Saturday, January 30, 2010

Talk Is Cheap!

"If I were Law, I will resign over boat tragedy, says Tan"

Yeah, right. That's what the Penang Wanita MCA Chief said over the dragon boat tragedy. It's easy to say such hypothetical things. So many if's.

"The sad part of our Malaysian political scenario is that we do not have a high level of accountability"


Just look at the stolen jet engines. I don't see anyone resigning. Declare "I'm not involved" ada la.

Just look at Bukit Antarabangsa. I don't see anyone resigning. Try to protect the report under OSA ada la.

Just look at the Kampar bridge tragedy. I don't see anyone resigning. No follow up ada la.

"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?" -- Matthew 7:3

Why indeed?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Surat Layang

Zip Line Kite
Swiped from yerffej9.
In your blog, do you allow anonymous comments? I do, for the convenience of readers who want to drop a quick note, or do not wish to reveal their identity, or do not have a blogger account (but nowadays, there's the OpenID feature that allows inter-operability between different blogging communities). As with all good things, there are drawbacks too, as sometimes I get spammed with random hate comments and advertisements. As and when I get these, I click on the "dustbin" icon. For me, it's fun to read people's comments regardless of the source. But when this feature is used to supposedly "represent" a valid user on the blogging commnunity, how reliable is it? Would you believe it? I won't, as there is no way for me to ascertain the real identity of the commentor. Anyone could have done it, and believe me, there are many people who are very tak han moh si zhou. Lepas baca, senyum saja. So when you're really looking for the "truth", relying on such anonymous comments is really just a waste of time. Blogs are illusions anyway. Believe what you want to believe and enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


no wonder
Swiped from MacQ.
"I want to take your cock n suck it. I want to lick your balls as my hands rub your nipples. I will than(sic) lick n suck your nipples as my hands jerk off your hard long hot dick. U moan as I kiss your neck. I get on my knees n begin to suck u off. I want u to cum on my face" -- +6012XXXX450

When I received this in Singapore, I was like, "HOLY COW!". KH immediately read it and gave me an inquisitive look. Hehe. I swear I wasn't flirting with cute guys! Nor do I simply give away my number. KH guessed that it must have been a random "marketing". :P. Or was it a joke? Have you ever received something like this? Or is it your number? Fess up! :P

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Singaporean Sweethearts V: A Peachy Anniversary

Here's some trivia for all of you-- KH and I celebrate our anniversary on the 28th of January. It's gonna be our third year together. Does that make us semi-married in PLU terms? That's the day I agreed to be his BF, and the first time I was kissed (or the day that horny PLU took advantage of the naive newbie, :P). We did not sleep long into the morning, but we just kinda enjoyed each others' embrace on bed. I had wanted to get up to wish JJ goodbye before he left for work, but I was too late (although he was late for work too! Must have been too distracted in bed... :P). And so, to celebrate the occasion (we decided on bringing it forward), we had our anniversary skank on the last day of my trip. The night before, I had given KH my famous sensual bergamot oil massage, so I guess he was friskier in the morning. Hehe. To replenish our lost protein, KH cooked a simple breakfast of eggs with a side of butterhead and raisin bun. He always takes care of breakfast. :).

Mixed & Raw

For the special occasion, we took a bus to somewhere near the Changi General Hospital for a Japanese ala-carte buffet. Momoya serves an extremely value-for-money lunch for just SGD26. I was hooked after sampling just a plate of their sashimi moriawase. Definitely not the cheap stuff. Other interesting items was the tempura unagi with spicy sauce and the peach ice cream. We were so full that it was pure torture rushing to catch our bus back to East Point Mall. Helped KH to pick out a stand fan since his old fan had kinda died. One needed to manually crank it like those Ford Model Ts in the Smithsonian Institute. Since my flight was at about dinner time, I decided to cook an early dinner to finish up the perishables in the refrigerator.

Sushi Under Pressure

Whipped up a caserole of steamed pork and eggs, butterhead salad and steamed chinese sausages. Both of us just nibbled at the food as we were still a bit full from lunch. I had packed most of my stuff and we left for the airport about an hour before my flight time (I always have to beg KH to bring me to the airport cause I suspect he doesn't want to see me leave, hehe). At the departure hall, KH kissed me goodbye and I went on my way. All the skanking had left me konked out on the plane. I slept through the whole delay on the runway. But I wasn't exhausted enought NOT to notice a couple of annoying passangers behind me. In a bloody loud and whiny voice:

Annoying Bitch: OMG. This is why I CANNOT fly BUDGET (moi: then what are you doing here bitch?). I can't wait like this la. Doesn't JetStar have Business Class? (moi: what part of budget do you not understand, bitch?!)

Bitch's Guy Friend: Ana, this is the best I could do. At least they fly to KLIA instead of LCCT. That's even WORSE. I thought this through (moi: if you had thought this through, you would have gagged her).

And she keep on bitching until she left the plane. Felt like bashing her with her stupid LV luggage. Fly full fare next time. Ugh. Bought some Choya at the duty free and proceeded to the arrival hall where SK was waiting for me. Back home, I had a nice hot dinner. The end of a happy trip...

Grill Me

P.S.: Everyone seems to comment about my "glow" after coming back from SG. LOL.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Singaporean Sweethearts IV: Dull Dim Sum, Vampineze and the Clover Church

Swiped from cheddyfri.
We were supposed to wake up at 8:15am to get ready for the 9:30am mass at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Tampines, but I kind of overslept. KH's alarm did not register in my mind at all and when he tried to wake me (I suspect he wasn't trying too hard, :P), I just kinda brushed it off. By the time I wiped the sleep from my eyes, it was already too late, so we decided on the sunset mass instead. Since I get to "cleanse my sins" later (as JJ likes to say), we had some morning sinnin'. Brunch was with Nic, C-Mon, Den and JJ at Crystal Jade Kitchen, Tampines One. Horrible. It was just horrible. The egg tarts were bad. The siew mai disintegrated on contact with my chopstick. The ha kau's skin did not taste right. The wu kok had a flour-y aftertaste. The char siew bao couldn't make it. The chu cheong fun did not come with the proper sauce. And when I asked for chilli sauce, they gave me Maggi! :S. I was only satisfied with the phoenix claws. Banned!!! And when we paid the bill, the auntie waitresses commented about our matching rings. You can read the detailed account here.

Shopped for Janvier's birthday gift after that and stopped by at TeaDot with KH, Nic and JJ. A nice place to relax and enjoy a cup of fusion tea. I ordered the Violet Dream-- Earl Gret tea with bergamot and a dash of lavendar. Quite refreshing. Camwhored a bit and chatted with the guys. Nic told an interesting story about funerals and spirit mediums. :S. Having killed enough time, KH, JJ and I went to the cinema to watch "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant". Entertaining and funny. I quite like the style. Can anyone tell me the song that plays when Darren picks up the "Cirque du Freak" poster at the start of the movie?

Went back home after that. Had some hazelnut chocolate ice cream compliments of JJ. Rested a while before going out for the mass. The church was really unique. It has a giant clover on its insignia. And the church is actually located on the 3rd floor! And instead of a crucified Jesus, we see Him in pose reaching up to the Heavens. A deviation from the norm. KH did not roll his eyes during mass this time (not that I detected!), but he did tell me that he was exasperated with the priest's speech. A runaway train in first 70% of the sentence, then suddenly stop like he hit a brick wall. During the Prayer of the Faithful, they did generally pray about the situation in Malaysia. But it was over before we knew it and he did not throw a tantrum. Hehe. And you know what, it was jammed going down the stairs and the elevators. I cannot imagine how it would be in an emergency. Bad design.

We took a nice walk on the breezy evening (even found the chance to hold hands) to the main road and took the bus down to East Point Mall for dinner at Eightheen Chefs. I had a cheese-baked rice with minced beef and bird eye chillies. I was breathing fire on the first bite! On our walk back home, JJ treated us to Osmanthus Bubble Tea. Thanks! At home, we showered and I did the Kose White Mask with KH. We painted each others' face with the black stuff. Our faces ended up like the Rorsharch Blot Test. Hehe. Can't belive it was already the last night of my trip....

Right Through The Head

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's That Smell?

Sometimes when I give KH a big hug, he'll kiss me and put his face to my neck and exclaim:

"Baby, you have that cupboard smell again..."

>___________________<". Feel like slapping him. :P.

Is it time to get a new detergent or change the naphtalene in my wardrobe?

Singaporean Sweethearts III: The Best Way to a Man's Heart is...

First thing in the morning, KH and I boarded bus the bus to the nearby NTUC Fairprice to do some grocery shopping. I had promised to cook for KH and he wanted me to boil a nourishing soup for him (to make up for his weeks of OT and the recent sex, :P). I slaved in the kitchen for hours while JJ and KH were both busy playing "Torchlight" on the computer (but I did bellow for KH to do some washing up and boil the rice, hehe). On the menu was herbal chicken soup, capsicum apple salad with pan-fried chicken, steamed tofu with minced meat and mushrooms and fried barramundi fillet with ginger and teriyaki sauce. Both of them gave me burps of approval, but KH gave less points for my soup cause it wasn't thick enough. :(. I'll give him something thicker to drink in the bedroom. Hmph.

As JJ's a game freak of sorts, he managed to persuada KH and I to join him in a game of Pictionary. It was kinda cute seeing how lousy our drawing skills were. LOL. KH got a little bit tired and cranky after the game, so he bundled me into the room for an afternoon nap. However, I wasn't sleepy, so I just watched him sleep. When I felt his breathing slow, I tried to escape from his vice-like hug, but he found out anyway. Hehe. I left him in the room, while JJ and I went swimming in the hot sun. The full-length pool really tested me. I did my laps and JJ found the time to oogle at a guy in luminous green trunks. Sharp eyes, that fellow... he was without his spectacles and the guy was at the far end of the pool. :P.

Later in the night, we had dinner with KH's di, C-Mon and Den at a Thai-Chinese restaurant in Bedok. Upon alighting the MRT station, I was bombarded by a night market scene along the main pedestrian walkway. Totally pengz, but there was quite a lot of lala zhai eyecandy. The food was average. The highlight of the night was C-Mon's bitching about his queer landlord (can pass for a Michael Jackson lookalike). The crazy fellow evicted them after a month. Quite bad luck for them since they did not sign a contract, but the fellow was psychotic anyway. He complained that Den did not go to work regularly, hence using up too much power at home (the rental is inclusive of the utility bills) and even at one point switched off the main power to their air-cond in the middle of the night! Also discussed about C-Mon's career and his prediction from the temple:

"If you have the talent, you can even find jade in a pile of shit"

I wonder if Den was pulling our legs with the Chinese translation. For dessert, we walked to the nearby food court, but the crowd was horrible. Took us ages to get a seat. I ordered a bowl of lotus seeds (I love starchy stuff!) and it turned out like boogers in thick mucus. Yuck. And JJ ordered Ah Boling, tong yuen in peanut soup! Weird right? Said our goodbyes to the gang, then KH and I travelled to town to meet his queer colleague, Apple and his BF, Ben. It was already late, so the kitchen at most places were already closed. We hopped from TCC to Kenny Rogers to Pepper Lunch. My first time there. I don't see the fuss about paying a premium for something that I still need to cook myself. At the end of the night, we had a Cendol Frappe (quite nice le!) at Gloria Jeans. Apple looked so straight. So macho. By the the we got home, it was already past midnight... and I had planned to go to mass the next morning! ZZZzzz.. zzzz.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Singaporean Sweethearts II: Plastination and Sarawakian Saliva

Slept in late on Friday. KH took leave and JJ went to work. Hence, we had JJ's expensive spring mattress at our disposal again. Hehe. I had grounded my swimmers for a week, and boy were they happy to be released. ^_^. After all that exertion, KH made me his famous breakfast for champions again-- sawdust in milk with dried fruits. You're salivating already aren't you? He force-fed me that! Later, we freshened up and made our way to Jurog East to catch Body Worlds at The Singapore Science Centre. Had a simple lunch at the stalls beside the Jurong East MRT station-- fishball noodles and wanton noodles. The seller was so farking fierce. Like a drill sergeant. Body Worlds was really worth the SGD20 (naturally the BF paid, thanks baby, :P). I see a pattern here-- one exhibition per visit!

For the uninitiated, it's actually plastinated cadavers on display. The cadavers are put into poses, skin and and bones may be stripped to showcase the human nervous system or the intricacies of our musculature. Most of the models are male, thus plenty of bare penis and testicles can be seen. It's a bit freaky seeing the balls just suspended on the spermatic cords from the lower abdomen. With the theme "The Cycle of Life", one can see how life starts off. From the sex act (they just showed a cross-section of the act, there's supposed to be an actual display, but it's controversial), embryo to baby. In the later exhibits, one is exposed to the multitude of bodily systems. The exhibition also serves as a health campaign, showcasing many ash-blackened lungs and cross-sections of obese people. There's even a plastinated horse, giraffe, reindeer, octopus and squid. JJ asked me, tell me something interesting that you learned:

"The retina is actually a part of the brain, just that our eyes developed over it"

Kewl! Interspersed between the exhibits are also interesting quotes about life and ageing. One that caught my eye:

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter" -- Mark Twain

We left after KH bought some Doraemon lucky charms at McD. While he did that, I spied at a cute, super-tanned kid practising a coin trick. Hehe. No pics. Sorry. Next was Orchard to recover my lost pictures from my CF card's sudden heart failure the last time. The Ion is kinda boring actually. When you've seen one mall, you've seen 'em all. Browsed at Uniqlo, but couldn't find anything I like. Stopped at Itacho Sushi for a quick snack. Opened by a Hongkie. Not bad actually, with a lot of torched sushi. Had some cod roe and char siew sushi. Interesting. One of the senior waiters there looked super beng-ish and spoke in a very thick American accent. I think he was overdoing it.


Blow Me Away

Dinner was with POD and Nic. We stopped by at Nic's place and was welcomed by his cats-- Malf (short for Malfoy, >___<") and Fugue. POD did some packing as he was leaving for Sibu the next day, while I analysed the white spots on Nic's blood-red bedsheets:

"POD.... are these saliva stains or....."

And I met Toby, POD's pet porpoise. It's a she by the way. Toby! Before dinner, we visited the Tua Pek Kong Temple at Loyang. A beautiful temple with many intricate carvings that neighbour a Hindu temple. So peculiar to see a giant gold ingot and cow in front it, "vandalized" with 4D numbers! The teochew restaurant that we wanted to visit at Changi Village had closed down, so we walked along the road to find a replacement. Bumped into a waitress that Nic knew from his old haunt, so we decided to eat there. Everyone loved the food. At home, JJ and I played Hearts in the Yahoo game rooms.... then it was time for sleep and more alone time with KH in the dark...

Pork Briyani

P.S.: Came across a banner advertising pork briyani! Only in Singapore!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Singaporean Sweethearts I: The In-Laws

Ah... my first Singapore trip of 2010 and my arrival kinda overlapped with his parents' sudden trip down South too! Luckily, it didn't put a dent in any of our plans (I arrive, they leave), just that Jaded Jeremy and POD were the ones at the airport instead of him. The guys quickly ushered me to T3 for dinner at Xin Wang (POD loves the place, but has hardly tried 5% of the menu!). I ordered the fried bihun with pork ribs and peach tea. Quite nice, but the drink was pricey since it had slices of peach in it. Halfway chatting with POD regarding him swiping his credit card to death (literally), KH called to say that he sent (ditched) his mum off after a dinner of ayam penyet at City Hall and would be joining us. KH was happy to see me, but he looked a tad cranky, so after dinner we quickly set off for home. JJ and POD loved to take jibes at him to see whether he would choose the cab or the train. We took the cab... cause my baby loves me. :P.

Upon stepping into JJ's place, the first thing I did was plant a big kiss on KH and tried to squeeze the love juice outta him. We were both stinky, but that was easily remedied in the shower. Munched on some persimmons and chatted about the following day's plans before calling it a night. As usual, JJ wished us a good night and reminded me to moan louder. LOL. As usual, he did not hear anything (must be the thick walls). Hehe. Anyway, no serious skanking.... snuggled close to KH and listened to him fall asleep.... I envy how quickly his breath switches to low gear. I follow the subtle sounds and eventually I doze off too.

Final Call

P.S.: Why is the JetStar gate always at the furthest end... at KLIA and at Changi Terminal 1?! :(.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feline OBGYN

On one night, I was having dinner with SK at home. We were in the dining room and mum went upstairs to her room. Suddenly, we heard my mum scream. Once, then twice, then thrice, in quick succession. Having stared at each other enough, we rushed upstairs to see what the kerfuffle was about. Turns out that mum had found a cat on her bed and when she tried to shoo it off, it kinda "pee-ed" on her silk comforter. By the time we had gotten up, the cat had fleed to my room and subsequently rushed out and climbed to the top of the curtains. It was scared shitless. We tried brooms and I even pelted it with a tennis ball, but it just clawed onto the curtains like there's no tomorrow. Finally, we opened the window and it jumped out on its own accord. The window was wet too... I suspect that the cat was pregnant (it looked so bloated) and the "pee" was actually amniotic fluid. I think it was just looking for a place to go into labour and she choose mum's expensive sheets. :S. I had a hell of a time cleaning up after that... mop the floor, take down the curtains.. and mum was nag... nag.. nag... nag... nag... Gotta check the 4D Manual for this number....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Le Bouchon: Revisited

My Gift : )
Swiped from Big Hugs.
To tell the truth, I had dined at Le Bouchon before and the service wasn't all that great, so I had wanted to give it a miss and go to Little Havana instead. However, we had no jodoh with the Cuban restaurant-- the new management (now known as Havana) was not honouring the 50% off dining privileges of the old management. Blegh. And so, we walked across the road into Le Bouchon to celebrate KT's birthday (one week ahead of schedule, a be-earlied celebration one might say). Just a small party of 5, the birthday girl, her BF, SK, mum and I. This time round, we tried to order something a little different. We were the first customers that night and even walked into the staff having dinner. Nothing much changed after one year, but I must say that the service had improved.

For starters we ordered the Terrine de Foie Gras maison (goose liver terrine and fig jam on sour doug bread) and the grilled scallops in port wine sauce. Both were great. The pairing of the fatty, rich goose liver with the sourish fig jam was good and the scallops were very sweet. SK could have licked the sauce au porto clean. For salad we had Salade Perighourdine. More foie gras with smoked duck breast and confit gizzards. Sedapz! On to the mains-- my favourite dish was the Confit de Canard. Absolutely flavourful duck confit with slice of fried foie gras (one can never get too much of this, :P). The rack of lamb with goat cheese wasn't to my liking. Also ordered a beef rib eye steak with garlic butter sauce. The roasted codfish with beetroot sauce was quite refreshing in comparison with all the red meat. Dessert was the warm melting Valrhona chocolate cake, topped with white chocolate ice cream and Tahiti vanilla sauce. Totally sinful. MYR28! You can get the MYR3.90 version at Heaven Fusion, Seri Petaling. Hehe. Total damage: MYR300 after the discount.

Presents-wise, SK and I bought KT a Radley wallet seeing that her current wallet was VERY run down. After a short jam in BB, we reached home in no time at all... The next day, my throat was tight and dry... must be the Valrhona chocolate! Ugh.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Filler Post

Conan Cat was just blogging (last year actually!) about emoticons the other day and I had this staring back at me from my browser address bar:

I have never seen a URL this sienz before. LOL. Another two more days and I'll be back in KL folks! Gotta maximize the fun in Singapore!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi everyone! Greetings from Singapore! Just arrived during dinner time and was welcomed by Jaded Jeremy and POD. Hope to spend plenty of quality time with KH, visit friends, see some cadavers at the Science Center and SKANK, SKANK and SKANK. Hehe. A proper post when I get back, k? The BF is beckoning for me to go to bed.... Ciao!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Indonesian Horror

Swiped from d_yatnikasari.
While looking for episodes of "Dendam Nyipelet" on YouTube the other day (which I did not find, :(), I rediscovered the wonders of Indonesian horror movies from the 70s. Total classics! After going through several, I spotted some similarities.
  1. The recurring face of a certain actress... I can't get her name as there are no credits, but it's kinda like seeing Brigitte Lin appear over and over again in wuxia movies during the 90s.
  2. Buxom women in overflowing bustiers. Must be all the coconut milk they ingest. :P.
  3. Cheesy sex scenes. The director cleverly used mating toads to denote sex. :P
  4. Creative ways of getting killed. I even saw one movie that borrowed heavily on "Nightmare on Elm Street". LOL.
  5. Interesting folk magic and characters. Super cool.
  6. Storylines involving adultery, revenge, murder and greed. There's always a moral to the story.
But it's all so entertaining. Here's a synopsis of the several movies that I watched:
  1. "Penangkal Ilmu Teluh" - infidelity becomes the trigger of a big black magic war between lovers.
  2. "Ajian Ratu Laut Kidul" - A story of revenge with the help of the legendary Sea Queen.
  3. "Buaya Putih" - A story of crocodile legends.
  4. "Nyi Ageng - Ratu Pemikat" - Forbidden love between a human and a spirit.
  5. "Perkahwinan Nyi Blorong" - Marriage to the legendary snake demon will grant a person riches, but with a price...
  6. "Perjanjian di Malam Keramat" - A story of a vengeful ghost.
So if you're looking for something different... (I'll just admit it, WEIRD) do give this a try. :P

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Madu Dua

Here's something interesting I wanna share with all of you. I know Ben through Facebook. He added me cause I was a friend of one of KH's Singaporean buddies. I've never met him in person, but we do wu liao with each other on FB at times. He's openly gay and it's usual to see photos of him and his boyfriend, Baby in intimate poses. So one fine day, I see a photo of Ben being kissed on the cheek by a guy whom I instinctively thought was Baby. I mah leave a comment lo...

"Show off! :P"

And the reply I got was

"William, u have problem with us is it?"

I was kinda taken aback by it. Was wondering if I said something rude. After reading a subsequent status update of his, it dawned one me...

"Life is busy upon attached with 2 darlings that brought sunshine to my life but never mind all the rude remarks that we had encounter as we know we had made the wise choice of 2010! I love both of you dear n baby! Thank for being part of me! Love you forever!"

It seems that there's another guy in the picture, Dear. And so, I had mistaken Dear for Baby. :S. Confused? But not as confusing as those stories on "Tell it to Thelma". If you're still blur, it means that he has taken a concubine of sorts. The arrangement really baffles me. They do everything as a threesome. Moving in together even. From the pics, things look rosy. I wonder how Dear and Baby relate to each other. As sisters? Personally, I can't digest such a situation, but I wish them all the best!

"Madu Dua" is Malay for a man having two wives. It literally translates to "Two Honey". Apt.

Monday, January 11, 2010

An Evann-tful Night

Last Friday, I had a blogger gathering at OKR-- Takashi, Evann (whom I met for the first time), My President, Bear, Pikey, Bunny, SK and Gratitude. It was over a big spread of BKT (with one pot specially for the pork fat lovers), wine chicken, kidney in ginger, steamed fish head, blanched vegetables and crullers. A meat fest! (how much did you eat Evann?) My President was the latest to arrive due to his famous time management skills and earned a tongue-lashing from SK and I. Amazingly, Bunny managed to find the place and arrive on time although he took a more indirect route. On to Evann, I find that he looks so different in person. Much thinner and I had no idea he was soooooo fair. Takashi went on to say that Snow White committed suicide because of him, but I reckon it was due to the fact that the Seven Dwarves finally dumped her for Prince Charming. Since everyone was sweating from the uncomfortable environment, we adjourned to PappaRich at 3 1/2 Mile Square. Evann surprised everyone by passing out belated Christmas gifts. I got a white diary. Cool. Thanks again. I shall use it to record the sordid details of my life. Due to the seating arrangements at PappaRich, it was kinda difficult to have a decent conversation with Evann, so everyone just kinda drifted into their own cells. Absolut Vodka and gay mags were being passed around. It definitely confirms PappaRich as a family-oriented establishment. Haha. By 10:45pm, we called it a night. I sent My President home and we managed to catch up a bit on some happenings. That's about it.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Camlands Cheer III: Jack and Jill Went Down the Hill

Swiped from williamnyk.
The rain welcomed us again the next morning. Everything was covered in mist. Dragged myself out of bed, freshened up and completed my packing. The cold, dry air of Cameron had wreaked havoc on my face. In just 3 days, it had become flaky. :(. Had to use emergency measures-- lather on lots of cream and hyaluronic acid. And the air pressure going up had caused my eye gel to spurt like a leaky cock. Ish. Bear was nicely snuggled under the toasty sheets while Pikey had the job of coaxing him out of bed. Dangling a carrot or salmon or banana as bait, you use your imagination. Fortunately, the breakfast spread was different from the day before. We sat at a table with an elderly Japanese couple who started chatting with me after she saw me cross myself saying grace. Turns out that they're on a month-long holiday travelling from Penang->Cameron Highlands->KL->New Zealand. Best-nya. Filled our tummies to the max, then checked out. On our way down, we had to go through the jams again. Sigh. The only stop we made was at the Avant Chocolate Factory and Strawberry Farm. The same people who opened the Strawberry Moments Cafe. At least they had some decent-sized strawberries there and SK managed to buy some red coral. Camwhored somemore among the flowers and anthuriums (SK's fave flower, the penis plant, :P)

Herbal Duck Noodle

At Bidor, we made a beeline for Pun Chun. A really old shop selling food and pastries. Lunch was water cress soup and herbal duck noodles. It's not great, but it's better than any I had in KL. After filling our tummies, nearly everyone fell asleep in the car (unless Pikey was driving in his sleep). Arrival at KL was at about 4:00pm where we made a stop a nearby Chinese medicine hall to buy some soup herbs. You can read about the lovey-dovey soup-feeding between Bear and Pikey at their respective blogs. LOL. My day did not end there. Later that night, SK, KT, mum and I attended a BEC Christmas gathering at Taman Medan that also tripled as a birthday and wedding anniversary celebration! A big turnout. Lotsa carolling. Plenty of food, but too much meat in my opinion. Had a great chat with KT and SK. By the time we got home, the lethargy had finally set in... The end.

Water Cress Soup

P.S.: My next trip there should be with KH... since Anton seems to think that it's the perfect place for a romantic getaway!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Camlands Cheer II: Traffic Jam, Not Strawberry Jam

Our day started at 8:15am. Dragged ourselves out of bed and freshened up for breakfast. The buffet spread included nasi lemak, fried rice vermicelli, fried flat noodles, nuggets, sausages, toast and porridge. Better than I expected. Finally, I tasted the cool air. The sky was overcast. It was drizzly. Out came the sweater from my knapsack. Our first stop was at Agro Tourism Farm, just around the corner from the hotel. Plenty of butterhead and red coral planted hydroponically. Strawberries too. But they were all so cinonet. It just wasn't the season. And the rain was a factor it seems. And just adjacent to it was Cactus Valley. The steep climb left us winded. Need to improve my stamina! We then headed to the Time Tunnel beside the Kok Lim Strawberry Farm. The entrance fee of MYR5.00 was well worth it. A very well-laid out slice of the good 'ol days in the Cameron Highlands. Never seen so many antiques and everyday artifacts from a bygone era in one place. Perfect for camwhoring. Don a pagoda T-shirt. Put on a blank stare. BnW post-processing. Voila! A blast from the past.


Next was the Water Cress Farm. We had to brave the jams to get there. So ridiculous. All due to the lack of parking at the popular attractions along the road. And for some peculiar reason, ambulances were zooming up and down the whole day. Well, the water cress farm was a big disappointed. Just a whole lot of water cress in pools of water. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting naked hunks in pools of water, but at least the place could have looked more tidy. That aside, we decided to have lunch there as well. For MYR60.00, we ordered their set lunch of fried beancurd, stewed chicken, stir-fried water cress with preserved beancurd, fried egg with gourd and dumplings. Even got ourselves some water cress drinks. Then we went to the Ee Feng Gu Apiary. There's no guided tour of the bee farm, so all you can see are the flowers and boxed hives everywhere. The only interesting thing we saw there was a super-hiau girl who braved the cold winds in just a thin sphaghetti strap blouse and hot pants. >_________<"


If you've seen one farm, you've seen 'em all. So we ended our day at Cactus Point. I was more impressed with the flowers than the cacti. Munched on some sweet corn and sweet potatoes. Yummy. Before dinner, we did our grocery shopping at the market. Strawberry Moments Cafe came next. Ordered their strawberry strudel and strawberry white coffee. Not bad. For dinner, we met up with an ex-coursemate cum ex-schoolmate cum ex-colleague of mine, Fu. YY was the one who spilled the beans about him. Such a small world hor? No surprises, for dinner we had steamboat again, but this time at Kowloon Hotel (nearby is Rainbow Hotel, the only gay-friendly establishment in Camlands, :P), recommended by his friend, DL. Van-loads of Thai tourists were dining there. Amazing. It was a scrumptuous dinner and the service was impeccable as DL was a regular. And the best thing was dinner was on DL! So generous. Post-dinner, we camwhored again. Calling it a night, SK and I went back to our rooms, while Pikey and Bear decided to go paktor (I'm sure you can read the yuk ma details at their respective blogs).


Turned in early that night after packing half of my stuff. It was cold... Missing KH's warmth...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Camlands Cheer I: BearBack

Swiped from williamnyk.
Hi everyone, I'm back from Cameron Highlands (or Camlands as Janvier puts it)! Quite an enjoyable trip as the pace was just right and most importantly, the company was enjoyable. To avoid the holiday rush, we went up the hill on Thursday and down the hill on Saturday. In the morning, Pikey, Bear and SK came to pick me up from my home. As SK had veto-ed the front seat for herself (a good thing also, as the driver may be too distracted!), Bear sat in the backseat with me. An adorable kid. Pai-seh2 and giggles a lot. Every now and then, Pikey would look over his shoulder to check up on Bear (takut I gigit BF dia) and they would smile sloppily at each other. If the roads up to Cameron don't make you hurl, that would. :P.

Lunch was at a restaurant near Tringkap. Ordered some pork ribs, claypot beancurd and stir-fried vegetables. Had our first taste of the cool air, but my cup of hot Nescafe was enough to keep it at bay. Our first stop was at the 'Boh' Tea Centre at Sungei Palas. On the way up, one can see the beautiful tea bushes and the workers harvesting the young leaves. Plenty of cam-whoring ensued but I was kinda disappointed when SK told me that from then on, the scenery would mediocre. :(. To better enjoy the view, we sat at the observation platform and enjoyed a cup of Cameron's best tea. It was a bit chaotic with everyone jostling to get a table with a good view. And I was quite surprised that a hot water refill for the teapot is charged. The sun was shining brightly and we took a whole lot more photos. So hysterical was the photo shoot that Bear even choked on his tea. On hindsight, I should have took a picture of that. :P.


After having our fill of the tea and scones, we went down to the factory for a 5-minute guided tour. It's all pretty basic-- roll the leaves, ferment, dry and sort. Flavoured teas? Spray the essence on the tea leaves and dry it again. Pack it. Voila! Next, we headed up to Brinchang to check into the Rosa Pasadena Hotel. Our room was so stuffy! And we were shocked to find that the room had no air-conditioning. The housekeeping suggested a table fan. I was wondering where the cool Cameron Highlands air was... And I got my answer when I read the hotel brochure at the reception counter:

A warm welcome to the Cameron Highlands

>_____________<". And so, we just unpacked and lazed around until some time near dinner time. In the evening, the air had started to cool a bit and we set off to check out the nearby shops and the night market (it was the school holidays, so it happened every night). Since the "in" thing to do in Cameron Highlands is the charcoal steamboat dinner with organic vegetables, we dined at Restoran Organic Produce just opposite our hotel. Anton's recommendation was quite good, but we weren't very impressed with the portion. We wiped everything off the plates.


Later, we bought a bottle of Merlot and some snacks to usher in the new year in our room. Chatting, boozing, snacking and in-between, we watched a horrible Aaron Kwok Concert 2008 on Astro. He can't bloody sing. More often than not, the conversation veered towards sex and it was used as an excuse to grill the brand new couple. Hehe. Anyway, 2010 kinda crept up on us as there was no proper countdown on the channel that we were tuned in to. It was all kinda informal and the fireworks in Cameron only came like half an hour later. Talk about laidback. And it was so stuffy again that I changed out of my track bottoms into my shorts. Ish. That ends my first night in the Camlands.

P.S.: Thank goodness no sounds of "Bear-taming" woke me up in the middle of the night.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1Malaysia Revisited

With all the recent shit happening in the country, the thin veneer of the 1Malaysia concept is obviously disintegrating and revealing its true, bigoted visage. Hence, I am commissioning a redesign of the 1Malaysia logo-- a hornets' nest wrapped in the colours of the Malaysian flag. With this, they can jolok the sarang tebuan themselves for all they like. See if I care. Any talented artists around? :). I pay well with big, sloppy kisses. :P.

If only everyone can be like Gus Dur and say, "gitu aja kok repot?".

Monday, January 04, 2010

Is This Me?

This is what my colleague's wrote about me during a motivational course in Colmar Tropicale. It was part of our traning-- Building A Cohesive Team To Create A Win/Win Synergistic Effect For All. Sounds like a load of crap? It was. LOL. FYI, it happened in '07 and I just happened to blog this after digging through some of my rubbish. Do you think what's written there is accurate? Or just that my colleagues:
1) had no creativity
2) had a limited vocabulary
3) did not have a thesaurus on hand?
4) were TOO polite

Wakakaka. Is this who you know me to be? You be the judge.

The Godfather of Klang

Up In Ashes
Swiped from williamnyk.
Last Wednesday, SK and I were invited to a food excursion in Klang by its resident Godfather, Anton. Fearing for the traffic condition, we headed out early to Klang. But who would have guessed that KESAS was very teng wah that day and we arrived at Anton's place much earlier than expected. Since he was still tied up with his Dowager, he suggested that we go to the park nearby to kill some time. Luckily the park provided enough entertainment for us. Who would have thought that a housing estate would contain a huge park with miniaturised world landmarks? In 35 minutes, SK and I camwhored from Iran to Holland. Tried to pull some Fable Frog poses too, but failed miserably. :P. By that time, Anton had arrived home, and we made our way to Klang's oldest BKT shop near the KTM Komuter station in the old part of town. Since Klang-ites have BKT as early as 6:00am, by the time we arrived, most of the good stuff was already sold out. :(. With the limited choice presented to us, we ordered the "half fat-lean" (pun fei sau, which the aunty so cleverly marked as "PFS" in her order chit), intestines and tripe. Anton also demonstrated the Klang BKT Tea Ceremony (not to be mistaken with the Japanese Tea Ceremony). Definitely learned something that day. Having tasted the "best in town", I wouldn't say that I was very impressed, but it is nice. And thanks Anton for the treat!


We sat eating and talking up to closing time at the shop. When we saw the workers stacking up the chairs, we pandai-pandai and made our move. Next was Chung Kwok Kopitiam. Described as a muhibah outlet because the patrons and workers are from all races. Our conversation continued there for hours with cups of coffee (thumbs up!) and kaya butter toast (thumbs down!). Sworn to secrecy by Anton, I can't possibly divulge the details of our chat. LOL. But the words "noodle seller" did feature prominently. :P. Finishing the last of our drinks, we headed to Aeon Bukit Tinggi for some window shopping. But we ended up oogling at the barely-legal twinks there. At Kwong Woh Tong, we had some herbal jelly and camwhored some more. It took more than 30 shots to get a decent picture that we can agree on. :S. Then, we sent Anton back home and he surprised me with 2 Yankee pineapples and some photos of him during his younger days. Sweet! (the pineapples and the photos, LOL). After that, SK and I headed to BluInc to collect my Dunhill 51.3N from Mens Health. Hehe. That concludes my Klang day trip.

P.S.: The first thing we noticed at Anton's neighbourhood was the OTT religious paraphernalia burner out on the porches. Like a mini temple!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Liar, Liar Postbox On Fire!

Note: I did not expect to start my first post in 2010 like this... but what the heck. Not like I made a resolution to be less bitchy and complain less. Hehe.

Remember my post about Pos Malaysia's incompetence? Well, I just found out that they're lying bastards too. According to their last e-mail, they delivered the package back to the sender because I failed to make a collection within two weeks. Guess what? The package FINALLY arrived. How the hell did THAT happen if they already made the "delivery" and "sent it back to the seller"? So mysterious, right? They must take me for an idiot. Booo!