Friday, February 08, 2013

Old Tune For Old Couple

Stairs to Relaxation by williamnyk
Stairs to Relaxation, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
First read about Nada Lama Jamu Spa and Bar in Twi's blog post. Was quite intrigued and was considering it for KH and I's sixth anniversary. Looked quite special and out of the way, a gem nestled inside Penchala. Did some research and what the heck, asked KH to make a booking. With Waze, we made our way there (after a light breakfast at Abiram's). Made some wrong turns, but the app guided us through some really weird village roads to the vicinity. Wasn't really sure which it was, but we saw a car turning up a hill (marked as Penchala Hills) near Subak, so we just took a gamble. True enough, we came to the right place. I immediately recognized the wooden house with stilts built leaning against the hill... and of course the cute little statue of sleeping elephant right at the stairs leading up to the lounge. Very serene. We were the first customers of the day. Even the cats were still half-asleep. The staff were still burning incense and sweeping the leaves from the walkways. With a drink of ginger jamu, we pored through the menu of services (no hanky panky la) and selected the intro massage. MYR90 for 90 minutes of Balinese massage.



In Nada Lama, there is no mingling of the sexes. Suits me fine. My masseur turned out to be the guy who was sweeping leaves out front. A pleasant looking fellow from Medan. To begin, they started with a foot soak and a little scrub. One of their bronze basins were missing, so we had to queue to get it done. When I got into the room, KH already had a head start. I was given a sarong and the guy said that if I was comfortable, I could bukak semua. But being the prude I was, I left my Andrew Christians on. The massage was quite good. And while it went on, one could hear the birds chirping and the cockerels crowing! Loved the strokes that were employed and there was also some stretching like what you get in traditional Thai massage. Learned a thing or two. And when he did my abdomen, it was kinda sensual and I definitely wanna practise that on KH in the future. After the massage, we had lunch at their restaurant. Chose the ayam penyet, tempe gado-gado and liver detox juice. Yummy.


Drove home after that. KH joined me in the shower and as ThompsonBoy likes to put it, we did some shower-skanking. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope my moans didn't scare the neighbours. Scratched off something from my wish list. Hehe. But I'd definitely like to revisit that item. Continued the session on my bed and after that napped for an hour. Later we watched a movie in the living room, clad in our skivvies. It was "Your Highness"-- light, absurd, crude with lots of sexual references. A great after-skank movie. And of course, we skanked some more on the sofa as I had not been 'settled' yet (blue balls! Grrr!). Near dinner time, we freshened up again and fetched SK to dinner. Ate a Korea Fusion in Bukit Jalil. Ordered some barbeque items and a seafood soup. Unfortunately, we the soup came, it had a horrible taste of seafood gone bad. Sent it back immediately. Food was average and one only had six varieties on banchan to choose from. Won't be going back.


Sent KH home after that, and I slept for ninety minutes before waking up and driving to LCCT to pick up the tribe. Their plane from Guangzhou arrived at 1:10am and by the time they came out, it was nearly 2:00am. We reached home at 3:00am and I immediately jumped back into my bed. Was half-asleep until 4:00am... Only after that did I fall into deep slumber.... Crazy flight times...


Twilight Man said...

You smart, some fellas got lost!

They have another male from Jawa but I have yet to try any! Now you have convinced me to go.

They have Quiche and Tiramisu being baked at that hut, so odd.

Mr Lonely said...

guess next time is my tuen to write this review when i go visits this place~ =D

quicksilverlining said...

cilaka. having so much fun.

Derek said...

We can go back again for the massage. Quite good and decent price.

Ash Godiva said...

you 2 so energetic got so many skank sexxionXD

thompsonboy said...

Speaking of skanks, your bro is not bad looking but he's married eh? Though that has never stopped anyone

Anonymous said...

hmm, there was certainly 'hand'ky panky going on the last i was there

William said...

Sorry for the late reply!

Waze saved us! Haha. Fusion.

Hope to read abut it soon.


Try the lulur

Making up for lost time

Everyne says he's the better looking one

Nice pun. Extra charge?