Monday, February 25, 2013

Surprises for CNY 2013

Reunion Dinner 2013 by williamnyk
Reunion Dinner 2013, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.
Note: Chap Goh Mei dah lalu, I sekarang baru mau mula blog CNY!

If it means anything to you, this year's reunion dinner was held on the 29th day, no 30th day like we usually do. Not as special as the fact that this year, reunion dinner was joined by three friends. The VIP guest is of course SK and her grandmother. And beating my prediction, Apollo who had FFK us tow years in a row finally made an appearance (with two bottles of wine, bless his soul). The surprise guest was Lifebook who did not go back to his hometown due to work commitments. Poor fellow. Such special circumstances called for a very special dinner too. Just seven of us, and we had twelve dishes! Armed with her pressure cooker, SK prepared:

  1. Stewed sea cucumber with scallops and shiitake
  2. Sambal baby prawns
  3. Marmite pork ribs
Mum on the other hand also got adventurous and used cooking techniques and ingredients that were quite taboo in her kitchen (deep-frying and high cholesterol stuff):
  1. Deep-fried vegetarian chicken drumsticks
  2. Steamed Mouse Grouper
  3. Pan-fried Gold Pomfret
  4. Avocado Salad
  5. Battered prawns with salted-egg eringii
  6. Steamed kampung chicken
  7. Thai mango chicken
  8. Lotus root soup
  9. Fried fish cake
To go with the rich food, we had red wine, white wine, Choya, shoju and apple cider vinegar. After dinner, we had plenty of time to drink and snack on peanuts. It was quite amazing. Been a long time since my place was so meriah during festivals. But I wouldn't go so far as to wish that my friends join me again next year. Hope they will be with their families next year.

Here's a couple more surprises for pre-CNY this year:

1) My first strand of gray hair!? T_T

2) A steal at MYDIN


Twilight Man said...

That was like an Emperor's banquet of 12 dishes!

nicky05 said...

I saw kerabu. Dad likes to show his homemade kerabu to relatives -_-

Mr Lonely said...

throwing coins in this blog! hungry~

William said...

Not exactly the full Manchu-Han banquet

The kerabu was more like garnish

Throwing coins? LOL