Thursday, November 29, 2007

Serendah I: Getting There

Out of the blue I was asked by DanielH whether I was interested in a camping trip. Images of pitched tents, leeches and wiping my arse with leaves flashed immediately through my mind...

"It's gonna be a diva camping trip."

That phrase had me sold. I put my faith in him. Oh well. It was all hush-hush (didn't even know the locale, only the date) for a while since the coven was not yet complete. Froggie had yet to find the 6th camper. Turned out to be Little Bull. Effectively knocking the crown off DanielH's head as the youngest camper.

By the time I found out where we were going, the preparations were already in full swing-- determining the amenities provided at Sekeping Serendah so that we could decide what to bring. Even had a pre-trip discussion at The Apartment, The Curve. We tended to steer away from the agenda, but it did accomplish something. Haha. The roast duck there is quite good and even comes with a side of Rocket. Do give it a try. However, try not to sit upstair if you plan to eat. Unless you like having your food on the same level as your chair, then be my guest. Was supposed to buy some supplies after the dinner meeting, but we kinda found that boring and decided to crash at Paddingtons for a second round instead. :P.

On D-Day, SK fetched me and Magus to Bibik's place where we rendezvoused with the rest. SK also did the important task of procuring and marinating the foodstuff for the night's highlight-- the BBQ dinner. Bibik had just been rescued from his deathbed by a miracle, so I had the honour of driving his car. Little did I know that the Gen2's signal was on the left instead of the right, so 7 out of 10 times, I hit the wiper when I wanna signal. Cacat!.

The trip took little over an hour. Quite a smooth drive, with The Little Mermaid (Magus was on an Ursula high-- "poor unfortunate souls!") and Spirited Away (come to think of it, White Dragon high too) soundtrack to keep us company. The music seemed to blend in with the situation quite well. Foreboding music when we thought we were lost, and joyous tunes when we were approaching Serendah. Passed by an Orang Asli settlement (no pro-gravity boobs as Magus feared) and a Pusat Serenti (horror stories of inmates escaping then raping and pillaging?!) before reaching the gates.

"Hello! Anybody there? ANYBODY THERE!"


Errr... turns out the gate wasn't locked and one of the caretakers was just behind it moving the lawn. From another country, perhaps planet, even.

"Boleh pandu masuk?"

"Uh oh oh oh hu hoo ho."

Screw that. We just drove in. Right till the end. Quite a bad idea as there was no space to do a 3-pointer, so we had to reverse all the way downhill everytime we wanted to get out. Luckily I didn't back Bibik's Gen2 into any of the stone fountains lining the road when snaking back down. be continued...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sino-Malaysian Ties

SK has been travelling to China and HK quite frequently of late and as usual, she never fails to get my souvenirs. Hehe. Loads of 'em. She has discovered many quaint little shops selling designer goods and the little gee-gaws are really quite novel. Although bogged down by poor health, a rushed travel itinerary, she still came back with a treasure trove:
  • A stainless steel ring with anchor motif - Stabilizing!
  • A Benko handphone strap - There's nothing wrong with looking at the world with one eye
  • A very nice pair of jeans - love the colour and the cut
  • A rugged canvas belt
  • One World One Dream: In Commemoration of the the Theme Slogan of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad - A stamp book to revive my drooping philatelic interests
  • A Osaru No Monkichi 2008 diary
  • A keychain + handphone strap with an eye-catching metal button
  • A wood and metal Christmas sculpture
  • A hand-made mini Christmas card

Also some stuff for dear KH. She's so thoughtful. :P. Thanks dear!

Monday, November 26, 2007

F*cking Mobile Group

Swiped from spicedfish.
For those of you who know me, I'm quite the sms addict. My fingers are always busy tapping away on the keypad of my cellphone. I even developed some injuries from the repetitive action. Yes, I am one with the Fu-Yoh! thumb. As a result of my itchy fingers, the pound key has become quite insensitive (one can compare this to masturbation, but I don't do it THAT often, :P). You see, in Samsung phones, the pound key is used for the space. And if you use T9, it can be quite frustrating if you tap quickly and the space doesn't respond. VERY annoying. Since my warranty is supposed to end by December 2007, I quickly brought it to the service center.

I had already fixed it once at the Summit USJ service center and it had only taken me one day. Little did I know that the one at Low Yatt Plaza would take more than 6 working days and the idiots didn't even have a loaner phone for me. As a result of their slowness and stupidity, I had love for days without a phone until the 5th day when DanielH was kind enough to loan me his spare phone over the weekend and subsequently SK let me use her office phone (I discovered the wonders of Motorola's interface, but beggars can't be choosy). I called them everyday to check the status of my phone. Only by the 5th day did they tell me that they were waiting for spare parts. Everytime they tell me that they will call me back, they never did.

Really pissed me off. By the 10th working day, they finally told me that my warranty had expired after they had checked with the HQ. I takes THAT long?! Is the system not connected?! Apparently not according to them, which I truly doubt.

"We tried to call you, but couldn't get through."

"You could have told me. I call you EVERYDAY."


Idiots. Lied to me about waiting for spare parts. I took back my phone. I will be going to the HQ with my proof of purchase. The idiots kept my phone for 2 weeks and did nothing. Dragging until the warranty expired. Someone's gonna get it.

And SK has volunteered to be the b*tch that delivers that message!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Swiped from iceblink240.
The STAR LRT ride between Masjid Jamek and Sri Petaling can be quite boring when you've done it for the umpteenth time. The view is the same, so why bother? What are we left with to pass the time? Yes, the passengers. There are familiar faces. Regulars. There are pretty faces. There are annoying people. People who talk too loud. Able to rise above the din of the tracks. Telling everyone their life story. And all this ample entertainment for my 20-minute ride. My eyes dart around and my ears are perked... enjoy:

Kid 1: Why don't you stop at Bukit Jalil with me for a drink first?
Kid2: No man, my mum would have a fit each time I arrive late. She would nag and nag!
Kid1: Yalah, my mum also like to nag la.
Kid2: If go out anywhere, I ask sure she don't let. But my father will let. So I just go out without asking. After enjoy already, let her nag la. That's why I prefer my dad.
Kid1: Me too. Aiyah, but my father got financial problems la.
Kid2: Huh?
Kid1: The business not doing well. Got cheated. My mum everyday nag him. Say he's useless. When he's not around, she'll complain to me. I don't respond la. Or else she will nag me.
Kid1: Play both sides la. When with your dad, agree with him. When with your mum, agree with her. But when both find out, you're finished la.
Kid2: Yeah, that's right.

The conservation disturbs me a bit. Kid1 seems oblivious to the gravity of the situation. In his little world, he only sees the effects-- the nagging. But I really wonder if he is aware that the financial problem could be severe and that the mother's constant nagging could be the start of an ugly keretakan rumahtangga. Sigh. And Kid2 is really a sly punk. Heh. But end of the day, children can't really do much, especially at their age. They're just a pawn, something to throw around when things go down the crapper. Their voice is not heard. But they get heard and really should be given a say. I hope things are not as bad as I think. I still do see those kids on the train, and I hope it isn't the end of innocence for one of them.

PS: I'm way too bored in the LRT, picking up drama minggu ini from the passengers... I'm such an eavesdropper... :P

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Go-go Gadget

I think I'm not qualified to do the blog meme that QueerR tagged me to do. But I'll do a semblance of a meme for fun. Truth be told, I've not bought a gadget in ages. The latest gadget that I own-- the Buffalo MiniStation is actually a birthday gift. So I guess it doesn't quite qualify. The first gadget that I co-owned would have to be the Sega Megadrive. 16-bits of fun. I still have it chucked in the storeroom somewhere. Most of the other gadgets that have come to my hand are mostly 2nd hand stuff that my brother doesn't use anymore-- Nokia 6150, Palm m105, Palm Tungsten T2, HP Jornada 720. Either obsolete or dead as a doornail. If you look at my wishlist, you'll find the PSP there. But I'm not that keen to buy that due to Sony's zealous anti-homebrew policies. Perhaps the Nintendo DS. Hmm. But it's a little kiddy. Oh well. I'm not that crazy about gadgets. I don't pore over mags like T3. Not for the electronics, not for the models who have no reason to be there. Just a whim here and there. Just an urge. I rarely go through with it.

Digital cameras don't excite me, but I do own a Canon A95 (took me 1 year to actually decide on one; a gift from SK and JM).
Handphones don't excite me, but I do own a Samsung SGH-X700 (currently warded and ignore by the doctors; a gift from SK and JM)
Computers don't excite me, as you can see by my PIII 600Mhz desktop. And I just use my Fujitsu Lifebook 6571 (a prize from NST) as an alas meja for my office's Acer Aspire 5541.

Oh yeah, does a laptop or a personal computer qualify as a gadget?

Does a vibrating dildo count? ;P

PS: My favourite gadget from Inspector Gadget is neither the hidden copter in the hat nor the doc oc hands, but the kewl knobby book that the daughter has!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Swiped from Tanworkboots.
In my battle for beauty, flawless and blemish-free skin I have took the step of cutting my hair short. If this doesn't cure my acne, then the cause if most probably stress and lack of sleep. Will soon try out using Retin-A (endorsed by Zemien and LifeCafe). At least No more hair poking me in the eye, tumbling carelessly from my forehead. In a few snips, my head felt instantly lighter, but my face looked instantly fatter ("Wah, bengkak dah!"). No more hair to frame my chubbified face ala Jennifer Anniston. Ah, tak kisah. I'll cure my forehead then regrow my tresses. But I hope the cycle won't repeat itself. Spiked up. A ridge to the right (don't do middle, too Beckham). A new look of sorts. SK didn't like it. KH likes it. I like it. But I just gotta get used to not brushing the hair outta my eyes. Haha.

Dinner was at OKR. Restoran Choon Sun near the OKR-Taman Desa junction. The fat chef whips up a wicked Cantonese Fried. After dinner, SK and I met up with Apollo at KTZ, SS2. Had the privilege to be one of the first to view his Kuantan trip photos. A whole lot of photos. The man used his Nikon P5100 as a glorified photo viewer. Fantastic LCD resolution and clarity. I got a glimpse of my hometown. It's been more than 7 years you know. I should revisit it one these days. My roots...

Monday, November 19, 2007


Swiped from williamnyk.
The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia is quite a nice place to commune with Mother Nature. Kinda reminds me of Bukit Pelindung back my hometown of Kuantan, where my friends and I would hike half way up the steep hill (topped with a terrestrial TV broadcast station) and then take the detour jungle trail to the second bay of Teluk Chempedak. SK, mum and I met up with the rest of the BEC gang at 8:00am.

Individuals and vehicles are charged entrance fees of MYR5 and MYR1 respectively. We only started one hour later due to late-comers and confusion trying to locate the information center in order to buy the canopy walk tickets. The signage is inadequate and confusing and the staff are uninformed.

"Eh, tak tahulah kat mana beli tiket tu. Mungkin kat luar sana kot..."

"Tiket tu boleh dibeli di Canopy Walk sana. Tapi, takde tiket je."

Ironically, a woman whom we mistook for the staff was more informative than the actual people working there. Stupid. Unhappiness aside, we hiked to the canopy walk through a consistently steep road. Perhaps a gradient of 15 degrees. Gravel road. And it was a wet morning. So the leeches were out and about and the weather cool. However, I didn't get "sucked" in the jungle, like Lex. By the time we reached the exit, I was already sweating. From there on, it was an uphill hike. Masyallah, felt like I had a thigh master strapped to my legs. My stamina sucks. After some time, we made it to the canopy walk.

We caught our breath for a while before proceeding. Felt kinda ashamed when I saw a 70 year old woman sashaying up with her UFO-like comb-up, not even breaking a sweat. The walk in the trees is just 200 metres. It can only take 5 adults at a time and most of the observation platforms can only accomodate 4 persons safely. It's not as scary as the Taman Negara Pahang version as it is not as high and bouncy. I reached home at about 12+, and after a quick shower, SK and I rushed to Jase's birthday party.

Had to make 2 stops to get the birthday cake (dented at one end due to an emergency brake) and ta pau the Puchong Batu 14 Yong Tau Fu. Reached before 2:00pm. Managed to meet up with Jase, Eric, Chester (tell me about the ring!), Wilson (nice to meet you), Robb and Zach. The rest were Jase's colleagues and their partners. It was a potluck and the food was good.

Lawrence's mango chicken with bell peppers and Floraline's freshly-brewed coffee (she plans to open a cafe and she even made us fill in a market survey form after drinking her cup of joe) deserve a special mention. Watched some movies, chatted, watched some uneventful strip mahjong and ate.

SK and I left around 6:00pm, nursing aching muscles. I think a more frequent pilgrimage to FRIM would earn me buns of steel. A great Deepavali.... ages ago.... :P

Friday, November 16, 2007

House on the Hill

Swiped from williamnyk.
With Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong just one week in the ground, I was already in Genting Highlands for a family trip. Mum had a free voucher for a deluxe room in First World Hotel, so we took the opportunity to go for a little family get together. The stupid voucher is only valid for weekdays, so my siblings and I took leave on Monday and Tuesday. It was such a bloody hassle trying to book the room with that voucher. My sister got so fed up that she nearly paid for the room. Sometimes we wonder where is the sincerity of these free-stay vouchers. After numerous irate phone calls, we succeeded in booking.

On Monday morning, bro and I woke up early to settle some chores first before heading for the hills. He went to get his MyKad at NRD (no denda!), Putrajaya, while I went to Immigration, Kajang to renew my passport (for conjugal visits to Sinagpore!). SK was kind enough to drive us there. My brother's stuff took less than 20 minutes, whereas I had to wait for 50 applicants. Took me 2 hours. While waiting, I had the most watered-down milo I've ever tasted at Station Kopitiam, Metro Kajang. The instant passport photos were really bad. I look like a anaemic vampire in the pic. :(. Should have went to use the kiosk at Pusat Bandar Damansara. And so after lunch, bro-in-law drove us all up to Genting Highlands.

My flu from the day before was really killing me. By the time we arrived, I had throbbing headache. And guess what? To check in, we had to wait for 200 f*cking numbers! This is what you get when you stay at the world's largest hotel. Heh. My first time there really. We practically rolled out the tikar mengkuang and had a picnic in front of the check-in desk. It took nearly an hour. The room is quite cozy-- but perhaps I was expecting much less. No view. The window opens up to windows on the other block. Peeping Tom heaven!

After settling down, mum, bro-in-law and bro headed for the casinos, whereas sis and I walked around the place. I hate the casinos. The smoke. The wild-eyed gamblers. The auntie's who count wads of cash under the table. Ugh. I didn't want to exarcebate my headache. It wasn't an aimless thing, we checked out the eateries to find a suitable place to dine. Checked out The Olive, touted as the Restaurant of the Year in Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2005-2006. Nice decor. And the price is even nicer. The prices are like those in Fabricca after currency conversion! A definite no.

Finally, we decided on Cofee Terrace for their dinner buffet at less than MYR50. Ala-carte elsewhere would be around that price for a decent dinner, so why nit fork out a little extra for a buffet in a comfortable setting. Western- finally tasted rattatouille, nothing special; Japanese- weird wasabi; Indian- fantastic mutton curry; Chinese- hot stir-fried food; Nyonya- my mum loves their spices fried fish; Local- had my fill of Teochew porridge. Dessert had a chocolate fountain and I especially liked their pancake wrap with fresh cream and peaches. Truth be told, this food review was solely done on very basic terms-- the flu had kinda dulled my sense of taste. Sweet. Salty. Bitter. No subtle flavours. I mostly enjoyed food based on texture that night! A new experience.


To let the food settle (I'm bloody averaging at 62kg now. Getting fat...), we went walking aimlessly around First World Plaza. Bro bought a couple of T-shirts from Plastic and I spied some new underwear ranges from Renoma, Skinxwear and Raw. Hehe. Time to overload the underwear drawer again. By 10:00pm, everyone was closing shop, so we called it a night. Back in our rooms, we had a little party with lemang and red wine. Hehe. Woke up with a bloody stiff shoulder. I really hate spring mattresses and soft pillows!


The next morning was a little more interesting-- my sister got locked out of her room. The front door security latch was on. She was in my room via the inter-room door. The door accidentally closed. We called the front desk to help but they were REALLY slow. My bro-in-law somehow saved he day with the plastic "Do Not Disturb" signs. Amazing. Breakfast was at the First World Cafe. A nice little refugee camp mess hall on the 8th floor. Not too shabby fare of nasi lemak, fried meehoon, eggs, sausages, toast and porridge. They also have a nice decor of dragon-headed fishies that n my opinion look like a cucur naga. Check it out in the pic. Hehe. Walking around the shops around the cafe, we found a MYR2000 kimono (looks like its worth MYR50) and a "Do Not Sit" sign placed on the replica of the Abu Simbel replica. I was half-expecting the pharoah to stand up!


Before leaving, we went to fatt choi at Magnum 4D. I find myself becoming an addict. o.O. Genting is really quite big. But I notice that I keep bumping into the same people. Mostly saccharine-sweet couples who wear the shortest of skirts but have thick coats on. I guess it's true, we love most of our body heat through our boobs. Another character worthy of mention is an auntie who wore a poncho with balls at the throat area. Makes her look like she's growing furry testicles beneath her chin. The rest are la la zhai, but some do have their worth. Hehe. Goodbye Uncle Lim...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Saint Wicked

In the Catholic calendar, the 1st of November is All Saints' Day. A day of obligation. A big feast day where all the saints throughout the ages who have done the will of the Lord are remembered and celebrated. Though all good Catholics would aspire to be saints, obviously not everyone is canonised as saints. But fret not, the average joe of souls is also celebrated in a different feast day known as All Souls' Day, which is celebrated one day after, i.e. the 2nd of November. Think of it as a Qing Ming of sorts where people flock to the cemetery to offer prayers and bless the graves of our dearly-departed.

Like every year (for the past 10 years already), my family and I travel to Teluk Intan for All Souls' Day. We'll get on the PLUS highway and make our way for Bidor before reaching Teluk Intan via a trunk road. This year, we left al little earlier-- at 7:00am actually. We could have left earlier if I had actually managed to darg myself out of bed. My mum rapped on my door at 5:30am! I just rolled back into
bed! I slept at 1:00am the night before and I was really pooped due to some "naughtiness" on my side and my flaring sore throat.

The trip up was quite uneventful except for an accident on the opposide side of the highway. A Peugeot had turned turtle. The car didn't seem damaged but I don't think that would had been case if it was a Proton. Heh. We reached Teluk Intan at around 9:00am and had our breakfast at Jalan Maharani. Surpisingly, most of the good stuff were already sold out by 8:00am. Don't these people know how to sleep in on weekends?! As usual, I didn't get to eat lai fan-- a thick meehoon that is indigenous to Teluk Intan.

Anyway, we managed to stuff ourselves with curry noodles, glutinous rice with curry prawns, kaya-butter toast and the famous Teluk Intan chu cheong fun. It's kinda like the HK version, but it's spotty because they put in stir-fried sengkuang and dried shrimp. It is eaten dry with preserved green chillies. It's very good and can't be found elsewhere. After buying flowers, fruits and roasted pork at the market, we made a bee-line for the St Anthony Church Cemetery where my late-dad's buried. After finishing the prayers, we went off to buy some fresh-ly baked biscuits from the Sin Joo Heong factoy nearby.

Next stop, my maternal uncle's place. Did some catching up with him. Glad to hear that most of my cousins are doing well in university and in their work. As usual, we left with his delicious homemade buns and pau. Then we visited my paternal aunt. Met the newest member of the family-- Melina. Cute little tyke. Spent quite some time there chit-chatting and having lunch. Had the weirdest old lotus root soup -- with wolfberry, longan and big dates! Like drinking tong sui! Didn't stop by at Sungai Besar this year as my maternal aunt was off gallavanting in China (no chance to borong back some fresh fish!).

Before leaving Teluk Intan, we ta-pau 35 pieces of chu cheong fun from the Sam Siew Yeh factory. They use a short assembly line where the flour mixture is poured into a tray and subsequently sprinkled with the savoury items and mechanically pulled through the steamer via a conveyer belt. At the end of the line, someone rolls up the sheets. Semi-automatic. Looks dirty, but hey, it tastes darn good! We reached KL at about 8:00pm after a slight delay due to a very serious accident on the opposite side of the road (fortunately). A bus and several cars. All burnt up. The highway was backed up nearly 5km by our reckoning.

Stopped for dinner at the OKR-Taman Desa steamed fish head shop. Arrived home exhausted. But then, I didn'y do any driving this year. :P. Thanks dear brother-in-law! A comfortable ride in their new Avanza. And I had my brother's Nintendo DS Lite to keep me company. Hehe. Until next year...

PS: BTW, what happened to the group All Saints?


Monday, November 12, 2007

The DiGi Men Upheaval

Swiped from williamnyk.
Arrived at work on Saturday finding that I was way too early. On entering the office, no familiar faces greeted me, just the cleaners.

"Sorang je ke?"

"A, ah."

"Ada rusuhan nanti."

"Har?! Patutlah polis di merata-rata..."

I should have known. The police presence was way too strong. From the 25th floor of the Tower of Solitude, I could see that Dataran Merdeka was locked down, helicopters were flying around and the red FRU crowd-dispersal vehicles were parked along several main roads. By the time I went out for lunch at noon, there was still no "action" that I could detect. But perhaps because the heavy rain had dampened the spirits of any illegal assemblers (participants of an illegal assembly, not to be confused with unlicensed production line factory hands).

But boy, was I wrong. At around 14:41, the shouting started. Being the busy-body Malaysians, we rushed to the windows to witness the commotion. From our vantage point, we could see a small crowd of
people in yellow (not the DiGi Men la...) at Masjid Jamek. We could see smoke, tear gas most probably. Nothing much to see
actually, until another group assembled in front of Leboh Pasar Besar-- right at my doorstep. The police with their shields, batons and masks formed a line in front of the Straits Building.


"Daulat Tuanku! Daulat Tuanku!"

"We want, we want BERSIH! We want, we want BERSIH" (sung to the tune of "We will rock you")

The crowd surged. The police were half-hearted in keeping ranks. Another squad of crowd control formed behind the group. Classic hammer and anvil tactics. I could see that some of the police started to fight back, but they kept moving. I wasn't aware that it was actually
"planned" illegal assembly by The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH). 4,000 cops were mobilized. Roads were blocked (David would love to tell you his tale). People were arrested. Luckily the Star LRT was still in operation, just that Masjid Jamek Putra LRT station was closed. The public was advised no to wear yellow and there I was proudly displaying my yellow umbrella to ground zero. Well, no M16-toting police arrested me... Thank God for that.

Election fever is here. Indelible ink. Transparent ballot boxes. It'll be my first election as I've finally registered as a voter. SEPUTEH.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

24 Hours

I'm always behind. Better late than never!

I've came to realize my last kiss [was a digital *muacks* over sms.]
I'm listening to [sound of the fan whirring above my head.]
I talk [like there's no tomorrow.]
I love [KH.]
My best friends are [out of the country.]
My car is [in dire need of a wash.]
My love life is [the source of happiness and sadness.]
I hate it when people ask [questions that they already have he answer to.]
Love is [screwed up.]
Marriage is [overrated.]
Somewhere, someone is thinking [of giving up.]
I'm always [in good company.]
I have a secret cheesy crush on [underwear.]
My cell phone is [awaiting a trip to the service center.]
When I wake up in the morning, I always [turn off my cell phone alarm and sit grumpily in bed.]
When I go to bed at night, [I will make sure my alarm is set.]
Right now I'm thinking about [whether I should jack off.]
Babies are [poop machines that drive you nuts while giving you a smile on your face.]
I get on MySpace [to avoid disturbing YourSpace.]
Today I'm going to [procrastinate some more.]
Tonight I will [try to get some rest.]
Tomorrow I will [have more problems to solve. >.<]
I really want to [have a carefree life.]
Someone that will most likely repost [would have already reposted.]


Friday, November 09, 2007

Great Expectations

A question for my fellow readers:

In a relationship, one is bound to have different expectations on issues. Hence,

Is it better to have no expectations at all as to avoid disappointment?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Swiped from williamnyk.
PS: I'm back! With a stale post. Enjoy. :P

Sunday is usually not a day of rest for me. But one could say that about Saturday too. Not to say that I work on Sunday, but it's just that I get no rest. This time, it's MCA's Persembahan Kebudayaan 50 Tahun Malaysiaku Gemilang at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil. But before I get to that, let me describe what happened earlier in the day. After morning mass, mum and I ventured to Aman Suria to kill 2 hours before the Parish Assembly. The Ipoh Kopitiam has quite curry noodles and the place is airy. For the uninitiated, the Parish Assembly is like a company AGM. In context of the church, it is where the current year's accomplishments are reviewed to see whether past year objectives were fulfilled. Throw in some reports, some elections, a tea break, and you got yourself a 5-hour meeting. Mum and I however, sneaked off after a couple of hours. The priest was earlier commenting not to leave AFTER the tea break, well, I guess it's since we left BEFORE it. :P.

Rushing back to Puncak Jalil, we stopped by at my resident association president's Hari Raya open house. Hardly appetite-arousing fare. Mediocre beef rendang and ayam masak merah. The only good things were the freshly fried noodles and kuay teow. After shovelling down the food and thanking the president and his wife, we headed home to rest for about half an hour before venturing out again for the concert at 6:30pm with SK, HP and KT. Free biscuits and tea eggs at the entrance. And the emcees stressed that point at least twice. We sat quite far from the stage, at the bleachers. The performers looked like bugs. The VIP seats were much better, if only it hadn't rained cats and dogs that night. Those poor people were distributed raincoats and umbrellas.

A splendid opening performance by Karen Kong (preceeded by an Asmaradana dance). If you didn't open your eyes, you would have thought her to be a Malay artiste. Petah. Not to say that her pronounciation was very technical, but her singing was very natural. Powerful voice too. Later on, we were entertained by Andrew Tay, Danny One and several Malaysian sopranos. For some reason, Danny's voice wasn't quite there. Took the lousy mic perhaps. Haha. In addition to the singing, there were 50 lion dance troupes and a dance ensemble. It was a mixture of song, drums (the Hands Percussion Team was very impressive, synchronized and powerful. Sexy arms too! :P), dance (the lead male dancer lost the lower half of his costume in the first minute of his performance), dragon dance, orchestra (Chinese playing sitar, Malay playing er-hu, Chinese playing dzi) and wushu.

The whole performance was supposed to showcase 50 years of struggle in Malaysian Chinese community. Not a bad attempt. Definitely a colourful affair. Halfway through, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting delivered his speech with his raincoat on, trying to appear to be with the rakyat. "It is raining, but we are here together!". Unfortunately for him, he was upstaged by Michael Wong who later actually sang in the rain! The crowd went wild. A majority of attendees sang his hit song Fairy Tale sans music. It's ironic that most were tight-lipped during the national anthem. Heh. Erra Fazira made a brief appearance and in my opinion, it was a waste of makeup time.

At the end of it all, there was a small fireworks display and 50,000 odd spectators went home after jamming out of the carpark for half an hour. That concludes my day of "rest".

PS: Other accounts of this event can be found at bibinyonya and beautifulmale.

Friday, November 02, 2007

It Is Shut

door opening
Swiped from queen's lace.
A voice calls beyond the door.

Before I can heed it's call, I find it shut.

The dweller beyond worries of me, of hunger, of cold.

He calls out from behind the door.

"I'm fine, good sir.", I say. "I'm fine.".

Yes, I'm fine, but for the shut door.

The hunger. The cold.