Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Chew on Some Balls

Dango Style

Tang Yuan come in many styles, shapes and sizes. Kinda like cocks. Yes. above is a dango style that my mum made purely for food photography.

Sweet Style

And this is the typical Tang Yuan that I have been eating since I was a child-- in palm sugar and pandan soup. Delicious enjoyed hot or cold.

Savoury Style

Strangely, I prefer the salty over the sweet like this Tang Yuan in chicken leek soup. Best served hot of course.

Mochi Style

Lastly is Tang Yuan that I had while at work-- with crushed peanuts and ginger soup.

How do you like to have your balls?


Anonymous said...

i like my balls creamy and tender...hahah

William said...

With nut filling?

Anonymous said...


preferably with cute william filling...hahah

William said...

Wakakakaka! Tidak ditanggung halal!

Twilight Man said...

Nice balls with multi colours. No black or brown ones?

William said...

Yang ada bulu? LOL