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GCA VII: Two Lakes

Our first morning in Lake Louise was a primer for the weather to come. Just getting to the car required three layers of clothing. And our breath came out in puffs. Grabbed breakfast at the Visitors Centre, the only commercial centre in the village. At first we looked at the cold sandwiches in the supermarket but decided against that (like it wasn't cold enough outside) and went queuing at Laggan's, the bakery next door. Got ourselves some croissants and a sandwich and most importantly hot coffee. Felt really good going down. It's refreshing to note that in Canada, even small cafes provide gluten-free choices and are able to advise on food allergy issues. The first attraction of the day was Lake Moraine with its beautiful blue-green waters. Actually most of the lakes around there have the same hue due to the fact that they are glacier-fed. Really, really fine rock sediment (called rock flour) in the lake water cause only certain wavelengths to be reflected, hence the colou…

GCA VI: Into the Rockies

Fearing a whole lot of checkouts the next morning, KH went to the front desk before midnight to settle the bill. It was a mistake really, cause housekeeping thought we had left and kept calling and knocking. Ugh. The next morning, we got a cab easily enough and went to Vancouver Airport (YVR) to catch our flight to Calgary (YYR). For the first time, used a self service system where you actually print your own baggage tags and lug them to the belt. So kampung of me right? Ate a breakfast combination of Tim Horton's and A&W, and I must say that the former was the better choice. Bumped into a guy that I had met at dinner the night before and finally met his wife. Strange that she chose not to attend. Since she flew all the way with him, might as well watch him go on stage to get his certificate! The flight was just an hour but it was delayed because they had to eject the luggage of passengers that didn't turn up. Gave me enough time to watch "Maleficent" on the in…

GCA V: Stanley Park Revisited

Stanley Park's a huge ass park, definitely bigger than Nicky Minaj's power-upped booty, so I decided to give it a revisit. On my first day, I went to the counter-clockwise direction, so I went to the clockwise direction instead. A different segment of the Seawall that is more rocky, a perfect place for rock stacking. Actually walked 8km that day, pushing myself from the second beach till the third beach and finally turned back at Siwash Rock. Unfortunately, during that excursion to Stanley Park, I dropped my monopod's smartphone extension. KH sulked for a bit. Hehe. But all was not lost as we could still use it with my digital camera.

I walked back to English Bay and made my way to Denman Street for an early lunch at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, bypassing the long queues. Sat next to a studious looking nerd at the counter and slurped our noodles in unison. Compared to KL, Vancouver's version is better and I had correctly chosen the Shio Ramen that best showcases their fl…

Osaka Celebrities: Osaka Olaf & Gu Grant

While going through Picasa, I realized some stragglers in my spycam folder from my Osaka Trip last July. Might as well post them before the year is out. The first guy is Osaka Olaf. I was standing right in front of him, so I could not get his whole face. Such a waste. Anyway, I love his scruffy, manly look. Works great for him. Oozing testosterone unlike your usual Japanese dandies and twinks. Definitely no squealing like a school girl in the bedroom here. Like his arms too. Yummy.

GU Grant above works as a cashier at GU Shinsaibashisuji. Not only are their clothes cheap and stylish, they have cute-sy staff too. This guy  rocks the lanky nerd look. And his lips look super kissable too. Can imagine moans escaping those lips while one licks his nips!


GCA IV: Two Times Gay

On the second day of my solo Vancouver excursion, I chose to go to Davie Street, the gay area of Vancouver. Just a few weeks before, they had a big pride event there and I heard that 100,000 revellers attended. Once again, I slowly strolled out from the hotel. Some elevation on certain stretches but definitely walkable. The first landmark I came across was English Bay Beach. There was a cute art installation at Morton Park nearby, called "A-maze-ing Laughter" by Yue Minjun. A cheerful bunch of bronze sculptures. Took some pics, then walked down to the beach to spy on some shirtless hunks. Too little, too far. On Davies Street, I kept my eyes peeled for signs of gayness. A little rainbow flag here, a splash of colour there, a hairy-chested Superman sticker in the window, and some left over Pride decorations in the window. Other than that, they had pink dustbins and pink bus stops. That was about it. My gaydar wasn't even pinged a whole lot. But quite a big concentration …