Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I've been getting a lot of weird dreams lately. Nothing as eleborate as Cheryl's Hollywood dreams, but still worthy of discussion. Please translate them for me if you have the knack for it:
  1. Work-related. Kind of. I was riding pillion on my partner company's MD's bicycle. A rotund Myanmarese with a fake smile that would make any salesman jealous. It wasn't a ride in the park, mind you. Think extreme sports. In dreamland, he can really bawak that basikal. He was bouncing around and practically breakdancing with it!
  2. A more recent dream involved me being a rodent. Not "Ratatouille", but the "Mousetrap" variety. I was scurrying around, hiding under beds and cupboards. But the thing was I could see myself as a man, but others saw me as a mouse.
  3. I dreamt that two fellow bloggers put their hands down my jeans trying to guess what underpants I was wearing on that day. :P
  4. The latest episode had me as demon who gone back to earth to mark my name on a demonspawn's toe who had made it big as a politician on earth. This one ended on a skanky note too. With 2 lesser demons. In human form of course! Hehe.

Welcome to my Tel'aran'rhiod. Please sign the guestbook on the way out. Thank you.

PS: I think from the last couple of dreams one can just conclude that I'm horny as hell. Heh. But that's settled, for now. :P

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


PUNCAK JALIL - At 11:30pm, a vacant house in Taman Puncak Jalil was raided by more than 15 plain clothes policemen and several uniformed police personnel. The team brought out 5 Indonesians, believed to be without valid immigration documents. After a search of the immediate surrounding areas, the police left with the suspects in a police truck and 4 civilian vehicles. After the arrest, the neighbourhood heave a collective sigh of relief.

I'm definitely no journalist, so I'll revert back to my usual style. Well, on Friday night when my mother was out to fetch me from the LRT station, she told me that the empty house opposite mine was being renovated. True enough, on arriving home, I found the windows and sliding door to be missing. Nothing amiss there, except for the fact that the construction workers were staying there at the house, which I think is prohibited by the law. My mum was worried as 2 of them were frequently seen at the window, watching the movements of nearby residents. And I guess this unease caused someone to actually lodge a police report.

A wise move. Turns out that more of them were hiding in the house. Scary. Well, no scuffle during the raid. The batons were unused. No firearms were brandished as far that I could see. Just some flashlights and handcuffs. Can sleep better tonight knowing that a possible crime was perhaps nipped in the bud. Sound a bit precog crimes from "The Minority Report".

However, the drama doesn't stop there. I told the tale to KH and he didn't see any significance there. So, I was kind of pissed. As a result, when he was telling his own story, I too just brushed it off. I was feeling a little vengeful and angry that whatever happened on
my side was trivial. A trifle matter. KH knew something was wrong. We rewinded. Revisited the situation. We came to a conclusion that we all have different expectations and reactions to issues. But I guess sometimes, familiarity also breeds contempt. Maybe that's why my fuse is so short these days. Maybe it's stress from work. Sigh. On a positive note, KH wasn't angry at me for reacting so. I should reflect more and perhaps some adjustments need to be made.

End of report.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Swiped from williamnyk.
My battle with acne is far from over. It saddens me to have a T-zone that is likened to a war zone with whiteheads all entrenched in my skin. Dry on the outside, super oily on the inside. My sebaceous glands are on overdrive. Chemical engineers would marvel at them and try to incorporate the secrets into their plant designs. The topography is as bumpy as ever. Sigh. My adolesence is catching up with me, sans the growth spurt, hormone overdose and the puppy love. At the behest of my beautician, Janet, I have also started to clip up my hair to keep my hair from my face. I can very well imagine myself carrying a basket and walking into a wet market like that, with a limp, hand-rolled ciggie on my lip. Time to consult my hairstylist, KK whether there are any alternatives for me. Time to snip-snip perhaps. Arghhh...

Deliver me from acne! The power of Christ compels you! :P

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Spy With My Little Eye

Swiped from williamnyk.
Posts from Ryan and Ah Bong about surreptitious picture-taking has inspired me to come up with my own. Here are just a few from my Samsung SGH-X700. No lense cover. Conveniently located lense for suspicion-free photo-snapping. No worry about flash and shutter sound, hehe.

Cloclwise from the top-left corner:
  1. Fabio - Seen him a couple of times on the Star LRT. Buffed. Tanned. Long, lustrous hair that he usually leaves freely-flowing on
    one side of his shoulder. He just reminds me of Fabio.
  2. JDI - A cute tourist from dunno where. His T-shirt reads "Just Did It".
  3. BTS - Random cute but pouty guy I sometimes meet on the train when I leave the office past 9:00pm. Love his hair
  4. Future - A woman whom I feel looks like my colleague, YY in 20 years. Freaky. The face, the hair. Uncanny. I can just

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do Not Bring Us To The Test

I left UM more than 4 years ago. 4 years of exam-free bliss. I never thought of furthering my education. No more studying, no more taking tests. However, I broke that welcomed dry spell on Saturday. Took my first Microsoft Certified Professional Exam. 70-431 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Implementation and Maintenance. Fully paid for by my company. High time I get something instead of "on-the-job" training. The absence of monetary bonuses is starting to be too glaring too. I had less than 20 days to digest 21 chapters. Each day after knocking off at 9pm, I get home, have my dinner, shower and study before going to bed. It's all a blur really. The pdf document I read doesn't quite make sense to my sleep-deprived noggin'. And yet I press on. The lesson and chapter summaries were my friends.

Come saturday, more than 10 chapters had left me. Or it never stayed with me in the first place. Oh well. Made my way to the test center at Amcorp Mall. No ID verification required. No invigilator. Just the computerized test and me. I could have very well hired someone to take the exam on my behalf. 35 objective questions and 12 simulated tutorials later, the exam had ended. I needed 700 points to pass. I got 820. Hehe. After the exam, SK picked me and we had an informal celebration at The Gardens.

Sat down at Sizzling Chilis. Another brainchild of the SEA Cuisine group. The decor is fantastic. A pale interior with extra large lighting, closely-beamed ceilings and comfortable booths. A great play of lines. If you want the technical desciption, you'll have to wait for Adrien to comment. Ordered the Catfish Mango Salad (fantastic food presentation) and the Stewed Duck Noodles. Not bad. But not very good either. As expected of their restaurants. A tad pricy. We had a little detour at Yuzu and by the looks of the menu, it should be quite promising. For another day.

The architecture of The Gardens is quite interesting. Though not as spacious as The Pavilion, it has its merits. I especially like the high-curved ceiling with the wood panelling and lights emanating from it like pores. Nice high-backed sofas strewn over regular intervals. customer service staff are dressed like butlers. Mengalahkan JW Marriot. They also have the ramp concept like The Pavilion, but the only difference here is the angle. The department stores and boutiques are also quite upmarket, so I guess I'll just stick to MV for now. At one of the department stores, we found a little art gallery nestled within. The current exhibit is by kids aged 9 to 11. Talented little buggers. However, one particular painting of a very pink pig caught my eye:

"This little piggy is going to a disco; This little piggy is wearing a dress; This little piggy is very happy; This little piggy had a big dinner; This little piggy is not that happy; This little piggy is thinking about makeup; This little piggy is ready for a date; This little piggy had a suntan; This little piggy is finding the right handbag; This little piggy is in a rush;"

A little e.e. cummings in the making. What is the world coming to? Heh.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The One Ring

"Where iss it? Where iss it? Lossst it is, my precious, lost, lost! Curse us and crush us, my precious is lost!"

Yes, dear friends, I've gone all Gollum on ya. I have lost something truly precious. Of highly sentimental value. A gold ring. An old ring with faded markings. I had worn it for nearly the past year. It had not left my index finger even for a swim. No it does not have fiery letters on it, nor does it make me invisible in broad daylight (not peeping tom cool, but shoplifting cool). So before you think I'll go all ash nazg gimbatul on you, let me just say that I lost my late father's ring.

On my maiden visit to The Pavilion, I had slipped the ring onto my ring finger as my index finger were getting a little chubby. After lunch at KFC, I had noticed that my ring was gone and no, it didn't slip off when I was washing my hands. Sigh. Didn't report it to lost and found as Lex suggested, but perhaps a chance in a million is better than none at all. But no point crying over spilt milk.

Anyway, back to happier things. The Pavilion is quite a nice place to hang out really. It's airy, has plenty of natural sunlight thanks to the giant sunroof and slashes in its ceilings. The shops are very upmarket, so no risk of overspending as I can't even afford the simplest of things (a bloody t-shirt costs MYR170 at Tangs). However, I spied some interesting stuff there-- kiosks selling novel crafts and unique accessories; Private Structure and 2xist at Tangs!; Dr. M's The Loaf (slightly over-priced burnt bread).

I have only seen 50% of the place, so a repeat expedition is definitely in order. Any willing guides?

"What has it in its pocketses?"

Well, nothing, nothing at all... Sorry dad...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

For the Cat

Here's to you ConanC...

Gal: Hey, I dropped a buffalo wing down my cleavage. Care to help me fish it out?

Guy: Are your arms paralyzed or something?

Gal: But my hands are all sticky and I can't reach far enough...

Guy: Those are hardly double Ds. I'm sure you can manage an "area sweep" by yourself.

Gal: Fag!

Guy: Talk to the hand, coz the face ain't listenin'...

Friday, October 19, 2007

The Bestest Birthday

Swiped from williamnyk.
As I promised in my last post, here are the details of my 27th birthday. Definitely a year to remember. The first time I celebrated my birthday with KH. The first time I felt that I was blessed with an abundance of good friends and company (though pointedly missing JM). This year's birthday was basically a 3-phase affair-- Pre, Exact and Post. The Pre-Birthday was celebrated with KH since that was the only suitable window for us to meet and the details can be found here.

However, on the Sunday before the 9th, the bloggers also threw me a lunch party at Tony Roma's, Sunway Pyramid. A super-boisterous group of 10, though we did not have QueerR and Adrien in our midst. It was entertaining having Alvin and Sam in the group. Finally had a chance to try their ribs. Not bad really, but it really isn't very wallet-friendly. Sharing with SK, I was able to sample their BBQ chicken (amazingly good, so Kenny Rogers can go tanam jagung) and Blue Cheese Burger. We also ordered the appetizer sampler plate-- onion loaf (like a yam basket but with onions), buffalo wings and tater skins (talk about recycling). The only thing I liked about it was the celery and the dip. Hah. After lunch, I opened up the prezzies and this is the inventory list:

1) cK 360 Stretch Trunk -- Thank you Jaylex Foundation! I can't believe it's cK!
2) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD -- Arigato JJ! I heart Deep Thought!
3) Madonna: The Immaculate Collection CD -- Xie Xie Janvier! Strike a pose!
4) Mark Haddon's "A Spot of Bother" -- Terima Kasih Sam & Bunny! Books are good!
5) Topman Trunk -- Merci David! My first article of clothing from there!
6) PDI Polo-T -- Gracias Mei! It fits me to a T!


After that, we wandered around Sunway Pyramid New Wing and cam-whored like nobody's business. Janvier's walking stick really brought a lot of joy to the occassion. A slight skanky detour to Marks And Spencer (read all about it at Sam's blog) and already I had to say goodbye. Upon reaching home, I left again with mum, sis, bro-in-law and SK to have dinner at Sri Ayutthaya, Medan Damansara. A cozy, woody interior. All the waiters were dressed in either baju melayu or kebaya, but I guess this weirdness only happens during the fasting month. The food was great. Spicy stuff. Ordered spicy stir-fried asparagus, curry prawns with coconut flesh, mango salad, fern salad, tom yam and steamed siakap.

On the exact day, I left work early. I slammed my laptop shut and told my boss, "I'm going home now, today is my birthday". Screw whatever discussion we were having. SK had prepared a sumptious meal at home, joined by mum, sis, bro-in-law, HP, Khiam, Cho and Mei. We all sat down to a full table of seafood stew (oysters, fish maw and scallops), steamed pomfret, wine chicken, stir-fried vegetables, ginger-onion frog's legs, soup and steamed prawns in egg. When food could no longer go down the gullet, we brought out the ruby port to wash it all down. At the end, sis unveiled her home-made strawberry marble layer cake. Sinfully delicious with australian strawberries and whipped cream. Although JM & SK had already bought me a 120GB portable HDD for my birthday, SK chipped in with HP for another gift. Boy, was I surprised when out of the box came a Suneo doll! How "apt". Heh. B*tches. :P.

BDAY2007 Prezzies

Belated and tumpang: On Syawal 1, met up with Takashi, Jase, Robb, Zach, Frankie and JJ for steamboat at Yuen Steamboat, Sunway Pyramid. Had been quite some time since I met the gang (especially my di) and what was sweet that he gave me a birthday hug and peck on the cheek. Eric and Jase presented me with a cute red box of hearts that contained 2 hardcover books from The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. In addition to that, a craft DIY slice of chocolate cake (lots of assembly required!) and a miniature bottle of scrolls. The steamboat was quite disappointing as the seafood wasn't fresh. All bland from over-freezing. Ended the whole she-bang with loads of shrimp and 5 scoops of raspberry ice-cream (shared la of course).


With the recent mourning in Mel's family and my busy schedule, we couldn't find a suitable time to meet me up, but we finally did on Tuesday after Eid. Even with limp, she came all the way to share an idli and steaming cup of milo with me at Lebuh
. Knowing the bitch I am to shop for, she finally settled on a nice G2000 shirt for me. After a bitching session about our significant others, she hobbled with me to Petaling Street for a failed book hunting (sorry dear, couldn't find your book). I guess that wraps up my birthday for 2007. Thanks one and all for making it super memorable!


PS: Last but not least, Bill's package that arrived just on time from the US, containing a funky brief from Go Softwear and an offbeat birthday card. Thanks Bill, your listening skills are amazing!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

La La Central

Troubled Teen
Swiped from CherryVega.
Sungei Wang Plaza is the centre of all weirdness in KL. Everyday, it awakens and through some wicked means, it calls to all weirdness
around the city. It calls its priestesses, the la la mui and its priests, the la la chai. Under the thrall of Sungei Wang, they don their robes of station to praise and worship the La La spirit. Just the other day, I was lucky enough to meet two new female initiates, Sentul Sally and Jinjang Jane. Barely of age (but I doubt they're maidens), they were travelling to Hang Tuah via Star LRT. Already in full riualistic vestments, they attracted every eye in the train.

Unkempt, stringy hair with a high fringe -- to better receive missives from the His La La-ness.

Silver eyeshadow under the eyes dripping to the middle of the cheeks -- they cry for our normalcy.

Nose ring -- to signify those who are touched.

Two maraccas hanging through a lanyard around the neck -- holy symbols.

Petticoats -- they were on sale?

Super short hot pants -- for practical reasons, easier to run up and down the sacrificial dais.

Mismatched fishnet stockings fastened with garter belts -- Resident Evil: Evolution got it wrong.

Bedroom slippers with furry tufts -- !

Be afraid.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Swiped from williamnyk.
Perfect timing to do this meme since I just celebrated my birthday. In my family, birthdays are always celebrated. No flashy parties (but there is photo evidence of my extravagant first birthday party. The whole neighbourhood was there and I even got a cake shaped like the numeral one. Spoiled, hor? ), but always a decent meal at home or in a restaurant somewhere if mum mogok. Presents are rare, but I sometimes get lucky (was crazy over Lego and Garfield back then!). Since my brother was away in boarding school, I could always count on him sending me a birthday card. Birthdays started becoming a ritualistic affair ever since I got hooked with my best buds JM and SK. We would celebrate birthdays for each other and the birthday is a must! So far, we have had many good times together and birthdays are always an excuse to splurge a little.

When Is Your Birthday?
9th of October 1980. Thurday's child has far to go... so the song goes...

How Old Are You Now?

Where Were You Born?
Kuantan. Yes, I'm an east coast boy who grew up immersed the sinful goodness of Nasi Dagang, Laksam and Tembosa!

When Did You First Celebrate Your Birthday?
Refer to the introduction.

When Will Your Next Birthday Be?

Who Would You Like To Celebrate Your Birthday With?
With family, naturally. With JM & SK-- to continue our tradition. With KH-- an excuse for him to shower me with affection and material goods, but hey, KH doesn't really need an excuse for that. :P. Friends-- old friends, new friends, bloggers who I hope will become old friends and good friend alike.

How Do You Want To Celebrate Your Birthday?
A delicious, hearty meal. Good company. A mouth-watering cake. A song sung. A wish made. A puff of smoke from extinguished candles. Cam-whoring. Priceless. Which brings me to my birthday that just passed. I must say that it was one of the most memorable birthdays in my life. Shall blog about it in my next post.

Do You Remember Getting Birthday Presents On Your Birthdays?
Refer to the introduction. So the answer is yes. I shall recount some of my past gifts-- my seiko watch from JM & SK that I wear daily; my Powershot A95 that was subsidized by JM & SK; my current handphone, the SGH-X700 that was heavily-subsidized by JM & SK; my first bottle of perfume, Davidoff Cool Water from Mel; "The Hobbit", also from Mel; Will blog about this year's gifts in my next post.

What Are The 3 Things You Want For Your Upcoming Birthday?
I shall not answer this question since I'm the world's hardest person to shop for since I myself can't give you a straight answer. But... there's still that PSP in my wish list, but then would a Nintendo DS be better.... arghhh.

I think everyone else has done this. :P

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Silence

When there is nothing to say,

When you're feeling down,

Know that I care for you night and day,

And want to reverse that frown.

I know I can't be there physically for now, but do know that I'm there for you in spirit and whatever means our human mind has created. And if that still is not enough, do not cry alone in the dark. For I will cry too. For myself and for us. I wish I can tame your sorrows and mend your heart. But if I fail, I hope, I hope, I hope... that love does not fail.

I wish upon you all the peace I can give you, baby.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Akum Bang

"Akum abg.,ani mtk maf jgn mrh gan kak fiza lg.,ani ba yg slh kmarin..Klu nk mrh,mrhla ani.kakak n bke posa gan abg kmarin tp ani yg rosakkn plan 2.. Tp ani x sgaja..."

My colleague received this due to a mistake the other day and she remarked,

"What language is this?!"

Pengz. She actually thought it was a foreign language.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to muslim friends everywhere with special dedication to Sam and Adrien. To my non-muslim friends, Apa raya-raya? Beria-ia. Puasa pun tidak!. Enjoy your holidays.... =)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Detik Bahagia

Memes are going around the blogosphere like sniffles in flu season these days. I've been tagged thrice already! I wonder what's the blogosphere's equivalent of Vitamin C... Anyway, since I've caught Janvier's germs, might as well let it take it's course. Truth be told, I don't really think of these things, but I think Mother Theresa once said that a life that you do not reflect on is not worth living.... so here:

Meeting my first love... and hopefully the last

Being the late bloomer that I am, I did not have any crushes, puppy love in my teenage years. I would like to blame my parents for instilling the whole "study first, love later" mantra, but truth be told, I was just too repressed and afraid to love. When KH came into the picture, everything changed. My walls melted away. My heart finally opened. I began to "feel". Never had I known how good it felt and also how bad it hurt. I'm just starting out, but I look forward to the journey ahead, with KH holding my hand.

Finding my faith...

For years I had believed in exsitance of God. But I guess I just didn't know who He is. With the passing of my dad, the latent Catholicism in my family reemerged. I had cried the night I heard the Rosary being read for my dad's soul and the lyrics of "Amazing Grace" really did struck a chord in me. It began with my mother. Jesus chose her. For years, I had kept my heart closed, but I had attended church. Joined the liturgy of the Mass. And only recently was I baptized-- I had finally let myself hear His calling. The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want...

Being honest with myself...

I'm not one to live in denial, but I definitely am a person who believes in "out of sight, out of mind". I can amazingly push things to the back of my head and let things proceed as it is. For years, I had been going through life like that, until one day, I decided that enough was enough. I told myself to accept who I am and not turn a blind eye anymore. I had decided to live my life. A big turning point in my life, and it definitely is intertwined with the first two moments above-- with KH opening the floodgates and with God after I had come to a certain reconciliation and understanding.

I must say that only with all the adversities in life, we would care to struggle on to enjoy the sweetness that it can bring. Anyway, since I'm already "down with the flu", might as well pass it on. I think I'll "sneeze" on KH, but then I wonder if he'll blog about "Happy" moments instead of happy moments. Hehe. Oh well.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Spa-cial Moments

Swiped from williamnyk.
On Sunday, I had to leave KH alone in the morning since I had went out to celebrate mass with SK and my mum. To my delight, KH managed to keep busy by reading a newly-procured graphic novel, Stardust. By the time I got home, it was alreday nearly noon, and we ourselves ready to go out to The Curve. We had our lunch at Paddington's Pancake House which was featured on QueerR's blog some time ago. I give the place a thumbs up. Very good savoury pancakes. Simple, yet satisfying. I ordered the Paddington Dollars-- bite-sized pancakes with mini sausages, ham, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and guacamole. An excellent combination of pancakes, meat and greens. A hearty and healthy meal in my opinion! Unfortunately, no photos. So unlike me. For some reason, during lunch, our conversation veered towards religion and due to some misunderstanding on my part, I kinda got VERY miffed at something KH said. (Note to self: Religion isn't quite the subject to broach when out on a date). Luckily, we ironed it our quickly enough, but it was kinda a sucky situation.

After lunch we wandered around a bit as our appointment was for 3:30pm. What appointment you may ask-- actually it was a spa appointment! KH was super sweet. Though KH already bought me a beautiful rose-quartz pendant with silver detailing (thanks for the help Ry!), KH added on a couple's spa package at Royale Spa, Royale Bintang Hotel. *muacks*. It was my first time and if I wasn't lethargic from Saturday, I would have been dancing circles around KH (penghargaan kepada SK dan Alex!). The JojoBali Harmony package was inclusive of a sea salt scrub (I felt like I was being prepped for the grill), herbal steam (after marinating, turn on the heat! And we added some heat of our own in there. :P), ear-candling (some kind of quackery) and aromatic full-body massage (so weird to be tenderized after cooking). My masseur was Floriah and my, she had really strong hands. Kinda grimaced through some parts. Something very salah I noticed about the whole experience-- we were given disposable uderwear to wear during the treatment and the masseurs kept referring to them as "panties"... ugh.

At the end of the 2 hours, I felt rejuvenated and extremely clean, but oily. Before joining SK, mei and Mel for dinner at La La Chong, Subang Old Airport, we stopped a moment at Bangsar Village II to take a look at the new Private Structure Boutique. Everything there is so cute and eye-catching, but kind of expensive. Heh. For dinner, we ordered salted egg yolk crabs (RM40/kg!), superior soup lala (thumbs up!), stir-fried paku pakis with belacan (thumbs up!), claypot beancurd and dried chilli bamboo clams. Everything was decently-priced, except the crab la. Was freaking tired after dinner as the effects of the soothing spa were beginning to wear off. We headed home to do some minor grocery shopping and we managed to squeeze in some "alone" time. We were definately deprived of each other and it was the best we could make of the situation. Hopefully, we can spend some more quality time in the future... thanks dear...

Friday, October 05, 2007


As I mentioned a few posts back, KH was recently back in KL for a visit. A timely visit as I was running low on my Lover-Substitute Pills (perhaps Janvier can swipe me some without requiring a prescription) and was just plain horny. :P. KH was back mainly to celebrate my birthday early as it would not be possible for us to meet due to scheduling conflicts. Arriving on Friday night, SK and I picked KH up at the Sungai Besi Petronas and we ended up at Kuchai Lama for some mamak food at Kinrara Curry House. All I can say is that the nasi lemak looks nicer than it tastes. KH crashed at SK's place, but her housemate's presence kinda put a damper on KH and I's more questionable activities. Just a few stolen kisses and I had to leave...

The next morning, SK, KH and I drove to Restoran Mexim for some dim sum. Supposedly famous. The other things I would recommend are the dim sum, century egg porridge (made with chicken broth and dried oysters) and the Wu Kok. The rest is just average. But one thing is for sure, the smell of pork features prominently in most of its dishes. Having had our fill of morning meat and hot tea, we headed home. SK being the ever-gracious pimp, lured her housmate out with promises of shopping at One Utama. She took the bait. So, KH and I had the house all to ourselves. Sorry to disappoint, but We didn't immediately go at each other like rabbits the second Sk left the house.

Having brought back the movie No Regrets for Chester, we watched it together first. The plot is kinda rubbish. Slow-moving. The link between the main actors is weak. But still, plenty of eye candy and steamy scenes interspersed to make you finish watching. However, KH and I kinda made our own steamy scene halfway through the boring movie. Exhausted, we slept for a while before getting out to fetch Chester at Sunway Pyramid. It was freaking jammed. Next stop was Bangsar to pick up David. After some getting lost at Jalan Ara, we finally met JJ at Jalan Bangkung. He was perched at the side of the drain like a monkey. Blending in with the environment. I didn't notice him until Chester pointed it out.

Dinner was at The Attic. Recommended by JJ (knows one of the co-owners) and Rpmnut. A smoke-free bar that doubles as an art gallery. Not quite the place to eat, but looks like a real nice place to drink. One drink in particular caught my eye-- The Sin of Adam. From the list of ten of more main courses, we ordered the lamb shank, sea bass and salmon. The presentation is quite standard. Piled mile-high and supported by criss-crossed vegetables at the bottom. Quite good. Unfortunately, we had to half-shovel the food as the Young KL Singers show was starting soon.
We arrived just in time to collect the tickets from Joel. Met up with DanielH and Bibik. Spotted some other bloggers too. All of us came to lend our support to Joel and Ryonn. A good show. A first for me watching a choral performance. Somehow, I preferred the songs in the foreign languages. French, Yiddish, etc. Also caught a glimpse of some flesh from one of the singers (voluntary one la... :P). Haha. After the show, we cam-whored a bit and ended up at a Mamak in TTDI. Joel graciously treated us to supper. It was a nice chance to get to know the power couple behind Joery and finally meet Bibik (a subdued version) and Chester. I was throughly exhausted by the end of the night. To be continued...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cina Punya Cina

Swiped from jeansman.
I swiped this excellent post from bibikNyonya. Just had to give my 2 cents-worth:

1. You unwrap gifts very carefully, so you can save and reuse the wrapping (and especially those ribbons).

~ TRUE! But not so much the ribbons.

2. When there is a sale on toilet paper, you buy 100 rolls and store them in your closet or in the bedroom of an adult child who has move out.

~ TRUE! But maybe just 2 dozens.

3. You keep a Thermos of hot water available at all times.

~ FALSE! But a thermos is a must if you're lying in a ward somewhere.

4. You save grocery bags, tin foil, and tin containers.You use the grocery bags to hold garbage.

~ TRUE! Recycle mah.

5. You hate to waste food :-

a ) Even if you're totally full, if someone says they're going to throw away the leftovers on the table, you'll finish them. (Your mom will give a lecture about starving kids in Africa)

~ TRUE! Are you gonna finish that?

b ) You have Tupperware in your fridge with three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing.

~ TRUE! Accumulate that for a few days and voila, it's an instant recipe for fried rice.

6. You don't own any real Tupperware-only a cupboard full of used but carefully rinsed margarine tubs, take out containers,and jam jars.

~ FALSE! My house has both.

7. You have a collection of minature shampoo bottles that you take every time you stay in a hotel.

~ TRUE! My mum loves to do that. She will make sure she removes every bottle each morning to ensure that housekeeping replenishes it.

8. You wipe your plate and utensils or wash them in a small basin of hot water before you eat every time you go to arestaurant.

~ TRUE! Depends on the place.

9. You own a rice cooker and a slow cooker.

~ TRUE! Needs no elaboration.

10. You wash your rice at least 2-3 times before cooking it.

~ TRUE! Does it strip the rice of it's nutrients?!

11. You fight (literally) over who pays the dinner bill.

~ TRUE! I love to see how the elders do it. Sneakily pay for it when pretending to go to the toilet or trying to stuff money back to the host.

12. You have a teacup with a cover on it.


13. If you're under age 20, you own a really expensive walkman if you're over 20, you own a really expensive camera.

~ FALSE! Where are my expensive gadgets?!

14. You're a wok user.

~ TRUE! Stir-fry! Deep fry! Steam! It's a wonder!

15. You only make long distance calls after 7pm.


16. You prefer your shrimp with the heads and legs still attached-it means they're fresh.

~ TRUE! I love the heads for the cholesterol-ly goodness.

17. You never call your parents just to say hi.


18. If you don't live at home, when your parents call, they'll ask if you've eaten, even if it's midnight.

~ TRUE! There's always supper...

19.Your parents tell you to boil herbs and stay inside when you get sick. They also tell you not to eat fried foods or baked goods because they're heaty (yeet hay in Cantonese).

~ TRUE! I do not my mother to tell me. It's ingrained.

20. You e-mail your Chinese friends at work, even though you only sit 10 feet apart.

~ TRUE! Let's not forget IM.

21. You always cook too much.

~ TRUE! Do not lose face!

22.You eat every last grain of rice in your bowl, but don't eat the last piece of food on the table.

~ TRUE! "Yong man! Eat up!".

23.You starve yourself before going to all you can eat buffet.

~ FALSE! It has a reverse effect.

24. You know someone who can get you a good deal on jewelry or electronics, computers.


25. You own your own meat cleaver and sharpen it.

~ TRUE! My dad used to do it in the old days...

26. Your toothpaste tubes are all squeezed paper-thin.

~ TRUE! I sometimes cut out the ends and scoop the rest out with my toothbrush. :P

27. You wrap with napkins all the knives, spoons andforks of the airline that you fly on and put in your travel bag as souvenirs

~ FALSE! No guts. Only magazines. :P

28. You never forget to take with you all the unused bath and facial tissues when you check out from the hotel because youbelieve that you have paid its all.

~ FALSE! Just steal the toilet roll! :P

29. You will laugh at yourself when you read all of them

~ FALSE! Some of them. :P

30. And you will always proud because you're Chinese... :)

~ TRUE! How else to describe one's self. :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Egg Tart

Swiped from williamnyk.
I recently encountered the heaviest egg tarts I have ever known in my life. It was really hefty. When I held it in my hand, I practically felt like one of the Beagle Brothers with a file-filled cake. I don't know what they put in it, but the density is really astounding (could very well be some secret process that allows them to cram five eggs into one egg tart filling). However, that's not the only impressive thing about it-- the address of the bakery really made me look twice. Hehe.

Jalan Cockman

Definitely a must-visit on my next trip to Ipoh! I wonder about the cocksmanship of the people there... hmmm...


Monday, October 01, 2007

Mid-Autumn Calories

Note: This post is as stale as post-festival mooncakes with a 50% discount!

For some reason, mooncakes don't do it for me anymore. There is no craving. I used to love it. Pick at the fragrant egg yolk hidden in the sweet filling. Savouring each cholesterol-laden bite. Now, I normally only eat one piece (one eight of a mooncake) and down it with copious amounts of hot tea. It just shuts down my digestive system. Some kind of reflex action. Maybe because today's mooncakes are too rich. The paste too smooth (just like cakes, the moister it is, the more butter it contains, so the smoother the paste, the more oil was used) and sweet. And the ridiculous new flavours. Fusion. East meets West. Moon Goddess meets Courtney Love. It's just plain weird. I still would prefer the traditional varieties. Make mine mild and light. Like those agar-agar mooncakes. So far, the most novel mooncake I've had this year was a homemade maki-style orange-flavoured mooncake. Masyallah.

No caltrops nor mini yams this year. My mum, SK, HP and Khiam had joined a neighbourhood pot luck, but I had missed it due to work. But still, they ta pau-ed for me sting-ray curry, vienegar pork trotters, abacus seeds, roast duck and fried noodles. Woo hoo! Ater dinner, we went back to my place to "relive our childhood". Four grown ups lit some paper lanterns (still around, despise those battery-operated ones. But can you imagine that they sell plastic sticks now? I used to use bamboo!) and walked around the playground. Twirling our lanterns and stopping at the gazebo to light candles. We stayed there for a while until the mosquitos drove us indoors. Quite a fun night, but I guess things can never feel the same anymore. Some things should only be left as memories.

Hope everyone had a fun Mid Autumn Festival.