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