A Dream
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I realized several things on this recent trip to Singapore. Sleep comes easily to me now although I'm cramped in a single bed with KH. No longer do I toss and turn, knowing that he had easily fallen asleep beside me. Hugging him to sleep comes naturally now. And when he wakes up in the middle of the night to wet his throat, I know it too and instinctively reach out for his warmth. In terms of physical intimacy, I think that we've discovered a lot about of each other's buttons, but it doesn't mean that we've stopped looking for new ones. Hehe. In terms of mang zhang-ness, I think I can contain my temper better now (KH, don't laugh!). However, that doesn't mean that I have stopped projecting killer qi when the need arises. Hehe. And KH also reads my mood very well now and knows how to pre-empt things. He reads me like a book at times. Even so, he does not understand all that he reads. Haha. Where's the fun if there's no mystery, right?


At this segment of this post, I shall do a little bit of jemur nyawa to acknowledge KH's efforts to make me happy. Every trip down, he would try not to let me spend my own money. Maklumlah, SGD1 = MYR2.4. Upon arrival he would hand me a fully-reloaded MRT card. Meals would normally be in restaurants. And he would hail a cab when he detects that my poor legs have reached its limits. KH would plan where to bring me lest I get bored. And he would consider if the place is photography-worthy knowing my shutterbug ways. Thinking that I'm a fan of "One Piece", he surprised me with two themed T-shirts from Uniqlo. Cute. Also, when I bought an external HDD, he picked up the tab. And when I was stressing about my home downpayment, he readily offered me money and did not speak of repayment. Of course, I declined his offer. It's the thought that really counts. He is never calculative with me in terms of money.

You have given your love freely and without reservation. And it continues to inspire me to give more.


Gratitude said…
wet his throat? tsk tsk tsk
Skyhawk said…
This one really sai-meng (jemur nyawa) and show off lah...better don't let my dear see this, he will demand the same....
Drew said…
hang on to him with your dear life!!
MrBunnyBan said…
you're the only one who brings out that side of him. :P

getting the one piece salah was funny though. :D
Shake Trees said…
which throat ah? :P spill! beh tahan u 2. :P
Pluboy2 said…

yeah.. i love kh too! like a kor kor nonetheless :)
nicky05 said…
Here you are servant, there you are king.
Derek said…
LOL Think your readers will have diabetes after reading this post.

Anyway, that's what boyfriends are for right? ;P
Little Dove said…
KH's the one. I see him as someone sincere and genuine in his love from reading your posting.
Mark said…
Wah, a post so sweet the Pooh's hunny tastes bland now =p

KH really knows how to take care of you. Hold on to him for dear life and bitchslap any other who might attempt to have a go at him XD
Danny said…
nice to hear sweet stories .. even if its not happening on me ;p
so, keep on jemuring ur nyawa lah :))
carpe diem said…
Very inspiring. Love and treasure each other. Discover and rediscover each other. A lot more great moments are in store for the both of you.
William said…
In both ways. :P

Hahaha. I think he already has. :P

I have my claws deeply in him. :)

Everyone says that.
Haha, it was sweet of him regarding the "One Piece" thing.

Throat la. :P

Closer can?

He's your kor-in-law.

Nicely put! :P

*deep kiss

I know he gives his all. :)

Your brand of hunny is one of a kind la. I have my spies in SG! LOL


Hope there are plenty more stories to tell!
fufu said…
he must be very earning a lot huuh... spare me some of his money next time! lol j/k
HanLun said…
first time viewing ur blog. Both of you quite sweet :)
William said…
Haha. I hope he earns more so that I can be a househusband!

Thanks for reading. Welcome. :)
Willk said…
dont think this experience will happen to me so soon.
Ash Godiva said… 2 william now.lulz
Unknown said…
haha in my case night is always sweet but turn sour the next morning. he doesnt want to wake up and time is catching up >.< sad

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot
William said…
Hard to say leh. :)

Pelanduk dua nama.

Kiss or blow him awake. XD
- a L E x - said…
This is sweeter than the pastries i make LOL!


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