Friday, February 27, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

Thanks to Takashi's Xmas present, I'm currently smelling of
strawberries! The mild soap from Body Shop has quite a pleasing
fragrance, not sickeningly sweet. Quite unlike Ansell's Strawberry
Lube that smells of jam! *winks at SK* Who wanna have a whiff of me
now? LOL


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Girl on Girl

I don't know why, but I've been seeing a lot of lesbian couples these days. They're much more visible than gay couples. You can see them holding hands (it's so unfair that they won't get a second glance), brushing the hair out of the other's eyes (trademark!), gazing longingly at each other... And everything else normal couples do (but I've also seen some loudly whining and bouncing off the LRT walls). Are gay couples too busy looking like a couple straight guys on an outing? Trying to pass off fleeting physical touches as masculine chumminess (as Johann S. Lee so articulately described it)? Or are the signs of affection so subtle that even I miss them? When KH and I are out on dates, we're not all over each other, but he does hold my hand at opportune times or steal a kiss or cop a feel whenever the chance arises. His ability to do that never ceases to amaze me. Perhaps another reason is because lesbians can pass off as straight people? With the androgynous look all the rage right now, it's sometimes hard to tell hether it's a he or a she. But anyway, it is a good development that members of the gay community express their love more openly now. Gay or straight, it's good to see love in the air. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Keong

I usually have my post-lunch kopi o or teh c at Toastbox, Pavilion.
Today, I had a wondrous surprise to mark my loyal patronage-- I
discovered a partial cockroach leg floating in my drink after downing
three quarters of it! Argh. Didn't puke or anything, I just stared at
it. If I survive the ordeal, I'll most probably go back for more
tomorrow. :)


Monday, February 23, 2009


During my Sunday swim (luckily the rain stopped the moment I stripped
to my trunks), scarce eye candy finally made an appearance. The young
guy was damn fair and sported a white swim trunk- so Jap porn.
Motivated me to swim more than usual. As a result, I'm feeling my
muscles more than usual today. More eye candy for faster achievement
of fitness goals! No where do I see it mentioned in Men's Health. :p


Saturday, February 21, 2009

MelBob Squarepants I: Anak Mami

Swiped from williamnyk.
A year after my CNY trip to the Pearl of the Orient, I find myself there again attending Mel's wedding. Mum, SK and I flew there to attend the matrimonial mass at the Church of the Risen Christ and banquet at Bayview Hotel. Our taxi ride to town hit a snag as the chariot procession for Thaipusam was in full swing and traffic was affected. Mel put us up at the Bayview Hotel (so convenient, kan?) and I must say that it's a pretty good hotel. It's location on Farquhar Street makes it accessible to many nearby attractions and famous shrines to gluttony. It's a little old, but it doesn't look rundown. After checking in and freshening up, we immediately took a cab to the church at Air Hitam. Apparently, taxis don't go by the meter, so the trip there cost MYR30 (the trip from the airport cost MYR38). But the taxi driver was kind enough to stop at a few places for us to buy a quick lunch as we were famished! Ended up with some Tiger biscuits (the auntie at the petrol station wondered why I was so pitiful) and High5 buns. We were the earliest arrivals, even earlier than the choir group! By 3:00pm, most had come. Mass started half an hour later. Mel was dressed in a beautiful sleeveless white gown that kinda skirted the dress code. :P. She gave me the honour of doing the second reading and it was from St Paul's Letter to the Ephesians-- a wife without blemish! (so much pressure) It was a hot day, so people were sweating and makeup was melting. Bobby was sweating so profusely that I thought he was wiping tears out of his eyes. Before you know it (after a blur of wedding vows and rites), they were joined in holy matrimony. The cameraman had them kiss thrice before he got the perfect shot. Hehe.

During the mass, I was acquainted with Mami, one of Mel's good friends from the office who drove all the way down with her husband. She was cool and easy-going for a mother of four and I took an immediate liking to her. She was kind enough to drop us off at our hotel. But before that, we tried a famous asam laksa near Kek Lok Si. On our way back, we managed to catch a glimpse of the chariot procession. Along the route, shops built temporary shrines, and the chariot would make a short stop for offerings to be exchanged. Following the chariot was a tractor and several trucks to cart away the mounds of smashed coconuts! (wonder if they end up as santan) Back at the hotel, we rested a while before going for a swim. The pool was really small and with at most 5 strokes, you'd be at the other end. The nearer you are, the later you turn up. We only entered the banquet hall at 7:30pm though we just stayed upstairs. The buffet dinner started half an hour later. Mel was dressed in a stunning red saree with all her gold on display. The food was kinda nice and entertainment was provided by a couple of singers and several relatives who were all too keen to showcase their Elvis and Tom Jones impersonations. But don;t get me wrong, it was entertaining. The usual traditions were observed-- cake-cutting (Bobby's face was really miang when he ate the piece of cake that Mel fed him), toasting and speeches. Mel's dad gave a great story about his first meeting with Bobby. Beautifully summarized:

Mel's mum: I like him.
Mel: I love him.
Mel's dad: We'll have him!

Believe it or not, after the dinner, we took up Mami's offer to go the night market at Batu Ferringhi for some shopping. We lingered for a while, bought some DVDs and left by midnight as were all quite pooped. The next day was more free and easy...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sticky Sheets

The weather has gone haywire. Hot, humid and stuffy best describe the
past few nights. One can't help but toss and turn on the bed, hoping
that the stifling and sticky feeling can be ignored to catch some Zs.
I've slowly jettisoned the stuff off my bed- firstly the blanket,
then the pillow. Sometimes even the tank top and trunks must go. :p.
But sleeping in the buff is a contentious issue these days with the
whole Elizabeth W issue. But if you do see my naked pictures being
circulated on the internet and through MMS, I'd be lucky to have it as
a footnote on some obscure news on the 24th page. Zzz... Blessed are
those with air-conditioning.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Democratic Action Party (DAP) had their open house on CNY6 at the KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. Parking was insufficient, so many had to park at the roadside. As a result, our over-zealous traffic police were there to issue summonses though it was just a peripheral road and the road obstruction was minimal. That's double standards for ya. Many DAP stalwarts were there, Saudara Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok, Gobind Singh, Karpal Singh, Fong Kui Loon, Tan Kok Wai, Tony Phuah and Loh Gwoh Bourne. Wan Azizah represented PKR and several members from PAS made an appearance. The Selangor MB came right as I was leaving and even RPK came!

The whole venue was decorated very nicely in red and the stage had an oustanding 3D backfrop. Visitors were treated to a chinese orchestra performance, a lion dance by the 29 times world champion from Muar (a very daring display of skill and dexterity), a senior citizen's choir (unfortunately like running your fingers against a blackboard), a chinese acrobatic troupe (one cute male performer with bared midriff) and a line dancing group (they were kids!). The line for the food was quite bad, kinda like the Sunway toll, but at least it was moving. The "prize" that awaited was horrible. For kids below the age of 12, they gave away red packets and a DAP Rocket soft toy.

After the whole thing, we drove over to OUG for a proper lunch of Ah Loy's famous curry mee. Haha. Turns out he has a new variety-- seafood curry mee.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will You Marry Me?

Unlike KH, I'm not one for romantic comedies. I don't quite have the patience for 'em unless they're entertaining like "War of the Roses" or "Romancing the Stone". But I'm not quite sure those movies fit in with the rest of the cookie cutter romantic comedies. Since it was CNY, and since I was bored, I decided to take up my sister's offer of watching "The Wedding Game" at MV. As expected, it was mediocre, but it was surprisingly a male flesh fest, specifically of Christopher Lee. If you're a fan, you get to him in various states of undress: in the shower, topless in jeans, in briefs, in swim trunks, in boxer briefs, being slathered with suntan lotion... the list goes on. I feel that the scenes require him to take off his clothes TOO often. Not that his tanned torso isn't a welcome sight (though the fine lines and crows feet were very obvious), but let's just say I'm not a fan. In addition, gay elements were abound in the movie-- gay gossip TV show host, fashion designers and celebrity agent (he turned straight later, cheh!). Quite stereotyped, but at least it was quite prominently featured. Daniel Tan's also in the movie, but I dislike the fellow. Watch out for Saiful Apek and Lai Meng too. Anyway, if you're too bored and hanker for some "romance" and "aged meat", go give it a try.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


On the 28th of January, I celebrated 2 years of togetherness with KH. It was on this day that he asked me the simple question:

Do you want to be my boyfriend?

And after my simple nod, he took my first kiss. And we've been on an LDR since that fateful day. And for that reason, our 2 years is unlike the 2 years of other couples. Due to the physical divide, we enjoy less intimacy (however, whatever chance at intimacy we get is explosive and cherishesd), we perhaps do not understand each others' daily habits as well (but we have become very adept at reading each others' mood over the phone) and we do not get to spend much time together (which makes us still lovey-dovey when we meet).

But special circumstances aside, gay relationships are usually given a 2-year expiry date. Gulp! Though I worry, I just keep working at it, and I am confident that things are still rosy. Our level of trust has deepened and we have delved into parts of our lives that we usually like to keep separate for fear of complications in the instances of break-ups. Contingencies aside, it is quite sad to go live life fearing the end. I'm trying hard to keep things fresh (but not to the extent that I have think of a surprise everytime we meet!) and not fall into a trap of monotony.

We marked the occassion with a lunch at The Cave Couple Restaurant in SS2. It was my first time there and since the idea was quite novel and it gave some much-appreciated privacy to its patrons, we decided to give it a try. Apollo and SK were there before, and following SK's feedback, we avoided their Asian food section. Prices were also on the steep side, so our level-headedness saw us order a couple of set lunches-- Turkey Pomodoro (nothing much to look at, but it's quite tasty) and Chicken Gelsuhir (tasty char-grilled chicken on a bed of vegetables and mashed potatoes). Behind the sheer curtains and dark interior, it was easy to steal kisses and be all "sticky rice".

On our way to my regular mama-san's place for a little skankiness, we passed by UMMC and saw that the road had been cordoned off by scores of police personnel and the FRU. Luckily the funeral procession of Kugan's (the guy who died in police custody) body had not started. After frantically going at each other, we exploded in exhaustion and just slept in each others' arms. Unfortunately, I was kinda inundated by phone calls from work and home (ish, should have left it on silent!). Sent him home after a session of manja-ing.

In terms of gifts, KH gave me a pair of 2xist Retro briefs, a T-shirt from Celio and a stainless steel water bottle from Kleen Kanteen (was always berating me for not having a water bottle in my backpack, :P). On the other hand, I made him a simple card with an etched motif and bought him a red-corded charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo-- was so Yuet Lou-inspired (Taoist matchmaker god). The 2 years wasn't easy, but I look forward to more of it. :).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indirect Communication

Are you familiar with DiGi's Fu-Yoh package? It's mascot is a thumb with slitty eyes and a red cloth tied across its forehead. My thumb looks like that at times. The left thumb has gotten so used to the T9 keystrokes that I can compose a message without me having to look at the screen much. Yes, I SMS extensively. Since getting my new phone in October 2008, I have sent 2249 text messages. The recipients that make up this total is mostly KH, Jaded Jeremy, Joe and SK. To keep things economical, I SMS to KH's DiGi number that is roaming in Singapore. And recently, KH got me a Singapore line to roam in Malaysia and even Jeremy opened a DiGi line to roam in Singapore. I have added all of them into my Friends and Family list, hence each SMS only costs MYR0.01. And since KH has 500 free local SMSes a month, it would practically cost him nothing to SMS me. The only drawback is that we both have to carry around 2 phones (my left ball's fried!) and we always receive a message with one phone and reply to another phone. Well, workarounds are never easy I guess. 

V ii

A correction to my last post-- I did spend time with Derek about a
week before VDAY. We went to KL Tower and shared a Moo ice cream with
him. I still have the stick. Hehe. At night, we had dinner at Heaven
Fusion with SK and Apollo. The flowers were for our first Anni, but I
did make him a card. The error is regretted. Hehe. I'm such a bad
boyfriend. Sorry, dear...


Friday, February 06, 2009


Vday is fast approaching and I still don't quite know what I'll do. It
will be another Vday apart from the boyfriend. There are several BFF
gatherings lined up and they seem pretty novel. Last year, I ordered
flowers for KH with JJ's help. I don't think I'll repeat that. Perhaps
I will not contribute to the commercialisation of love through
inaction. Perhaps I'll make everyday a little bit more like Vday. But
what's for sure is, my president's birthday is on Vday (so special)
and I will mark the occasion somehow. Ingat ya?


Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Scholar in General

Gay fiction in the Chinese language is completely alien to me due to
the fact of my banana background. Even those in English are limited to
short erotic stories the web that make Mills and Boon look like kiddy
lit. So far I've only read a Singaporean novel by Johann S. Lee that
was brought to my attention by Chester. Back to my point- in Chinese,
one can expect stories set in ancient China, and that is a premise
that holds much fascination for me. Wu Xia and historic epics are made
even more attractive with elements of gayness. Joe, my president reads
one such novel. He tells me that it's about a scholar who saves a
general who lost a battle and nurses him back to health. It goes
without saying that they fall in love in the progress and the general
subsequently takes charge once he's back in the pink of health. And
so, after I putar-belit for so long, what do you see yourself as if
you're cast in the movie adaptation of the novel- the scholar? Or the

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tung Ka Em Ta, Ta Sai Ka

In my current project, the client has a project manager who oversees everything. Let's call her Madam Mu. She is helped by an assistant manager, Ong, who is actually more like a personal assistant in reality. Madam Mu is like a domineering mother and it is obvious that Ong is kinda like the meek son. Well, it all seemed "rosy" until we heard the shocking (or perhaps not-so-shocking news) that he was resigning not long after receiving his bonus. There was a big hu-hah in the office. Many managers and even one of the top management had "The Talk" with him. They openly badgered him to pull back his resignation. They told him the place that he is going to sucked. He was obviously pressured. When all else failed, talk of money was rife. 20% increment. Blah-blah-blah. 10,000 of any stock you want. Blah-blah-blah. I'll sue them if they sue you for pulling out after signing the offer letter. Blah-blah-blah. He was resolute. Like a rock. I admire him for that. Now, he is in the freezer. I had received an e-mail not to deal with him officially anymore. If Ong wasn't so sure about leaving before this, I'm sure he is now.   

P.S.: Madam Mu was pissed. Really pissed. LOL. But unfortunately, she's starting to take it out on my team. :(

Monday, February 02, 2009


I snapped at KH again yesterday. Perhaps I'm less patient with him.
Perhaps I expect the unexpected of him and that's not fair. I've
noticed he's always been understanding but of course even the Buddha
has a temper. Sorry baby, I don't want these things to come between
us. I want to give you my best.


Sunday, February 01, 2009

Pai Nien

Swiped from williamnyk.
The first person to pai nien at my house was SK. She brought along a bottle of Cabernet Merlot and a bottle Chardonnay. All dolled up in a new dress too (I have a set of her camwhore pics, e-mail me for a copy). The perfect guest. As my brother had exhausted every ounce of entertainment he could derive from DVDs and food, my mum decided it was time to keluar jalan-jalan at Sunway Pyramid. Most private shops were closed, but the chain stores and franchises were open for business. Surprisingly, sales were still going on and SK and my brother managed to leave with something. The management of Sunway Pyramid had one of their mascots from the theme park go around the mall giving out vouchers. It was a Pharonic Lion wearing the God of Prosperity's headgear-- that's what I call kafir on kafir. The CNY decoration there is quite ugly. Blegh.

After some retail therapy, SK and I pai nien at KH's place. We were also the first. I brought over some mandarin oranges and a packet of groundnuts for his mum and she remarked that only old people did that. Ate a lot of pistachios there and later ended up camwhoring again. Hehe. And also a funny thing happened while I was there. I peed at the connecting bathroom at KH's room. I locked the door from the hallway, but left the door from his room unlocked. Instead of a welcomed entrance from KH, his father actually opened the door and asked me whether I had showered! He thought I was KH as I had my back towards him. :S. So awkward! Before leaving, I also managed to chat a little with his mum in the kitchen (bitchin' about slaving in the kitchen while the sons tidur kat luar, :P). His mum asked us to stay for dinner (out of politeness, I guess), but I wonder what would happen if I had said yes. Hehe. So I guess I managed to bond with his parents on CNY2? lol.