Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Beach' Resort Blues

On Friday, I did not take leave, so I only visited SK at night. Earlier on, Gratitude had brought her roast pork bones + dried oyster + salted egg porridge. Very yummy in comparison to the hospital food. Sodexo sucks! SK was lethargic, spending too much time in bed. Luckily she had her iPhone and magazines a companions. By that time, 2 of her roommates had been discharged, leaving her with the Mat Rempit aunty. Later, Apollo also visited. According to SK, her condition was kinda 'misdiagnosed'.

Doctor: Good news! It's not Disease A!

SK: Har?!

Doctor: It's actually Disease B! Disease A is a life-long disease le. But Disease B is not!

But the specialist failed to mention that there is no clear cure for Diease B either. >_____<". Either way, it was kinda like an overkill to conduct surgery for Disease B. How unlucky. Sigh. Anyway, SK needed a couple more days at the hospital. On Saturday night, Gratitude visited her again, but with Froggy in tow. Quite a surprise. Turns out he was in town for Medie's surprise party. The funny thing was that Froggy was wearing the same colour scheme as SK's hospital clothes. Electric pink. Hehe. Should have took a piccie.

Mum had cooked dinner for SK. A great IBS-friendly meal of salmon, teriyaki chicken, vegetables and steamed pumpkin. We had dinner together and I also tucked into her hospital food. Serving an IBS patient butter rice and black pepper chicken chop... stupid. After dinner, I joined Gratitude and Froggy at Souled Out, Desa Sri Hartamas. A party-crasher (thanks for the invite, Gratitude). Brought two sikat of bananas for Medie. Been ages since I dined there. The crowd was unbelievable. Football night. MU vs. Tottenham. Shouting. Football machismo. Ugh. Went upstairs and met Medie, TZ and Happy. My first time meeting Happy. Quite a gregarious character.

Since I had eaten, I just ordered a glass of beetroot-apple juice. The whole night, the air-conditioning unit dripped water on me. :S. Was too lazy to avoid it. Media was given the birthday boy treatment. They gave him an army helmet with spikes. Kinda like GI Joe meets court jester. I love the swarovski crystals at the side. We saw that helmet being passed around the whole night. I hope none of the birthday boys and girls had any scalp problems. Left some time before 11:00pm. That concluded my Saturday night.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Checking-in to the 'Beach' Resort

Last Thursday, I took leave to admit SK into Pantai Specialist Hospital for her surgery. The admissions clerk was a very cheerful Malay girl who was smiling all the way. Even better than some hotel front desks I've seen. But truthfully, most private hospitals are starting to look like hotels with jockey service, opulent lobbies and patients zig-zagging in and out with designer luggage. It was a painless check-in procedure, but we had some trouble finding a room because the hospital was quite packed. So while waiting for things to be finalized, I had a lousy nasi lemak at their food court and ordered a large cup of Sumatran Black from Starbucks.

Although SK was entitled to a two-person room, she had to make do with a four-person room due to the constraints. Nothing much went on in the morning, except for some pre-op tests and preparations. SK changed into the hospital gown, did some shaving (tee hee) and took the ECG test. Basically she just sat on the bed, and we played scrabble on our iPhones. Chatted and bitched about her roommates. Her neighbour had the most annoying guitar riff as a ringtone. It was SUPER LOUD. Who would have thought that a Chinese aunty had the same musical tastes as a Mat Rempit.

By 1 plus, I left her to be wheeled to the OT as visiting hours were over. KT joined me for lunch at Seoul Korea Restaurant, Taman Danau Desa. She had seafood miso soup with rice, where as had ramen. Just two mains and the complimentary side dishes amounted to thirteen! Such mind-boggling variety. I especially loved their brown seaweed salad and jellyfish salad. Was so full... we could not finish everything. By the time we finished eating at 3:00pm (actually they 'threw' us out), SK was still in the ward! Her surgery was delayed. Both of us got back to her apartment and we both did some work.

Korean Variety

We arrived back at the hospital at about 5:00pm, but SK was not out till 6:20pm. When the nurse wheeled her bed in, she was half-aware of her surroundings and shivering like crazy. Requested blanket after blanket for her. After an hour or so, she was fully-alert and even got off the bed to go to the toilet! The nurses periodically came to take her blood pressure and check on her drip. She shivered less, but was still in some pain. The doctor had not come yet to explain things as he had 4 operations that day. By 7:30pm, KT and I left. The doctor only came at 10:00pm and what he told her was quite a surprise....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Office Romance

Swiped from ducmanhmaster.
My company recently 'acquired' two companies from its parent. Due to that arrangement, four extra accounts personnel are now stationed in my office. One of 'em is Jolin. For quite some time, she was quite the plain Jane, staying under the radar most of the time. Then all of a sudden, she became the talk of the town. Let's just say that we're a stressed out bunch of people and any minor office gossip we turn into a major epic as a form of entertainment. It all began after she started approaching my colleague, Lan after office hours to help her with 'computer problems'. And the both of 'em are usually the latest to leave the office, giving our imaginations much fuel for tale-spinning.

As the days went by, Jolin became bolder and bolder.

Can I join you guys for lunch?

You went for tea? Aiyoh, should have asked me ma....!

Then one day, another colleague of mine followed her car back to Wangsa Maju:

Jolin: (out of the blue) Sigh... weekends are so boring with nobody to spend them with.

Colleague: (raised eyebrows) Ohhhh... Lan also single ma... :P

Jolin: ............ Erm, erm... Become friends first la.

So obvious isn't it? So the next day, we have fish head noodles at Woo Pin, Taman Desa. The group was too big, so we had to split into 2 tables. Lan, Jolin, another colleague and I moved to the smaller table. Hehe. It was by design. Anyway, Jolin immediately made her move.

Jolin: I play badminton on Saturdays. You guys can join me if you're interested.

Moi: Err, I don't know how to play anymore. It's been too long.

Colleague: Me neither.

Lan: .............

We left him to answer. Hehe. Anyway, back in the office, my office's admin assistant made a jibe that was very out of her character.

Lina: Hey Lan, how was lunch? The fish head noodle tasted MUCH better?

Lan: Huh?!

Lina: Aiyah, heard got 'people' join you today ma... :P

From all the conversations we had with Jolin, she's actually a nice girl. Very sporting and straightforward. And she did mention that she does not have high expectations of things. And not to say that she has no looks. But anyhow, the ball is in Lan's court now. I wonder if straight guys are turned off by assertive women. Things are already so clear. No need to guess. He just needs to show his interest. But he seems to be dragging his feet. See how it goes lo... But everyone says the same thing... "Jolin, OK mah!".

Would you go for an office romance?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Look Better, Learn Better

Alex was telling me the other day that he wants to learn how to swim. Since he's more comfortable with professional instructors (it is more sensible), I suggested that he scout the public pools around his area for classes. Just a few days after that, lo and behold, I find this search phrase in my search engine hit log:

cute gay swimming instructor in KL

I immediately ask Alex, "Was that you?!". Of course he denied it. Hehe. If your instructor is cute, would you learn faster or slower? :P

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How It Started

Swiped from nascity.
Some nostalgia today. Believe it or not, it all started from KH's ex's blog. From there on, I found KH and some of the initial BFF. We read each other's blogs and left occasional comments. I knew he was gay, although I wasn't so sure about myself. My denial phase so to speak. But it was swiftly coming to an end.

On the 19th of October 2006, an unsuspecting comment on my blog:

I would be more impressed if it was fire burning on water and the water dissipates slowly. LOL

Sigh, nowadays anything can be art.

Have a good and long weekend ;P

P/S Can't find your contact. Can u pls email me? Thanks.
This is what got the ball rolling between KH & I. Simple e-mail conversations evolved into SMSes. Naturally we started talking over the phone. Then we met for the first time at Coffee Bean, Citrus Park. At that moment in time, I wasn't honest with myself regarding my sexuality. I had no intention of getting in contact with real people. I had just wanted to reach out in anonymity. But from behind the veil of binary 1s and 0s, KH found me and made love real for me. I had found my world. I had found him. He had opened my eyes. He had opened my heart.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Puberty Comes Early

Swiped from ~ezs.
Overheard at a private pool in Taman Danau Desa:

Voice 1: Dia tu kan... peluk saya tau. Pegang tangan saya.

Voice 2: Lepas tu? Lepas tu?

Voice 1: Dia beritahu saya, "Takpelah, sini kan sunyi, takde orang nampak!".

SK was so shocked that the conversation actually came from a couple of Malay girls at the pool. I don't think they were any older than 10. Shocking. After I finished my laps, I rested at the poolside again and stole a few glances at the cute-ish queers in white arena trunks on my right. The kids were there again.

Voice 1: Wei. Wei. Tengok tu.

Voice 2: Mana?

Voice 1: Tu. Jantan kat hujung tu. Bukannya hensem sangat.

Amazing. Kids start really young these days. Who cares if you've not had your first moon? Who cares if you're still flat-chested? The early bird catches the worm.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Physics of Love

How much do you remember of your physics? Amplitude? Frequency? Interference? Resonance? Maybe some physics genius can help me on this:

For some strange reason, KH can't hear my voice well over the phone. According to him, my intonation is so erratic that he usually misses the last part of my sentence. Kinda tapers off. Well, let's investigate this in a scientific manner:

~ The problem persists with my Samsung SGH-X700, Nokia 5220 and iPhone.

~~ Hence, there might be something wrong with my voice.

~~~ But nobody else seems to complain about this.

~~~~ Hence, there might something wrong with his ears.

~~~~~ But he says he can hear other people well.

~~~~~~ Perhaps my voice and his ears are at odds?

Since I have no wish of shouting into the phone, perhaps I should enunciate more slowly. But that kinda makes chatting so robotic. I like to be manja over the phone and that kinda spoils the mood. Dunno la. So difficult at times. Perhaps I need to get a telephonist's headset for my iPhone? Speakerphone mode? Hmmm.....

P.S.: Luckily no such problem during phone sex. :P

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanna Buy An iPad?

What's the best business model in the world?

Your product must be a necessity.

Your target customers are women.

Use the MLM framework to make the most money in the least amount of time and effort!

What could that product be?

You get a free pack of pantie liners if you answered sanitary pads.

My ex-coursemate, Egg rang me up for drinks. Said she was bringing another ex-coursemate whose name did not ring a bell (not surprising since I have bad memory and couldn't care less about most ex-coursemates). I was quite oblivious to the trap I was walking into. Luckily I brought SK along. Years and years ago, Egg had a crush on me (ala "Fatal Attraction"), and all the while she thinks that SK is her arch-nemesis. So, the purpose of having SK there was actually to act all lovey-dovey and create further scandals. Evil, aren't we? But it might trigger her psychosis again too... so not sure if it was wise. Well, Egg didn't show her displeasure, or she hid it well by stabbing her thigh under the table. Turns out that the friend she brought (henceforth will be described as Running Moon) was trying to rope us in for some MLM thingy. And our drinks venue was conveniently located just a stone throw's distance away from the MLM office. Goodness.

We humoured her, so we went up to look at the product demo! They claim that sanitary pads in the market use recycled material that is "source of all sorts of womanly woes". But what they're selling is "a breath of fresh air to the multi-billion dollar sanitary pad industry" cause they use all new materials and have a patented anion far infra-red technology applied within.

Running Moon: This technology is very advanced! The anions will only be released when in touch with moisture!

SK & I: Oooooooo. What are the anions for?

Running Moon: Errr, it's like what you see in air-conditioning advertisements!

SK & I: Remove odour? Anti-bac?

Running Moon: Errr, yeah yeah! Even MEN use our product!

SK: WHAT?! For haemerrhoids?!

Running Moon: No, no. They wear it for better blood circulation!

Moi: So it's supposed to interact with the sweat in the crotch area to release anions?!

Running Moon: Huh?

Moi: Thought you said it needs moisture?

Running Moon: Errr, actually, well, we have day and night use... some even put it in their shoes! (changed the topic)

Moi: How... err... innovative.

Pengsan. Men using sanitary pads. What is the world coming to? I tell you, it's the End of Days if I hear a guy sucking on a sanitary pad to cure bad breath! I'm not going anywhere with Egg anymore! SK was definitely VERY PATIENT when talking to Running Moon. She was practically gritting her teeth and trying very hard to control her voice. Looks like she's doing well trying to be more feminine and less bitchy. Hehe. I have nothing against MLM sales pitches, but honestly, Running Moon was horribly misinformed, does not now the product well and failed at showing us the demo. We met her upline's upline briefly:

Man With Moon: Truth be told, what's the point of working? To be rich right? You wanna be rich right?

SK: No.

Man With Moon: .................. Alrighty then.

We just left Running Moon there. I did not bother to reply her SMS.

P.S.: We did our own research on their patented technology and found that they achieve the effect by using nano particles of tourmaline and silver. Wonder if those nano particles would escape and enter the vagina causing more havoc?!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda

Tax Collector
Swiped from OCPetPhotos.
Someone knocks on my door.

"Hello, who issssss ittttt...?", I answer in my best Bree Van De Kamp voice.

"Open up. I'm here on the King's business.", comes the voice behind the door.

I unbolt the door and see the tax collector standing before me.

"Great, you're finally here", I say merrily.

"You owe me money!".

I overpaid about MYR400+ in taxes for the year 2009! But when will they refund me?!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lateral Luck

I suddenly had high motivation to buy 4D from a receipt number I had received:


I bought all permutations for MYR2 at Magnum, Da Ma Cai and Toto on Saturday and Sunday. I did not strike. Come Wednesday, I decided not to buy. On Thursday, my mum pointed it out to me.

Toto ~ 5333 ~ Consolation Prize

MYR100 terbang.... T_T

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please Do Not U-turn

From Puncak Jalil, there are several alternatives to head to Kuala Lumpur.
  1. Get on to the Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil via the Giant Kinrara 5 bridge.
  2. Get to Jalan Puchong via Kinrara 1.
  3. Turn out to Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil via the traffic light near the fire station at (B).
  4. Make an illegal u-turn at the Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil near SIRIM at (B)

The turning at Kinrara 5 would incur an extra 10km and also one would have to brave the jam at Bandar Seri Bukit Jalil turning. No points for guessing which method I like to use. Many motorists make that illegal turn and as a result, the traffic heading towards Puchong is quite jammed. Recently, the police have taken an interest and they have been issuing summons. The traffic towards Puchong is much smoother when they do it, but looking at the traffic light, the queue was unbelievable. It can easily take you half an hour just to clear the traffic light. :S. Butttt.... our dear traffic police would rather issue summons than manage the traffic. Sigh. It's really been a long time since I saw a traffic policeman mitigating heavy traffic flow. Just see them standing there, waving their arms. Super helpful aren't they?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why It's Not Fun To Be A GwiP

The iPhone is cool no doubt, but it does miss out on some hardcore cellphone features that I've been soooooooo used to! Here are a few:
  • Once you hit send for an SMS, there's no turning back! Better do a double take before sending flirty SMS-es to people other than your BF!

  • You type and type and type your SMS, but you dunno how many characters you have used up. More chances to blow an extra 15 cents on just a few extra characters.

  • Give me T9! I don't really like the predictive text. I usually miss the hints cause I stare to intently at the keyoard.

  • Related to the previous item, I have been avoiding apostrophes when typing!

  • There's no zoom for the camera! I hope this won't hamper my work on LRT Celebrities!

  • As I mentioned before, I have itchy fingers. And with each itchy attack, the battery life drops quite drastically. -1%. -1%. -1%. Goodness. It's like watching a taxi meter tick.

  • And no caller groups! I have to assign ringtones to individual contacts. So troublesome. For all my queer friends, I used to attach Madonna's Vogue and a pic of a cute Chinese twink.

  • And iTunes! The resource guzzler with one hundred and one restrictions.

  • Any other complaints?

    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    Blocked Atria

    My brother-in-law had gone to Redang for a holiday, so my sister and Cyan joined us for Divine Mercy Sunday at church. Cyan was considerably well-behaved throughout the whole thing. The only funny thing that happened was that he remarked "Do what?!" during a moment of silence. LOL. Luckily it was already after the Eucharistic Prayer. Since mum had MYR10 to kill at a jumble sale in The Atria, we all headed there for lunch. After a quick survey of the shops surrounding the mall, we decided to go in for food. It looks so dead. We finally decided on Kopi Time Kopitiam seeing that its business was quite brisk. Cyan was a handful. Couldn't sit still. Malls put him into a frenzy of sorts. Just can't stop of horsing around. We tried their Chicken Udon (in an interesting carrot and radish soup base), Fishball Noodles (the fish content was high), Nasi Lemak KT (rendang chicken and sambal sotong on one plate!) and Kaya Toast (great kaya). The pulled tea was OK too. After that, we went up to the jumble sale. Cyan was so thrilled riding on the transparent elevator that we made a few trips for his pleasure.

    The jumble sale was horrible. We had MYR10 to burn and it was really difficult to decide what to get. Everything was sooooo.... ergh. Really old stuff. Clothes, electrical appliances, glassware, baubles. I would prefer going to the Salvation Army's Thrift Shop. Nearly gave up. Finally left with 4 porcelain Chinese wine cups from Dennis. The DJ announced that he was "The Most Eligible Bachelor" in the room and all single ladies should go visit his counter. SK rolled her eyes. The day was super hot, but it ended raining in the evening again. There went my jog / swim. Ugh. I'm getting fat. :(. Dinner was sweet potato porridge with pan-fried salmon and steamed minced pork with preserved radish. Mum used the purple variety and the porridge ended up looking like mum had thrown Barney inside. To cool off, we went to Jusco and did some grocery shopping. Came home with a pack of sushi and we poured a round of chilled Gekkikan-Smirnoff to wash it down. That concludes my Sunday!

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Come Take A Bite of this Apple

    Bon Appetit
    Swiped from williamnyk.
    My colleague has an iPhone. KH has an iPhone. Nic and POD both have iPhones. SK recently converted too. And with the What's App Messenger touted as THE TOOL to keep me better connected with KH, there had been subtle hints for me to bite into Apple. I'm not really a gadget-crazy person and I'm usually quite practical (read: miser), so I had never really considered getting it. For one thing, my Nokia 5220 is still in good working order. It's just a little rough the edges, what to expect when it had kissed the asphalt many times since I got it. Of course, it also has sentimental value since it's a birthday gift from the boyfriend. Putting that aside, let's talk about dollars and cents. My fingers are very itchy. I send a lot of SMS. When bored, I'd use GPRS to check my e-mail. And these constant fiddlings usually augment my prepaid phone reloads to an average of MYR125 a month. And since the DiGi promotion is MYR159 per month for the 16GB iPhone 3Gs, it was quite a no-brainer.

    iPhone I

    And so, on Saturday, after my Zipangu lunch with Lifebook and SK, we headed over to the DiGi Center at The Pavilion. Before I go any further, let me comment that the dining experience at Zipangu is getting more and more disapointing. Slow replenish rates. The portions looked measly. The oysters were oh so mini! And the quality of the edamame also dropped. No chawanmushi also! Honestly, I felt that I had nothing to eat when I surveyed the buffet spread. But there was some new appetisers and desserts la... Nothing else that I can praise them for. At Pavilion, we were redirected to Sungei Wang because they had run out of stock. We walked over in the stifling heat. Ugh. Upon reaching the DiGi kiosk, we were happy to find that they had plenty of stock. Filled in the necessary forms, paid the money and waited for my new line to be activated. But we waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... They would not give me the phone until the status changed. Many calls were made to the HQ. But the problem persisted.

    iPhone II

    Seeing that things were taking longer than usual, the staff bought us some drinks from the nearby 7-11. And as luck would have it, SK unknowlingly put a defective bottle of 100 Plus into her Furla handbag and it deposited half of its contents inside! And my G11 and Crumpler case was inside too!!! All of it christened with electrolytes and glucose! The staff went and got us some tissues, but it was too wet really. Seeing that we were fuming, they shoo-ed us off and said they would call when it was done. We went down to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Luckily I was partially-entertained by a couple of male models from the Seed and PDI fashion show that was going on. SK and Lifebook could not contain their bitchiness anymore. After making an irate phone call to DiGi customer service, SK led the march up to the kiosk again and let out a tirade about their lousy system. Lifebook joined in the fray and practically left the DiGi staff speechless. And magically after that, my application was successfully processed and I could go home with my black 16GB iPhone. However, because of that, I was too late for work and SK had to reschedule har facial.

    And for my trouble, they gave me a cover and screen protector F.O.C. Hehe. Cool. As Lifebook had a dinner date in Kajang, we said our goodbyes and SK and I proceeded to Lot 10 to catch up with Rich. We were so tired from that whole fiasco that we quickly went home to rest and freshen up. Did not feel hungry, but we went out to Old Town Kopitiam for a light dinner anyway. Later on, met up with Mel for drinks at Hailam Kopitiam. So tired by the time I got home.

    SIM Trouble

    P.S.: White looks gay-er, but black looks slimmer. :P.
    P.P.S.: Nic told me that he and POD were hatching a plan to "coerce" me to get an iPhone. Looks like I'm ahead of 'em by 3 moves. LOL.
    P.P.P.S.: What's with the iPhone SIM Key? Menyusahkan mak bapak je...

    Saturday, April 10, 2010

    Behind the Pig's Stomach is Shit

    Drama at the office told in parables:

    Fatty enjoys himself at the buffet table.

    He eats like a glutton and mistreats the waiters and annoys the other guests.

    Having had his fill, Fatty wants to leave the restaurant to try the food at the restaurant next door.

    He believes that the competing restaurant owners will give him a better deal.

    However, when leaving, he wants to tapau (take away) as well.

    The restaurant owner gets angry and stops him.

    In his defence Fatty says that he did not take any food away, the food jumped into his pocket.

    After arguing with the owner for 4 hours, Fatty gives up and continues eating.

    The food are happy.

    The end. Tak faham? Tak apa.

    Friday, April 09, 2010

    The Feline Matriarch

    angry cat
    Swiped from benny7am.
    During my lunch with JJ, the topic of his sister's new pet dog came up. So this got me talking about my pet cat from years ago, Miao-Miao. It all started at my old house in Kuantan. My mum always had a soft spot for cats and Miao-Miao always came around outside the kitchen window looking for scraps. Eventually, my mum took her in. Miao-Miao is your usual stray cat with brownish spots over a canvas of white. Quite the aggressive type. Never really warmed up to us, but she would seek attention once in while. Purring and rubbing against my leg. But catch her in the wrong mood and she won't hesitate to take a swipe at you. All the while, she treated my place like a hotel. Here today, gone tomorrow. Makan, then cabut. Mum would make her rice boiled with fish and I remember that the dish was congealed with some pinkish jello. Sounds appetizing right? :S.

    A cat with attitude. Chased dogs. Jumped halfway up to the ceiling to attack a stray bat in the living room. Loved to eat keropok lekor. Over the years, Miao-Miao sired many kids, but all of 'em passed on before her. Among the most prominent were Bobo and QQ. Both of them were mixed with Siamese cat genes. Bobo was quite the rebel. Would always go out and have fights with other cats, until to succumb to injuries some years later. QQ was more homely. When she was sick, my brother cooked grasshoppers over a frying pan for her. Damn crispy snacks. She died in a hit and run. They're all buried at my front lawn under the lemongrass bushes.

    Some years later, Miao-Miao just up and left. Only after very long later, she turned up at our doorstep. Weak and dying. She lay there at our doorstep for several days, not wanting anyone to disturb her. In due time, she breathed her last breath and we buried her with her progeny. Thus ends her feline dynasty... And we have not taken in another pet ever since.

    Thursday, April 08, 2010

    Easter Vigil

    On Holy Saturday, SK, mum and I left for church at 5:45pm to catch the Easter Vigil Mass for the mandarin-speaking congregation. Experience tells us that the turnout would be huge and the roads would most probably be jammed. But our kiasu-ness was for naught this year. It was smooth all the way and it was easy to get parking. The mass started at 6:45pm. All the lights were switched off and everyone moved to the main entrace where a coal stove was burning. It was used to light the Paschal Candle, a tall white candle about 50cm long. On the surface is a cross where the priest will symbolically use incense to mark the wounds of Christ during the Passion. Then, the priest will carry in the lighted Paschal Candle and announce the "Light of the World" for 3 times. Halfway through, the congregation will have their own candles lighted from the Paschal Candle. From then on, the liturgy will start and the Gloria would be sung for the first time since the 40 days of Lent. It was High Mass, a no-holds-barred kind of ritual where nearly everything was sung and the incense censers and holy water was brought out.

    6 readings were read that night and luckily I did not feel sleepy. Hehe. Perhaps cause I was too preoccupied with the kids sitting in the pews around me. One girl to my left was busy making sure that her candle was dripping wax on the floor. Her guardian seemed to be zoned out and indifferent to her behaviour. At one point, she was busy peeling the dried wax from the side of the candle and sprinkling the bits everywhere. Still no response from her guardian. Amazing. Such a lack of civic-mindedness. The kid at the back was also a monster. His poor grandmother couldn't control him. Whenever he was reading his PC Gamer mag, he was good, but when he was not.... busy playing with the lighted candle although everyone else had blown out their's. Even brought along a balloon and sloppily blew into it only to noisily let the air out later. I was tempted to whack the fella with something. Sigh.

    The other reason that made the mass long was the Sacrament of Baptism that happened at the same time. The cathecumens "die" to their old selves and be "reborn" to a new life in Christ. A very apt parallel for Easter. The holy water to used at the baptismal font is first blessed by dipping in the Paschal Candle. There's the singing of the Litany of the Saints. Then, the cathecumens' hands are annointed with chrism. Later, they are blessed by the priest and holy water is poured 3 times over their forehead...

    "I baptise you in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit"

    It was quite comical seeing some of the cathechumens needing to pushed down towards the font due to their height or have bangs that should have been swept aside before stepping up to the altar. Brings back memories of the time I was baptised in 2006. Later on, they light candles from the Paschal Candle's flame and are given a white scarf to symbolize their new life. Since Good Friday, the Tabernacle was left opened and empty, with the red lamp turned off. With the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the newly-baptised receive their first communion and the red lamp is turned on again.

    By 9:00pm, the celebration was concluded. We hung around a while before heading to Lotus at Aman Suria for some supper. Had naan with tandoori chicken, maggi goreng and tosai. The food is definitely better than at Kayu, but the service was a bit pening. Was supposed to eat at Kayu, but it was filled to the brim with soccer fans. But thanks to that, we discovered a better place for supper.

    Did anyone have any Easter Eggs? (I'm not talking about the ones in your pants).

    Wednesday, April 07, 2010

    No Geoduck Again

    Jaded Jeremy was in town for the Easter weekend, so he made a lunch date with SK and I on Holy Saturday. We gave his designated driver, Bunny one hour to find SK's place. Luckily, the detailed instructions that she gave were not in vain as they arrived with 15 minutes to spare. The last time Bunny came, he took close to 2 hours. SK nearly pulled all her hair out. So, we drove them to Serdang to have some fresh seafood at the restaurant with a BKT name. It was the same restaurant that we brought Anakz last month (already received grumbles from KH that I did not bring him there. Anytime baby, as long as you're paying for Geoduck. :P). As usual, JJ gave me his signature bear hug and Bunny looked blur as usual (must have been all the clearing of the skanking backlog). We were discussing what to order:

    Moi: We should order the salt-chilli prawns.

    JJ: Sounds spicy. I can't take spicy.

    Moi: But you can take curry, right?

    JJ: Erm....... yes....

    Moi: Jangan lebih. Salt-chilli prawns it is then.

    JJ: .............

    Bunny: I must learn this from you!

    In the end, we ordered the salt-chilli prawns (highly-recommended, crispy but still juicy!), trademark steamed snakehead in rice wine (cheap and nice!), stir-fried asparagus, fried calamari (the batter was very crispy, but I prefer the more tempura-like flour and it was a little overdone) and kam heong clams. The bill came to less than MYR100! Thank you Bunny! Hohoho. On hindsight, should have ordered the geoduck. After lunch, we hunted for a cooler venue, so we retreated to Hailam Kopitiam at Taman Equine. Did a whole lot more chatting (about investment and taxes... the sex topic quota was not fulfilled dammit!), but Bunny seemed to be low on batteries. To avoid having bunny sprawled on the marble-top table with his mouth open, we went back to SK's place. JJ, SK and I did more catching up while Bunny took his power nap. We said our goodbyes at around 4:00pm... Until JJ's next conjugal visit.

    Tuesday, April 06, 2010

    Have A Drink

    Seen at my training center-- a coffee maker that dispenses whitener. Common sense would tell me that it's actually non-dairy creamer, but somehow I'm afraid that I'll end up with bleach in my cup. Perhaps it's hydroquinone for fairer skin. Hard to say. Well, I did not get my coffee fix that day. :P

    Monday, April 05, 2010

    Digital Condom

    Bloody hell. Just one time of unprotected sex with a USB stick and my laptop's virus test came back positive. And a very tenacious virus too. Very stubborn. I don't think Dynamo could have handled it.

    Win32:Malware-Gen & Win32:Inject-XX

    Symantec could not help me. It just managed to catch the spam e-mails that it was trying to send out from my lappie. The alerts were super annoying. At least 20 would pop-up at one time. Don't worry, I don't think anyone received any Rolex or pharmacy offers from me. A simple port scan showed that whenever my lappie was connected to a network, it would suppretitously make numerous connections to random SMTP servers on the internet. Ugh!

    My colleague suggested that I install Avast. At least that managed to DETECT the virus, but I was not fully-cured. I would still need to deal with deleting the virus copies as they popped up. So hard to kill. I did several full scans (it bloody takes more than one night to scan the 2 million odd files on my lappie) across a span of two days the problems finally stopped after I did a round of Windows updates.

    So do remember to protect yourself. Always take precautions as you never know what port that USB stick has been stuck in. This has been a community service message from moi...

    Sunday, April 04, 2010

    The Tater Bread Craze of 2000

    Note: This is a blast from the past!

    A decade ago when I started my tertiary education in Kuala Lumpur, Carrefour was THE PLACE to be. Hypermarkets were such an attraction. Every weekend I would be at Endah Parade, Seri Petaling, either with my sister or with SK and JM who would drive all the way down from Bangi for the same reason. Unthinkable? But it's true. And you know what was the most mesmerizing thing about Carrefour?

    Potato Bread.

    Back in those days, people actually stalked the bakery for freshly-baked potato bread. When the staff pushed out the cart, the bread would be gone in less than 2 minutes. Half the time if there was a promotional price. And people would be munching away and end up with only the plastic bag left when they reached the cashier. Some just discard the plastic bag altogether. Free food. Things are so much more different today. Tesco and Giant have joined the fray. So many branches have cropped up, overcrowding the market like sperm on a discarded tissue. The crowds have thinned and most sadly, the potato bread has lost its appeal. Th end of a golden age.

    Friday, April 02, 2010

    Care for the Elderly

    Last Sunday, my BEC visited the Little Sisters of the Poor-St. Francis Xavier's Home for the Elderly under the patronage of the Little Sisters of the Poor at Taman Sri Bahtera, Cheras. Nestled inside a housing area, it's quite a challenge to find. The visit was in conjunction with the Lenten season, to do some charity and raise awareness about the old and destitute. Sister Cecilia was there to welcome us and she gave us a guided tour of the place. With a large floor space and serene surroundings, it's nothing like your usual old folks home. According to the nun from Hong Kong, they currently care for only 67 old folks at the home. And each of them are given their own room. According to her, the concept employed there is that the elderly should be given privacy and their own space (especially for those who are infirm and having illness). Therefore, creating a better environment for everyone and reducing conflicts.

    We were ushered into an open courtyard. Flanking the courtyard is a big dining area, a beautiful chapel and the surrounding buildings. They have their own laundry room and kitchen with heavy duty equipment. Everything is clean and orderly and even the more capable old folks help out to fold clothes or cook together with the nuns. Next, we were brought to a craft room where the old folks sew and make quilts. Beside it is a hair salon that is used volunteers who come and cut their hair once a month. There's also a day care room, mini market, a small canteen, a doctor's office and a fully-equipped dentist's office. Believe it or not, there's also a physiotherapy room. Outside, there's a garden with a fish pond where the old folks come to relax and enjoy the fresh air.


    Much thought had been put into the place to ensure that it would be relevant and workable for at least 50 years. A computer lab is being slowly set up as they foresee it to be something that the future generations of the elderly would be used to. Every corner is decorated with statues of saints and flowers giving it a very cosy feel. Prominently-featured in the place is Saint Jeanne Jugan, the patron saint of the elderly. We had the chance to interact with more of the immobile old folks who were being fed and tended by the Sisters. Some were still alert, but some seem to have retreated from their surroundings. Seeing them, I sometimes don't know how to react. It is a fact of life and hopefully years down the road we will be able to stay active as long as we can and when the day comes when we can no longer fend for ourselves, we are in the hands of people who are loving.

    Thursday, April 01, 2010

    Bird Meets Bird

    One night, while I was spending some time with myself... I noticed movement at the corner at my eye. I lifted my head from my pillow and looked at the window. What do you know, it was a cute little bird peeking from behind the curtain! We locked eyes a moment and it jumped into my room without even an "excuse me". Well, I usually wouldn't mind, but I was kinda preoccupied at the moment. And so with my jap porn blaring in the background, the little birdie flew from one corner of my bedroom to the other. Utterly chaotic! I stopped my ministrations and ducked into the bathroom to get my gayung (water scoop). I tried my best to net it, but it eluded me several times. It was quite a challenge trying to catch a darting birdie while having an exposed birdie too you know? Finally, I got it and I guess it was exhausted. It just sat quietly in the scoop while I gently launched it out the open window. I heard it flap its wings and I got the room to myself again.

    What was the worst disruption you ever had while jacking off?