Saturday, August 30, 2008


Breaking news on the National Day Speech. Our dear Prime Minister tells us that ONCE AGAIN, we come together to celebrate our countrys 51st National Day. I wonder when THAT happened. Lol.

Friday, August 29, 2008


21 ISPs were ordered to block access to RPKs Malaysia Today. The government has cited libel. RPK calls it internet censorship that violates one of the MSC charters. He has said that he will personally see to the death of the MSC. Interesting days ahead.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Cold

It has been raining An Wah and Ali Xia these past few days. The rain just goes on and on, never really stopping. The continuous drizzle nearly put a damper on my weekly swim. Logistics were already bad enough without having to worry about the weather. Was quite determined to swim, so KT and I waited, stalked the weather. When the rain subsided a bit we just took the chance and jumped into the water. The only two idiots there. As expected, the water was freezing. We quickly did our laps and exited the pool in record time. Goes to show that in warmer times, we spend half the time yakking and fooling around. hehe. Our muscles were less responsive in the low temperature, so it seemed like more effort was required. I felt thoroughly exercised after the session and it was a good feeling. That night, I dreamt that I was doing an RPG dungeon crawl. Running here and there. Letih giler. Cannot wait to do it again. Haha.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Experiment 001 HAPPY

If you are happy and you know it, leave a comment.

If you are happy and you know it, leave a comment.

If you are happy and you know it and you really want to show it,

If you are happy and you know know it, leave a comment.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Packet One

If you guys have not noticed, posts that do not have my usual accompanying flickr picture are actually originated from my handphone via email. Nothing fancy, just GPRS. And for some unknown reason, emails from my phone are sometimes rejected by gmail if they contain certain punctuations like the apostrophe or the dash. Therefore, just in case, I omit the little buggers from my writings. So it is neither bad English nor stylized ranting. Just a workaround. In conclusion, seeing that this post was not posted from flickr, I am still stuck incommunicado in the blogosphere. Everything must be one way. No feedback. Can WIMAx save me, or it is just a whole load of disappointing hype? Pioneer rollout does not sound too convincing. Teething problems are to be expected and I am always sceptical of coverage footprints. Will it solve the network penetration problems. we shall see.

Blog Experiment 001 HAPPY

If you are happy and you know it, leave a comment.

If you are happy and you know it, leave a comment.

If you are happy and you know it and you really want to show it,

If you are happy and you know know it, leave a comment.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


To state the obvious is something that I am not very good at. I always downplay the things I do because I personally feel that it is an expected part of the job. A core competency. However, at my new client site, my eyes have been further opened. I can see fakeness and the exaggeration of minimal effort proliferate.

Hi all. I have created TWO subfolders in the public folder for easier segregation of documents.

The woman was announcing it like she separated two conjoined twins.

Hi all. I sent out the email with the attachments for your easy reference. OH THANKS, it would have been SO difficult for us otherwise.

You know how to attach files? Wait till you learn about forwarding. I do not know whether the appreciative person was being sarcastic, or just plain helpless.

I must start applying these skills to my resume. To make the mundane seem magical. Everyone can be a miracle worker with the right wording. Cheers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bury the Mummy

In case you didn't know, I watch an average of 2 movies in the cinema every year. So when I actually buy a ticket, I would really hope that it's good. Just the other day, I watched my 2nd movie of the year and I must say that it was quite banal. A far cry from the enjoyment I experienced with "Iron Man". Perhaps it was my own fault for choosing to watch "The Mummy III: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". Anything with III in it can't be good (porn not withstanding). Just look at "Alien III". "Pirates of the Caribbean III". "The Matrix III". Watched it at Midvalley Megamall and traffic was monstrous as usual. Parked at the first illegal parking we could find.

SK and I took the service lift up to the 3rd floor, but she had left her phone in the car, so I volunteered to get it for her. By the time I got up and manoeuvered out of the labyrinth of passageways, I couldn't find her any where. I kept calling her office phone having forgotten that she was no longer using it. I went back to look for her fearing that she might have lost her way in there. No sign of her. I resorted to walking around. I then received a call from her. Found out that she was at the concierge at the ground floor. I flamed her through the phone for walking off where I couldn't have possibly searched. People stared.

Turns out that The Gardens does not have a single public phone. She found the only accessible one at the concierge counter. That's high class shopping for ya. Their target group of customers won't be caught dead using a pay phone. Killed time at Yoyo Cafe before the movie started. Do not order their iced honey lemon juice. Yuck. The only consolation was that I got to oogle at a cute couple sitting nearby. About the movie: original Evy gone, replaced by someone who looks more like the hero's aunt. No chemistry. Uncool mummy. Alex grows up to be an annoying brat. Sub-engaging story. Neither here nor there. Oh, how they screwed up the scene set up by the previous movies. There shouldn't be a "The Mummy IV".

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Aftermath

Thanks to all the well wishes and my trusty bactidol and propolis, my sore throat has subsided. However, my sore throat germs decided to invite the cough and flu germs to stay on their way out. Tried Zyrtec D, and I must say it was not very good at evicting the freeloaders. The battle goes on.

On a more cheerful note, I got confirmation that my good pal Mel is having her engagement cum housewarning do this coming Saturday and I am the guest of honour, perasan, and the designated photographer. Congratulations!

Things at work are going quite slow. I hate starting a project. All the unknowns and the new resources and requirements. The project has two failed vendors behind it, so I am hoping that three times a charm. Wish me luck, people.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cyan & Me Nips

Nipples are really wonderful erogenous zones and although I like them being showered with attention as much the next guy, I feel really uncomfortable when it's my nephew that's involved. The little tyke has been voracious lately and can finish 3.5 units of milk at one go. When he's not sleeping or bawling, he'd be hankering for food. He'd be smacking his lips, looking for something to suck on. And the funny thing is that everytime I visit him, it'd be near his feeding time. As a result, he is agitated when I carry him and he constantly pushes his head towards my chest like a carnivorous grub looking for exposed flesh. Gasp! Down boy! I have no milk for ya! In order to placate him, I'd have to feed him my finger or his own hand. Sucks with wild abandon, that kid. As expected, that only satisfies him for a while before he goes back to wailing and flailing. Hopefully, by that time, my sister's ready for him or the milk's been heated up... fuh... not easy being an uncle to a voracious nephew.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Middle of Nowhere

Why are there more and more middle management morons poking their noses into my project? What do they contribute other than asking stupid questions about status, progress and comfort levels, opening cans of worms in the presence of users without knowing heads or tails about the issue and of course ordering stationery. Oh, lets not forget about the Milo. When the shit hits the fan, they disappear and expect you to follow up. That is when they start their remote control. Heh. Deliver me from middle management mayhem.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am bloody down with a sore throat today though I had resisted the temptation of my sister s homemade durian cakes and religiously drank water. Must be the fries, nuggets and apple pie from McD yesterday. lol. Other than that, my legs are also kind of sore from Sunday s swim with KT after a really long hiatus. And regarding my soreness with the whole Bar Council issue, I finally saw a voice of reason in The Star. An far sighted view by Karim Raslan in his column Ceritalah. An excerpt... Sweeping such issues under the carpet and intimidating people from discussing them just puts off the day of reckoning. A few days back, I was indeed a little sore with KH too, but that turned out quite good coz he immediately kissed the boo2 and made it a whole lot better. Hehe. Enough of being sore, time to get better.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Do not talk about it unless you are sincere. Since it will always be said that the other party has an ulterior motive, I guess the topic will never see the light of day. I guess the supposed truth does not handle well to discussion. Or perhaps we the believers are the real non believers.


I am glad that whatever storm that was brewing has blown over. It all boils down to communication. Letting one s intentions known. Letting one s understanding known. The management of expectations. We always make our own assumptions, and that usually causes us to give kneejerk reactions. I am trying to tell myself to practise restraint. To hold my tongue. To reread correspondences before sending them out. I am bound to lapse in these practises once in a while, but at least some bad situations can be preempted and in my opinion is better than nothing.
Speak up. Ask if you are unsure. Peace.

Thursday, August 07, 2008
Swiped from williamnyk.
Recently visited 2 back to back art exhibitions at The Annexe Gallery, Central Market. The first was Tim Craker and Louise Saxton's dot-net-dot-au.

"...Saxton and Craker are concerned with identifying the threads of commonality that link their Malaysian experiences with their Australian lives - from the mutually-sustaining human traditions of ritual, food and decorative arts to the global stresses on a fragile, shared environment."

Saxton predominantly used the bridal veil and embroidory as her medium. I especially liked "Re-collection: arachnida bellis perennis - daisy spider" and a recreation of a 7th-century Cambodian Buddha head with lace. The former was a marriage of entomology with the arts, as Saxton made detailed sillhouttes of Malaysian arachnids with her large collection of hand-embroidered table linen and lace. The former was a fantastic recreation of a Buddha head. She suspended it in mid-air giving an illusion that Buddha was watching from above.

Craker on the other hand preferred to use mass-produced, everyday items. "Thought Pattern" was my favourite piece as he used moulded plastic spoons (tapao chicken rice) to create a mesh of hexagons that represents the sharing of food. The shadow that the piece cast on the wall added depth to it. In his "Botanical Data Files" series, orange safety netting was used to good effect juxtapose nature against our environmentally-destructive ways.

The second exhibition I saw was Simon Keogh's Please Touch. Normally one sees "Please Do Not Touch", but this is not the case with Keogh's art. Visitors are supposed to touch his art and interact with it. Interesting jigsaw woodwork, fused with wires, masking tape make for an interesting sensory experience. Other concepts include slabs of dried acrylic paint with cracks and ripples frozen in time. But I enjoyed "dot-net-dot-au" more.

That filled my art-fartsy quota for July.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Face the Facts

My honeymoon is over. Work will start to pile up. Not to say that my plate is empty now, but the pace is to my liking. Sigh. Starting tomorrow, i will go to a new project site. Internet access is restricted, so you might hear less from me. Officially, I am still part of my old site, so in reality, I have to handle shit at 3 places. And the fun thing is that the new project needs to go live in December by hook or by crook. Fun days ahead. I will let the screwed up management fight over my official status and pray that things do not blow up everywhere simultaneously. Keeping my fingers crossed. Will be nearer to KLCC now, so for those of you who are nearby, do give me a buzz. Wish me luck. I hope I survive.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Up The Hill

There are only two things to do at Genting:
  1. Gamble
  2. Theme Park

On my trip there with my colleagues, I did neither. The journey there was not smooth. Met up with the gang at 9:00am, but some stragglers only arrived at KL Sentral at 9:30am. Any by the time they had settled breakfast, it was already 10:00am. Turns out no bus was leaving until 3:00pm and the Genting Skyway was closed for maintenance for 10 days. The only quick solution was a taxi. MYR80 per car and our driver just left us at the Awana Skyway. It was my first time using it. Much bigger, but much older. Only one gondola per trip. Another MYR5 and 1 hour later we arrived at Genting Highlands. The first order of business was lunch. Ended up at Hainan Kitchen. Horrible chicken rice. The meat was tasteless and I suspect it was frozen for far too long. Expensive, yet unpalatable. Even white rice costs MYR3.90. Bad service to boot. Better spend your money at KFC.

Having filled our bellies, we headed to Casino Monte Carlo. Ages since I've set foot into that horrible place of cigarette smoke and compulsive gamblers. People with too much money too burn. It's scary. I hate it. And Genting is getting better and better at it. Lotsa advancements. One computerised table can take at least 5 times more gamblers than the manual kind. But they still have that for the gamblers who prefer the "old ways". Reduces calculation mistakes and newbie gamblers don't feel too pressured. Even the slot machines have gone kiddy (strange since no kids are allowed in) and digitized. And there's the whole cashless and rewards points system using the Worldcard too. Kudos. Although my colleagues didn't lose any money, they didn't win enough to treat me to Ah Yat Abalone either. Dang.

A middle-eastern tourist stopped us:

Tourist: Ice! Ice! (pointing out the window)

Me: Ice? Snow? It's snowing!?

Tourist: Ice! Hail! Hail!

Colleague: I think she wants to go to the Snow House. -_-||

Was supposed to have dinner at Coffee Terrace, but my colleagues pulled out. Had it at My Thai, First World Plaza instead. Surprisingly cheap (even for non-Genting prices) and good Thai food. Hidden upstairs, it has relatively less customers. Ordered a lovely set of Thai Green Curry, Shrimp Curry, and Fish in Spicy and Sour Sauce. Came with a starter of mango salad, seafood Tom Yam and dessert of mango pudding with just less than MYR20 per person! Do give it a try. We took teksi sapu back down to KL Sentral as the bus tickets were sold out. All hotels were also fully-booked, but I didn't quite see such a crowd. That's Genting for you. Anyway, the highlight of the trip was me seeing Jessie Chung, the famous married transexual extrepeneur and singer. She looks better in pics.... oh well.

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia...

Monday, August 04, 2008


Dark Summer
Swiped from ~Idan.
Was at Metrojaya, Midvalley before the sale season crowd made it a big parking headache--

Me: Ooooooooooooh. The promoter at the Burberry fragrance counter is cute!

SK: Where? Where? Ah, you're right.

Me: The nametag reads "Vincent". Hehe. Not bad wor. Cuter than KH.

SK: Cuter than KH?! Of course la. How can you even use him as a benchmark?!

Me: Like that also cannot ah?


But KH does have VERY smooth skin. Tak caya? Can ask SK also. :P

Friday, August 01, 2008


On the Saturday before KH left for Singapore, I brought him to see my stylist KK for a haircut. His hair really unruly. The curls at the front are really hard to tame even with my formidable arsenal of hair products. And so under the skillful ministrations of KK, he emerged from the shop cuter than before. It goes to show that getting a haircut for your significant other is a good investment. This time round, he managed to recreate the style by himself judging from the several MMS he sent me from Singapore. And this reminds of JJ's reluctance to style his hair after a SGD120 makeover from his best friend. Get back to work!

Had a late lunch at BKT Station at Citrus Park. The BKT soup was very herbal-y. I wouldn't recommend the Pepper Stomach Soup and the Shanghai Spare Rib Noodles ended up looking like Chicken Chop Noodles, but the gravy was good though. Dessert was coffee and cake at Secret Recipe. Oh how the standard has dropped. Do not order their high-fibre cake unless you like eating sawdust and woodchips. Later, SK and I sent KH home and we met his mother. It's been more than a year since I met her, and I felt a bit uncomfortable being alone with her. At first, I felt that she avoided me, but later she did talk to me. Quite stressful! I was glad that SK was there to reduce the focus on me.

We then headed over to his neighbour's place to buy cute, home-made felt dolls. SK bought MYR50 worth or 'em. :S.

Auntie: You don't like these things are? (referring to the felt dolls)

Me: Err, no.

Auntie: Stay over for dinner (I really wonder if she was only referring to SK).

Me: Err, next time first.

Not that I was avoiding her, but I was invited to mum's friend's son's 14th birthday party. Crazy amount of food and alcohol. I had to help out wrapping the springrolls and was given the job of teaching mum's friends how to do it. Popiah skin, sweet sauce, chilli sauce, lettuce, stir-fried mengkuang, diced beancurd, beansprouts, sliced scrambled eggs, chopped dried shrimp, chopped mushroom stumps and chinese sausage slices.

Auntie 1: Wah, mine is fat and short. (while pouring herself another glass of red wine)

Auntie 2: Haha, mine is long and thin.

Auntie 3: It comes in all shapes and sizes one mah. (cackles)

Me: (rolls eyes)

At the end of the party, mum packed home pulut kuning, curry chicken, springrolls, yam dumplings, glutinous rice dumplings, fried bihun, layered jelly and cocktail sausages. So sad that as I left, 3 YCTs arrived. Sigh. Anyway, the party ended way late and I was too tired to see KH before he left the next morning. Sorry baby. Until our next rendezvous...