Monday, July 24, 2017

Australian Food Trail

Raw Oysters

Some time in May, The Australian High Commission organized a food fair called the "Australian Food Trail" involving several restaurants in the Klang Valley. That brought us to eat at Drift Dining again for our Friday paktor session. The waitress recommended that we try the raw oysters, which we did to our regret. They were so small, so malnourished. Just gulped it down with our cocktails. Polenta was next, something that KH was craving for. We ordered two mains-- Crispy Skin Barramundi, and Australian Lamb Shank. The fish was better. The lamb shank was just that, lamb shank. Not as lackluster as Secret Recipe's version, but ain't more magical either. So much for the Australian Food Trail. Perhaps next time I'll just go for an Australian Treasure Trail.



Crispy Skin Barramundi


Jaded Jeremy said...

The oyster is tiny!

Twilight Man said...

Learn from mistakes. Only eat raw oysters at the bars or buffets where they are displayed for your eyes only.

William said...


Next time I ask them to show me first. LOL.