Sunday, July 25, 2010

A 'Wet' Singapore III: Tardy Tosai & Korean Cuties

Sachoom I
Swiped from williamnyk.
Sonny was someone I had not met in ages. Our first meeting was at my maiden clubbing experience at Play. Remembered him as the guy with the plunging deep V over his manly chest of hair (he told us that he had retired his deep Vs, :P). Having seen my FB status, he buzzed me and arranged a meeting. The best thing was, he was only one bus stop away from JJ's place. Our breakfast meeting was at 10:00am, but due to an early morning skank session, we kinda overslept. By the time KH woke me up, it was already 10:20am! Crap. Quickly made a call and rushed out of the house. In total, we were 45 minutes late. Luckily Sonny didn't pull a blackie face! LOL. He had finished his morning paper from end to end. He brought us to have his favourite tosai stall. Business was so brisk that the seller cooks stacks and stacks of tosai. For the first time, I tasted masala-egg dosai. Basically an egg dosai wrapped with potato filling. A very filling affair. Catched up on each other's news. Glad to hear that things are going well with him and his BF, and their future plans are laid out. Sonny was curious about Bunny, so he followed back to JJ's place. We did more chatting there but it was mostly JJ getting Sonny up to speed.

Sachoom II

Not long after Sonny left, KH and I rushed to the Esplanade to watch Sachoom, a Korean dancical. It's basically 80 minutes of dancing with a simple storyline. The audience was pretty young... It was a very energetic performance interspersed with humour and audience interaction. It was mostly contemporary with lots of hip-hop. Plenty of eye candy. Lean K-Pop dancers in tank tops and better yet, topless. And big boobies in tight Ts with sultry hair flipping. The main thread is about a guy Jun who finds his rhythm while trying to win the heart of Sun. In the end, he has a dance battle with Bin, the rival. After the show, they tried to get the audience dancing, but with the Esplanade's fixed seating, it was quite hard. The guy who played Jun actually stripped off his shirt and stood on the chairs in front of us... gyrating as the strobe lights went off... Yummy. After the performance, they had a photo session, and truth be told, the distance, lighting and makeup make a big difference. LOL. We did not have lunch, so we just shared a bun outside the hall (this detail is for you, JJ).


Dinner was at Soup Restaurant at Suntec City. The occassion was POD's birthday, but KH treated everyone because he passed his exam. Met Kidz, K850i, Harvey and the rest of the usual gang. Harvey was also a sight for sore eyes as the last I met him was during my coming out lunch in 2007. Spent a lot of time disturbing W850i and cam-whoring. Sometime during the meal, they blew a fuse and we had a candlelit dinner for 15 minutes. The steamed chicken, wintermelon soup, stewed beancurd, pork ribs, shrimp in crab sauce and vegetables tasted just as good in the dark. The party then moved to Spinelli's where we ordered some ice-blended coffee. Chatted and chatted until C-Mon and Den came over from their other gathering. By 10:00pm, we called it a night and POD drove us home. Zzzz...

P.S.: At the time of posting, I was told that Sonny broke up with his BF. Love is so fragile. :(


simonlover said...

Haik. Tot u have tonnes of pictures of the Korean hotties?! True. Love is very fragile especially in gay relationships =(

Danny said...

the big difference with and without lighting/make up.. is actually good or bad one? ;p

nicky05 said...

the guy in 2nd pic is cute..hehe

savante said...

Just a little too much makeup on the guys. Ugh.

Mr.D said...

they sure know how to pander to the pink market! =)

Gratitude said...

curious about Bunny?

3quarks said...

looks like u had so much fun there.

the guys in the 1st pic plucked their eyebrows too much:)

William said...

Tonnes? No la. Had to take those pics above the heads of the thronging girls!

@Danny: @Savante:
Hmmm... when you're on stage, it's necessary. And lighting can make a world of difference. Hehe.

LOL. Your taste ah?

I think it's not done on purpose. :P

Wanted to meet him.

The guy on the right has an amazing body. I did not notice his eyebrows. :P

Jaded Jeremy said...

Lol I can't believe you guys shared bun again.

The breakup was so unexpected especially he chatted with us about their relationship right before that.

William said...

This time it was a red bean bun. Luckily they're back together again.