Christmas at Pavilion 2017

Priest Watching Xmas Carolers

Every year I would bring mum to admire the Christmas decorations at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Since the Monsters were not with us, we went there right after Sunday mass. Makes things much easier not having two chase after those two kids in a crowded mall. One more week till Christmas, but the the crowds were already heavy at Bukit Bintang. Parking at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was already full, and the traffic police made road diversions. Thankfully I could still get to the Menara Standard Chartered parking. We did a whole lot of camwhoring after lunch at Fuji Sushi (it was already 2:30 PM!). It was my first time at the Japanese restaurant. Not bad, and they have 10% off for Parkson Card members.

Christmas 2017

Chicken Yakitori

Asari Butter

Although we were there the whole afternoon, we didn't much of anything at all. Wanted to sit down at KAKIGŌRI but there were no tables available. One table at a hidden corner near the escalator was occupied by two kids (one in a pram). Both were obviously below 5 years old. I asked them, "Where's your mummy?", and they just kept their eyes down. Their mother was probably lining up for shaved ice. A very brave (and stupid) mother. Also spent some time at the LINE event and got myself some cool freebies. Also spotted a Lego event were a DILF was taking a photo with Darth Vader.

Darth and DILF

In the evening, I went out to dinner with KH at Banh Mi Cafe in Puchong Jaya. Noticed that the menu there is a bit different compared to the other Vietnamese restaurants that I had visited. We chose the uncommon stuff like tamarind grilled crab, spicy and sour snakehead soup, and grilled quail. Portions were pretty large for the price. And the guy who made the drinks was pretty cute. During the whole dinner, they played CNY songs. Goodness gracious.

Grilled Quail

Grilled Tamarind Crab

Eight Treasures

From there, we walked to IOI Boulevard in search of coffee. Saw Coffeekix, a new kid on the block. Self-proclaimed as Malaysia's first European cafe bar. The cafe was quite spacious and served alchohol-spiked coffee. I tried the Glasgow Coffee which was espresso with Drambuie. Not bad at all. Spent most of the time there talking to KH about his future in Nu Skin. Truth be told, my acceptance rate was still well below 100%. At least he gave me a chance to voiced out my concerns and he explained his position. It was beneficial for both of us to talk it out.

European Cafe

Glasgow Coffee


Ann said…
that's Gabriel the DILF beside Darth Vader
William said…
A name to a face! Doesn't happen often. A friend?
Jaded Jeremy said…
" And the guy who made the drinks was pretty cute. " My eagle-sharp eye spotted this. Mana photo?
Derek said…
We should go to the restauran again with HJ
William said…
Lets go Puchong!

Jap or Viet?
Arvind R.K said…
why that guy holding the little girl looks like Jino la, hahahaha

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