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Salmon Sushi Mix

Planned to watch "Three" with mum and SK on Sunday but it took me quite a while to find a suitable cinema. All the GSC cinemas in Petaling Jaya had screening times close to 4:00 PM which was too late. In the end, I chose to buy tickets at IOI City Mall which is 30 KM from church. IOI City Mall was full of shoppers. Never had I seen the walkways so full of people. Some eateries were at full capacity although it was the fasting month. Lunch was a quick affair at Sakae Sushi. Quickly ate and left the fishy smelling restaurant.


"Three" wasn't what I expected. Can't help but feel cheated by the trailer. The whole plot never leaves the hospital where the three main protagonists interact-- Louis Khoo who plays a stressed police inspector, Zhao Wei who plays a stressed neurosurgeon and Wallace Chung who plays the part of the intelligent and sociopathic criminal. The story starts out pretty slow but things speed up towards the end. They even threw in a Quicksilver-esque slow motion scene but that didn't do anything to save the movie. SK remarked that it was her first 18PL-rated movie in a long time. She really should expand her movie choices out of the domain of Disney animations and rom-coms.

Did a bit of shopping at the many huge retail outlets. The pattern seems to be huge floor space and cheap clothes, Perfect for the hordes of Raya shoppers. The 'creative' team for the mall did not opt for a kampung theme, instead they went for a Moroccan Raya. Best of all were the black-eyed styrofoam camels, very horrific. IOI City Mall also has a Miniso outlet, the retail amalgam of the Uniqlo logo, Daiso pricing model and Muji packaging. There's also something called LOL that looks like a rip-off of Uniqlo. Best of all, it's located right beside Uniqlo.

Alien Camel

Mum was hungry so we had an early dinner at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert. Chose to eat there because mum was on a strict babi diet, TCM practitioner's orders. It was my first time there. For starters, we had the snowy char siu bun which is similar to Tim Ho Wan's baked char siu pau. Unfortunatly, the outlook of the bun wasn't pretty and it was overall too sweet for my liking. However, the braised pork belly with mui choi rice was excellent. Satisfying enough just to eat the white rice with the porky gravy. Next, we had the signature noodles which is thin wantan noodles with pork dumplings and char siu. Although the texture of the noodles was great, I felt that the sauce was missing some oomph. Do try their Hong Kong yuang yang, one of the best I've had in KL. Very smooth.

Wantan Noodles


Twilight Man said…
I think the HKG movies need help these days!

I was guessing about this 1-U's Miniso too! Copy cat, kiss the rat.
William said…
TVB is also on life support I think.
Guess someone is trying to find a niche market between Daiso and Muji. Haha.

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