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KH for Lunch, KH for Dinner

Had an unlikely breakfast of CKT on Saturday and bro had his nasi lemak craving fulfilled. Didn't do much in the morning, but bro was busy planning for his upcoming vacation in Italy (Florence and Cinque Terre). At around 1:00 pm, SK and I sent mum out to Kuchai Lama to attend a free grooming course. To keep my brother entertained, I made sure that the video player was stocked with enough movies to last the afternoon. Took the chance to have lunch with KH at Casa del Cocco, Taman Danau Desa. Thought perhaps my Mei could join for lunch, but she was on her way back to Batu Pahat for some important personal matters. Actually we ordered a little too much-- grilled pork shoulder (not recommended), slow roasted pork (recommended) and a Margherita pizza (recommended). Such a lazy afternoon. Great to be just being in each other's company and sipping coffee (while our hands get a little busy LOL). Got home at about 3:30 pm after picking up mum's birthday cake from RT Bakery. My br…

Post-Labour Day

Late Wednesday evening, I decided to take leave on the Friday after May Day. Not a big deal since I had 10.5 days of annual leave off the books that I need to clear. Realized that I could go up to Teluk Intan to settle my mother's property issues. Wasn't quite sure if legal assistant was working on Friday, so I waiting till 9:00 am before giving her a ring. Once I got the confirmation, we jumped into the car and headed North. But we did have a teensy little time to stop for breakfast la. :P. Arrived in Teluk Intan at about 12:30 pm, just in time for the lunch break. Not quite hungry yet, so we went to Sin Joo Heong to buy their famous heong peah. Funny to note that they have a membership scheme now. For seventy points, one could redeem a cheap looking key chain. Was so tempted to register. LOL.

Parked at Jalan King and ate chicken rice at a very old coffee shop by the name of Aik Hoong. Even the wooden signboard was half-rotted. Not many choices as the market stalls only ope…

Labour Day

On Labour Day (yes, I know... that was nearly two months ago), my brother arrived home from Singapore. Impeccable timing as it was the end of water rationing in Selangor. SK suggested breakfast at Kar Heong, Subang Jaya. We all had curry noodles with the exception of Apollo's mum who ordered the sliced chicken hor fun. I pimped mine up with siew yuk. Huhu. Right after breakfast, we raided Jaya Grocer at Empire Shopping Gallery for some groceries. Mum was planning a big welcome dinner for my brother.

At half past noon, I went off to pick him up from LCCT. At around the same time, Apollo and his mum went to LCCT too for their Bangkok trip. So ngam. I left mum at home as she was fretting in the kitchen preparing dinner. By the time I had come back from the airport, it was already 3:30 pm and my tummy was still without food. Stopped at Kong Kee Wantan Noodles to pack some late lunch and bro got his keropok lekor and pisang goreng fix. Spent the whole afternoon playing with the kids. …

Air Stewardesses Don't Make Good Tenants

This is a follow up from my last post about securing new tenants. The air stewardesses and my real estate negotiator both turned out to be a pain in ass. Firstly, the real estate negotiator seemed to be more Hell-bent on protecting the interests of the tenant rather me! The landlord! I was paying for his services! That idiot kept on arguing with me regarding a non-existent wardrobe in the master bedroom. He kept insisting that there was a wardrobe when he brought the tenants for a house viewing.

(On What's App)

Idiot: What happened to the wardrobe.

Moi: There was no wardrobe to begin with. Empty wall.

Idiot: Gooottttt. We all saw.

Moi: I did not take a picture of it because there was nothing. Do you have a picture of it?

Idiot: I did not take a picture too.

Moi: Real estate agents should right?

Idiot: ...

(Days later on What's App)

Idiot: Why haven't you put in a wardrobe?

Moi: When did I say that I would do so?

Idiot: Please remember your promise.

(I made a call immediat…

Patron Saint of Foodies

On Divine Mercy Sunday, mum and I went to church and lunched at Paradigm Mall (my second home) as usual. Used the LivingSocial voucher that KH bought me-- MYR30 value at Heritage Village Cafe. Perfect for a lunch for two. Chose the asam fish with rice (unfortunately the chunks of stingray were too far frozen and it showed), fried rice and ABC. The dessert was very good. Balanced sweetness and the sugar syrup was fragrant. Went for some shopping after that. Bought some random articles of clothing. Walked past Cielo Dolci on my way out and caught sight of some weird flavours that I really wanted to try. All of them were disappointing. LOL. Tried Nasi Lemak, Coconut Gula Melaka, Strawberry Balsamic and Teh Tarik. Ended up going for Fig & Walnut and Lemon Yoghurt. Always a good choice to pair something creamy with something sour. Made a short stopover at Giant BK5 to buy some groceries before going home. Salmon steaks are a must have for the kids' meals these days.

Not long afte…

Exploring EJ

Scheduled a spa package for mum on Saturday so I had 2.5 hours of free time. Unfortunately, KH was away in HK at the time, so I did not get the chance to have a bed romp with him. So sad. Rumah takde air, dalam kamar pun kering. The appointment with Tirta Spa, Seri Pacific Hotel was at 1:00 pm. Worried about the KL traffic during lunch time on a Saturday and the fact the part of Jalan Bukit Bintang was closed due to a sinkhole from the MRT construction. Decided that the LRT was a safer choice. But as luck would have it, there was some stupidity going on at the Bukit Jalil Car Park and we had to divert to Seri Petaling to park. Interestingly, mum bought the senior citizen token that was red in colour. I didn't know those tokens existed and can only be used at the extra wide luggage flap gates. I got off at Hang Tuah station while mum and SK proceeded to PWTC station. I alighted at 12:35, but only managed to board the monorail at 1:10 pm. In that period, only three trains arrived, …

TaterInTown(tm) Tuesdays

Both Potato Bill and QueerRanter flew into town on Tuesday. However, QueerRanter was on a much later flight, so we had no chance to meet up. Arranged for dinner to be at Grand Harbour, Fahrenheit 88, down at LG2. On the way there, KH showed me the hidden fire escape that led to the dodgy Serai Day Spa that offered a prostate massage thinly-disguised as a Chakra massage. Wasn't impressed with Grand Harbour's cleanliness as all the marble top tables were decorated water stains and oil rings. But at least their dim sum were cute-sy. Didn't take long for Bill to walk over from The Westin. As usual, we gave him dual welcome hugs and proceeded to fill our tummies! Wasn't quite happy that most of the fried items were sold out by dinner time. Ordered some standard items like siew mai, signature fried noodles and pan-fried meat buns. For the cute-sy stuff, KH ordered the piggy lotus paste buns and rabbit quail egg dumplings. Two pots of PuErh later, we moved to Tous Les Jours

Red Egg Easter

Early on Easter Sunday morning, mum made hard-boiled eggs. Some she stained red, and some she left bare. Was wondering how to decorate the eggs. I had a bottle of leftover glass paint, but decided against it since the egg shells are porous. Ended up using stickers. LOL. Went to Easter Sunday mass and turns out that they gave out Easter eggs too! SK organized an Easter lunch at Ichi Zen, First Subang Mall. Think the old shop was Edo Ichi, but already gulung tikar due to the lousy human traffic there. Arrived a bit late cause First Subang Mall wasn't even in Waze or Google Maps. It's that bad. My mum spotted Datuk Chua Jui Meng in the restaurant. She's quite observant. We were the last to arrive. Apollo, QueerRanter-D, SK and the old folks were already there and eating. In my opinion, The Pavilion branch serves better food. Went hunting for coffee after that at Coffee Chemistry Signature.

Thought it wa another dead outlet, but we were wrong. The customers were actually all…

In Memoriam

We've known each other three years. We got to know each other from those crazy connections of a friend of a friend. Since then, we wished other "good morning" and "good night" nearly every day. Our conversation would flow from the inane to the serious. From mundane to skanky. We've had our differences, and had argued some time along the way. But our friendship did not break. You were a very private person and I respected your wishes to be in the background. But you were never a stranger to me. All of a sudden, you're no longer there. You've gone ahead to God's evergreen pastures. I will keep your memory fondly in my breast.

The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.

Goodbye dear friend. Rest in peace.

Holy Week

Kinda breezed through Lent. It was Holy Week already. Wanted to attend Maundy Thursday mass, but an important meeting at work had scuttled those plans. Such a sin to arrange meetings at 4:30 pm. Been a few years since I saw the priest washing the feet of his 'disciples'. On Good Friday, I did not want to take an chances, so I took half day off. Would have taken the whole day off if not for a pesky meeting in the morning. Lunched with Legolas, BeautifulMale and KH at Grandmama's before heading home. Spent time with the kids and napped a little before heading out to mass at 7:00 pm (had a very early dinner). Traffic was a bit bad, but we made it on time. In accordance with church liturgy, all the fonts were dry with no holy water; the crucifix and all statues were covered with purple cloth; the altar was uncovered and the sepulchre was empty. After the Liturgy of the Word (a long reading of the Passion of the Lord), a wooden cross was carried into the church. In the end, th…

LRT Celebrities: Sailor Sam

Think my back stories have been boring the bejeezers out of you guys. If they were back room stories, I'm sure it would be very different. So here I am with a little breather for all of you... an edition of LRT Celebrities. Today I introduce to you Sailor Sam. Spotted him travelling on the Kelana Jaya line towards KLCC. From the looks of him, he is a college student who has a thing for... sailors? LOL. All sorts of Tom of Finland images start flashing in my mind. LOL. According to face feng shui, his thick, pouty Angelina Jolie lips points to a high sex drive! Wonder if its true! No way to be sure unless you start some kind of Japanese train porn scene. ;).

Chatting Le Chatelier

Dragged the kids to church on Sunday, but mum didn't want to use the new 'Quiet Room'. As expected, they made a ruckus at some point during mass, either wailing for food or snatching things from each other. Many parents don't seem keen on using it, preferring to have unrealistic optimism about their children's behaviour. Can't blame the priests for being a bit frustrated that after spending money on the thing, people refuse to use it. Soon they might start issuing 'banishments'. That Sunday marked the start of Holy Week, i.e. Palm Sunday. The kids nearly poked their eyes out with the palm fronds. Yikes. The obvious choice for lunch was at Paradigm Mall. Even before I turned in to the underpass, Big Monster already knew where I was heading.

"Paradigm Mall again?!"

Kids these days. Sat down at Pasta Zanmai for some pasta, seafood cream soup, pizza and salad. Little Monster hungrily ate all that although he had two slices of banana cake in churc…