Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's the 31st of August today. 53 years of independence. It totally slipped my mind.

Holiday on Tuesday? What's the occasion?

My colleague was baffled. Things seem very quiet in KL. The Singapore NDP had a much bigger presence. Well, what does Merdeka mean to you? This year, to me it means that

I'm lucky that I don't have to balik Tiong Kok.


Monday, August 30, 2010


Heard about the furore generated from an opposition MP entering a mosque without properly covering herself according to 'religious tenets'?

I watched it on the government mouthpiece's prime time news. The newscaster declared it as:

Biadap dan melampau!!

Isn't that inciting hatred? To me, news channels should be impartial. Not apple polishers who are over-zealous when it comes to condemning the 'enemy'. I really have no more appetite for mainstream media.

Yes, it's Biadap dan melampau!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I sent Celcom an e-mail because my Celcom Broadband was behaving weirdly. I could only access GMail and the Celcom home page.

Dear Mr William

Thank you for your e-mail to Celcom regarding broadband service .

We would like to apologise for the situation that you have experienced.

Rest assures that we will initiate an investigation of your Broadband situation upon receipt of the following:

1) Your Celcom mobile / data package number
2) Device/PDA/Notebook/PC / Phone Brand & Model (Type of Datacard)
3) Your Operating System (Leopard/Tiger/Windows/XP/Vista -etc)
4) Web browser used to surf internet (Mozilla/IE/Netscape/Opera -etc)
5) Time period (the start date of the problem)
6) Full address of the location during the problem
7) Signal bar on your device (laptop/note book screen or on your mobile phone)
8) Error appeared when disconnected
9) Alternative contact number

We regret the inconvenience caused pending the settlement and we sincerely appeal for your kind understanding in this circumstance.

Best regards


By the time you furnish them with all these details (and I assure you that they will ask you to give it to them time after time due to their stupid CRM system), the problem would have been fixed, or you would have hung yourself with the USB cable from frustration. It's very clever really. I actually told them off that it actually discourages customers from complaining. Of course they did not reply my rant. The idiots.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Crack I
Swiped from williamnyk.
Remedial works have finally started on my brother's house after the contractor FFK on the first day. At least he's here now. They'll have to dig out the base and since the back of the house has no alley, they'll be going through the front door! Imagine the chaos, the dust and dirt. And they'll be reconstructing one side of the wall first to avoid making things too 'exposed'. Will have to temporarily board things up for at least a couple of nights. Ah, I guess we have not much choice. I just hope that the problem will be solved after paying the MYR4,500. The cracks are already so bad that rats can even squeeze through!

Crack II

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everything Under One Roof

jo kwon
Swiped from camelle20@.
On Sunday, we went to Kota Damansara for lunch since SK wanted to shop at Houz Depot. Went past Sunway Giza into The Strand and starting looking for a place to eat. That area was more deserted, so parking was a breeze, but it made selecting a lunch venue quite risky as well as it's difficult to gauge if it's good. Ended up at Restoran Korea Bulgogi. The main factor was the giant sign out front that stated "$9 Lunch Sets Daily". LOL. But we ordered something else la. Interesting decor inside and we were the only customers. The waiters at the restaurant beside were sleeping on the chairs. :S. Ordered the dolsot bibimbap and kimchi stew sets. Washed it down with some weird corn tea. The food was quite good actually and we were entertained by a Korean variety show. Jo Kwon from 2AM was the host. Slitty-eyed sexiness. Eemmmm. Not long after we started eating, a woman came into the restaurant mumbling "set, set, set" to the waiter. After going through the menu, she left mumbling the same thing. Pelik.

Potato Salad

After lunch, I brought mum to the nearby boutiques for some clothes shopping. Then off we went to Houz Depot. So unfortunate that we had to make 2 U-turns to get to the store from the Kota Damansara direction! So many things under one roof. Bargains galore. SK was served by one cute trainee by the name of Chen. Love the long fringe over his face. Haha. Malaysia's "favourite interior designer", Eric Leong was there providing consultation on paint (he looks fairer in person and the head also rounder, :P). Dropped off the stuff at SK's apartment and then we went swimming at KH's place. He was wearing his new N2N trunks. Couldn't help but ogle. :P. KH was going back to Singapore the next day, so he gave me a hug and a kiss in the changing room. Didn't want to let him go, but no choice lo. That night, it hawker buffet again, this time with Thai-style fried rice noodles, Hokkien mee, rojak, pepper stomach soup and fried kuay teow! Hehe. Burp!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reno, Haircut & Steamboat

Kopi Tarik
Swiped from williamnyk.
Mum breezed through Saturday's morning market ritual because she made an appointment with the renovator at 11:00am. For breakfast, we packed nasi lemak and dry curry noodles from the OUG Wet Market. My mother also bought some jelly-fied coconut (still in the shell). Quite nice and refreshing. The renovator inspected the damage to the house extension. Both walls had cracked more than an inch. The floor tiles have begun to tilt and crack too. At some parts, even the main house body has started to crack due to the pressure. Initial findings suggest that the footing's not wide enough to support the extension. He would most probably hack off a section from both walls, put a beam in place and cantilever it to the main structure. He even brought his wife along. Quite a motor-mouth! Hopefully he can remedy the shoddy work that the original renovator delivered. Sigh.

In the afternoon, SK and I went out for lunch at Restoran Ah Loy, OUG. It was 3:00pm, but were still a bit full. Just shared a plate of economy fried noodles and some YTF. Then I went off to pick up KH and his brother.

Moi: Hi dear, I'm going out to cut my hair now.

KH: I wanna cut too!

Moi: OK, I'll ask my stylist to squeeze you in.

(minutes later)

KH: Erm, my brother wants to come to.

Moi: What? I'll call my stylist again...

Some changes at the salon. The regular shampoo girl had resigned to fully concentrate on her pregnancy and they hired a shampoo boy as a replacement. And ever since I revealed my sexuality to my stylist's queer biz partner on FB, we've graduated from just smiling at each other to chit-chatting like old pals! I think my stylist was shocked at the sudden change. LOL.

My stylist was a bit peeved to see my coloured hair. He gets jealous when I go to other places to do my hair. :P.

Moi: New shampoo boy ah?

Stylist: Yeah la. SO LONG never come. Many things changed lo. Coloured your hair ah? Told you got colour NICER ma...

Ah well. My haircut did not take long cause I just asked him to think it out. I'm keeping the length to preserve the colour. Sorry baby, you'll have to suffer the shaggy me for a while more. Hehe. After SK finished her acupuncture session, she came over and fetched us to her new apartment. Then it was back to her place. Just one hour before the guests were to arrive for LifeBook' Birthday Steamboat Party. Helped SK set up some stuff, then we quickly went upstairs to 'work up an appetite'. After we both had our 'starters', I left KH to nap a bit while I went downstairs. The guests were very punctual (never a good idea to anger SK when there's hot boiling soup at hand).

SK had outdone herself by preparing two soup bases and one nourishing herbal soup. We had chicken, vegetables, fishballs, meatballs, pork slices, prawns, minced meat, clams, mushrooms, black fungus, haruan and garoupa slices, etc. It was more than enough for the ten of us. Finished dinner off with some kickapoo and we later left for New Town Kopitiam, Taman Esplanad for a change of venue and some air conditioning. The place has fluoroscent yellow booths. We were all instinctively reaching for a pair of RayBans. The menu was quite amusing with most of its beverages carrying the "Refreshing" postfix, e.g. "Refreshing Milk Ice Tea". Even more amusing is the fact that the "milk ice tea" (sic) only comes with a HOT option. :S. Later on, Earl Grey, Dae and Carpe Diem joined us. LifeBook picked up the tab and we called it a night!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Midnight Oil

Swiped from williamnyk.
"I've finished my part, do you need me for anything else?"

I should not have opened my mouth. His eyes looked wild and they rolled around while thingking of what I could do for him. Everyone else was still struggling trying to bring up the system for next day's Proof of Concept (POC). A very, very dirty phrase in my book. Rush work. Pressure to impress customers. Every single mistake will be pinned on you if the deal goes bust. Ugh. Instead of leaving at dinner time, my boss detained me till 4:00am! Barely had 2 1/2 hours of sleep, then it was back to work. Slept in the car. Slept on the train. Was practically floating around. I pity my colleagues who did not even go home to shower. Customers are getting very pushy and demanding. And vendors are getting heads over heels trying please the customers. Sufference.

In the end, most of the stuff was up and running and my load test went well. Was quite flattered when the customer thought I was a repesentative from the stress test software vendor. Looks like I can tipu makan. :P. On arrival at home, I konked off till 10:00pm. Woke up, had dinner, showered and later slept some more. Hehe. My General Manager gave us the next day off, but I already had a meeting pre-arranged, so I had to get to work regardless. However, the meeting ended early, so I still had half the day to meet KH! Yay! While waiting for him, I parked my ass at Dome, The Pavilion. Ordered a cuppa and fired up my laptop (I would have been at Coffee Bean if they had spare power sockets). Did some work and cleared some of my blog backlogs. Sitting there wasn't an entirely pleasant experience because the supervisor kept on shouting at her staff. Think she had hot coffee grinds up where the sun don't shine.

Lunch was at Athena after we scoured through the F&B directory. The reviews were mixed. Notorious stories about lousy service. One reviewer said that the manager pressured them to order more and actually said that "it wasn't enough to cover their expenses". Wow. Risked it anyway because it was something different-- Greek cuisine. We ordered the Lamb Moussaka (nicer than the one I had in Moussandra) and Pollo Alla Pimentos (the grilled chicken was fragrant, but a bit too dry). I dunno what soup we drank. Couldn't understand the waitress' mumbling. The set lunch came with an upgrade option for drinks:
a) MYR4 for iced lemon tea
b) MYR5 for house wine

The choice is obvious isnt it? Dessert was Spicy Strawberries. Strawberry ice cream with a balsamic vinegar sauce. A nice touch. Spent quite some time talking and relaxing at the restaurant. KH's never shy to touch my face and feed me ice cream. Doesn't matter, I think the waiter's gay too. Next, we went window shopping and visited the bookstore. By 4:15pm, we left the mall and headed home cause KH had an early dinner appointment with his family. Took the LRT down to Seri Petaling where hs dad picked him up. The station was a mess. Haphazard parking and waiting and it was aggravated by the fact that the temporary bus station's nearby. Chaos! Later that night, SK and I kidnapped KH again. Had some drinks at Sweet Bean Station, Seri Petaling. Ordered some apple vinegar and chicken wings. I don't think the patrons were shocked with me deboning and feeding KH the fried chicken. :P. Time flies when you're having fun!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lou Gai

"Dear, I am unhappy about something. I want you to do something for me, but I can't tell what it is..."

"Cause if I do, then it will lose its significance!"

Am I making any sense? Can you relate? Perhaps you've encountered such a scenario in your relationships before.

P.S.: Don't worry about KH and I. In the end, I told him. We overcame this little piece of pre-bedtime drama. LOL.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hit and run

Hit and run
Swiped from Cracas.
I have a friend who has an annoying habit.

He would suddenly appear on GTalk and buzz you with a question.

Gets the answer that he wants.

Then just disappears without a trace.

No TQ. No response. Or offline even.

Geram betul!

What should I do when faced with this possible "hit and run" scenario in the future?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meet the Neighbours

Fast track: Church->Lunch->Optical Shop. Mum's pair of multifocals were getting very dingy. The plating on her frame had disintegrated, so she decided to replace it. Apollo's sis, Eva was already resigning to become an air stewardess, so we decided to make use of her super discounts before she leaves. Choices were limited because drastic reshaping of the lens was a no-no in order to preserve the power of the lens. Eva immediately went to work and it was ready within half an hour. Went to visit SK's new apartment in Bandar Kinrara after that to monitor the progress of the renovations. Still quite a bit to go really. Discovered some kind dampness at the bottom of her walls. Hopefully it's not some kind of shoddy plumbing. Then we went up to my unit. One of my neighbours saw us and gave us a friendly "Hello!". Seeing that we were admiring their beautiful home, the Malay couple, Fir and Lin were SO FRIENDLY that they unlocked the door and invited us in without a second thought. Bear in mind that I don't know these people! We could have been a family of robbers and they could have been harmless-looking cannibals. Fully-painted with Nippon Satin Glo! Plaster ceiling. Skirting. Extended kitchen. Heavy drapes. Comfy couches. Divans. Even the shelf above the TV costs MYR800. My jaw nearly dropped. By the time we were done with the grand tour, the heavy rains had set in and we could see how memeningkan it was to have the water blow into the corridors and worse still for Fir and Lin, to have to water spray into one's front door landing. Bad angle.

With the rains, came some flash floods at the Kinrara area. Ugh. And that also meant that my swim was cancelled. Rested at home while mum prepared dinner. She steamed some yam slices in the rice cooker and reheated some yummy roast pork. The neighbour had given us a choice cut. Every year I would get it free for several times because they usually buy a whole roast pig for their elaborate Taoist ceremonies. Couldn't resist the crispy skin. No swim, then sinful siew yuk. Arghhhhhhhhh.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Day II & Lights Out

CK joined us on our morning marketing trip. He had arrived from Kajang at about 7:30am. Mum had to go out to some Mary Kay product demo, so we whizzed through the whole process. Breakfast was at Bandar Park OUG. Mum and I ordered first while SK went to park the car. When she finally came over and ordered, the hawker told her:

"Your mother and little brother already order lo."

LOL. Little brother. Hehe. For lunch, DH came over and we went to Serdang again. His mummy was wanted to cook, but he vehemently declined! Haha. Well, I guess he tak nak menyusahkan mak bapak. Baik kan? Ordered the steamed haruan (so smooth... yummy!), fried mantis prawns (meaty and crispy!), asparagus and dried chilli clams. Unfortunately, the price had increased. Then we made a trip to Suria KLCC in his new White Vios. CK went home, but we were accompanied by Orson, the bear-who-lives-in-a-drink-holder. He zoomed through Suria KLCC in his usually snazzy footwork. No different from when we first met at Sungei Wang. Stopped by at the optical shop, Kino, Machines and Isetan Supermarket. Overheard at Isetan, concourse level:

"(on the phone) You ni kat mana? I kat I-Setan."

Gotta love her pronunciation. DanielH refused to buy us a box Muscat Grapes. Supposedly very sedap. Well, at MYR300 per box, it better be. Got lousy service at Machines. Obviously it was an OS problem, but they just shrug it off and sent DanielH back to his telco provider. Bah. Got home by 6:00pm after a short detour to the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club homes. Those people are sooooo freaking rich. Tried to sleep a little but my attempt was foiled by a phone call from my Myanmarese colleague:

"What's the name of the crispy noodle in thick, eggy gravy ah?"

ARGGHHH. And at 7:30pm, the lights went out. Literally.

"Sekarang masuk waktu berbuka bagi Kuala Lumpur dan kawasan sewaktu dengannya... ALAMAK!"

My poor neighbours, they were just breaking fast and TNB screwed up. Mum just arrived home, and we decided to eat out. Luckily the food court had power. Post-dinner was some shopping at Jusco. However, the lights weren't back on till midnight. Passed the night with tea lights and bergamot wafting from my essential oil burner. Gave mum a long shoulder massage and that pretty much drained me. I made two calls to 15454, and they did not check back with me whether the lights were back on. Cheh.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Longing for Longer

Check out Burger King's latest seasonal addition to their menu-- BK Xtra Long. The catchphrase-- So long and juicy no one can resist! It hits a chord with the gay community kan? We all can relate to that. And look at the model's neck in the ad. Gives a whole new world of meaning to deep throating. Hehe. Over and out.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Home, New Friends

Friday night had me at Paragon Heights participating in a home mass cum home blessing. Lotsa guests but with the same old people getting lost on the way. Taking the same wrong turns. I was practically shouting to get people on the right track. Is the Puncak Jalil area that daunting? Ish. The mass was pretty standard, but the homily was integrated with a sharing session about evangelization in one's daily life. I wonder if I ever inspired anyone to join the Catholic faith or at least spread some understanding about it. The home blessing was an express version. A short prayer and the priest went around with his bottle of holy water (travel pack) while we sang some hymns. In the full version, a different prayer would be recited for each room in the house. Lotsa food as usual, but I was not interested at all. Was feeling bloated and my lack of appetite even made me spurn the thick wild boar curry that they were serving. Just munched a little and hoped that the kedongdong juice would do the trick.

By the time I got home, it was 11:00pm and my stomach had not settled. Had to down some Digeston before I could doze off! Wanted to sleep earlier, but was chatting with a new blog contact. Seems that my new "Contact Me!" feature had caught some fishes yielded some results. Haha. More news on that later. However, my sleep was punctuated by some distractions of the skank kind that night, so by the time I awoke for morning market the next day, I looked the part of a zombie (a zombie twink at least, I hope! :P). KH was also late that day. OT until nearly 3:00am! Goodness. Really makes a hubby worry at times.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teletubby Tales

Swiped from RitchieBITCH

Have you ever watched "The Teletubbies"? Yes, the kids show that is in the same infernal league as Barney. Another butch of Dukes from Hell who have set up shop in children's TV. We have Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky-Winky. All of 'em have distinct dildos on their heads and a TV on their bellies that play reruns of B-grade movies all day long. Rumour has it, the purple Teletubby, Tinky-Winky is gay! Haha. But just look at this pic I found in DeviantArt! If ever Bravo took over from BBC, things would look like this. Quite cool. I would definitely watch the show. If you still dunno what the heck I am talking about, do wiki 'em here. Don't say I did not warn you.

P.S.: So,which DeviantArt Teletubby do you want to fuck?

Friday, August 13, 2010

White Walls

Sunday started with a bit of a snag. Mum was a tad crabby, but I kept my cool. Turns out later it's because she was feeling a bit bloated. Goodness. Women! Went to church a usual and had lunch at Restoran 747 again. This time round, we supplemented our meal with roast pork too. Delicious. Thank goodness the shop wasn't as stuffy as it used to be. Another stall had closed down and that mean more space for the wanton mee customers. Goodie. Kelana Jaya was already halfway to Mutiara Damansara, so we braved the jam to IKEA. SK wanted to get some stuff for her new apartment. With her, everything seems to be "white, white, white"! Did some walking around the flea market at The Curve after that. Such a coincidence bumping into the PLU couple that I saw at the lighting shop the other day. The guy recognized me and I gave him my 40W half-smile. The weather was fine, so I went for a swim, while SK used the gym facilities. I noticed that the stupid tiles in the pool were so rough that they pulled some of the nylon fibers from my Aussiebum trunks when I lean on the wall! Boo-hoo! Oh well, a good excuse to buy more swim trunks! LOL. Just a short report this time. Tidak melebihi 800 patah perkataan. Hehe. Have a good weekend y'all!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Babies

A SMS request from JJ to kick-off a birthday gathering for Bunny prompted the August Babies Birthday Gathering at Rakuzen, Plaza Damas. After more than 100 e-mails, the venue was finally determined but the headcount was still a question mark. By that time, I was getting a little bitchy (but Junior would contest the severity), so I handed over the final preparations to Bunny. Poor thing, harijadi sendiri pun kena buat kerja... LOL. When I arrived at the restaurant at 7:05pm, I was very surprised to find that 8 out of the 14 guests were already sitting there! SO NOT BFF! And for some reason, most of the power couples were without their boyfriends in tow! Junior was even blatant enough to find a hunky replacement (did not have a chance to interact with the quiet fellow)! Huhu. Due to last minute additions, we nearly had to sit on each other's laps to fit the total pax, but luckily the waitress found us an extra table. The dinner was basically split into two groups, each with their own boisterous focal points. Food was average. Truth be told, I won't be going back there anytime soon. And it was disappointing that the precedent set by JL where the birthday boy would buy a round of sake was ignored! Cis! Lifebook, Leggie, Bunny and Earl Grey... you owe me sake!

For after dinner drinks, we stopped at Bagel Coffee Station. The waiter did not speak very clear English and was very defensive when he got an order wrong. We didn't bother to argue, but I think his conscience got the better of him because he gave us two complimentary cinnamon bagels out of the blue (wonder if he hwak-tuh on it). SK and I didn't stay long as we needed to pick CK up from the Seri Petaling LRT station. Right after picking him up, we went over to D' Rich, Kuchai Lama where Carpe Diem, Leggy (already in Panda mode), Earl Grey and Dae were waiting. Talked a bit about house-hunting and had some drinks (thanks Carpe Diem, hehe). By midnight, we were drained. The latte macchiato I had earlier did have any effect. Zzzzzz....

P.S.: Janvier! I forgot to ask you to bring the Poirot and Les Miserables discs... :S

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wet Market Celebrities: Yam Queen

Swiped from mswine.
Overheard at the Taman United Wet Market:

Lady: Erm, do you know how to make wu tao kau yuk (braised pork with yam)?

Vege Seller: Yeah.

Lady: The yam need to steam first ah?

Vege Seller: Not steam la. Fry.

Lady: Fry the whole thing then cut ah?

Vege Seller: >_____________<"

That woman obviously spends more of her time at the nail bar rather than the kitchen! Fry the whole thing... :S. Oh my... I suddenly have a hankering for wu tao kau yuk.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slippery Cyan

In my room, I have a colour box where I keep my lube. In there is my favourite Durex Play and several other silicone oil-based lubes that were a gift from a good friend in Germany. For some reason, I prefer the water-based variety. Feels slicker and more slippery in comparison. And no matter how light it is, silicone oil still has that greasy feel. One day, I opened the cabinet to find that the blue tube was upside down. Perhaps I had put like that the other day, I thought to myself. Then the other day, while my mum was cooking, the truth came to light:

"Aiyoh, the Cyan ah. After his bath, sure go up to your room and open your cabinet. He left it open the other day. I warned him that you would be angry if he didn't close it."

Opppsss... Now I know that my little nephew had been removing my lube and playing with it while I'm at work. :S. Luckily my condoms are elsewhere!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Shaggy (Not The Rapper!)

KH prefers me to have short hair. No idea why. Personal preference. During my last trip to Singapore, I did not find the time to see my stylist, so my hair was thick and had a good length (sounds like I'm talking about something else, XD). When we made love, my hair poked him in the eyes a couple of times (while some other poking was going on). Now that I've dyed my hair, I'm gonna put off my haircut for several more weeks cause my colour can only survive 3.5 haircuts. Hehe. My baby will have to suffer my shaggy look for a bit longer! You don't mind right, baby?

P.S.: Sorry la, cameras don't focus well on hair in macro mode!

Friday, August 06, 2010


My undergarments are all over the place. And I don't mean that I leave my underwear in strangers' rooms all over KL. They fill two small drawers to the brim and I have to use the bottom of my wardrobe to house the rest. Basically it's unorganized. In heaps. So I decided to make things more systematic to make it easier for me to find the desired type of underwear and make sure that all my babies are rotated. Completely cleared the drawers and started grouping by briefs and boxer briefs / square-cut trunks / boxers. Then I put the the recently-laundered items to one side. Then to make things more visible and to save space, I roll each pair and store it laterally. Now my drawer looks like a box of roses! :P. Took the opportunity to retire some unworn items too, like the jockstraps and pouch that I don't fancy wearing. Some are a bit too tight at the thighs (celaka), so I put them away until the day I gain sexier thighs. *sniff sniff*. Hopefully I can stick to this system!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sunday Personalities

Having attended vigil mass, we had Sunday morning free. SK, mum and I headed out to Bandar Puteri Puchong to see what's the fuss about at Taiping Mali Cafe. After trying it, I really don't understand why it's always full house there. Mediocre at best. Mum ordered their nasi lemak. It was not a chef's recommendation, so BIG MISTAKE. Even the recommended items are mediocre, what would one expect, right? To be honest, it was a sorry excuse for nasi lemak. The rice tasted funny. The sambal cannot even be called sambal! It was a whole bunch of onions in chilli oil. Super salah! The saving grace was the yellow sticky rice with curry chicken. It was quite good. The soft-boiled egg on toast also couldn't make it. The overly done yolk literally stood out on toast like a sore thumb. Forunately, the coffee was quite good. Very smooth. I also see a lot of people ordering the mee rebus and chee cheong fun with yam cake. Both look bland to me.

Next stop was IOI Mall, because the lighting shop that SK wants to go was still not open. Did some shopping there. In record time, got presents for two August Babies. Did some shopping at Daiso too. Can't believe that mum bought Cyan a broom to play with. At about 11:00am, we drove back out to Top Ten Lighting, beside Tesco. Amazed by the prices there. Cheap! One does not need to haggle much. SK bought all her lights there. Three PLUs also walked in. High concentration of gayness in Puchong, Pikey? Hehe. Had lunch at the foodcourt nearby. The duck rice I ordered was nice, but the fella gave me really bony parts. If not for the eye candy at the next table, I would have been more pissed.

Mum then went to buy her 4D and we stopped at Econsave, OKR for a while for some grocery shopping. Saw two examples that sexiness does not diminish with age:
1) Saw an aunty no younger than 45 having her hair washed at a hair salon. Bare back, slinky dress shorter than mid-thigh with her boobies suspended by a halter neck.
2) Saw a PLU uncle in his early forties in super low shorts and a too-short tank top. Got an eyeful of his pubic hair.


Swam at my new apartment. The pool's quite short and the water was fuiyoh, quite dirty. Visibility was about 1m. Halfway through my laps, a cute guy apeared with his mother, no doubt viewing some units for sale. So cute. So straight. Oh well. As expected, the physical activity really worked up an appetite. Had a hawker buffet at my neighbourhood food court-- grilled chicken wings, BKT, satay, pepper stomach soup and wat tan hor. Saw another interesting character there. Pale-faced girl with half her face and dark dim glasses covered by her hair. Arty-farty with elderly parents. Her poor mother would speak 20 words to her and she would reply-- a single syllable. Full stop. Most of the time, her earplugs would be on and at times she would scribble in her sketchbook. If I have this kind of daughter, sure khek sei! The end.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

St. Iggy Saturday

Black Money
Swiped from Brian Howell.
Went to the market on Saturday with a few surprises in store. Firstly, DBKL contractors were clearing the bushes at the Taman United Market. I did not want to walk near as they were swinging 2-feet long machetes above head level. With people bustling below them, it was just like a freak accident waiting to happen. Don't worry, no "Final Destinaton" scene happened, but they did find some 'treasure' in the bushes! If you guessed snake... then you're wrong. It was a packet of Black Money. It's sad that people get sucked into these kind of scams. Greed is a strong thing and it overrides logic! Even the scratch-and-win schemes are alive and well along Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Ish. At the OUG market, a shady Malay guy was selling boxes of American Ginseng wrapped in brown paper packages.

"Suka hati you nak bayar berapa la..."

Can you imagine buying such a thing? Eeek. Breakfast was at Kuchai Lama. The famous dim sum shop at the row of shops really screws up all the parking spaces. Ish. Nak makan mee kari pun susah! Ended putting the car at the car wash while we had breakfast. Bad news for SK as the curry mee turned her tummy upside down that day. After breakfast, we went home and not long after, SK and I went out to settle stuff with her renovator and the management office. Chose the tiles, cabinets and finalized on the renovation details. Paid the downpayment too. Experienced the kepeningan at the management office. The Malay guy was clueless. The Indian guy just sat there playing FB. SK was writing a cheque for the renovation deposit and the guy wasn't sure what name to put as the payee:

"Erm, you letak 'The Management' la."

"Eh, you sure cek tu boleh clear ke macam ni?"

Amazing isn't it? Lunch was at home with mum. Had a simple soup with vegetables. At around 5:15pm, we headed out to church for the Parish Feast Day, celebrating St. Ignatius of Loyola. The last day of the tridiuum. We skipped all the boring talks and headed straight for the final mass and fellowship. Hehe. Food was mediocre. Tough curry chicken, extra-salty omelette, tasteless blanched vegetables, fried dumplings, fish fillet, fruits and soya bean. I took two cups of it and I felt pain in the middle of my abdomen. Shit. Hit the Beans Bonanza again.

St. Ignatius of Loyola by Peter Paul Rubens

We weren't quite satisfied with dinner, so we headed to Al-Azwath, Taman Equine. Called Peng to join us. Ordered some limau panas to wash down the curry chicken. SK ordered a naan set that three of us shared. Very satisfying. Quite a surprise that they gave sardine curry that actually came with pieces of sardines! And I loved their dhaal. Went to bed with a smile on my face. :P (But I had other reasons for that).

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Alma Mater

An old ex-coursemate gave me a call out of the blue the other night. No, not to sell anion-spewing maxipads but to catch up. Kay was one the girls from the group ten friends who made up my clique in UM. The rest had drifted away... with the exception of Mel who constantly keeps in touch with me. We've been through good times and bad times. Among my uni-mates, Kay is the more outspoken one. Assertive. Confident. Your typical I-know-what-want KL girl. Once in a while she would call and inform me how things were going on in her life. Sometimes it would feel like she's blowing her trumpet, but I guess that's the way she is. Heh. It has been a long time since I've seen her. Since her wedding years ago actually. Perhaps we should catch up in person one of these days. For several times now she has been snooping into my private life... hinting about a certain someone. Who's the special girl or guy? I don't think I'll come out to her. The confidence level just isn't there.

The norm is, these 'friends' just drift away. Fade off. I see them online and I have no motivation to buzz 'em. Nothing more to talk about? Busy with our own lives? Is this jodoh? Certain threads in this tapestry of life are woven together but at different times and places, the threads just divert... Or sometimes are just cut off.

How many friends from university do you still keep in touch with?

Monday, August 02, 2010

A Grey-Brown Affair

Swiped from williamnyk.
Sunday mass as usual. Went to the earlier session so that we can catch an early appointment with the hairstylist at Michael & Guys, One Utama. Breakfast was at the famous charsiew wantan mee at Restoran 747. Took up DiGi's 50% off hair services promotion. Told the stylist, YV that I want brown, but nothing too subtle. She flipped her colour chart here and there and went to the back to get the dye ready. After washing my hair, her assistant put the BLUE gunk on my hair ends. She told me not to worry about the colour. Then she put a rotating heater over my head. A halo with a skewed axis. For a while there, I felt like Mayuri-sama's Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō. Later on, they coloured the roots and let it set again. At the end, the assistant did some rubbing washed everything off and brought me back to my seat. Before the towel was removed from my head, YV came back and showed us what colour she used.

It was grey.

Swiped from sheryldesigns

The Stephen Chow in "Kung Fu Hustle" type. The "Storm Riders" type. Erk. But when it was revealed, my hair was a nice brown! The magic of chemistry. According to YV, black asian hair has a tinge of red. When light colours are used, a natural brown would result. Was very satisfied with her work. It appeared layered and had a good colour sheen. Fortunately, I did not get her to cut my hair because turns out she's not familiar with male haircuts. After waxing my hair, she even asked me to finish the job. :S. For lunch, we ate at Excellent Herbs. Shared a pot of top-shell, Japanese oyster and pork porridge. Dessert was white fungus with lotus seeds. Did some shopping at the pharmacy then proceeded home to watch "Shutter Island". Quite a nice movie with a good twist at the end. It rained that afternoon, so I did not do my usual jogging or swimming. Pigged on my bed till 8:00pm. Poor SK was so hungry that she cooked something to eat before waking me up to fetch my mum from church. She came back with loads of tau sar pheah!

At the office on Monday, I wore a bright yellow polo-T with brown curdoroy pants. Combined with my hair, my country manager remarked that I looked like the DiGi Yellow Coverage Fellow. >_<".

P.S.: Forgot to thank Grat for the pineapples and foie gras! Sorry Pikey, kami dah makan nanas you... :P

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sign on the Dotted Line

Swiped from lscomplex.
Since mum's in Bukit Mertajam, SK and I went out a little later to the market. There's really no reason to be early cause SK can speed-shop, unlike my mum. By 9:30am, we were done and having breakfast at Taman United. Had a horribly salt-rich mee soya. Ugh. Finished up and headed for home. At around 11:00am, we went out to the law firm in Serdang Perdana sign our Sales and Purchase Agreement and Letter of Offer. Yes, we're finally going to be home owners! I think in total, the documents were 2 inches thick. So many copies to sign. And Alliance Bank is damn ma fan, one has to initial each and every printed page. Halfway through, I ended up not really knowing how to sign my name! Luckily the cheque cleared. Our lawyer explained every clause in the documents to us. Pointed out our rights and the rights of the vendor. Very clear. We applied for the 50% off the stamp duty and got the 20% off for Islamic financing. Asked the lawyer to prepare the documents for EPF withdrawal too. By the time we finished, it was nearly 1:00pm. Fuh!

For lunch, we ate at a coffeshop beside South City Plaza. Ordered some mixed rice. Back home, we watched Monga. Didn't like it. Half of the time I was fiddling on my iPhone playing Piczle Lines. The gist of the movie-- Taiwanese eye candy beating the hell out of each other. Mark Chao is cute! At 5:30pm, Bear and Pikey came over. SK drove all of us down to Klang to meet up with Grat and Jerry. My first time meeting Jerry. He appears thinner and more dimunitive in person. Very easy-going and easy to warm up to. First order of business was SK's massage appointment. The therapist was an old uncle who appeared to have a gentle touch, but SK's grimace suggested otherwise. With that done, we drove to Restoran Boston Baru for dinner.

Swiped from norbelthomas

Waited one hour for the food to arrive!!! Luckily my tummy wasn't feeling well that day. Or else I would have been crazed with hunger. SK on the other contemplated going to the opposite shop for BKT every five minutes. Hehe. The food was well worth the wait. Had fried tapioca noodles, Hokkien mee, fried 'moonlight' kuay teow, superior soup clams and nestum mantis prawn. The noodles had enough wok qi and the crispy pork lard in it was really fragrant. However I found the kuay teow a tad sweet. The mantis prawn was very crispy, but I would have preferred it with less sugar. The clams were superb with the aroma of cooking wine. During the course of the dinner, everyone was busy checking out Klang boys. Slightly beng-ish, but were cute in their own way.

Doble TangYuan

Without any rest in between, we went to Hoo Bee for giant tong yuen in ginger soup. Bigger than your average testicle. Was another long wait! But the tong yuen was good. Like eating a delicious mochi. But I was too full to finish it. Lastly, we had coffee at Espresso. Did a lot of camwhoring there. And the crowd was mostly young kids. Plenty of eye candy. Plenty to see. Boy next door. Submissive twink. Goth guy. Cosplay chink. Klang cutie. Beng buddy. Cowboy chic. You name it, they got it. I'm definitely going back there again and the yeah, the coffee's good too. LOL. Rushed back home as it was early mass the next day!

P.S.: Sorry, no food pics. The lighting at most of the places was very bad!
P.P.S.: Grat, look in the rear view mirror more often... hard to follow your car le!