Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kenalilah Klang

Roti by williamnyk
Roti, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Note: Sorry that I had been MIA for the most of this week. Work has been hectic and not much stories to tell. I'm sure many people will be blogging Yellow these few days, so I will spare you from that (for now) and serve you up some yumminess! (not hunks la!)

Can you believe I woke up at 5:15am on Easter Sunday morning? Mum had registered for some MCA function in Ipoh. Couldn't resist a free getaway with several of her friends. Sent her to BK1 to catch the chartered bus. Since I was already up, SK and I went to the 6:45am Easter Sunday mass. Can't believe how many people actually wake up that early on a Sunday! Nearly full capacity. However, there was a lack of altar boys and the choir group was made up of the elderly. One aunty played the organ and sang at the same time. The hymns had a completely different feel. A bit retro! Right after mass we made our way to Klang to have breakfast with Gratitude. His mother was quite surprised to see us that early in the morning as he had not even come out of his room yet. Gratitude brought me to a famous roti canai place called I V Restaurant. They serve up a crunchy roti kosong at break-neck speed. SK walloped two and Gratitude on the other hand ordered a very fragrant roti telur bawang. The tea was also good. The only complain was the fact that one had to hunt for seats. Thank goodness the turnover was high.


Kam Heong

With nothing better to do than wait for a delicious lunch, we went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi to kill some time. First stop was at Chatime for some milk tea. Basically just chatted and later went for some window shopping. Lunch was at Restoran Sungai Yu. Gratitude did all the ordering. If it was up to me I would have failed at communicating with the waitress who talked in a slow Hokkien drawl. On the table was kam heong crabs (very fragrant with lots of ginger and chives but not too oily), oyster omelette (the batter was like cucur udang), stir-fried sweet potato leaves and goldeb beancurd with minced meat and preserved vegetables. Delicious food, but the restaurant was a bit strange (aside from the horse mosaic on wall). Some items were marked as-- "not available during busy period". A weird policy for a restaurant. After lnch, SK and Gratitude went for foot reflexology. The lady boss was dressed up like a China doll in her tight-fighting dri-fit mini skirt and top, paired it with a metal chain belt! And her top kept on hiking up revealing her belly. :S. I lepak-ed on the couch for nearly two hours seeing all sorts of people walking in. The lady boss even chatted with me a while.

"You're not from around here right?"


She must have noticed that I don't have the Hokkien twang. :P. Post-massage, Gratitude suggested coffee so we went to Espresso Cafe for a cup of latte. Unfortunately that couldn't perk me up so we went home to rest after dropping Gratitude back home. SK whipped up a simple dinner of ham wrap and I waited at her place for mum to call me to pick her up from her trip. Nearly feel asleep on the couch... zzz

Klang Koffee


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Vigil

Soya Bean Seller by williamnyk
Soya Bean Seller, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

For Holy Saturday, had breakfast at Restoran Yoong Ping with SK and mum. Quite a heart breakfast of nasi lemak, curry noodles, curry chee cheong fun and kaya toast. At about 10:30am, SK left for her medical appointment at Klang while mum and I went home. Pretty much lazed at home until lunch time when mum decided to go out to buy her nombor ekor. Ventured to Taman Kinrara area. Not too far from BK5, but oh boy, the environment is quite different. Crossing the underpass is like crossing the proverbial railroad tracks. A bustling commercial area, but full of immigrants and petty traders. While waiting, I observed an old man at his soya milk stall. He had a cloth which he used to wipe his stainless steel counter; Wipe his hand; Wipe the soya milk canister; And also wipe the sweat from his forehead. Huhuhu. Packed mixed rice at one of the shops and headed home for lunch. For $5, it divided nicely into two large plates. Easter Vigil was at 6:45pm, so we gave ourselves a headstart of about one hour to get there. Being early, we managed to get good parking and good seats. The altars boys were already out front preparing the coals for the holy fire. Like a BBQ party of sorts.

The Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil

As usual, when the time came, everyone moved outside and all the lights in the church were turned off. The Service of Light started off with priest tracing a cross in the Paschal Candle, Alpha and Omega, and the numerals of the current year. He then proceeded to embed five 'incense nails' into the candle representing the five wounds of Jesus. The paschal candle was then lit from the fire.

"May the light of Christ, rising in glory, illumine our hearts and minds."

The priest then began the procession into the church, stopping for three times to recite:

"The light of Christ. Thanks be to God."

The Easter Vigil

From then on, the congregation lit the candles in their hands from the flames of the paschal candle and also proceeded to go into the church. The assistant parish priest had a very challenging time chanting the long prayers of the high mass. Tone deaf, what to do? Then began the Ministry of the Word where several readings from the Old Testament were chosen. Most recognizable among them was the deliverance of Israel through the Red Sea as written in the Book of Exodus.

"I will sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted. The horse and its rider he has hurled into the sea."

The Easter Vigil

Holy Saturday 2012

Next up was the Rite of Baptism. Love listening to the Litany of the Saints. Slightly more than twenty adults this year. Noticed a change in the baptismal font this year. This time round they used a large clay bowl on a pedestal. The holy water was blessed by dipping the paschal candle in it. Then we had the Eucharistic Prayers and the newly-baptised received their first Holy Communion. Was a very happy occassion. Reminded me of my own baptism some six years ago.

"We thank you that through the waters of baptism you cleanse us, renew us by your Spirit and raise us to new life. In the new covenant we are made members of your Church and share in your eternal kingdom."

Easter Vigil

By the time mass ended, it was already 9:45pm and the English speaking parishioners had already started to trickle in for the midnight mass. Went home to have a supper of milo and bread...

"The Risen Christ is in our midst. Alleluia! Alleluia!"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

LRT Celebtrities : Snoopy Sam & Seeing Double

Putra has been good to me these days. Spotted Snoopy Sam on my morning commute from Masjid Jamek to KL Sentral. He was wearing a tight-fitting polo T with an embroidery of Snoopy sleeping on the roof of his trademark red dog house. Most probably a jimui from the looks of him. The confirmation came in the form of his shoes -- very kalerful! Fabulous tak? Ada sikit macam kasut badut, but it's all the rage right now?

In the other pic, a pair of cuties on PUTRA LRT as well, but from Masjid Jamek to Ampang Park. Not a couple though. Quite rare to get two in one shot. One is the hunky type but with a not so hunky face. Just look at his arms! His presence pinged my dar. The other guy is a breeder I think. The typical college student look. A little something for everyone. :).

I notice that I have some backlog of LRT and MRT Celebrities to clear, all forgotten in my tonnes of iPhone photo folders. Will try to dig them all out!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani?

Veneration by williamnyk
Veneration, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Wanted to make it to the Maundy Thursday mass, but I was too late getting off work and the traffic wasn't conducive. Never mind that since I took Good Friday off. Wasn't a very productive day. Not exactly textbook example of a day of abstinence, fasting and reflection, but we did our best. Wanted to go for the earlier mass and Stations of the Cross, but mum decided against it as we still had to fetch little Cyan from pre-school, bathe him and feed him lunch. Was my first time seeing him in pre-school. By the time we arrived, he was still sitting at the bench chatting with his friend. The teacher told us that he wasn't focusing on wearing his shoes and that they purposely did not help him. Back home, the kid napped and sometime around 3:30pm, a distand relative of my mum's paid a visit. The old man came to pass us a wedding invitation for his daughter. By the time they left, it was already 4:00pm and the Liturgy of the Word was at 4:30pm! Aiyoh. Rushed to Taman Megah. And you know what? It was jammed even at that hour. Ugh. By the time we arrived, things had already started. Luckily could still find a seat. The crucifix was veiled. The statues of Jesus and Mary were veiled. The sepulcher was open and empty. The lamp over the sepulcher was dead. And they would remain covered until the Gloria in Excelsis of Holy Saturday. And also, no sacrifice was offered. As expected, Cyan was a little restless during the whole thing. But the cute thing was, he knelt everytime the liturgy called for it. Things ended at about 6:00pm and we braved another jam to get home. Bless the LDP! Dinner was also simple and we waited in joyful hope of Christ's resurrection...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Typical Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday: Altar by williamnyk
Palm Sunday: Altar, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

How time flew, before I knew it, it was already Palm Sunday. The congregation waved palm fronds as the people of Jerusalem did during Jesus' triumphant entry into the city more than two thousand years ago. He entered the city riding on a donkey, announcing him as the Prince of Peace. It marked the start of the Holy Week where Jesus would be betrayed, die on the cross and resurrected. As usual, during mass, a reenactment of sorts was done to show how Jesus was handed over to Pilate to be crucified. It was another sweltering day, so I found a more cooling place to eat-- Nihon Kai at Old Klang Road. The place was packed, so mum and I had to sit at the bar. After a while, they managed to find a table for us, but the lure of the stack of spanking new gossip magazines got the better of us. We decided to stay put. For food, it was a platter of nigiri sushi and a salmon butteryaki set. Took our sweet time finishing the food. As usual, it was satisfying. Didn't do much after that, except going home to swim. These days, the pool's quite packed with kids. Also a group of young adults who were there to learn how to swim from a friend. No cuties unfortunately. When will I be rewarded with eye candy.......?

Palm Sunday: Altar Boys

Nigiri Sushi

Monday, April 16, 2012


Shoe: Car by williamnyk
Shoe: Car, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Skipped morning marketing on Saturday to go to the Malaysia International Shoe Festival 2012 at PWTC. Before heading out, we had breakfast at the new food court in Kuchai Lama. Plenty of stalls, but mostly only operated at night. Poor selection for breakfast. Took wantan noodles. Surprisingly crispy texture. SK's car was at the mechanic's for a clutch pad replacement so went there without a GPS. My oh my, what a mistake that was. Took us nearly an hour to get to the venue and things were made worse by some stupid road closure at Dataran Merdeka. Parked our car at Sunway Putra Mall (The Mall Formerly Known As The Mall - the name is still as leong) and walked over to PWTC. The place was teeming with students as the Karnival Pengajian Tinggi was also there and Muhyiddin was also there. Actually the shoe expo was quite small. We didn't take long to finish it. Mostly cheapo local brands looking for a bazaar-like environment to sell their shoes. The only remotely 'international' thing about about it was several exhibitors from Thailand. At least Jimmy Choo exhibited some shoes and Zang Toi had a booth. In addition to the commercial booths, there were a few showcases of designs from competitions. One of them was the Malaysia Footwear Design Competition 2012. I did not like the winning design. But several other submissions did catch my eye. Another competition featured the use of recyclable products to come up with a combination of clothes and shoes. And several groups of design students could be seen duking it out, trying to bling up a pair a white sneakers for a wedding theme. Believe it or not, there was even a miniature shoe competition. Ironically, mum did not buy a single pair of shoes. She bought baby clothes instead. Wakakaka. In the end, we went into the giant shoe house in the shape of tiger striped pumps. Found nothing interesting in there, just cheapo styrofoam shoe toilets and other mundane stuff.

Shoe: 1st

Shoe: Wood Lotus

Shoe: Hermes

Shoe: Frozen Flower

Shoe: Giant

Shoe: Stickers

Quickly left the place in search of lunch. Upon exiting, saw the local designer Bill Keith talk blah-ing about his business acumen to a friend. Also saw two super tall caucasian models who were undoubtedly disappointed that instead of finding Manolo Blahniks in the expo, they only found Asadi's officially licensed Angry Birds slippers. For lunch, we stopped at Restoran Soon Lei, Kuchai Lama. Goon Wah was not open on weekends, so we decided to try that place instead. Basically the same dishes, but with a different taste. Personally, I prefer Goon Wah's XO Fish Head Noodles and Guiness Stout Chicken Wings. The fuzuk barley drink was also disappointment. Even Woo Pin did a much better job. But Soon Lei did cook up a very tasty plate of Pumpkin Glass Noodles. Later that night, my home played host to a BEC gathering. Had been years since they gathered at Puncak Jalil. As usual, several people got lost and had to be guided in. And unlucky for us, it was a very stuffy evening. Quite gummy even after we set up three extra fans. Guess they won't be coming back anytime soon, or at least after I air-condition the whole house. LOL. Cleaning up after the party sent me straight to bed... zzz.

Pumpkin Glass Noodles

XO Fish Head Noodles

Chicken Wings

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mr. X and the Bus Station

Scribble by williamnyk
Scribble, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Mr. X had finished his business in KL and was leaving soon, so I caught him on a Friday night for a farewell yumcha session. Picked him up and went back to the area where we had dinner the week before. Although the place was called Bus Station Cafe, not many things in the cafe was devoted to this theme. Out at the front, there was a lousy sketch of a bus and one table came with a roof that looked like something one would see at a bus stop. But that was about it. When we first arrived, business was quite slow. Just one couple sitting outside and another group of pre-adolescent lalas inside. None of the customers were oogle-worthy. What caught Mr. X's attention was the staff. The waiter and the cashier had hit 8.0 on the beng scale. Enough to make him wet. :P. To be honest, the cashier was quite attractive with his jet black hair, fair skin and tribal tattoos running across his arms. We sat at one of the booths and ordered. Was kinda irked that the cushions were full of ciggie ash. Ugh. Since I was down with the flu, I got myself a large mug of hot honey milk while Mr. X tempted me with a bowl of green tea shaved ice.

Basically I just asked him about his work that past week. Seems that things went well. Physically just the two of us at the table, but both of us were also constantly in contact with Nichonic via What's App, and that kind turn things into a threesome. All that talking had worked up an appetite, so we shared a plate of Hakka Gichidiam! It's actually Hakka abacus seeds. Dunno what online translator they used. Must be worse than the one that MINDEF used for their clothes that poke the eye fiasco. The abacus seeds were fake. Obviously they contained zero yam and was sliced out from a cylindrical piece of flour. However, it tasted quite good! Wonderfully stir-fried with minced pork, black fungus, dried shrimp and chives! Very fragrant. Our conversation dragged on and we ordered another round of drinks. Mr. X ordered white coffee and he contained about the non-dairy creamer that they used. so particular. :P. It was running late and the flu had run me down, so I sent Mr. X home at about 11:00pm. Gave him a big hug and a big squeeze. :D. Dunno when we will meet next.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Sunday Roast by williamnyk
Sunday Roast, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

Warning: Evil food pics ahead

On Sunday morning, mum went out early to join the 325 Rally in Kajang. I wasn't interested in the plight of the Chinese educationists. Parents want their children study in the Chinese stream, but at the same time discourage their children from becoming teachers. I don't see how the shortage can be overcome, short of making teaching more 'attractive' (read better pay). So, SK and I went to English mass and after that went off to Yut Kee for breakfast with Gratitude and TZ. When we arrived, the place was already full, and a group of customers were waiting to be seated. From the looks of it, a lot of them were tourists. We shared a table with a lesbian couple. Shared several items- Sunday Roast with Apple Sauce (think of it as a rolled up piece of crispy siew yuk), fried glass noodles (served up in record time and surprisingly it was not oily at all) and soft-boiled eggs. The bill came to $72. Jaw-dropping. Gratitude gladly picked up the tab. Thanks!


Sunday Roast II

Pork Chop

With nothing better to do, we made our way to The Pavillion. Walked around a bit but with nothing to buy, we just sat down at Zang Toi Cafe. Ate a light lunch of nasi lemak, tea and chocolate banana cake with ice cream. The cake was to die for. Lovely aroma of bananas mixed with thick chocolate. Yummy. Did a whole lot of bitching and gossiping. Come 2:00pm, Gratitude and TZ made their way to KLPAC for a play while SK and I just stayed a while and went home. Lazed at home till about 5:00pm when mum requested us to go to her friend's place for dinner. Her friend was doing a party cum ceremony for the 1st death anniversary of her dad. Waiting till about 8:00pm before the food was actually served. Nearly grew mushrooms on my head. :S.

Nasi Lemak


But it was worth the wait. You would not believe the number of dishes- roast pork, German pork knuckles, tomyam fish, braised pork ribs, clams in superior soup, stir-fried long beans with eggplant, stir-fried french beans with crispy ham, chili crabs, mixed vegetables, sharks fin omelette, BKT, salted egg prawns, smoked chicken, kam heong squid in yam basket, ginger chicken, curry cuttlefish and spicy cockles. Lethinya taip, letih lagi time makan. LOL. Amazing right? A dinner that can really put a smile on your face...

On A Silver Platter

Smoked Chicken

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drunken Dinner

Golf by williamnyk
Golf, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

My company's annual dinner is usually a CNY affair. However, last minute arrangements (one week to get employees to RSVP!) cause it to be put on the back-burner and rescheduled till March. And so, it was downgraded from One World Hotel to Tai Thong at Tropicana Golf Club. Plus, there goes our ang pau! True to past experience, they also put it on a work day... Thursday night. So just to get there to register on time for the lucky draw, employees had to leave work a bit earlier. But still, the traffic was a bit of a challenge. At the entrance to Tropicana we were greeted by a guard post manned by guys with semi-automatic weapons. My colleague had drove into the resident's lane:

Guard: Lain kali ikut lorong kiri.

Moi: OK, tahun depan.

There was a total eighty tables at the banquet. It's always scary to see that many of my colleagues in one place. And there are plenty more for decided to skip the dinner or were overseas. Food was quite typical and some people will be happy to hear that instead of sharks fin soup, fish lips soup was served. Didn't see any lipstick in the bowls though. Quite uneventful and boring this year with zero performances and just thirty lucky draw prizes for so many people. However, someone did provide the entertainment. A employee from my Chairman's latest company acquisition was already drunk on beer by the second dish. He was so loud that the the whole banquet hall could hear him and look over. Worse of all, my team had been spending some time at his office and he recognized us. And worst of all, my colleagues encouraged him.

They called him over and poured drink for him. Goading him. Mr. Wuxia actually drank beer from a bowl! He made a huge ruckus at my table, talking loudly, showing off some kung fu moves before proceeding to gyrate his hips with his hands behind his head with wild abandon. And when he was done with that, he humped the table, banging his crotch against the edge of the table, causing the table to rock a little. And right in front of my female colleagues. He disappeared for a while before coming back with the table napkin wrapped around his neck like a cowboy. Continued to drink and be boisterous. Even tried to down a jug of beer at one go. Rushed off to the toilet immediately after that, no doubt to vomit.

By the end of the night, most of the people at my table had disappeared for the fear of association. People actually thought that he was part of my team. What a way to make an impression. At the end of the night, my boss asked him whether he was OK:

Mr. Wuxia: I'm OK la! If got roadblock ma give $20 lo!

My Boss: Errr... OK.

Mr. Wuxia: You know what? I was recently in Singapore for two weeks for week... I'm bloody ITCHY (mandarin slang for horny) now!

My Boss: ....

Mr. Wuxia: I wanna go Brickfields now to get some prostitues!

My Boss: Bye.

'nuff said.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Coat West Star III: Hikaru

This is a follow up post from my Nagi and Sho post. Hikaru is one of the muskateers from the COAT WEST gay trio of Nagi-Sho-Hikaru. Also often seen as a top. Don't let his lean frame mislead you. His schlong is quite hefty! Among the three, he is the most tanned and often seen with the longest hair. I tried searching for his pics on Google, but single promotional images seem harder to find. Guess he's the least popular of the three. I saw in tumblr that Nagi was described as the "Adorable Prince", while "Sho" was the "Sex God". Hikaru on the other hand was given the title "Uke Queen". Have no idea what it means. Enjoy the interview. This is the worst of the three. Some parts really tak faham.


Here is a small fox ---- HIKARU Not really sure about the exact moment he "left", but his last scene was filmed in september 2007
Real name: 岡田大貴 (Okada Hiroki)(light)
Nickname: fox
Birthday: 23 Jan 1986
Blood type: A
Occupation: GV model / College student
Likes: Mobile games
Address: Osaka Prefecture
Blood type: A
There is no girl-boyfriend: no
Compared to the animals themselves words: giraffe
Interest in the past began to have all these? What: Although there is no before the beginning, but more recently cooking (in the nude?)
Favorite brand name and to say like this brand of reasons: TMT Sure enough, Takuya Kimura
Favorite color is; white, black
Will unconsciously unspoken mantra is: scared I was really surprised, embarrassed, why
If there is afterlife, then what is to become: Giraffe (he seems to have a thing for Giraffes!)
Often go to beauty salons is: There are no special

Favorite artists are: Yuki Uchida
Recent doing stupid things is: did the Big Boss 18 hours of continuous clearance matters
The charm of its own where the point: a place immediately fall asleep (in the nude!)
The reader an opportunity to become a model are: MEN'S EGG by beauty salons in the column appear on the hair thing
Before going to bed have to do is: look at cell phone
In Shibuya favorite place is: Do not know
Only this can not compromise the male / girlfriend conditions are: not bother to bring
In-use shampoo is: VIDAL SASSOON Vidal Sassoon
Readers like model was? (Men and women both parties have written): M → Nakagawaっdesu 女→原あすか F → original Asuka
The animation is like watching a child: Pearl
To become prime minister if the first will do: go to nightclubs
Would think so are: Matsumoto, Miyahazama Secret is one of my favorite things now have all these?
Village will be singing are: Shonannokaze,ケツメイシ, EXILE Finally would like to speak out on this matter! (Fans kind of a statement is also OK): in fact born in Yokohama, (laughs)
Interviewer: What's your job?
Hikaru: I don't have a job right now.
Interviewer: So what do you do?
Hikaru: I'm a student.
Interviewer: Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend right now?Hikaru: No, I don't
Interviewer: You don't?
Hikaru: No, I just jack off. (of course!)
Interviewer: And you do the filming.
Hikaru: Yeah.
Interviewer: What kind of girls or boys do you like?
Hikaru: Someone nice and, uh... someone reliable...
Interviewer: Foreigners?
Hikaru: Yes, foreigners... (ada chance!)
Interviewer: Older than you or younger?
Hikaru: Whichever.
Interviewer: Do you prefer to love or be loved?
Hikaru: In the past, I preferred to love, but but now I want to be loved. (crap, gold digger!)

Interviewer:Where do you recommend going on a date?
Hikaru: To the pool.
Interviewer: After that?
Hikaru: Amusement park. (his idea of a date sounds like his gay porn plots!)
Interviewer: Can you recommend an amusement park?
Hikaru: (In silly voice) "Can I recommend an amusement park?"
Interviewer: Somewhere interesting for couples?
Hikaru: I haven't done that yet.
Interviewer: When was your first love? Who was it?
Hikaru: Age 4. My teacher. (yikes!)
Interviewer: Why did you like her?
Hikaru: I saw her panties once. (perv!)
Interviewer: When was your first sexual experience?
Hikaru: Second year of high school.
Interviewer: Who with?
Hikaru: My girlfriend.
Interviewer: You were dating.
Hikaru: Yes
Interviewer: What was losing your virginity like?
Hikaru: It was nerve-wracking. (she must have been a horrific man-eater!)
Interviewer: Did you get the job done?
Hikaru: Yeah, I did.
Interviewer: What kind of sex do you like?
Hikaru: The normal kind.
Interviewer: When did you first jack off?
Hikaru: In elementary school.
Interviewer: First wet dream?
Hikaru: In middle school.
Interviewer: How many times a week do you jack off?
Hikaru: It can be anything from twice a week to every day.
Interviewer: Depending on your state of mind?
Hikaru: Yeah...
Interviewer: And if you're busy, you don't do it that much...
Interviewer: How do you jack off?
Hikaru: I have many ways. Like watching videos and stuff.
Interviewer: Do you use your right hand or your left?
Hikaru: My right hand.
Interviewer: Do you have any fetishes?
Hikaru: Neck fetish. And uniforms. (yummmmmm)
Interviewer: Where are your erogenous zones?
Hikaru: I don't have any.
Interviewer: Where do you like to be touched?
Hikaru: I don't have a preference.

Interviewer: Have you ever been groped by a pervert?
Hikaru: Yes. By a pervert, yes.
Interviewer: When?
Hikaru: When I was in High School.
Interviewer: Where?
Hikaru: On my part time job.
Interviewer: In what kind of situation?
Hikaru: It was a customer and he said "You've got a nice ass there, boy," and touched it. And I went, "Gehh!"
Interviewer: How old was he?
Hikaru: Probably about thirty. He was wearing a suit. He was quite "salaryman"-ish. (another gay porn scene!)
Interviewer: Is that the only time?
Hikaru: Yeah that's the only time
Interviewer: Ever groped anyone yourself?
Hikaru: Have I ever groped anyone?? Of course not.
Hikaru: But when I'm on the train I sometimes look down women's shirts. (ack!)
Interviewer: Where do you start washing when you go to take a bath?
Hikaru: My hair.
Interviewer: How long do you take in there?
Hikaru: Around twenty minutes. (a whole lotta hair to wash!)
Interviewer: What do you wear in bed?
Hikaru: Pants and a t-shirt. (ish, banyaknya kain!)
Interviewer: What do you do before you fall asleep?
Hikaru: I read my phone.The messages on my phone.
Interviewer: Have you had any good dreams lately?
Hikaru: Yeah
Interviewer: What kind of situation? Can't you remember?
Hikaru: I can remember, it's just-
Interviewer: What were you like as a little boy?
Hikaru: I was just normal.
Interviewer: Did you do anything as a kid you're proud of?
Hikaru: I won a piano competition. (talented-nya!)
Interviewer: Oh you played the piano
Hikaru: Yeah, when I was in elementary school.
Interviewer: When you were little.
Hikaru: Yeah
Interviewer: Are you good at singing?
Hikaru: Yeah singing and piano.
Interviewer: Do you keep a pet?
Hikaru: I don't now, but I used to
Interviewer: What did you have?
Hikaru: A cat and a "biisu" (I don't know what this is)
Interviewer: Biisu are rare aren't they? Just one?
Hikaru: Just one.
Interviewer: What was it called?
Hikaru: Pipi. *laughs*
Interviewer: What are you into lately?
Hikaru: Maibuumu? (my boom, means something you're really into for the moment)
Hikaru: My boom is drinking. Drinking a lot and falling asleep.
.Interviewer: What can't you quit even if you had to?
Hikaru: What?? *laughs*

Interviewer: What do you prefer, calls or text messages?
Hikaru: text messages.
Interviewer: How many text messages do you send a day?
Hikaru: It changes every day...
Hikaru: Around 20 a day
Interviewer: Who to?
Hikaru: Who to? my friends.
Interviewer: Do you use a lot of emoticons?
Hikaru: No, I don't use them. They're annoying.
Interviewer: What's your favourite colour?
Hikaru: My favourite colour? Colour? *thinks* Black.
Interviewer: What food do you like?
Hikaru: Right now, yakiniku.I
nterviewer: What's your favourite film?
Hikaru: Oh, what was it... right now it's *(sorry no idea what he said)
Interviewer: Oh that one's great isn't it?
Hikaru: And then Ghibli movies. You know, Miyazaki. But I don't like anime.
Interviewer: What kind of clothes do you like? What brand?
Hikaru: *gestures towards his clothes*Llike this.
Hikaru: "Me" brand. Hikaru Brand. *laughs*
Interviewer: What's your favourite drink?
Hikaru: Coffee.
Interviewer: What's your favourite city?
Hikaru: City???
Hikaru: My favourite CITY? Favourite city... New York.
Interviewer: Oh have you been there?
Hikaru: I haven't been there. *laughs*

Interviewer: What's your favourite kind of cigarettes?
Hikaru *holds pack up* These. Marlboro Lights (for the record, he chain smokes FOUR cigarettes during this interview)
Interviewer: Is it always Marlboro Lights?
Hikaru: Always Marlboro Lights.
Interviewer: You are twenty, right?? (You have to be 20 to smoke in Japan)
Hikaru: I am. Of course I am!!!
Interviewer: Do you like gambling?
Hikaru: No. Except I play Mahjong with my friends sometimes.
Interviewer: What's your favourite season?
Hikaru: Oh, Autumn.
Interviewer: You don't like Spring?
Hikaru: I like Spring but I like Autumn more. You can do a lot of stuff like sports and eat certain foods.
Interview: Where do you want to visit within this country?
Hikaru: Okinawa. Because the sea's beautiful.
Interviewer: Have you been?
Hikaru: I haven't. (this was filmed before Idol Beach)
Interviewer: If you went to a deserted island, what would you take?
Hikaru: How long would I be going to the deserted island for?
Interviewer: Say a week.
Hikaru: Me alone on a deserted island for a week?
Interviewer: Well your friends can go too.
Hikaru: What would I take... a dirty book. *laughs*
Interviewer: So you can jack off....
Hikaru: So I can jack off. (any book would end up dirty if you jack off with it)
Interviewer: What do you want most in the world right now?
Hikaru: What I want most right now... love.
Interviewer: If you could be born again what would you like to be?
Hikaru: A girl. (!#@$!$!@5)

Interviewer: What do you think you were in your past life?
Hikaru: Tonosama. (A king of medieval Japan)
Interviewer: Tonosama? Why?
Hikaru: I just feel like I was.
Interviewer: If you had a time machine where in your past would you go?
Hikaru: *thinks for ages* to when I was little.
Interviewer: So if you had a time machine where in your future would you go?
Hikaru: I'd want to go and see what job I'd be doing in the future.
Interviewer: What do you want to take up? Like a hobby or something.
Hikaru: Dancing.
Interviewer: Do you have a secret you can't tell anybody?
Hikaru: This. *hollow laugh*
Interviewer: This job?
Hikaru: Yes, this job.
Interviewer: You haven't told anyone?
Hikaru: I can't tell anyone. Only the other actors know. (and all his adoring fans around the world)
Interviewer: How do you relieve stress?
Hikaru: By screaming. I yell out all my frustrations in my house, and then smoke cigarettes and stuff.
Interviewer: Do you have a policy?
Hikaru My policy... (said in English) is to be good at everything. No matter what it is, do it well.
Interviewer: What kind of man do you want to become?
Hikaru: I explained that in my policy.
Interviewer: Finally, please give a message to the people watching.
Hikaru: Hmmm... *thinks* If you see me in the street, don't talk to me, okay? (WAKAKAKAKA!)

Translation by: serpentcity

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Maha Vihara by williamnyk
Maha Vihara, swiped from williamnyk on Flickr.

On Sunday morning, I sent my uncle and aunt to the coffee shop in Taman Equine as agreed the night before. Their daughters who lived less than ten minutes away mind you, took more than half an hour to turn up. If I knew they would take so long, I would have sent them home straight. Although I understand that the bride-to-be was busy with her make up and what not, I don't see why the other daughter didn't come out to pick them up and have breakfast. As mum and I were running late for church, we left beforehand. Mass ended a bit later than usual with the Rite of Second Scrutiny and we lunched at a coffee shop in Aman Suria. Made our way to Maha Vihara (my first time there, and I finally know where the Temple of Fine Arts is) after that and arrived a few minutes shy of 2:00pm. Had a little time to take some pictures before proceeding to the marriage registration office. Lots of friends and relatives attended so not everyone could squeeze into the room. Was kinda shocked to see my cousin sister's mother-in-law arrive with some super hairy legs. :S. I was hoping for some kind of Buddhist ceremony to incorporated in the registration of marriage, but it was a 100% red tape affair. Kinda disappointed. It ended in fifteen minutes.



Later, we went downstairs and the husband and wife went off to perform some prayers. It dragged on till 3:30pm. The weather was very stuffy and my uncle and aunt were getting restless. Can't blame them since they did not eat lunch!!! To kill time, I went around taking photos. Surprised to see mini dhamma talks on walkways beside the temple and also a session in sign language. In the end, we were all ushered to a late lunch / early dinner at Taman Perindustrian Serdang. Not an easy location to go to from Brickfields. But upon arrival, we found the place closed. Not surprising at all as most restaurants only open for dinner at 6:00pm. Serdang Sisters just a few shoplots away was open for business, but the host did not want to eat there and guided us to Restoran Leong Ya near MINES instead. Belok sini, belok sana. Ugh. Some people just dunno the meaning of troublesome. Ate YTF, paper-wrapper chicken, fried pork chops, fried fish in plum sauce, vegetables and curry chicken. Left quickly after that. Couldn't stand the pening-ness anymore. On the way back, we stopped by SK's place. Two church friends were also there on a post-surgery visit. They brought a whole bunch of dim sum which I later ate for late dinner. Such a tiring day!