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The Tribe at Perth I: Le Pont

Mum and The Tribe left for Perth on Thursday night. It was a huge rombongan with my BIL's family. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for KH and I to spend some quality time right? Wrong! He too flew off on Thursday night to London! Poor was abandoned in KL. Sniff sniff. On the first Saturday alone, I had a wantan noodles breakfast at Restoran Kong Kee. The pitiful portion of noodles and meat really put me off. Went over to SK's place at noon to keep an eye on her grandma for short period while she went out to do some chores. When she returned, we went out to our chiropractic appointment at OUG. Another amazing session of dry needling with the therapist. This time, she sent jolts of down my leg. Yikes. And also discovered a tightness in my left hip flexors. Told me to do more stretches and I would be seeing her in a fortnight. While leaving the treatment centre, I noticed a new signboard along Old Klang Road-- Le Pont Boulangerie. Turns out the place was newly-opened…

Mitsui Boh Sui

Woke up bright and early on Saturday morning not because I wanted to do taichi or jack off, but because ... I had enough sleep. A sign of age and no thanks to the continued stiffness in my back. Lazed in bed till it was time to have breakfast nearby. SK, KH, Lifebook and Brian had arrived after 9PM. We ate at the nearby Restoran Fei Wang. The highlight of the meal was a jar of tauchu that SK passed around the table. Contained a thick concoction of birds nest supplied by Lifebook. Yummy. Now we know his beauty secret.

Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang opened on that Saturday without much fanfare but with a lot of 'fireworks'. The journey there took roughly half an hour. Would have been faster if not for the bottleneck at Taman Equine. Plenty of parking was still available when we arrived. First thing we realized about the place was the many closed lots. Close to half actually. The first shops we noticed was the Isetan Outlet and a Japanese specialty store called Fan. There was a…

JJ's Birthday

Sunday saw me having lunch with SK and mum at Fish & Co., Paradigm Mall after mass. Been ages since I actually had their seafood platter. Used to oooh-ahhh over it. Now they have diversified into chicken and pizza. Seems that it is never enough to specialize. End of the day, dropping sales force restaurants to diversify their menus. A gamble. Kinda like Chatime which has introduced snacks on their menu. The girls went shopping after that. A fruitful trip. Stopped for some coffee at Pacific Coffee before leaving for home.

As usual, made a quick stopover at Giant BK5 to get some salmon steaks for the kids. Saw something in the chiller that brought back childhood memories: "Chicken Bishop Nose". Hahaha. The ass la. The original popcorn chicken. Deep-fried and served in paper bags. I give them 5 Clogged Arteries.

In the evening, we had a dinner date with Jaded Jeremy and his hubby, Bunny. KH told them 6:30PM, but told us 7:00PM. So the poor birthday boy waited for half a…

Hair & Coffee

Mum cancelled her Saturday marketing to get her hair permed at Salak South. Since she was out fixing her hair, I made an appointment with my stylist too. Managed to catch him right after his holiday trip to HK. Complained that it rained the whole time he was there. Managed to meet KH after my haircut at Citrus Park, OUG. He had just finished a hike at Bukit Gasing. That silly boyfriend of mine actually went to do such a strenuous activity just a few days after recovering from his sickness. Told me he saw stars at the top of the hill. Lack of common sense. Ish. He was fine by the time he saw me (perhaps seeing me was therapeutic LOL). Anyway, he accompanied for lunch at Nando's. And we later went to Doors Cafe for coffee. I was very happy with their latte that day. Camwhored with KH, trying out the voice-controlled shutter feature of his LG G2. Two idiots shouting kimchi to get their photo taken. Wakakaka.

On Your Back Please

Since before my Penang trip, I had been waking up with a stiff back. Noticed that my foam mattress had kinda developed a crater in the middle, so I guess that's the source of my problems. During my days in Penang, the stiffness went away. And when I came home, the pain returned. Obviously my mattress was to blame. Quickly went to source for a new mattress and bed frame (it crashed during sex once!). Unfortunately, the bed took some time to arrive. The wait was excruciating cause my back pain got worse. Would wake up one to two hours before my alarm due to the discomfort. -_-". During the day, I would be fine. But the stiffness would return in the morning.

The problem had dragged on for too long. Even after the mattress arrived (pocket spring with latex top), my pain continued. Decided to visit the chiropractor to get to the bottom of things. Visited Green Chiropractic at Medan Klang Lama 28 with SK and KH. Impressed by their elevator from Schindler that had a lighted pressu…

Sekinchan Slip

Met KH after work on Monday and he truly looked tired and unwell. Told me he was feeling tingly, which usually means that he is falling sick. Felt a fever coming on. So I fished out some painkillers from my bag and gave it to him. He took two tablets after dinner. An hour after that, he sent me a picture of his face looking like he had been bashed up by a bunch of gay lous fighting over the last Bottega wallet at a warehouse sale. His eyes were swollen and his nose was runny. Yikes. So surprised that he knows next to nothing about what he's allergic to and the dosage of usual OTC drugs. Thankfully, he knew that antihistamines would help his condition. He took some flu meds leftover from my stash. Rested two days at home after that. Seems that I have take notes on KH's drug allergies since doesn't seem to remember them very well.

By Thursday he declared he was not well enough to go ahead with our planned Sekinchan day trip. SK and I went ahead with our leave plans anywa…

Swimwear / Underwear

Underwear as sleepwear

Swimwear as sleepwear

Hence, Swimwear is underwear?

Not a philosophical question, just that I noticed that I have a few swim trunks that haven't been getting much use at the pool. The reason for their neglect is basically due to a low family pool compatibility index and some cuttings which I don't quite like. Lack of use will only hasten their demise. Will end up with 'crunchy' spandex or spots especially for those in lighter colours. To solve the problem, I have started wearing them to bed. Luckily they are not super tight or it would not be practical at all. I'm not sure if anyone does this at all since swimwear is generally thicker and not so breathable. Come to think of it, some people wear swim shorts out to the mall so this isn't so eccentric after all? Haha. On that note, I do wear my swim shorts as lounge wear as I don't like to swim laps in them (has to the with the pockets restricting water flow).

Thank you for entertaining …

Hidden Stash

Sunday was another opportunity for KH and I to get some quality time together as mum had a beauty talk lined up in the morning. Grabbed breakfast at Restoran Good Tea. Not our first choice, but no tables were available at Restoran Alisan and it was super stuffy in there. Think it was only our second time at Restoran Good Tea after more than a decade. Truth be told, food there ain't bad. And its definitely much cooler. Do give the mee kolok a try. Springy noodles. There's a wantan mee stall there that looks pretty popular. Surprised that a hawker stall needs a POS system. Still messy as heck with the orders. Failed. Better to try during off-peak periods.

Back home, KH and I did our thing. He wasn't feeling too well, but the scratchy throat didn't stop him from performing his husbandly duties. Mum finished her talk earlier than expected. Picked her up at lunch time and went to lunch together. Gave Sushi Zento a try. Huge floor space with upstairs and downstairs dining.…

Food & Sex

Surprisingly, mum did not need to do any marketing on Saturday morning. Brought her to Seri Petaling for breakfast, where there was a wet market anyway. In the afternoon, she left for her AGM at Kuchai Lama. Perfect opportunity for an afternoon delight with KH. Super hot and stuffy that afternoon, so we decided to shower together to wash off the sweat and get things rolling. Ended making love on my new bed. Wonderful to be able to have sex without worrying if the bed would give way. LOL. Guess this means that we had christened the bed but we didn't stain the sheets. Went out to have post-sex coffee after showering again. Thought that we could get a table at Owls Cafe, but the waiting customers had overflowed out to the stairs. Went over to Hailam Kopitiam instead. I ordered the nasi lemak as I was feeling nip-ish and KH mentioned that it was his brother's favourite nasi lemak in KL. SK joined us later bringing her home made kaya made using a Tesco bread maker. Taste-wise it w…

Mall Celebrities: Hunky Hansel

Sorry that I took this long to publish the follow up to Gardenia Gary. The hunky guy that came after Gary I name as Hunky Hansel. He came with a pretty female friend which made me think that he's straight. However, a friend of mine says that he bats for the other team. Entahlah. I just know that he looks very fine in a tight T and he has a 1000 Megawatt smile. And who can resist big arms and a boyish face? Enjoy.

Sure looks like he knew something fishy was going on. LOL.


Celebrated Mother's Day with The Tribe after Sunday mass. Left the task of figuring out a restaurant to my sister. She came up with an interesting choice-- Kokopelli's Travellers Bistro. Never heard of it nor seen it as it was hidden within a housing estate in Petaling Jaya. Turns out that the restaurant is a bungalow facing a roundabout, with no obvious signage. And more interestingly, it serves Malay-Western cuisine which explains the majority of Malay clientele. The whole place had a very lived-in feel with loads of knick-knacks that usually grows over the years. Display cabinets and shelves in Kokopelli's is full of decorative items and toys. Even the drinks counter is half-conquered by Playmobil figures. Thankfully, they found a large table for us although we were walk-in customers. Surprisingly, food was good! Haha. My personal recommendations are the tomato tomato bruschetta (avoid if you're not a fan of parsley), CKT (watch out for the spiciness), moussaka, pa…