Saturday, March 09, 2013

CNY III & IV: Lenovo & Canon

Brocolli by williamnyk
Brocolli, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: I'm back from Taiwan! Did anyone miss me?

By CNY3, my sister was already back in KL, and so she paid us a visit first some time before lunch. Like a second reunion dinner, mum recreated some of the dishes that we had several days before. Another day of gluttony. Gave red packets to both my nephews. A first for the little one. He immediately shoved the pink packet into his mouth. =_=. Around 3:00pm, SK and I went out to pai nien with my MIL. She gave us red packets the first moment we went through the door. I think she remembered that she did not give us anything last year. Didn't talk much to my MIL. She greeted me and then mumbled halfway through, like she did not know what to say. Thankfully, she went to nap later, giving us some privacy to fool around on the couch. Braver than usual, KH even pulled me into his room. No full-fledged skanking though. But good enough for a start. Good enough that KH needed to change into a new pair of shorts :P. My sister and the tribe stayed around the whole day, and we also had dinner together.

On the fourth day of CNY, I took a day off to settle some 'electronic chores'. Since I finally managed to prove that my company laptop had three years warranty instead of the standard one year, I sent it to Plaza IBM for a motherboard replacement. This time round, I received much more cheerful service. And I was shocked to learn that repairs would only take three working days. A complete turnaround. Technically, I had 'started work' on CNY4. Next stop was the Canon service center at Saujana Resort. Since my trip to Nada Lama, my camera had been acting up. And during the reunion dinner, Apollo and I had certified it as malfunctioning. Would them seven days to get back to me. Didn't really matter as I was in no rush to use it anyway.

Pavi CNY


Having settled those two chores, I went to meet KH for lunch at The Pavilion. Took a look at the decorations and found them to be lacking. But I did like the whole curtain or lanterns at the front door. The same can't be said about the cacat zodiac animals though. Stubby limbs and ghostly eyes. The snake looked like a green sperm! The ugly carp in the center court wasn't much to shout about too. Ate at Ichiban Boshi. They now have a new menu and a new interior. Food's pretty much the same. I only want to say that their salmon belly sushi is priced the same as their run-of-the-mill salmon sushi. Please order the former!



In the evening, went over to SK's place for a CNY gathering. Most of the guests were her colleagues. While walking into her apartment grounds, I was surprised when a stranger suddenly shouted my name. She told me that she recognized me from FB. Scary! Didn't eat too much as it was Ash Wednesday, but I don't think I did a very good job of abstaining from the good food. Haha. At least I tried.


Mr Lonely said...

so good lor can travel to taiwan~
i still like salmon sushi as usual~ XD

William said...

Jap is my number one foreign food choice

Nick said...

Where's the "green snake"? Keke

kenni said...

I hope SK enjoyed her cookies while you 2 skanked! Poor girl. :P

Twilight Man said...

You went to Taiwan!! Great time?? Mana your Taiwan posts? Quick!

William said...

The sperm!

Hahaha. She's very understanding.

In two weeks time perhaps? :P