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Serendah I: Getting There

Swiped from williamnyk. Out of the blue I was asked by DanielH whether I was interested in a camping trip. Images of pitched tents, leeches and wiping my arse with leaves flashed immediately through my mind...

"It's gonna be a diva camping trip."

That phrase had me sold. I put my faith in him. Oh well. It was all hush-hush (didn't even know the locale, only the date) for a while since the coven was not yet complete. Froggie had yet to find the 6th camper. Turned out to be Little Bull. Effectively knocking the crown off DanielH's head as the youngest camper.

By the time I found out where we were going, the preparations were already in full swing-- determining the amenities provided at Sekeping Serendah so that we could decide what to bring. Even had a pre-trip discussion at The Apartment, The Curve. We tended to steer away from the agenda, but it did accomplish something. Haha. The roast duck there is quite good and even comes with a side of Rocke…

Sino-Malaysian Ties

Swiped from williamnyk. SK has been travelling to China and HK quite frequently of late and as usual, she never fails to get my souvenirs. Hehe. Loads of 'em. She has discovered many quaint little shops selling designer goods and the little gee-gaws are really quite novel. Although bogged down by poor health, a rushed travel itinerary, she still came back with a treasure trove:
A stainless steel ring with anchor motif - Stabilizing!A Benko handphone strap - There's nothing wrong with looking at the world with one eyeA very nice pair of jeans - love the colour and the cutA rugged canvas beltOne World One Dream: In Commemoration of the the Theme Slogan of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad - A stamp book to revive my drooping philatelic interestsA Osaru No Monkichi 2008 diaryA keychain + handphone strap with an eye-catching metal buttonA wood and metal Christmas sculptureA hand-made mini Christmas card
Also some stuff for dear KH. She's so thoughtful. :P. Thanks de…

F*cking Mobile Group

Swiped from spicedfish. For those of you who know me, I'm quite the sms addict. My fingers are always busy tapping away on the keypad of my cellphone. I even developed some injuries from the repetitive action. Yes, I am one with the Fu-Yoh! thumb. As a result of my itchy fingers, the pound key has become quite insensitive (one can compare this to masturbation, but I don't do it THAT often, :P). You see, in Samsung phones, the pound key is used for the space. And if you use T9, it can be quite frustrating if you tap quickly and the space doesn't respond. VERY annoying. Since my warranty is supposed to end by December 2007, I quickly brought it to the service center.

I had already fixed it once at the Summit USJ service center and it had only taken me one day. Little did I know that the one at Low Yatt Plaza would take more than 6 working days and the idiots didn't even have a loaner phone for me. As a result of their slowness and stupidity, I had love for days …


Swiped from iceblink240. The STAR LRT ride between Masjid Jamek and Sri Petaling can be quite boring when you've done it for the umpteenth time. The view is the same, so why bother? What are we left with to pass the time? Yes, the passengers. There are familiar faces. Regulars. There are pretty faces. There are annoying people. People who talk too loud. Able to rise above the din of the tracks. Telling everyone their life story. And all this ample entertainment for my 20-minute ride. My eyes dart around and my ears are perked... enjoy:

Kid 1: Why don't you stop at Bukit Jalil with me for a drink first?
Kid2: No man, my mum would have a fit each time I arrive late. She would nag and nag!
Kid1: Yalah, my mum also like to nag la.
Kid2: If go out anywhere, I ask sure she don't let. But my father will let. So I just go out without asking. After enjoy already, let her nag la. That's why I prefer my dad.
Kid1: Me too. Aiyah, but my father got financial problems la.

Go-go Gadget

El Inspector Gadget
Swiped from nopensar. I think I'm not qualified to do the blog meme that QueerR tagged me to do. But I'll do a semblance of a meme for fun. Truth be told, I've not bought a gadget in ages. The latest gadget that I own-- the Buffalo MiniStation is actually a birthday gift. So I guess it doesn't quite qualify. The first gadget that I co-owned would have to be the Sega Megadrive. 16-bits of fun. I still have it chucked in the storeroom somewhere. Most of the other gadgets that have come to my hand are mostly 2nd hand stuff that my brother doesn't use anymore-- Nokia 6150, Palm m105, Palm Tungsten T2, HP Jornada 720. Either obsolete or dead as a doornail. If you look at my wishlist, you'll find the PSP there. But I'm not that keen to buy that due to Sony's zealous anti-homebrew policies. Perhaps the Nintendo DS. Hmm. But it's a little kiddy. Oh well. I'm not that crazy about gadgets. I don't pore over mags like T3. Not for t…


Swiped from Tanworkboots. In my battle for beauty, flawless and blemish-free skin I have took the step of cutting my hair short. If this doesn't cure my acne, then the cause if most probably stress and lack of sleep. Will soon try out using Retin-A (endorsed by Zemien and LifeCafe). At least No more hair poking me in the eye, tumbling carelessly from my forehead. In a few snips, my head felt instantly lighter, but my face looked instantly fatter ("Wah, bengkak dah!"). No more hair to frame my chubbified face ala Jennifer Anniston. Ah, tak kisah. I'll cure my forehead then regrow my tresses. But I hope the cycle won't repeat itself. Spiked up. A ridge to the right (don't do middle, too Beckham). A new look of sorts. SK didn't like it. KH likes it. I like it. But I just gotta get used to not brushing the hair outta my eyes. Haha.

Dinner was at OKR. Restoran Choon Sun near the OKR-Taman Desa junction. The fat chef whips up a wicked Cantonese Fried. …


Swiped from williamnyk. The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is quite a nice place to commune with Mother Nature. Kinda reminds me of Bukit Pelindung back my hometown of Kuantan, where my friends and I would hike half way up the steep hill (topped with a terrestrial TV broadcast station) and then take the detour jungle trail to the second bay of Teluk Chempedak. SK, mum and I met up with the rest of the BEC gang at 8:00am.

Individuals and vehicles are charged entrance fees of MYR5 and MYR1 respectively. We only started one hour later due to late-comers and confusion trying to locate the information center in order to buy the canopy walk tickets. The signage is inadequate and confusing and the staff are uninformed.

"Eh, tak tahulah kat mana beli tiket tu. Mungkin kat luar sana kot..."

"Tiket tu boleh dibeli di Canopy Walk sana. Tapi, takde tiket je."

Ironically, a woman whom we mistook for the staff was more informative than the actual people working …

House on the Hill

Swiped from williamnyk. With Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong just one week in the ground, I was already in Genting Highlands for a family trip. Mum had a free voucher for a deluxe room in First World Hotel, so we took the opportunity to go for a little family get together. The stupid voucher is only valid for weekdays, so my siblings and I took leave on Monday and Tuesday. It was such a bloody hassle trying to book the room with that voucher. My sister got so fed up that she nearly paid for the room. Sometimes we wonder where is the sincerity of these free-stay vouchers. After numerous irate phone calls, we succeeded in booking.

On Monday morning, bro and I woke up early to settle some chores first before heading for the hills. He went to get his MyKad at NRD (no denda!), Putrajaya, while I went to Immigration, Kajang to renew my passport (for conjugal visits to Sinagpore!). SK was kind enough to drive us there. My brother's stuff took less than 20 minutes, whereas I had to wait for…

Saint Wicked

Swiped from opexxx wont pay for censorship. In the Catholic calendar, the 1st of November is All Saints' Day. A day of obligation. A big feast day where all the saints throughout the ages who have done the will of the Lord are remembered and celebrated. Though all good Catholics would aspire to be saints, obviously not everyone is canonised as saints. But fret not, the average joe of souls is also celebrated in a different feast day known as All Souls' Day, which is celebrated one day after, i.e. the 2nd of November. Think of it as a Qing Ming of sorts where people flock to the cemetery to offer prayers and bless the graves of our dearly-departed.

Like every year (for the past 10 years already), my family and I travel to Teluk Intan for All Souls' Day. We'll get on the PLUS highway and make our way for Bidor before reaching Teluk Intan via a trunk road. This year, we left al little earlier-- at 7:00am actually. We could have left earlier if I had actually manage…

The DiGi Men Upheaval

Swiped from williamnyk. Arrived at work on Saturday finding that I was way too early. On entering the office, no familiar faces greeted me, just the cleaners.

"Sorang je ke?"

"A, ah."

"Ada rusuhan nanti."

"Har?! Patutlah polis di merata-rata..."

I should have known. The police presence was way too strong. From the 25th floor of the Tower of Solitude, I could see that Dataran Merdeka was locked down, helicopters were flying around and the red FRU crowd-dispersal vehicles were parked along several main roads. By the time I went out for lunch at noon, there was still no "action" that I could detect. But perhaps because the heavy rain had dampened the spirits of any illegal assemblers (participants of an illegal assembly, not to be confused with unlicensed production line factory hands).

But boy, was I wrong. At around 14:41, the shouting started. Being the busy-body Malaysians, we rushed to the windows to witness the commotion. …

24 Hours

Lunar Eclipse #2
Swiped from David de Groot. I'm always behind. Better late than never!

I've came to realize my last kiss [was a digital *muacks* over sms.]
I'm listening to [sound of the fan whirring above my head.]
I talk [like there's no tomorrow.]
I love [KH.]
My best friends are [out of the country.]
My car is [in dire need of a wash.]
My love life is [the source of happiness and sadness.]
I hate it when people ask [questions that they already have he answer to.]
Love is [screwed up.]
Marriage is [overrated.]
Somewhere, someone is thinking [of giving up.]
I'm always [in good company.]
I have a secret cheesy crush on [underwear.]
My cell phone is [awaiting a trip to the service center.]
When I wake up in the morning, I always [turn off my cell phone alarm and sit grumpily in bed.]
When I go to bed at night, [I will make sure my alarm is set.]
Right now I'm thinking about [whether I should jack off.]
Babies are [poop machines that drive you nuts while giving you a smile on y…

Great Expectations

Great Expectations Dickens
Swiped from simmy0085. A question for my fellow readers:

In a relationship, one is bound to have different expectations on issues. Hence,

Is it better to have no expectations at all as to avoid disappointment?


Swiped from williamnyk. PS: I'm back! With a stale post. Enjoy. :P

Sunday is usually not a day of rest for me. But one could say that about Saturday too. Not to say that I work on Sunday, but it's just that I get no rest. This time, it's MCA's Persembahan Kebudayaan 50 Tahun Malaysiaku Gemilang at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil. But before I get to that, let me describe what happened earlier in the day. After morning mass, mum and I ventured to Aman Suria to kill 2 hours before the Parish Assembly. The Ipoh Kopitiam has quite curry noodles and the place is airy. For the uninitiated, the Parish Assembly is like a company AGM. In context of the church, it is where the current year's accomplishments are reviewed to see whether past year objectives were fulfilled. Throw in some reports, some elections, a tea break, and you got yourself a 5-hour meeting. Mum and I however, sneaked off after a couple of hours. The priest was earlier commenting not to leav…

It Is Shut

door opening
Swiped from queen's lace. A voice calls beyond the door.

Before I can heed it's call, I find it shut.

The dweller beyond worries of me, of hunger, of cold.

He calls out from behind the door.

"I'm fine, good sir.", I say. "I'm fine.".

Yes, I'm fine, but for the shut door.

The hunger. The cold.