Sunday, November 27, 2016

Staycation I: ShangSkank

Squid Ink Spaghetti with Soft Shell Crab

KH makes all his hotels bookings through To reward him for his continued support, they gave him an in-store credit of SGD175 to spend before the year is out.The timing was perfect. My quick-thinking hubby immediately incorporated that free stay into a staycation plan for my upcoming birthday. He chose the best deal, which was a night's stay at Shangri-La. On Sunday, I went to church as usual and went to lunch with mum at Le Pont Boulangerie. Recently, they launched a new menu and added more tables and chairs at the bakery. Business was brisk and they were obviously swamped.

Sous Vide Duck Breast

I chose several signature items from the new menu-- Sous Vide Duck Breast and Strawberry Symphony. The duck breast was supposedly infused with orange (sous vide means cooked in airtight plastic bags), but it was too subtle for me. However, the meat was moist and tender, and the pairing with blueberry sauce was quite good. The Strawberry Symphony was a puree of strawberries, oranges and cherry tomatoes. Served in a cup rimmed with salt, its like drinking a fruit margarita. Recommend. For mum, I got her the Squid Ink Spaghetti with Soft Shell Crab. It's perfect for those who like a thick carbonara.

Strawberry Symphony

When I got home, KH was already waiting for me. I quickly packed my overnight bag and we went to the hotel to check-in. The room was on the 19th floor with a view over Concorde Hotel. The room wasn't very big but it was good enough. Our first order of business was to *ahem* shower. Once we had washed off all our sweat under the rain shower, we proceeded with a cat shower-- licking each other clean. :P. From the stall, we moved to the tub, and finally to the bed. It was another intense session with a new-found position that really did it for my G-spot. Moaned my heart out. Right after KH pulled out, and I was still panting on the bed, there was a visitor at our door. KH quickly pulled on his clothes and I dove into the bathroom. Turned out to be a member of the housekeeping staff.

Staff: Hi sir, are you able to operate the TV? Is the remote control in the room?

KH: TV? Remote control? Yeah, the remote control is in the room.

Staff: We were worried that it wasn't in the room. Sorry for disturbing.

KH: ?!

First things first, we were thankful that it wasn't a vice raid from JAWI. But the whole remote control thing was kinda strange don't you think? I wonder if it was a subtle way for the staff to handle noisy lovemaking complaints. Can someone in the hospitality industry confirm this? Haha.

Shangri-La Hotel

Took a short nap after that and was later woken up by a message from SK and #BF. They had already arrived and were coming up. There was some time to kill before dinner, so KH suggested that we go to Heli Lounge Bar at Menara KH for some drinks. Got dressed and walked over there. We were all so spoiled, grumbling about the walk on a gummy evening.

KL Sunset

The Helipad Lounge Bar is located on the 34th floor. Before allowed entry, the men are given a pat down. Never been there, so I was surprised that the place was pretty full at 6:30 PM. To be allowed up on the helipad, there is a mandatory drink order. While waiting for our drinks we took some pictures at the bar. Surprised to see so many Malays there. To gain access, they order a MYR28 cup of orange juice. Quite a steal. Among the crowd, a Korean couple stood out. They were just sitting there, looking into each other's eyes while lacing their fingers together. Sometimes, their hands would part a moment, but their fingers tips would be connected, like some finger ballet. Masyallah.

Losing the Light

Once we had our drinks in hand, we proceeded up the stairs to the helipad. Most of the seats had been taken. From the looks of things, they've been there for quite while, reclining in the best seats and had already set up their camera tripods for the sunset. The view ain't that great, but one does a clear view of KL Tower. Didn't stay long, had to leave by 7:00 PM to meet up with the rest. Sharky, Apollo and QueerRanter-D met us at Menara KH and in the six months that we had not seen Sharky, he seemed to have bulked up a bit. Bigger arms!

At the Heli Pad II

At the Heli Pad I

From there, we walked to Drift Dining and Bar, an Australian restaurant. Everyone was there except for SimonLover who was still at work. Let KH do the ordering because he knew what was good. The portions were a bit small, kinda like tapas, so we had to order several portions. Most of us loved the Crispy School Prawns, small battered prawns served with nam prik sauce. The Walnut and Beetroot Salad tasted like how it sounds like. Haha. Fried Polenta was pretty good. It was drowned with Gorgonzola cream and topped with enoki mushrooms, providing good texture. Thyme Roasted Portobello Mushrooms was really succulent and delicious. Pumpkin Ravioli wasn't impressive. Torched Scottish Salmon was just a few slices, topped with a whole lot of cucumber. Slow Braised Baby Pork Ribs was just OK. For that, go to Naughty Nuri's or Morganfields. Slow Braised Australian Lamb Shank was really good, but it's quite expensive at MYR75 per portion. Truffle Mushroom Arancini was a great snack. For drinks, we had the Drift Jar #1, a specialty mix. I was already a bit high from the mojito (on an empty stomach) at Menara KH, adding the Drift Jar #1 really made me float a bit.

Crispy School Prawns

Fried Polenta

Thyme Roasted Portobello Mushrooms

Torched Scottish Salmon

Pumpkin Ravioli

Slow Braised Australian Lamb Shank

Truffle Mushroom Arancini

SimonLover only managed to catch the tail-end of the dinner (poor boy rushed over from work), so we brought him to Restoran Bahdushah. Some of us weren't exactly full, so we had a second round there. Tandoori chicken, roti telur and Maggi goreng all around! Our presence really added a boisterous rainbow presence for the mamak. Even gay lous that walked by did a double take. LOL. Right after second dinner, we retired back to our room at Shangri-La for another session of drinking. KH went to the trouble of bringing his own wine glasses. We let Apollo fuss over cleaning the glasses, pouring and tasting. Our very own sommelier. As always, I plied Sharky with drink. He hated the Choya Umeshu but said that the wine tasted like water. Perhaps that's a reverse of the miracle at Cana! The party ended at midnight and everyone went home except SK. Invited her to stay the night but that didn't stop KH from being a bit frisky!


Derek said...

Yay, our first staycation! Hope to have more in the future ... muacks

William said...

Technically it's the first. Haha.

thompsonboy said...

Really hit the skanky spot

William said...


Mr William K said...

Aah! Finally I knew what's ur position on the bed. �� Overall do you like the hospitality at Shangri-La Hotel? I think u must be making a lot noise in the room till there's someone complaint about it.

William said...

Not a secret. :P. Didn't experience much of the hospitality. Yeah, I also think they were acting on a complaint. But its so rare that people stay in the room on a weekend afternoon.

Twilight Man said...

LOLOL Where is your G-spot that left you panting like a dog? I am curious1

William said...

Straight men can enjoy ass play too :D