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CNY I: Mass & Movie

Red Cross, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Chinese New Year decorations at my church this year was a bit more low key. Initially they had calligraphy stuck all over the place, but sometime last week, it was removed. Wonder if its the close proximity of Lent. A departure from the usual practice, no giant couplets was put up beside the crucifix. Instead, they draped red cloth around it. A breath of fresh air. During the spring cleaning before christmas, I thought I saw giant joss sticks wrapped in oil paper, but that didn't materialize, so I guess I was mistaken. As usual, there was the rite of commemoration of ancestors after a reading from the Book of Malachi. And the priest handed out red packets with money and Bible verses in 'em. Blessed mandarin oranges were also distributed and there was a lion dance outside. The choir also surprised us with MyFM CNY songs. Lunch was at home since we had loads of leftovers. And mum did boil a pot of barley with beancurd skin and gingko …

Surprises for CNY 2013

Reunion Dinner 2013, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Note: Chap Goh Mei dah lalu, I sekarang baru mau mula blog CNY!

If it means anything to you, this year's reunion dinner was held on the 29th day, no 30th day like we usually do. Not as special as the fact that this year, reunion dinner was joined by three friends. The VIP guest is of course SK and her grandmother. And beating my prediction, Apollo who had FFK us tow years in a row finally made an appearance (with two bottles of wine, bless his soul). The surprise guest was Lifebook who did not go back to his hometown due to work commitments. Poor fellow. Such special circumstances called for a very special dinner too. Just seven of us, and we had twelve dishes! Armed with her pressure cooker, SK prepared:

Stewed sea cucumber with scallops and shiitakeSambal baby prawnsMarmite pork ribs Mum on the other hand also got adventurous and used cooking techniques and ingredients that were quite taboo in her kitchen (deep-frying and high…

Cameron Turns Two

Market Frenzy, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Not many shopping days left to CNY. The OUG market was at a frenzy. The air was crackling with energy. An extra road was closed to traffic to allow for more traders to do business and accommodate more human traffic. The traders started shouting and chanting to get more people to buy their wares. And some customers bought stuff by the cartloads. Survived that and went venturing at the nearby flower nurseries. As usual, mum took a long time to choose and made no purchases. Aunties have so many things going through their minds that a simple yes and no can be a crushing decision. But at least I got to see some pretty flowers. In the afternoon, put up mum's new clock, but unfortunately it was defective. Luckily we had a cheap MYR3.50 IKEA clock to use for spare parts. Did a heart transplant and it was successful. Wakakaka.

In the evening, went to Kajang to celebrate Mel's toddler's second birthday (it seemed like yesterday when S…

LRT Celebrities: Samsung Simon

Here's the 'Korean' edition of LRT Celebrities. This tall, fair-faced cutie was seen in STAR LRT heading towards Seri Petaling. Those big, dark-rimmed spectacles definitely work for him. Based on his SAMSUNG shirt, I suspect he works at Plaza Low Yatt. The whole time he was watching a video clip on his phone. From time to time, he would smile sweetly (which I failed to capture)! And his lips are sexy... Although I took many spy pics (from two locations even), I did not end up with many good shots. Sienz. I got to improve my aim. Enjoy!


Sesame, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. On Hari Wilayah, I slept a little late and followed mum to my sister's place to play with the kids. The little one was being a little piggy that day and did not wake up till 11:15am! Perhaps I was also to blame since I was with him on the mattress. Every time he started, I would snuggle close to him and he would sleep again. Happened thrice. Since I was still a bit weak from the previous day's fever, I too slept a little. At noon, mum fetched the elder brother home from pre-school. After they had all been fed, I had a lunch of porridge with mum. A simple meal paired with a pan-fried salmon steak and blanched sawi. Around 1:30-sh, I went to meet KH at Kuchai Lama. Tried Food Talk for the first time. Strangely, the place attracts leggy female customers, but not cute twinks! Cheh. During that lazy tea time session, talked to KH about this and that. And of course there were lulls in between where it was more interesting to play with your s…

Sexth Year Together

White & White, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. The 28th of January marked the sexth sixth year that KH and I have been together. After so long, even some of the details has eluded me. Whenever we talk about it, it seems that I can remember some obscure details which he was not aware, while KH would fill in the other blanks. It's kinda cute and amusing. For your information, we did not celebrate the day staring into each other's eyes and having romantic candlelit dinners, but we actually had a threesome. Yup, there was an extra. Not a guy, but a girl. SK joined us for this important occasion, because truth be told, she plays a big part in our relationship. Always there to facilitate things, help us along, cover for us, the list goes on. In the morning, we headed to Jade Pot in OKR to have some dim sum. We actually arrived fifteen minutes before opening time, parked smack dab in front of the restaurant and watched the staff clean up. At 10:00am, we walked in and I think th…

Douching Before The Big Date

Sergi Constance for ES collection swimwear 21 | #Muscle hunk #male model, swiped from Enrique_L. on Flickr. Note: Happy Yan Yat!

With Chinese New Year comes spring cleaning. Clean the metal grills. Wipe the furniture. Wash the windows. Clean the ceiling fans. Clean the stand fans. Climb up. Climb down. Scrub the porch. Wash the bathroom. Change the curtains. Wash the curtains. Dust the shelves. Atishoo! Put up the decorations. Throw out the clutter. I feel tired just typing this long list (I'm sure JokerPJ can relate). And luckily mum didn't consider opening up the paint cans this year (keeping my fingers crossed). And after all that, I really felt it in my arms when I went swimming with KH. Just wanted to float in the water (while KH does naughty things to me, which he did :P).

So how extensive was your spring cleaning?

Vocation for Foodiehood

Roast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Breakfast was at Restoran KH20. Noticed a new stall there, so tried the Kota Bahru beef noodles. Being adventurous that morning didn't pay off. I chose the Hakka noodles and that ended up a mistake. So sticky and flour-ish. Basically just drank the soup and ate the meat. At noon, went to Bangsar Village to celebrate KT's belated birthday at Mizu. Parking was horrible that day, but we were lucky enough to secure a space at the first turn. KT was a little under the weather that day, which a week later manifested into dengue fever! Yikes. Apollo and Jase also joined us. For some reason, Jase walked in with the biggest frown and a thundercloud over his head. KT and Jase also passed me my belated birthday present-- an Armani Exchange T-shirt. More baju baru for CNY. Chatted and chatted for some time before settling the bill and heading out for coffee. Walked over to Les Deux Garcons for SK to collect her petite cakes. She had bought a voucher…

How Big Can You Take In?

3", swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. "What's the biggest shaft that you've ever taken in?"

Some time before CNY, on my way to work, a fellow driver on the road signalled to me that there was something wrong with my car. Just minutes before, I stopped to pump petrol and I wondered if I did not close the cap! So I stopped the car, got out and took a look. Turns out that my tyre was nearly flat! Yikes. Didn't notice at all. Just noticed a weird sound, but I could still handle the steering. Lucky for me, I had not yet reached the main road and there were a few more petrol stations nearby. Stopped at the Petronas near BK6 and got one of the service staff to assist me, with a small convenience fee of course. Changed to my spare tyre and went off to work. Surprisingly that only delayed me for fifteen minutes. Didn't OT that day and rushed home to see if there were any tyre shops still open and I found one large establishment in Taman Equine. What the guy dislodg…

CNY Already?

Nigiri, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Note: Happy Snakey Year to all my friends and readers out there. As usual, this is something that happened a couple of weeks back, so don't be alarmed to hear talking about spring cleaning. Hehe. Rest assured that you will read about CNY day 1 some weeks later. :P. Gong Xi, Gong Xi!. May your snake find a comfy cave and may your cave find a slippery snake!

Getting out of the air-conditioned church on Sunday, we found the weather to be exceptionally sweltering. And I had parked my car outside due to insufficient parking inside. Nearly melted. To escape the heat, we had lunch at Nihon-Kai. Always cheap and satisfying. Loved the nigiri sushi and salmon teriyaki. Did some grocery shopping too. Preparations for CNY. Drank a very cheap bubble tea in OUG, called Chatone. Can you imagine that a large and regular only cost me MYR6.90? Not bad at all.

At home, I was in the mood for spring cleaning so I pulled out some rags and took out the ladder. Cle…

Old Tune For Old Couple

Stairs to Relaxation, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. First read about Nada Lama Jamu Spa and Bar in Twi's blog post. Was quite intrigued and was considering it for KH and I's sixth anniversary. Looked quite special and out of the way, a gem nestled inside Penchala. Did some research and what the heck, asked KH to make a booking. With Waze, we made our way there (after a light breakfast at Abiram's). Made some wrong turns, but the app guided us through some really weird village roads to the vicinity. Wasn't really sure which it was, but we saw a car turning up a hill (marked as Penchala Hills) near Subak, so we just took a gamble. True enough, we came to the right place. I immediately recognized the wooden house with stilts built leaning against the hill... and of course the cute little statue of sleeping elephant right at the stairs leading up to the lounge. Very serene. We were the first customers of the day. Even the cats were still half-asleep. The staff were sti…

Rice or Tater?

Ikageso Frito, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. Due to the wonderful nature of Tater's work, he gets to travel all over the place. Sometimes, his schedule is so tight that he lives out of a suitacase for weeks travelling between Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan. Every time he pops up in Kuala Lumpur, he would try to arrange a meet-up, but it's not an easy task with his short stops and other logistic problems. But this time round, KH and I were lucky enough to catch him in KL, just a couple of days after his birthday. Belated, but at least still quite fresh. LOL. We met after work on a rainy Tuesday night. Tater's meeting had run longer than expected and he was caught in the downpour without an umbrella. According to him, he was drenched when he boarded the monorail. With the monorail's strong air-conditioning, I bet his nipples were so hard they could cut glass. XD. KH and I arrived at Ozeki Italian Cuisine first. Never noticed it's presence, but rightly s…

Lunch Celebrities: Banker Brian

Lunch, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. I was having mixed rice at Wisma MCA when my eyes feasted on Banker Brian! Nearly choked on my old cucumber soup. Fair with rambut bergaya, and his sleeves seem to be strangling his biceps. Definitely an appetite booster! Working in the heart of KL really opens up a whole new avenue of cuties! Wish me luck guys!

Joe and Jase

Bak Kut Teh, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr. As per my usual practice, I would attend English mass when mum's not around. Although I understand the Mandarin mass and can recite some 80% of the liturgy, I still prefer to sing in English. And the English congregation is usually more interesting, with cuter guys and a richer crowd. More to see. Haha. What's the natural thing to do after worshipping God? Go sin! SK and I had a BKT breakfast at Yi Xin Ge. At about 11:00am, we picked KH up and went to Solaris Dutamas to eat lunch at Red Bean Bag. Luckily there was a table for us. The menu was quite stylized in a font that made it a bit difficult to read. Adoi. Shared baked eggs with bratwurst (hot and hearty meal), eggs atlantic (basically eggs ben with smoked salmon, I've had better) and a beef burger (the Foundry burger is better). The coffee was good though. The decor was quite typical. Just a variation of Journal by Plan B or any other cafe or brunch place for that matter.…