Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Blues

The Blues  by nicholsphotos
The Blues , swiped from nicholsphotos on Flickr.
Moi: Baby, how did you sleep? Tired?

KH: Feeling blue.

Moi: Har... Why feeling blue?

KH: Cause you're not by my side.

Moi: Sorry baby...

KH: Actually not blue la... auto-corrected from BLUR.

Moi: Pheww!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tangled No More

donut. by williamnyk
donut., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

"Easy" is a word not found in my mum's vocabulary. Everything must be done the hard way. Last Saturday, I went to four markets in order to settle her grocery shopping list. For pork, we went to Taman United. For chicken, it was Jalan Hujan Emas 8. Vegetables? of course Jalan Hujan Emas 5. Kitchen accessories are aplenty at Seri Petaling! Didn't know that hor? Now you know. Luckily I made it in time for work. But it was good too as I managed to buy some Chinese garlic chive pancakes for my colleague. The poor fella never had them before. Also got a pack of chicken rice for lunch (else I would have to eat Subway) and zoomed off to Bukit Damansara. Five hours later, I made my way to OUG to get a haircut. Finally decided that my hair was too long. It had started to get caught in my backpack straps! Hahaha. And my assitant project manager kept on saying that he would like to buy a ribbon for my hair. :S. Worst of all, someone commented that it looked like a mullet!!! Upon sitting down, my stylist remarked the same thing, "Too long already". Shorn it all off. So much easier to handle now. Lighter. Instant weight loss? I wish.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Do You Know What Charsiew Looks Like?

CHA-CHA-PAN-MEE-AMAN-SURIA-3, swiped from ewinee on Flickr.

Ever since Sis gave birth, I have been going to church alone on Sundays because mum would be helping out with the baby. I would normally eat before going home. That day, I decided on Cha Cha Pan Mee at Aman Suria. They had moved from their corner lot to a smaller intermediate lot near Heritaga Village. Business must have slowed down. Looking at the menu, I finally decided on charsiew pan mee. When my meal came, question marks popped up all over my head:

Moi: Eh, ini charsiew pan mee ke?

Waitress: Yeah la. You order itu kan?

Moi: Takde charsiew pun?

Waitress: You order charsiew pan mee kan? Inilah charsiew pan mee!

Moi: Har?! Ini original pan mee la...!

(I flipped the noodles to look for hidden charsiew!)

Waitress: You order dengan siapa?

Moi: Uncle tua itu.

Uncle Tua: You ordered charsiew pan mee right?


Uncle Tua: Oh yeah. Wrong order.

I was flabbergasted that both of them did not even bother to verify the contents of the bowl before arguing with me. Idiotic. And my drink had not even arrived. I complained to the waitress and she gave me a face like it was my fault. Ugh! Finishing up my meal, I received a call from mum that BIL had locked the keys in my house, so I rushed home with my set of keys. Mum had practically moved the whole kitchen to my sister's place. Pots la, pans la, cooking oil la, rice la... I don't know why they can't purchase another set for use over there. Later in the afternoon, SK and Lifebook came to visit me. Put the kettle over the stove and poured them some passionfruit tea. Lifebook requested to see my extensive underwear collection, so I brought him up to my warehouse and showed him all my stuff. He was totally surprised and promised to blog about it after snapping some pictures. LOL.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chaos, Order

C&O by williamnyk
C&O, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

BACKLOGGED! Work, work, work. This is what happens when I handwash my delicates. Plenty of fresh pairs around, but if I delay it any longer, I might be the victim of a soiled underwear avalance (though I suspect there are some people out there who might appreciate such an adventure). Haha. At least I don't have to iron that pile. :P. Perhaps I should outsource. Any takers?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May Marriage

hei. by williamnyk
hei., swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Some time in April, one of my mum's distant relatives called her up to invite her to a wedding. The woman came over with her suptugenarian dad and pre-teen daughter to pass us the invitation card. Was kinda shocked that one of her daughters were getting married. Must have been knocked up! But mana tahu, it was actually her sister who was getting married in her forties. The wedding was held at Bukit Kiara Golf Resort on Labour Day. Being a big family affair, my uncle and aunt also came down from Teluk Intan to attend. Once again, they stayed at my place the night before. In the morning, we had a big breakfast gathering with my cousins at a coffee shop near my house. A bloody humid day. Moved from the stuffy interior to a table by the roadside, but it was still enough to make one sweat. At 11:30am, we made a move. Never been to the venue, but it was easy to find. Quite a hassle to get parking though. The Chinese restaurant was nestled beside the pool area. Caucasians were all baking in the sun while we shied away under the shade. Turned out to be quite a family reunion for mum. The whole thing kicked off with the happy couple making their entrance and the groom making a speech. Typical cina salesman type. Can't help but roll my eyes at his spiel. He regaled the guests with the story of how he met his wife on some photography trip at Mount Bromo. Turns out, the couple belongs to DUMC. Sounds familiar hor? Took me some time to realize that this was the church that was raided by Hassan Ali for 'proselytising' Muslims. Also cut the cake. Quite a departure from the usual sequence of events. Unbelievably, lunch started just twenty five minutes after the scheduled time! So happy!


Food was OK and served by cina twinks. At least my eyes were satisfied. When a whole bunch of Hokkien relatives get together, what is the inevitable? KTV! An uncle went up to syok sendiri, but truth be told, his singing wasn't half bad. After the banquet ended, we stuck around for the tea ceremony and some mingling. At this juncture, I was quite bored already and went wandering around. Surprisingly, all the photos that were taken earlier were immediately processed and given out as door gifts. It was quite a nice pic of me and mum, all done up in black and white. Perfect for hiding flaws. XD. Initially, I had to send my uncle and aunt to Puduraya, but they managed to get a lift from other relatives, so I save a trip there. On my way to get their luggage from my car, I bumped into a succulent example of twinkiness! The half-naked mat salleh boy was lean and tanned with a closely-shaved head. Loved the proportion of his body... yummy pecs and toned abdomen. And smooth to boot! He could very well be featured in a Bel Ami video. Too bad I couldn't get a spy shot of him! A disappointment for my readers. Better luck next time! Back at home, I packed my swimming gear and went for a dip. Fifteen laps later, I did some home improvement at my apartment. Changed the shoddy $15 doorknob before my tenants move in. Quite a noticable difference in quality. Hope my tenants won't complain about the shoddy sink and faucet!



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Manic Monday

OKR by williamnyk
OKR, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

When it rains, it pours. On a Monday no less. As usual, I check my inbox first thing in the morning. In addition to the usual crap from Men's Health, I found an e-mail from a product manager regarding a proposal that we were working on the week before. She told me that she did not have the base reference documents. We have been using the same documents for the past two proposals le... ugh... never mind. So I decided to make a detour to TTDI to pass her the documents since they were too bloody large to e-mail. My first obstacle was the traffic. Upon turning into Jalan Mega Mendung, I was stuck in a horrible jam. A road that usually takes no more than five minutes, swallowed twenty minutes of my time. And when I saw OKR, my jaw dropped. Horrible at both directions. In the end, I chose the Jalan Templer way. One hour and forty minutes later, I reach the TTDI office. And you know what? She wasn't there. In the end, I just copied the files into the server and left. Put the key into the ignition and turned. Not a peep from Iswara Skyline. Crap! I thought the battery had died. A remote possibility since I just got it changed six months ago! Luckily there were two workshops nearby. Walked over and hailed an ah beng to take a look at my car. Pleasant-looking and fair, Gratitude's type for sure. XD. Checking the battery with his kit, he declared that it wasn't a battery problem. He stuck his hand behind the engine and asked me to try again. The engine came to life! Suspected bad started. Not wanting to have this scene repeated at God-forsaken Bukit Damansara late in the evening, I decided to fix it there and then. I walked back up to the office and waited an hour for the mechanics to replace it. Whacked a bowl fish head noodles for lunch and voila, my car was ready! $220... Worked and worked and worked till 8:00pm. Paid the expensive parking fees of $21 and forgot to collect $9 change! Argghh! Normally lights would flash and notes would fall out... but this machine just keeps quiet and keeps the cash out of sight, hidden from view! T_T. That concludes my Monday sob story...

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Kid on the Block

Munching by williamnyk
Munching, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My sister's tummy was getting really, really large. The skin was pulled taut with the baby inside. A Goodyear blimp wouldn't be a bad comparison. Just two more weeks to D-day. On Thursday night, she complained of back pain. And on Friday afternoon, mum called to say that she had been admitted to Serdang Hospital for labour pains. And at 6:20pm, I received word that Roan had been born! Her first child was via C-section, this time round she went for natural childbirth. Quite quick. Not much news from my BIL as mother and child were still in the labour room. When I got home, Cyan was really jumpy. He kept telling me that he wanted to see his little brother at the hospital. Mum, BIL and Cyan went to hospital at about 9:30pm, but they were turned away as visiting hours were over. Dejected, Cyan complained to me when he reached home. Haha. Cute kid. He spent the night at my place. Kicked my mum the whole night, depriving her of a good night's sleep. In the morning, mum was already fussing with breakfast and miscellaneous stuff she needed to prepare for the new baby. I went down and wished her happy birthday with a big hug (just one day, and she would have been sharing her birthday with Roan). Was surprised to see that Cyan had also woken up. Expected him to be a little piggier on a non-school day. After eating, I sent her out to market to buy some groceries. Cyan was still excited and kept on counting down to twelve o' clock, the time when he can visit his little brother at the ward.

Strawberry Shortcake

At about 11:00am, went out to OKR to collect a Strawberry Shortcake from -Alex-. Cyan was so shy, but he managed to order a Pororo chocolate cake for his birthday in June. LOL. Back at home, brought out the gifts that SK and I bought for her. I bought her a purple Kipling handbag that fulfills her stringent criteria of being-- bright in colour, light, has many many compartments and can be converted from a sling bag to a tote. Phew! Not an easy task shopping for my mother. SK on the other hand got her a beautiful pair of white gold earrings that fulfill her minimum bling quotient. Haha. Shaped like Mickey Mouse too! At noon, we went to the hospital and boy, was it crowded. One could see extra beds here and there and the parking lot was full to the brim. By the time we arrived, my BIL's siblings were already there. Unlike Cyan who was wrapped up like a worm when I first saw him, Roan was free and kicking. A little darker than his brother but with same nose and trademark slitty eyes. Lotsa hair that was darker than midnight. The little tyke had his eyes closed most of the time I was there. His mum said that he was fond of sleeping and wasn't quite interested with feeding time. Cyan was elated to the reason of his promotion to big brother. Can tell that he was protective of his little brother. A matter of time before that turns into jealousy. Hahaha.


Still can't discharge cause the kid not yet berak. Seems that doctors need to verify whether the bowel is working well. Mum was getting sleepy so we went home at about 2:00pm. Bought a late lunch of Serdang Sisters YTF, white radish soup and cendol. Lunch was followed by an afternoon nap. Everyone konked out in the living room. At about 7:00pm, mum sent dinner to Sis and BIL. They stayed at home taking care of the baby, while mum, SK, Cyan and I went out to celebrate mum's birthday. Took a gamble with Yamada at Subang Jaya since it was close by. We hit the jackpot! Upon entering, saw the owner behind the sushi counter-- an elderly Japanese gentleman. Just a small establishment, so we had to sit at the counter. The menu was large and well-illustrated. So many choices, combinations and weird items! Finally decided on the sashimi, unagi, tempura dinner set, sake sashimi and tori teriyaki dinner set, sashimi 5hinmori (omakase of five types of fish but with scallop, baby squid and octopus thrown in! Wonderfully fresh!) and shimesaba (vinegered mackerel with kelp and cucumber, definitely an appetite pick-me-up). Will definitely return to try their other items! Sitting at the counter, one does not linger long, so we paid the bill and left. Did the cake-cutting ceremony for mum and so ngam Roan could tumpang. The cake was lovely. Very light and the vanilla went well with the strawberries and apricots. A fantastic double celebration. :)



Monday, May 14, 2012

Taxi Wisdom

Ever since I was reporting to work at KPMG Tower and Jalan Dungun, I had to take the taxi in the morning. I would drive out to Old Klang Road and hail a cab there. Mum would then drive home. And it's so very sad that just to get there, I have waste at least thirty minutes braving the jam on Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil. But that's just the first leg. OKR traffic ain't pretty too. Both directions can be shitty. I have tried it all and have been entertained by all sorts of taxi drivers. Some keep quiet. Some talk your ears off. Either way, I would still fiddle with my phone looking at skanky photos on Instagram while the taxi driver does his job. So far, I have learnt that:
  1. Taxi drivers who rent the taxi and the permit from taxi companies have to pay MYR45 a day
  2. For those who already own the car just need to pay MYR17 for the permit
  3. To grease the wheels to get your own permit? Just pay MYR4,000
  4. CamPro engines are not suited to be fitted with NGV. Speeds above 110km/h causes overheating and spoils the NGV nozzle
How's that for some taxi trivia?

One taxi driver I encountered was a retired civil servant:

"I don't know how taxi drivers survive. Just over MYR100 a day and I work twelve hour shifts! And you know la all these Proton cars. This spoil, that spoil. Expensive you know? Not too bad for me as I have a pension. I really don't know how they survive."

"Working for the government is OK la... Depends on your supervisor. If he believes that your anak sakit and what not... then Ok la... No need go into work. If not, susah la... If you're absent from work, someone can always cover for you, but if you're absent from the weekly exercise session, that can never be replaced you know!?"

I was so shocked that he put more emphasis on the stupid senamrobik session rather than actual work. That's the civil service for you. Goodness. I really gotta cut down on all these taxi rides... $$$ (dahlah OKR selalu jam giler!)!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

MRT Celebrities: Some Pointers

Here are a couple of MRT Celebrities from KH. The first guy is quite cute with a high breeder quotient. With his masculine looks, I think he can carry off some facial hair even. But judging from the picture, the subject of this photograph seems to be looking directly at the iPhone! This is what happens when you take pictures at face level. A very obvious action that could land you with some awkward and unhappy MRT moments. But then again, the guy might reward your appreciation with his phone number. Hahaha. Try shooting from a lower angle. The second guy ain't my cup of tea, but KH assures me that his side profile doesn't do justice to him. Anyway, look at the bottom of the picture-- blurred right? Most probably KH's finger. Always remember to keep the lens clear from obstructions. Kinda like taking pics only to find the lens cap still on! Hehe. Happy spy-camming!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Green Over Yellow II: Can't I Suck Some Balls In Peace?!

Message by williamnyk
Message, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

The place was packed full of people. Business was so brisk that the drinks were sold out, they only served a standard order and even the chili sauce ran dry. Moved towards the back and found one available seat for mum. Two more seats were available, but there were bags on them, so I naturally thought they were being saved for someone. Seeing that nobody came for the seats, mum opened her mouth:

Mum: Is someone sitting here?

Bitch: Huh?! You want the seat ah?!

Mum: Yes.

The bitch actually saw me standing there and did not bother to offer me a seat. Her bag and hat was more important. She grudgingly put the items on her lap. She then hailed the waiter:

Bitch: Wei, where are my noodles?! Two bowls here le!

Mum: I also ordered one bowl.

Bitch: That woman's order is none of my business ah! Two bowls here!


Amazingly selfish and rude. We just ignored her and finished the meal. Mum liked it a lot. Wonder if it was because she was super hungry! LOL. Paid up and prepared to leave. At the door, we suddenly heard several consecutive shots. People were running into the shop and we could see that smoke was wafting over. My eyes immediately started to sting! Shit! It was tear gas! The police had put things into high gear. People around started to choke. Mum and I quickly moved away from the door and scrambled to wet our towels. Some good samaritans distributed packets of salt and a giant packet even came from the kitchen. More and more people came in and with each opening of the door, more irritants entered the enclosed space. Wasn't a pretty sight-- my eyes were tearing, the skin near my eyes felt like it had been smeared with chili oil and my nose was runny. Eating the table salt did help soothe the throat. A girl even helped us by spraying a salt water mist on our faces to help neutralize the acidic substance.

Soong Kee Gas

Realizing that staying indoors wasn't an option, mum and I prepared to make a dash for it. She went to the toilet to change out of her yellow T while I waited near the kitchen. The old man who cooked the noodles in the open air kitchen area took out a rubber hose to let people who were fleeing the gas to wet their towels and wash their faces there. He seemed unfazed by the gas! Even the cute young guy in the tight fitting black T who took our order was hacking. ;D.

Bersih 3.0: Thank you uncle!

Soong Kee Uncle: No need to thank me. It is my duty to help.

Helping Hand

Drenching our face towels, we bravely stepped out of the shop, mindful of any signs of the police. Sporadic groups of people were seen running helter-skelter in different directions. Knowing that Masjid Jamek would be chaotic, we skirted that area and headed towards Menara Maybank. Things were quite peaceful there, but there was a sea of yellow near Pudu Raya. We tried to go up to Plaza Rakyat LRT station but was hit with a dead end. Had to double back and rethink. Avoided the crowd by going to the 7-11 near Menara Maybank hill. Thought of going towards Jalan Raja Chulan to catch the monorail. Met many protestors coming from that direction so I asked a few of them. Apparently things at Raja Chulan wasn't pretty too. Crap. We reversed and rested near the Indian temple. I knew that walking toward Central Market would also be a mistake, so we just stood our ground for the time being. Bumped into my ex-coursemate there and we talked a while. He too was looking for a way home. Sensed a high gay quotient from one guy in his group. Hehe.

Feeling restless, we started moving again, this time towards the old Telekom Museum. Remembering St. John's Cathedral, we quickly moved towards there for refuge. The doors were wide open. It was so welcoming. In the church compound, we saw the two sisters who we followed earlier. Immediately, we entered the church, knelt at the pew and prayed. Thanked God for keeping us safe and prayed that He would show us the way home. In the church compound, my data plan was finally working. Earlier on, it was quite impossible to connect. Very disappointed with DiGi. And it's the yellow telco provider le! Don't think it was due to the telco jammer as I saw others having no problems. :S. At about 5:00pm, we chatted with a photographer who was at the front line. His pics were superb. Also told us about how rude the police were and how they tried to grab his camera. Definitely police 'SOP' to try and destroy evidence.


Mum didn't want to wait for sunset mass, so we tried our luck at Plaza Rakyat again. This time round, the station was opened! Jam-packed full of people. The chaotic queues at the vending machines cause a massize jam in and out of the access gates. Luckily mum and I had Touch n' Go cards. Up at the station, the people were still in good spirits. As the Seri Petaling train pulled into the station, waves of "Bersih" was shouted and the idiotic train driver refused to open the doors. WTF. So had to wait for the next round. Once bitten twice shy, so shouting did not happen until after the doors were opened. LOL. Plenty of yellow sardines in the train. Nice to receive a call from Gratitude checking on mum and I. Quite a scene with people of all races swapping Bersih 3.0 stories and showing each other their photos and videos. Everyone just needs a mutual goal to unite and forget differences. But when things quiet down, no doubt all sorts of nonsense will start crawling in and create cracks again. Oh well. The dust hasn't quite settled. Dunno whether there will be a Bersih 4.0. Whatever the case, the real battle is the PRU13!


Monday, May 07, 2012

Green Over Yellow I: The Calm Before The Storm

Green Over Yellow by williamnyk
Green Over Yellow, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

I wasn't really if I wanted to go to Bersih 3.0. Several friends asked me about it, but I didn't give a definite answer. My mum told me that she was going, so what the heck, what kind of son would leave her mother to go alone? So I said yes, and peeled myself from the laptop and put myself in the thick of things for the first time.



The night before 428, mum told me that we should gather with some DAP members at Taman Sungai Besi before heading out to Tasik Selatan. I heard 8:00am and I was like... forrrrrr whatttttt. Told her that we were going to the same place, so it didn't matter what time we left. No point going out of the way and end up on the same LRT line. As usual, she was a bit bull-headed about it, so I gave her friend a call. Luckily her friend saw my point and also changed her plan to board at Bukit Jalil at a later time. In the end, we left home at about 8:30am to use the park n' ride facilities at Bukit Jalil. Many cars were already there and I saw two guys changing into yellow Ts at the carpark. Not wanting to attract so much attention, I wore a pale yellow T and mum in black. I reserved something yellower in my backpack. The night before, I did some cramming and prepared my so-called Bersih 3.0 survival kit based on some websites. Quite helpful. Packed three bottles of drinking water, table salt, pen and paper (if suei-suei kena tahan), bandaids, face masks, salt and a face towel. Also saved some emergency legal aid numbers into my phone. And also password protected it. Decided not to bring my camera as I did not want something extra to look after. More important to keep an eye on mum. Better safe than sorry.

Angry Birds

Yellow Ranger

The number of people waiting the board the train at Bukit Jalil was unusual for a Saturday and many were wearing yellow or concealing it beneath other articles if clothing. In the train, a Malay uncle was already calling his friend and asking about the situation on the ground. Not all were heading for Bersih, some were usual commuters whom I have met on the rush hour train ride. In addition to the yellow, the red were out in full force too-- not Unit Amal PAS, but the staff from Sogo. LOL. Lots of people alighted at Plaza Rakyat. Most were in yellow and they made their preparations there, changing in the toilets and what not. Mum also changed there, coming out with her customized Bersih T, complete with a stalk of leaves representing the Anti-Lynas Movement. Walked out of the station and headed to Jalan Sultan. Yellow everywhere on the streets. They were all sitting and standing around in the shade. Saw StevenG with a group of friends with Angry Bird balloons and other yellow items. Found our way to Yan Keng Benevolent Drama Society. Pete Teo was there to record a music video for the conservation of Jalan Sultan. Since we were just standing around anyway, mum and I took part. Meanwhile, people passed me a green strip of cloth and a yellow balloon. I tied it to my backpack shoulder strap to match the yellow strip that mum got me. The balloon was quite a nuisance so I stuck the stick into the back of my shirt effectively turning me into a two-headed Bersih activist.

Rasa Sayang


During the recording, everyone gathered and held "Rasa Sayang, Jalan Sultan" placards while singing a song with the same repetitious words. Several versions were recorded-- sad, happy, crazy. Was a nice warm up to the rally. At about ten plus, we did not know what to do. Suddenly the crowd surged toward Pudu Raya only to reverse back towards Jalan Sultan. And the sun had already started its sweaty work. Several false starts later, we saw a familiar face in the crowd. A CDD priest was with two sisters from the FMM. The priest was in his robes and holding a beautiful Michelin umbrella with the words "BERSIH" and a hibiscus, specially made for him by a local artist. The sisters were in their habits-- one wore a hat with a thick ribbon of yellow and green, while the more elderly sister had yellow ribbon around her neck. They cut a swaft through the crowd in a deathly silence. Immediately, mum and I decided to follow their group. Their first stop was the nearby Gospel Hall. We stopped there for a bit, resting and relieving ourselves. Later on, a commotion came into the grounds of the church... it was Aunty Bersih! She had a short talk with the priest and many people requested to take photos with her. Though reluctant to do so, she relented. But she drew the line at autographing stuff.


Aunty Bersih, A Sister and A Priest

The Gospel Hall seemed to be the grounds of operation for several groups of young protestors. They prepared their noise-makers and strategized there. At about noon, we headed out following the surge of people. From Jalan Sultan we moved towards Jalan Tun HS Lee. At one point, we thought we were stuck, but the priest surged on the front. Along the way, we saw a couple of paragliders pass by and everytime a helicopter passed, the crowd would boo loudly. We passed by many boys in blue in the five foot walkway, but they did not hassle us. We stopped by the roadside and started reciting a decade of the rosary. Recharged by prayer, we followed the human traffic while singing "Hail Mary, Full of Grace" in mandarin. Occassionally we were drowned out by the usual slogan chanting. We continued on. Some time during the march, a giant yellow inflatable ball came out of no where and the crowd bounced it from end to end. Surging forward, we passed by the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple and the Guan Di Temple. Continued on to Sin Tze Ya Temple, where we hung a left towards Leboh Pudu and subsequently on Jalan Hang Kasturi. Seemed to be the end of the road as the road in front of the bar council was barricaded and Dataran Merdeka was just in front.

Bersih Prep

Rally Rosary

Once again we stopped to rest, this time at the lane beside the Bar Council. There we met up with another CDD priest who even came with a pectoral staff and a stole. Walking towards the river, many more people were camped out on the Bar Council parking lot. Access to The Annexe Gallery was barred. The priest walked out to the front and was confronted with the barrier. A girl who sat nearby shouted:

"Father, bless the fence! Bless the police!"

After a while, we retreated. It was nearly 2:00pm. On and off the crowd would chant:

"Buka pintu! Buka Pintu!"

End of the Road

Clean Elections

And at one point, we sang the national anthem. Then someone heckled the police for not standing up for "Negaraku". The stand-off happened for some time until a FRU armored tanker-truck came into view on the bridge at Leboh Pasar Besar. At that point, mum found her friend at Sin Seng Nam coffee shop. A whole family outing. We were advised to move, so we made our way to Medan Pasar towards Leboh Ampang. It was a giant standstill. Noticed quite a number of gay boys. Kinda like a fashion show with their high hair and A&F T-shirts. Some Bersih Bois were quite cute le... We caught up with the CDD priest again, so we went forward. They were resting on the kerb. It was already 3:00pm and the biscuits kinda just disolved in our active gastric juices. So we backtracked towards Jalan Tun Tan Siew Sin and bumped into Ngeh Koo Ham addressing the crowd in front of HSBC. Seeing that Soong Kee was open, we made our way there....

Pep Talk

to be continued

Sunday, May 06, 2012

LRT Celebrities: Loo Leon

I know, I know, the name doesn't do justice to this college cutie. So boy next door. Met him twice on the STAR LRT to Masjid Jamek. Both times I caught him napping (he looks much better with his eyes open!). Good for me to cause it makes my job much easier, but of course he has a different charm with his eyes wide open! One day, as luck would have it, we both headed for the toilet after alighting at Masjid Jamek. One could conclude that I actually followed him, but I swear I'm an angel! I can get you some character witnesses who would vouch for me if you like. Hehe. And so ngam we urinated side by side as there were only two urinals available. XD. I did not steal a glance k? Hehe. Perhaps some of my readers might think that my skills extend to the level that I managed to take a spy cam of him peeing while I myself was answering the call of nature! Wakakakaka. Hope to see more of this cutie. :).

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cakap-Cakap Cockles

Cockles by williamnyk
Cockles, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Suddenly received a What's App message from Gratitude to yumcha in BK5. Met him and SK at Restoran Rishadh after showering. Shared a tosai and Tandoori chicken with SK while Gratitude ordered a plate of blanched cockles! Goodness. Never ever saw anyone ordering that. Even influenced the table beside us to order the same. :S. Wouldn't touch that stuff with a ten-foot pole! But judging from the looks of it, the dish was overdone. The whole session was quite interesting as a gay couple sat beide us. Gratitude kept on stealing glances at the young pair. Gossiping was also the order of the night. Cakap sampai tekak pun kering. Some topics don't ever get boring and some people never fail to provide fodder. Six drinks and two hours later, we paid the bill and left for home. A great way to end a Friday night.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Recently watched "Seven Days in Heaven", an artsy Taiwanese movie that pokes fun at death and funerals. It's based on an award-winning short story by Essay Liu (what a name) about the seven days mourning ritual. In the story, a pair of siblings go home to settle their father's funeral under the watchful eye of the village's funeral director cum Taoist priest. Along for the ride is their big-city cousin who records everything with a camcorder, and is also the eye candy of the movie! Some real funny scenes in the movie, for example showing professional mourners who grind their teeth in the dust and cry one second, and stand up to freshen up and enjoy an istonic drink the next. The daughter is also portrayed brushing her teeth beside the coffin because it was an auspicious time to mourn according to the Taoist priest. LOL. In another scene, the local politician is seen donating two huge towers of canned drinks for the funeral only to later see the drinks explode one by one and collapse in the hot sun. Along the way, the daughter reminisces about her father in a series of flashbacks that help tell the story of her relationship with her dad. But anyway, enjoy the cutie! Bloody difficult for me to figure out his name, perhaps someone can enlighten me. :)