Friday, October 30, 2009

The Love of Money

My company is notorious for delaying salary increments without any official announcements. The management will never inform you that there will or will not be any salary increment. Don't ask me about bonuses, because THAT has never happened. It's a dirty word to use in my presence. You just wait. If it happens, it happens. And so, I just recently received my long overdue salary increment. Nearly 2 years already. And one would expect that with the delay, they would combine 2 increments into 1. Dream on! Any backdating you might ask? Do pigs fly? No. Are my top managers pigs? Yes! Oh well. Everyone was so pissed. Checking the amount of the credit advice on M2U, we couldn't really tell if there had been an increase. The amount must have been so small that it was smothered by the scheduled deductions. :(.

I was pissed, so I left for lunch at 12pm sharp. Picked up KT and SK for lunch at Kung Fu Pan Mee at Puchong Jaya. On our way there, my dar was beeping from a guy in front of me. He was busy holding the steering wheel with one hand, while manoeuvering bak kwa into his mouth with the other. The curl of his fingers and his dainty grip totally gave him away. And the way he wiped his mouth with his pinky... Oppps. Tried their famous Jiong Fei Pan Mee and I must say that it's nothing to shout about. I don't really like their noodles. In my opinion, it's a bit on the firm side. Their Swiss Chicken Wings are quite OK. Arriving back at the office at 2:35pm, it was just another 3 hours before I clocked off. Hehe.

UPDATE: I have since received my payslip and the overdue increment was definitely not a combined value. :(. Sigh. But anyway, THANK YOU MR. CHAIRMAN!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Have A Date With Spring

Ever since mum and I watched Dama Orchestra's "September Tales", we were quite smitten by the their productions and Tan Soo Suan's voice (most probably it was because we were Teresa Teng junkies as well). Following that, we bought tickets to "Butterfly Lovers". Once again, we were bowled over by their musical prowess and voice talent. Come 2009, I knew I had to watch their musical "I Have A Date With Spring". For those of you who have gone to KTV with me, you would know that oldies are my staple. So it was definitely a must-watch. SK, mum and I caught the matinee show last Sunday at KLPAC and we weren't disappointed. The musical is an adaptation of To Kwok Wai's play of the same name. It's in Cantonese with english and chinese subtitles. The story revolves around 4 aspiring singers-- Butterfly Yiu (played by the talented Tan Soo Suan), Lulu, Nancy and Feng Ping. They shared their lives, careers, trials and tribulations. There's love, hate and humour. Throw in some flashbacks, wars, curfews... and you get a gripping tale. Some parts of the story were not very convincing, but hey, it's a musical.

My favourite character is Nancy, who is played by Fang Chyi Chang. Her voice was superb. Strong. Solid. And she played the part of the stubborn and faithful friend to a T. And in the whole script, I think she spoke more than 20 pok-kais. Hehe. Another great distraction was Nell Ng's Yuen Pik, the curvy and sashaying singer whom everybody loves to hate. And of course, the songs are the main stars of the musical. I liked Nancy's "As Time Goes By" and "Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me". And I especially loved the groups rendition of "Sneaking Around" and Yuen Pik's "Spring Kisses On My Cheek". Such classics! The set was quite innovative with the use of 2-way mirrors, but the show was marred by a curtain malfunction. But overall, it was a great show. The women definitely sang better than the men but one can always forgive a face like Steve Yap's. :P.

A wonderful piece of work Dama! Looking forward to 2010's production of Empress Wu.

P.S.: Oh yeah, forgot to bad mouth the Japanese restuarant in KLPAC. I did not bother to remember the name. Just don't eat there. The food quality is sub-standard!!! Just ask SK.
P.P.S: Extra shows till November 1st if you're interested.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jing Ge Ge, Sa Ge Ge

SK and I just finished watching "The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008" on DVD. It's a production from China with several HK artistes. 50 episodes in 3 discs. We finished way ahead of schedule cause we used the fast-forward most of the time. The hero Guo Jing can be so annoying. So naive. So loyal. So stupid. Can never get it through his thick head that his brother Yang Kang hates his guts and wants him dead. However, even morons like him get to learn fantastic kung fu and get the pretty girl, Huang Rong. The whole story is a rojak of people from Peach Blossom Island, the Jin kingdom, Mongols, the Beggar Clan, White Camel Mountain, the Quan Zhen Sect and etc. The characters keep running into each other although the geographical location is large and everyone seems to have some kind of unfinished business with everyone else. Talk about convoluted. Basically, it's about fighting to be the No. 1 and the Nine Yin Manual is the golden ticket to success. Throw in some clan wars and love stories here and there and you get the whole story.

Things were updated in this remake-- e.g. Huang Yaoshi's favourite move had him shooting laser beams; Hong Qigong's kung fu had dragons flying everywhere and Ouyang Feng's eyes turned beastly everytime he used his amphibian style. With my poor understanding of mandarin, I think I only got bits and pieces of the story. Plus, adaptations like these are normally unreliable. Whatever the case, it was quite enjoyable... even in fast-forward mode. LOL.

P.S.: The actors aren't my cup of tea. Guo Jing looks too much the lanky idiot. Ouyang Ge is too sleazy. And Yang Kang just annoys me with his angsty antics. Blegh.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mathematics of Hot Air

After putting off twice due to scheduling conflicts (and lack of motivation), I finally attended the employee talk by my Chairman. It was held at a small auditorium at my parent company's HQ. Those who have gone before me warned that it was a snooze fest, so I left my Taman Desa office at 11:45 to book a place at the back row. But before that, we had lunch at Sakae Sushi at One Utama. The captain looked and sounded like he worked for the triad before. o.O. But do watch out for the cute waiter. :D. Post-lunch coffee was at Kluang Station. My first time there and I was not impressed.

We were warned not to be late, but on the contrary, the big boss was late 15 minutes. I'm not complaining especially when it also ended half an hour before schedule. Hehe. Like all his other talks, it was full of question marks, theories and mathematics. He kept on dropping names of famous mathematicians. He presented the culmination of his 15 years of study-- Darwin's Theory of Evolution in mathematics.

With an obscure triangle and numerous abbreviations, he goes on to explain his spiel.

The Super Linguistic Topos

>> Evolution dictates that the species that responds the quickest to change will survive. Hence, as employees, we must learn to evolve or we will stagnate, as well as our salaries.

>> Property: Is something innate. Hence, I cannot help you with that.

>> Behaviour: Is something that is based on your will. I also cannot dictate how you behave.

>> Space and Time: I am not God, hence I have no power over this domain.

>> Evolution: THIS I can help you with. Go through my mathematical model. Use the tools I have built for you. Learn the fundamentals from it as I know you will never understand it from books like I have. And you will succeed.

And my personal favourites:

Why do butterflies fly and I cannot? Think about it.

Contribution equals reward.

I can't help but feel guilty that I did not "contribute".... tee heee....

Friday, October 23, 2009

Please Service Me

Swiped from matthewlw.
With Deepavali falling on a Saturday, I got Monday off as a replacement. Did not get much rest at all that day with me running around settling my chores. The first order of the day was to pay my mechanic bill from Saturday. The air-conditioner compressor had cost me MYR495!!! :'(. Next, I went to the Acer service center in SUbang Jaya. Luckily I found the industrial park as I missed out on 60% of the landmarks in the early part of my directions. Unlike the HP-Compaq service center, it wasn't packed with people. I brought in 2 lappies, my office notebook and SK's personal notebook. I waited till noon for them to replace SK's keyboard, but mine was "warded". The LCD cover had cracked at the hinges and the LCD panel is practically severed if not for the connections. It's falls over without support. They took ages to source the left bracket and after 4 working days I was told that repairs would cost MYR550! Lunch was with YY, an ex-coursemate and ex-colleague of mine whom I had recently found out was also a part of the "family". It's such a small world. We met at Sakae Sushi, The Curve and had a long chat about coming out, sluttiness, BFs and religion. It's was nice seeing him after so long as truth be told, I had never spoke more than a few words to him.

After lunch, I drove back down to Puchong to settle SK's car radio. Driving without any music is definitely boring! When I mentioned SK's car registration number, the guy sputtered,

font color=green>"That's Ms. SK's car!!!"

It's just like I mentioned Voldemort or spoke of Sauron. Scary. The had it done in half an hour. Back home, mum made YTF for dinner. Delicious! Until they can fix my laptop, I have to use my 6yo Fujitsu. PentiumIII 600GHz. So slow! And it's running Windows 2000 Server. It's practically clawing for more memory. The HDD spins and spins and spins. Sigh....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The In-Laws

JustBecks' recent visit to his BF's hometown in Batu Pahat inspired me to write this post about in-laws. Have you ever met your "mother-in-law"? If you have, does she even know that you're her "son-in-law"? In my case, I have met my "mother-in-law" and KH has met his. However, there is a big difference in our experience. KH has only met my mother once and that occasion also marks my coming out to my family. Ever since that day, I have kept KH under wraps for fear that she might remember him. Truth be told, KH wants to meet her. During CNY, he even suggested that I hide him among a group of friends. I wouldn't want to take the chance. Sigh.

As for me, I have met KH's mother for many times. I have sat down to lunch with her and visited her at home. And she knows who I am. And most importantly she knows who I am to her beloved son. It's not like she ignores me or gives me the cold treatment, but sometimes I just feel more comfortable not facing her. SK has told me that his mum sometimes talks indirectly to me. In a roundabout way. I don't know whether that is good or bad, or perhaps that's just her way of coping with me. Whenever KH is back in KL and goes out, she'll just state matter-of-factly:

"Out with William ah?"

Her tone of voice is not approving, but I guess its not outwardly disapproving either. When I pick him up from his apartment, more often than not his mum would be looking out from the balcony to confirm if its me. Hmmm... I wonder when I'll get comfortable around her.

What's your experience?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Family

Such wisdom from a sleazy roadside advertisement I saw in Taman Desa:

Wang ringgit boleh dicari, kebahagian rumahtangga tidak boleh dijual-beli

In case you got a P7 for your Bahasa Malaysia, it means that money can always be earned, but marital happiness can never be bought.

So, forget about OT tonight, go home and f*ck your hubby's brains out. Instant marital bliss.

Money problems? Have sex.

Your spouse giving you ten-cent face? Have sex.

In-laws meddling all the time? Have sex.

Looking for more such nuggets of wisdom? Fret not. Keep your eyes peeled in wet markets and under flyovers for phrases such as "Mann Cream", "Approved by KKM" and "". Happy hunting!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving Up?

Guess Who!?
Swiped from mousleyka.
During my stupid weekly status meeting with my Fatty Boss (aka PuiZ), he threw his weight around again (definitely not a problem for him). Questioning about delays and lack of progress (with the exception of the ad hoc stuff he asked us to do-- as if that wasn't enough a distrubance). And so, he displayed his enlightened leadership again by appointing me Project Manager of the non-existent project. Well, it was HIS job to begin with. So now, he can be an imaginary Project Director. If you can't get to the position in real life, you can consider using this role-playing method for your own simulated hegemony.

In a nutshell, I'm the slave driver and also the slave.

I'm the bullock and also the farmer holding the whip.

I'm riding myself.

Such a mystery right? You want things to get done, but you think that they happen from cheap talk and require no time. Snap out of it. Get real.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celebration #3

The 3rd celebration for my birthday took place at SK's place on my birthday. Having 2 days of replacement leave, she volunteered to prepare a nice steamboat dinner for me. On Thursday, she went out to the market to get the fresh meat, vegetables and seafood. A magnificent spread it was with fish, cuttlefish, squid, pacific clams, abalone, chicken (do ask SK what happened at the market), lala, mushrooms, leafy greens, fishballs, meatballs, beancurd, prawns and etc. The stock was made with chicken, pork and eau de ormeau. It was basically a family affair with Peng, her housemate (+ BF) and my Mei, KT (+ BF).

On Friday (my birthday!), I took a day of annual leave (9 more days to clear). Brought mum out to cut her hair, then together with SK and Cyan we went to Restoran Goon Wah, Kuchai Lama for some XO Fish Head Noodle. It's Teochew style with beancurd and yam in a claypot. Also do try their loh shi fun and the heavenly Guiness Stout chicken wings! Their stir-fried pig intestines is also fantastically crunchy if you're into variety meats. Cyan was pulling a tantrum, so we quickly left to the Gardens to collect my cake from San Terri. SK ordered a Chantilly (basically a fruit flan, but with a very fruity aroma infused in the sponge cake) after her order of Chestnut was vetoed by the zealous salesgirl. Back at KT's ex-boss' shop, SK bought me a Monkey key chain with penetrating eyes and a rabid laugh that activates everytime you press its head. Absolutely precious. Absolutely me.


Dinner was a tad late to start as KT and my bro-in-law were both tied up elsewhere. It was a scrumptuous steamboat. The broth was super sweet with all the fresh ingredients. Post-dinner, we had rock melon, peaches, yellow kiwi fruit and mango. KT provided the dessert-- agar-agar with egg and coconut milk and agar-agar with wolfberries and dates (specially whipped up for SK during the last minute-- kinda like an Iron Chef!). Then, we opened the bottle of Merlot brought over by my KT's BF. Hehe. Other than the jelly (bless her heart), my Mei also brought me a present-- a white UCB sweater (this is the year of sweaters!!!). My sis on the other hand, gave me cash. Also wonderful. I never complain. After everyone had left, we did some camwhoring as SK and KT wanted to show off their new dresses. I tried my hand at art direction. :P. It's hard! I think KT's BF was very shocked by our antics. By the end of it, I charn sai dy. It was a fantastic birthday celebration!!! One more year to the big THREE O. Oh well...


P.S.: The card with the heart and cupcake was made by SK. KT also made me a card with magazine cutout letters, like a ransom note. And she cheekily put the phrase 100% Mei-Made at the back. LOL.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Swiped from williamnyk.
Last Sunday, SK and I endured a half an hour crawl on the LDP (cause the idiots closed on lane at the TTDI intersection) to get to IKEA. And you wanna know why we were there? Cause my mum wanted to buy a clock. But it wasn't a wasted trip. We came out with 2 clocks and 2 towels. And I noticed that IKEA likes to hire cute college boys as their cashiers.

Twinky Cashier: Sir, would you like a plastic bag?

Moi: (..............................) Huh? Oh. No.

Yummy! And can anyone tell me what a sprung mattress is? A secondhand spring mattress perhaps? :P.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Swiped from williamnyk.
Looks like reading Mens Health has paid off for me. Not that I have a six-pack now. No higher energy level. My relationship with my boss isn't better. I DEFINITELY did not get more luck with the ladies. None of that. But I got a Schwarszkopf hamper from them!!! Hehe. I wrote them an e-mail in response to their swimming article (Swim For Your Life) in the August issue and it got into the Tell Mens Health Segment!!! Hehe. The hamper contains a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and some strong styling paste.

Thank you Blu Inc for the "birthday present" and SK and KT for collecting it for me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Say It With A Card

It's always fun receiving a greeting card. Even more fun if it had gone through the screwy logistics of Pos Malaysia and ends up in your postbox. Never threw a single card away (except for those from insurance agents!), stashed all of 'em in my drawer. Going through the cards really brings back memories-- birthdays; thank you's; condolences; thinking of you's; graduation; valentines; Then I thought about those that KH gave me. I couldn't find 'em!! Panic! After doing some rummaging, I finally found them under my boxes of unopened undies. Hehe. Forgotten that I had changed the location after doing some reorg. I wonder if I should tie them in a stack with a ribbon and put it an old chocolate tin like in the movies. Hehe. After doing some statistics, the bulk of my cards are actually from SK! And all of 'em are pretty and unique. Here's a little sneak peek into my chocolate tin of memories! Enjoy!

Greeting Cards VII
Greeting Cards VI
Greeting Cards V
Greeting Cards IV
Greeting Cards III
Greeting Cards II
Greeting Cards I

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pappa Don't Prich

Swiped from williamnyk.
Ten colleagues (from 3 different project sites) and one ex-colleague teamed up to get me a birthday present. In exchange, they wanted me to treat them to a birthday dinner. This is quite a break from our usual tradition of treating the birthday boy or girl to lunch or dinner, sans the present. But hey, a change is good. And so, a date and venue was decided upon. We ended up in PappaRich, 3 1/2 Mile Square, 5 days before my actual birthday. The place was quite cozy, and had a better interior than Old Town. The food is also better and more diverse, but I must say that the drinks menu is really memeningkan. Tried their chicken hor fun-- it was pretty good, and had a good portion of steamed chicken, but I still prefer the soup from Old Town. It was a pretty subdued affair at first, but when the camera came out, we started bringing the house down. Goofy laugther and stupid jokes... enough to bring your eyes rolling.

When everyone had eaten, it was present time. I was asked to guess. I told them-- no clothes; no condoms; no underwear; My gift landed on the table with a clunk! And I still couldn't guess. It was cylindrical. Jokingly, they said it was a metallic dildo. It it was one, I could soon accommodate at least 3 fists. When I pulled it out, it was actually a Sigg bottle that my colleague had bought the other day at Pavilion.

Moi: Why are you buying this? Thought you said you you were saving up for an iPhone 3GS?

Lying, Cheating Colleague: Just buy la.

Moi: Aiyoh.... this thing ah... the surface is a scratch and dent magnet!

Lying, Cheating Colleague: ........

And I ended up getting it. Ish. I told them that I want the Sigg accessories for Christmas. :P. Post-dinner, we walked over to Old Town for more drinks. A bit more of talking cock and everyone adjourned. By the time I reached home, I could barely open my eyes.... Stay tuned for celebration #3!

P.S.: Grandma, I turned my head for you. But I have to wear the veil, you know, to, em, tutup aurat. :D

Friday, October 09, 2009

Officially 29

29, yes!
Swiped from OliBac.
Data ehsan Jabatan Statistik Negara, 2009:

Age: 29

Number of siblings: 2

Number of BF's: 1 (kuota ada 3 lagi, :P)

Number of ex's: 0

Number of blog posts: 771

Number of blog hits: 61,000

Number of blog subscriptions: 103

Number of Dear's: 1

Number of Di's: 4

Number of Mei's: 1

Number of offspring: 1

Number of underwear: Pending full audit

Number of countries visited: 4

Bank account balance: Pending input from KH

Number of work projects completed: 4

Number of promotions: 2

Note: For other statistics, you may request them and if they're not covered by the Official Secrets Act, I will reveal them in my next post.

Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

How Confusing Thou Art

I Press On
Swiped from unxpektd.
Recently, my mum's friend's brother was released after a decade of psychiatric care. During his treatment, he was acquainted with Christianity. The story was that he was supposed to attend a bible study thing, so he requested that his sister get him a bible. Since my mum's friend is Taoist (with a mini temple above her bungalow no less), she seeked a favour from my mum. In the SMS, he specifically asked for this bible:

New King James Bible: Standard Revised Edition

But being Catholics, we also know nuts about Protestant bibles. LOL. I only know that the Catolic Bible contains 46 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament whereas the Protestant bibles has some variation. So off we went to Glad Sounds at section 14. I immediately went to the counter for some help and the helpful uncle showed us a whole rack of bibles.

"This whole section is the King James Version (KJV)."

"Below it is the New King James Version (NKJV)."

"And over here we have the New Revised Standard Edition (NRSV)."

"We also have the English Standard Edition (ESV).

Hin or not? End of the day, it's the same bible with different revisions to the translation over the years. But do correct me if I'm wrong. I just took the simplistic answer from the storekeeper. We ended up with the NKJV since the NRSV costs 6 times more due to the leather binding.

"Don't worry about the wrong version. It is the Lord's Word, it will not go to waste."

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Driving Pet Peeves

Note: This is perfect for today. A stalled car at the Taman Bt. Jalil traffic light. A screwed up traffic light setting at the Puncak Jalil-Sg. Besi Puchong intersection and a slow crawl on the Seremban Highway. And not to mention yesterday's molasses-like traffic flow into OUG.

Don't you just love it when you drive and a backseat driver questions your choice of route?

Don't you just love it when you've parked your car. Pulled out the key. Got out of the vehicle and someone comments that you should move your car a "little"?

Don't you just love it when people hog the road at 40km/h, open the window and smoke their ciggies?

Lord, grant me PATIENCE.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mid-Autumn Madness

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival started like any other Saturday for me... a trip to the wet market. The only difference was that CK joined us. But it was good. We got him to push the cart instead. Hehe. Felt like having a male maid. I was supposed to pick up the Shanghai mooncakes (with yam filling, so yummy!) that I had ordered from my colleague, but that kinda fell through. I told myself the whole of last night-- remember to bring the office keys! And when I stepped out of the lift, I just remembered that I also need the DOOR CARD! Ugh! Brunch was Bao Xiang at Puchong Jaya. It's a branch from the famous shop in Klang. We ordered ribs, cartiledge and intestines. All came in very dainty bowls. Lots more meat than soup. When you ask for more soup, they also bring it to you in very small bowls! So precious. The taste is a bit different from usual, leaves a sweet aftertaste at the base of your throat. Quite special.

In the afternoon, we went out again to watch a movie-- "Where Got Ghost?" at Tropicana Mall. The movie is made up of 3 short stories. Well, 2/3 sucked. And the final watchable movie was basically a spin-off from "Money No Enough II". The only consolation was the ample leg space in the empty cinema. Before the movie, we had a quick bite at Otak-Otak Place. The overall concept is nostalgia. The menu is printed on a buku latihan amali and the whole shop is filled with old toys (congkak, pick-up sticks, braided rubber bands). Each and every table even has a pack of Happy Family cards. Tried their steamed otak-otak and I must admit it was quite nice. A good texture with the fish meat, but it's quite dear at MYR3 for something you can down in 2 bites. Their otak-otak pau is quite innovative, but taste-wise, it gets a C. And its interesting to note that they serve cream cracker lemau with their pulled tea.


After the movie, we headed home to rest. Mum and SK were busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. There was fried bihun, steamed chicken, chinese lettuce with stir-fried mengkuang, stir-fried lotus root and SK's own fish paste omelette. As if we weren't full enough, we also ate mini yams and caltrops after dinner. Then moving out to the living room, we downed several fruit platters (peaches, apples, kiwi fruits, mango and pears compliments of Cho). Later, out came the mooncakes and tea (SK's super blend!!!). With my nephew around, we lit candles and put up some paper lanterns (lousy quality from Giant). I also brought him jalan-jalan outside with his lantern (a transparent Hello Kitty with flashing lights, floating polystyrene pearls inside and chinky techno music). By the end of the night, Cyan was so worked up that he didnt want to follow his parents home.

The moon was hidden by clouds that night, but it was definitely full on everyone's faces.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Put A Ring On It

Many things can be done to spice up a flagging sex life. Among the favourites include sex toys (roll out the electric nipple clamps!), role-playing (time for your physical, Mr. KH), a change of environment (skanking in the great outdoors) and even perhaps asking hot strangers to join you in the bedroom (care to audit my condom drawer?). Honestly I've not tried 'em all. But my good friend Ryan was kind enough to buy KH and I a cock ring as a present when he heard that we had gotten together (this was more than a year ago). SK brought it back all the way from Germany after scouring several sex shops for the perfect one. She has more experience in this than me, dammit! For beginners like us, it was good that he bought us the leather kind with adjustable tabs. And you what, it can even double as a manly bracelet with its metal studs. KH and I had only used it once and so I had wanted to get more use out that expensive toy, so I asked him to bring it back to KL during his last visit.

And so, now the cock ring is sitting on my dresser. My mum walked into my room the other night, picked it up, put it around her wrist....

Mum: William ah... this is a new bracelet ah?

Moi: Errrrrrr, yes mum.......... >_______________<"

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Threesome

Cross My Heart
Swiped from williamnyk.
In my whole life, there're only two friends that I would call kindred spirits-- SK and Ryan. The threads of our lives started intertwining while we were Kuantan and have continued to do so ever since. When I was 13, I entered a boys school (a great melting pot of twink meat) in town and met Ryan. We were inseparable. Through thick and thin. All sorts of squabbles and fun. So how does SK come in the equation? Well, she was no Mulan, but was at a girls school across town (Janvier must be going, I KNEW IT!). Ryan knew her from his primary school days. Their relationship could be best described as low luen kwat tau (bones mixed together). Means they were at constantly at loggerheads. Hehe. Anyway, SK first met me when I was in secondary 5 I think. Competed in a Scrabble contest that I loss horribly in. According to her, her classmates had dragged her out cause boys had come to their school (*rolls eyes*).

Things actually started rolling when all three of us ended up in the same class in Lower 6. For some uncanny reason, we gravitated towards each other and formed a clique with 3 other girls (one of 'em, Peng, is SK's housemate). Kinda like the outcasts. The non-conformists. She drove me to chemistry tuition. And she was the talk of the class with her gravel-spraying wheels. We would skip extra classes together and go have curry mee at the beach. Come university, SK and Ryan ended up in UKM, while I was in UM. Although they were staying in Bangi and I in OUG, they would always take the opportunity to look me up. Sometimes I would stay over at their hostel. We would go out for hokkien mee and hang out in the malls. Our relationships grew very close. The pattern of the weave grew clear. There were so many things going on. So much shit to handle. And we were all there together to face it. We were each other's agony aunt.

Now, Ryan is in Germany, happily pursuing the life and freedom that he wanted (but this does not mean that we have lost touch). And that leaves SK and me over here in KL. She's very much a fixture in my life. I see her more than KH! In every important moment in my life, she is there. Every little bit of help, she offers. I consider myself very blessed to have her. In many ways, we are more like family than friends. Hence, the Dear Programme is not so superficial as some may think. I shall take this opportunity to thank her for organizing my super early surprise party (after she complained that I did not, :P) and all the countless other things that I take for granted! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! SK and Ryan got me a gold chain (even with the jaw-dropping price of gold these days) so that I can finally wear my gold cross that Mel (another dear friend from university) gave to me on the occasion of my baptism in 2006. **Muacks**


Hugs and kisses,

Friday, October 02, 2009

Beauty Regiment

Ever since my face was saved by my visits to the dermatologist, I have avoided salon facials like the plague. My delicate face cannot endure such mechanical cleansing. So now, I religiously use the routine that the doctor recommended. It's tedious, but it's well worth the effort. In order to keep my skin acne-free, I perform the following steps every morning and night (please refer to the pics):
  1. One: On a dirty face, cleanse the skin using facial cotton and the milk cleanser.
  2. Two: After 2 minutes, the face is washed off with a purifying facial cleanser (water-based).
  3. iii: Pat dry face and apply the medicinal cream. I suspect that it's Retin-A as it increases the skin's turnover to avoid pore blockage.
  4. Four: SK's own formulation of "I - Can't - Believe - That - I - Use - Hyaluronic - Acid - As - A - Thickener" mouisturiser. I use that in the morning.
  5. Five: At night, I use SK's own formulation of apple stem cells and dessert plant extract moisturiser for an anti-ageing effect, :P.
  6. vi: Since retinol reacts with UV and darkens the skin, I have to make sure I use sunblock.
  7. vii: With me tumbling to the 30s, I use eye cream too. So sienz that my right eye is puffier than the left! :(.
  8. viii: When notti acne comes, I use SK's formulation of anti-sebum gel to stop 'em in their tracks!
  9. Nine: Once a week a will use a skin purifying mask to keep pimples at bay.
  10. Ten: Sometimes I will also apply a mild peeling mask for smoother skin, but I think my thick skin needs something more heavy duty!
This concludes the peek into my vanity box. Until next time!
Beauty Secrets II
Beauty Secrets III

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Feel Free To Give Me An Internal Audit

Swiped from williamnyk.
On the first day that I was posted back to my Taman Desa office, the first thing I noticed was the cutie sitting next to me. Well-groomed (but always has roti canai at his back, hehe). Tall. Tight shirt. A hint of a V-shaped body. Semi-cute face. Has the look of a consultant. Turns out the fellow is one of my company's auditors from PWC. I shall endeavour to take a pic of him, but I have no good vantage point. Anyway... he has never looked me in the eye. Always minds his own business. His laptop will be open with his spreadsheets on and his desk would be filled with stacks of reports. However, on my way to the pantry one day, I caught him surfing the net... He quickly scrolled down the page, but my sharp eyes caught sight of something interesting-- a cover of an online copy of Attitude!!! Can't mistake the named torso and the title font!!! So, is he queer? Or is it just a coincidence? Time to get to know him a little better... Hehe.

P.S.: To make it up to you, the pic is of a mainland china guy I snapped in Orchard Central during my last trip to Singapore. Boleh tahan also, right?