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Buah Tangan

HangZhou Souv
Swiped from williamnyk. Recently, mum went for a China trip with her friends. During the 10 days, she went galavanting around Hang Zou, Su Zhou, Nanking, Shanghai and several other places of interest. From the trip, she bought me a cellphone charm made out of cultured pearls. I especially love the metal fish at the end. It's great that my mum has her kaki to go out and have fun. It's good for her socially and gives me some breathers and "me" time. Now, she's booked another trip to Kuching in November! I'm beginning to look like the senior citizen!

SK also recently came back from a business trip to Hanoi. Although she was down with food poisoning, she still managed to buy me loads of souveniers!!! A card made of cloth bits, a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. a fake (AAA) Crumpler laptop bag and an onyx bracelet. Wakakaka. Jangan marah ya... It seems that I also will be going to Hanoi soon. My Fatty Boss finally decided that I should go. Will know by th…

Oro Oro Oro

Orochimaru's Shampoo
Swiped from Hyuga Mah. Having only reached episode 114 of Naruto Shippuuden, I am considered very slow in watching. But if you've not reached here yet, don't continue to read as there are spoilers ahead ..... ....... ....... ...... ........


Since the early days of Naruto, Orochimaru has been the favourite villain of the series. One of the Legendary Sannin who eventually went to the dark side. I love his seiyu and his snaky characteristics. His fight with his former sensei, the Third Hokage was superb. Although he lost that battle, it showcased his genious and skill with the forbidden arts. It was cool! Well, in the story, Orochimaru goes about trying to live forever by jumping from host to host. His last must-have being Uchiha Sasuke. As the Shippuuden arc went along, Sasuke was getting more and more powerful. But little did I expect that the great Orochimaru's life was snuffed out by Sasuke in episode 114 after a sorry excuse of a battle. …


Swiped from williamnyk. This is the urinal at Taman Desa Medical Center. Cute kan? I wonder where all their money went? If this is what you get at a private hospital, you'll be lucky to find just a hole in the ground at government hospitals!

Aisyeh-man Ramen

On Guard at Ajisen Ramen
Swiped from Jon .. Wandering at One Utama on the evening of Raya eve, I ended up having dinner at Ajisen Ramen because Pick 'n Brew was closed for the holidays. I had tried the Ajisen in Singapore and Jakarta, so I was wondering about the taste of Malaysia. As I sat down, I immediately felt a tinge of regret. The service was horrible. The staff was seen scrambling about and nobody even came over to give me the menu. After managing to hail a waiter, I got hold of the menu and finally ordered. I ordered the ramen set with spicy chicken. It was quite reasonably priced considering that even the Basic Ajisen Ramen costs MYR10.90. Extra corn would cost you MYR2.00! As I was waiting for my dish, I saw a roach crawling across the floor. Quite a good size too. Another customer spotted it and requested that the waiter dispose of it. You know what? He stepped on it and gave it its last rites on a paper napkin! When my bowl finally arrived, it was sans my green tea. …

Baby Bad

The Kiss
Swiped from fesign. I dedicate this song to KH:

Baby Bad, Baby Bad,

Baby Bad, Baby Bad,

Baby Bad, Baby Bad,

Baby Bad, Baby Bad,

Baby Bad, Baby Bad, Baby Bad, Baby Bad!

(I think you get the general idea)

This in no way means that my KH is bad to me. It's quite the contrary. He's very patient and generous to me (lotsa people pull me to side to to tell me that I get SPECIAL treatment from him). It's just a playful chant I like to do when I'm clinging to him. I know it irks him a bit, but that's what makes it all the more fun. It's more fun than chanting "Baby Good, Baby Good", don't you agree?

P.S.: If I was a songwriter, I'd most probably be sleeping under a MRR2 flyover.

LRT Celebrity: Chinese Chic

LRT Celeb
Swiped from williamnyk. It' been quite some time since I did an entry for LRT Celebrities. And since I'm no longer taking the LRT, I'm afraid I will need to put this segment on the back burner. Let's just enjoy the now. Here's a kid who got on at Bukit Jalil. Oozes chinki-ness like nobody's business. And the features are so manga-esque: sharp chin, kiss-able lips and sexy eyes.

Your cup of (chinese) tea?

Premature Ejaculation

Happy Birthday!
Swiped from williamnyk. Bill was in town the other day and he mentioned that he wanted to meet the BFF in a gathering on Saturday. So it was set-- dinner at Paddington's House of Pancakes (PHOP), Midvalley. Nothing out of the ordinary really. The only thing amiss was the fact that everyone was on time. Quite a feat. So everyone ordered their food. A Stockholm here. A California there. Some Pile of Dollars. The Chief even pulled out his IC, and we got a complimentary Birthday Pancake (alphabetized pancakes with 3 scoops of ice cream, but was suspected as the cause of Janvier and The Chief's tummy troubles) because it was his birthday month. And so, out of the blue, a birthday cake comes out (I thought this was the freebie). I thought it was for The Chief perhaps... but heck... according to the e-mail thread, the surprise party for him wasn't to happen yet.

Then, I was ushered to the cake. What the?! They said it was for me. My mind drew a blank! What! My bir…

Blood Splatter

Blood Splatter
Swiped from williamnyk. My bedsheet is stained with blood. My blood. At multiple places. No, it's not from my mizuage (that happened years ago, so I'm not gonna parade the bedsheet around town), but from my ongoing battle with the evil mozzies! In the middle of the night, they'll land on a choice plot of my naked skin and start feasting. Their proboscis would pierce my skin and suck their fill of blood. As their abdomen fills, I stir. A subconscious swat from my hand, or a roll of my torso. And the mozzie goes SPLAT on my smooth sheets. Damn those mozzies!

P.S.: Any tips for washing dried blood out?

Bathroom Pet Peeves

Why can't shampoo and shower gel manufactures use better pump bottles? Most of those in the market always leave behind dried up "snot" at the mouth of the pump. Or at least come up with something that does not congeal like that. Blegh.

And don't you just hate it when you rush into the toilet to do your "big business" and reach for the toilet paper after, all you find is an empty roll? >_<"


Some Like It Raw
Swiped from williamnyk. Ala-carte Japanese buffets are rare in KL. So far, I've only tried Munakata (no longer available, but was VERY good) and Rakuzen (so-so). SK brought to my attention another such establishment-- Gonbei at Starhill Gallery. The place definitely scores points with its beautiful interior. The entrance is an interlace of bamboo which cast interesting shadows across the floor. And everytime guests walk in, they beat a welcome drum. Inside, wood is the main theme, with the focal point being the walls that are carved with numerous Japanese family crests (mon).

Dinner was with SK, KH, Takashi and Jase. Upon arrival, every guest receives a complimentary abalone sashimi. Yummy! Never had it before. But I think it's to cover for the absence of raw oysters on its menu. For drinks, one can have green tea, herbal tea or lychee margarita (another uncommon item). Basically, one orders from them menu and the waiter will key-in the orders and have it bro…

Rom Com

blonde ambition
Swiped from valentine_mariner. I might have mentioned this several times before-- the average times I watch a movie at the cinema in a year is 2. Yes folks, 2. And when I do, it's usually a movie that would benefit from the big screen and the Dolby Surround. Hence, this rules out romantic comedies. You could watch it on a DVD and you'll get a similar experience. In addition to this technicality, I am actually biased against such movies.

KH: Come, let's watch a movie together.

Moi: What movie?

KH: The Ugly Truth.

Moi: It's a romantic comedy isn't it?! (GROAN)

KH: Bad!

And there you have it, I was dragged to Alamanda to watch THAT KIND of movie. And you know what. That's the second romantic comedy watched this year, the first being Ekachai Uekrongtham's "The Wedding Game". Come to think of it, ANOTHER romantic comedy. No wonder! Well, I would admit it was quite a nice movie. It had me in stitches at certain parts. And I got to oogle at E…

Half a Meme: Save Yvonne's Eyesight

by yvonne foong
Swiped from annna86. It has been a long time since I was tagged to do a meme. I'm notoriously bad at doing these things. The branch usually dies at my blog. So, I have Zemien tagging me to do this meme. It is to support Yvonne Foong who is suffering from Neurofibromatosis. I have read about her before in the newspapers-- she was selling T-shirts to fund her surgery that's scheduled in December this year. Here's the info:

Amount needed for Surgery: RM154,704.42
Amount Raised: RM74,263.63
Dateline: 23rd Nov 2009
Last Updated: 19th Sept 2009

If you wanna help, do click here for more details. I'll not post the meme rules here nor tag anyone, just check out the link above for the details. To help raise awareness, I have put up a banner on my sidebar for her cause.

I hope that Yvonne will get all the funding she needs and have a successful surgery so that she can continue to see the beautiful things that I like to see:
Clouds in the skySmiling toddlersKH's face

Be A Pensonic Friend

Swiped from autodetailer. For the two days that I had my lunch at Pavilion, I had bumped into Alan Yun twice! The "boy-next-door" of Malaysian male models. The first time I nearly walked into him at Food Republic and I was quite surprised at how tall he was. I think he's a good 1.5 heads taller than me. The second time, he was at the toilet and he had just finished at the urinal. Bad timing. :P. KH wasn't too enthusiastic listening to my encounters with him.

Baby, it's not like he winked at me. :P


Swiped from termie. The ceiling fan in my room is shot. Speed 2 and Speed 5 is now the same. It just lumbers along. Like those fans you see in black and white in the 20s. Coupled with the fact that my room traps heat during the afternoon, it's quite a sauna at night. I have endured it for some time now and it makes for interesting situations (like being able to sleep naked with KH), but I have kinda reached the end of my rope. Last night, I stripped to my birthday suit and tried to sleep. Unfortunately, the still air made the mosquitos extra bold. I couldn't close the window for fear of suffocation so I took a chance. Bloody hell, I was harassed by those bloodsuckers! A buffet on my naked flesh! Who knows where they feasted on! I awoke with a jolt at 2:00am to retreat to my brother's room. Time to call in the professionals....

1 Corinthians 13

Love Is
Swiped from rowandahl. Nothing calms me more than clinging to KH's arm. I would rest my cheek on his shoulder. One hand would grasp his bicep (made firm from the months at the gym), and the other would be interlaced with his fingers. I could fall asleep like that. I could stay like that forever....

P.S.: KH just arrived safely in Singapore. Thank Air Asia. I miss him already. :(.

There's No Turning Back

Seafood Fix
Swiped from williamnyk. After having Zipangu, I don't think that I can go back to other lower end Japanese buffets. Even Gen at Legend Hotel has lost its appeal. Don't get me wrong, the food is still good, but something is just "lacking" during my recent visit there with SK, my Mei, Kynz and Rich. Although they broke up, Kynz asked me to invite Rich along. It wasn't awkward or anything, but I know that Rich still couldn't completely let go. On a more food-related note, it was the fasting month, so it was my first time seeing food being cleared off the plates and not being replenished quickly enough! By all means, if you wanna go eat buffet, delay it till after Raya.

P.S.: Another Japanese buffet review to come! I'm going on overdrive this month!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I ♥ cute guys :p
Swiped from Apoochi ♥. Hi guys and gals. I'm a bit tied up these days with KH in town and all. Trying to make the best of the time I have with him. With mum out of town, we have the house to ourselves and and I have him to myself. Should I be planning stuff for the bathroom, living room sofa.... etc? During a skanky chat with another visiting friend...

"Do it in front of a mirror... You'll not regret it!"

Something interesting to consider..... :P

Kitchen Pet Peeves

Boiling water
Swiped from ambienteye. "I'm filling the water jug, please see whether it's full already."

"The kettle's on the stove. See whether the water's boiled."

"Go stir the porridge."

I hate to be the one being left with those jobs. Although it my actually seem like just going in and taking it look, it actually means that the job was started by someone else, but you have to follow through till the end. Ugh. Essentially, it means that you better just stare at the thing until it gets done rather than walking in and out. :(.

Hit The Books

8.365 Hitting the books
Swiped from trikeratops. KH has been very busy lately with work and studies. He's supposed to take his exam at the end of October and it is an important paper for him. He comes home late from work and he still has the energy to pick up his books. Sometimes he's so busy that he forgets to SMS me and he sounds listless on the phone. I do know that he's busy and stressed, but I still feel a bit neglected. Well, the mang zang-o-meter is always running. Hehe. But I also pandai-pandai la... Anyway, hopefully I can help him de-stress a bit during the coming weekend that he is here in KL. It's the least that I can do. :D

Milk It!

Do Not Steal The Milk
Swiped from williamnyk. All sorts of devices have been invented to deter thieves at retail outlets. During the early days, retailers chained handbags to their display counters. But now magnetic strips are commonly used. Whereas for clothes, we see the ink canister thing that directly pierces the material (Metrojaya uses it on underwear and I really won't buy from them because of that!). All these measures are normally seen in the department store, but recently I saw that it has been adopted at the groceries section as well! Don't be alarmed, they're not tagging fresh produce, but it's packets of milk powder! At the corner of each packet, they affix an anti-theft black clip on it. I wasn't aware that milk powder is high on the list of shoplifters. And so, off I went with the packet of milk powder, swinging it along by its clip. You know what? Before I reached the cashier, the anti-theft clip fell off. Well, so much for security. :P.

September Babies!

The money shot
Swiped from Bashed. For some reason, there's lots and lots and lots of September babies around!!! Just last Thursday, I had a combined celebration for 4 colleagues. They had pooled their resources and made a party of 12 at Neway, Puchong Jaya. Free buffet dinner (beats RedBox anyday with its presentation, variety and taste!) and KTV (the interface sucks in comparison to RedBox though)-- who's to complain except that we had to buy presents for them in return!!! :P. Well, the whole lot of us bought a laptop bag, a bottle of Davidoff Silvershadow, a silver fish bracelet from Perlini's and a Gap shirt. Hampir pokai. Sang our heart out that night with high-difficulty songs like Kelly Clarkson's "Walk Away", Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" and Alicia Keys' "Noone". My colleagues continued with Linkin Park! We were trying to bring the house down. Nearly lost my voice.

Quite a number of the BFFs are also…

Bad Bad Bad Hair Day

Bad Bad Bad Hair Day
Swiped from downing.amanda. My mum is going on a holiday in China sometime mid-September. And seeing that her hair was long and limp, she decided to go perm it again. This may seem like a simple matter, but to my mum, it's like a nuclear experiment. She's never happy with the outcome. She's never happy with the stylist. And she goes ballistic. >_<". Her hair is ..... troublesome. Contemporary curling methods are too "natural" and expensive for me her liking. It doesn't hold well with her soft hair. And so, the only thing left is the traditional "aunty" perm. It is the extreme of the natural wave. Hence, the initial result is always like Pua Chu Kang! It always needs time to "loosen" and become more "natural". But my mum being my mum, will get all mang zang and take it out on me!!! It's not like her first time doing her hair, and yet her expectations are always not corrected. Ugh. Sigh... Sabar…

Pre-POS-terous Theft

mail me
Swiped from kelvolution. In my never-ending pursuit of enlarging my underwear empire (currently invading its 3rd drawer!), I now mostly source my "troops" from eBay. The sellers from HK usually provide branded stuff for a fraction of the price and delivery time is usually not more than a fortnight. Payment is a breeze with PayPal and so far I've not been ripped off by the seller. However, I cannot say the same about the postal service. Pos Malaysia really sucks. When the package arrived at my house, it was just an empty envelope. They stole my Gigo underwear!!! May the thief wearing it get jock itch!!! Luckily for me, the seller is sending me a replacement out of goodwill. :D.

Smell Like A Croc

Swiped from williamnyk. Some time back, my Calvin Klein Eternity Summer EDT ran out, so I was kinda shopping around for another day fragrance. In the interim period, I was using Bvalgari Aqva which I normally use on weekends. SK was kind enough to give me her hard-earned HSBC credit card points (Citibank does not have any fragrance in its catalog, :() again, so we just looked at whatever was available in the rewards catalog. Before deciding on which to exchange, we did some surveying at the fragrance counters first.
Ralph Lauren Romance Silver - NO NO NODavidoff Cool Water Deep - Used to have the original Cool Water, so gave it a skip
Calvin Klein Euphoria - NO NO NOIssey Miyake Le Eau D'Issey - SK likes it a lot, but dunno why it doesn't quite appeal to meLacoste Pour Homme - ???
The wildcard was Lacoste. Unknown to both of us, so we made an excursion to Robinsons to give it a whiff. Turns out that they were having a sale!!! And Lacoste Pour Homme was on the bargain rac…


Swiped from devillanueva. With a blog name like, it's not surprising that my blog is constantly turns up in the search results of the OTHER (che-wah!) from the Black Eyed Peas. It's fine if people wanna search about him on the internet, but the key word that constantly turns up is baffling:


What's so great about his haircut?!!?!? And he's in a hat most of the time!!

Ohhhh... talking about BEP, Marina Mahathir wrote a very interesting article in The Star today about the banning of Muslims from concerts that are sponsored by liquor companies. She compared the situation to vegetarians who constantly have beef burgers and other meaty food rubbed into their faces by the media and yet they prevail in their belief and practises. And here we have our Government, pissing their pants fearing that concert sponsorship by a liquor company (even with the guidelines in place) will immediately turn the youth into drunkards. Oh well. Talk…

Zipangu Hits Zee Spot

Swiped from williamnyk. I had my monthly quota of free food last month from SK's aunt who was in town the other day. She flew in from Australia and had a hankering for Zipangu, Shangri-la's Japanase restaurant, so she "dragged" us along for company. Not like I needed a push to go. :P. My first time there and for the price of MYR96++, you get what you're paying for. At the sashimi counter, one can get melt-in-your-mouth salmon, tuna, chewy yellowtail, octopus, super-sweet hen clam and butterfish. The oysters are also very fresh. Yummy. Interestingly, they serve a variety of soups-- kimchi, miso, radish, clam. Something not usually seen in other buffet lines. The tempura is also good and one does not have to jostle for it. Unfortunately, their unagi and chawanmushi is only average. The dessert counter is another jackpot. Moist chocolate cakes, custards with blackcurrant, raspberries and mango puree, jumbo-sized strawberries with cream... All in a very cosy en…