Thursday, November 17, 2016


Poslaju never fails to disappoint:

15 Sep 2016 08:20:53 AMItem out for delivery.
15 Sep 2016 05:29:49 PMUnsuccessful delivery. Please contact 1 300 300 300.
16 Sep 2016Malaysia Day.
17 Sep 2016Cuti Gantian (Ganti apa tak tahu).
19 Sep 2016 07:42:41 AMArrive at delivery facility at Poslaju Brickfields.
19 Sep 2016 09:30:00 AM(Tried calling 1 300 300 300 but couldn't connect. Looked up AskPos on FB and found that their hotline has been unavailable since early September. Syabas. So many livid customers there, especially those involved with e-Commerce.)

After numerous attempts, I managed to get through to Poslaju Brickfields. I gave the parcel reference number to the nice lady on the line and she helped me to check the delivery status. Based on the sequence of events on the Poslaju Tracking website, I thought that they failed to deliver on the 15th. When I wanted to arrange for a second delivery, I was told that it wasn't necessary. According to the lady, there was a fire drill on the 15th, hence they couldn't delivery my parcel on time. If that was the reason, why the heck did they update "Item out for delivery."?! Maybe the van was on fire. The good news was that it was out for delivery and I would be getting it soon. When I refreshed the Poslaju Tracking website, lo and behold, a new line was updated:

19 Sep 2016 09:04:05 AMItem out for delivery.

Anyway, I got my parcel before noon and in good order, four days later. Sigh. This is the standard of my national courier. Tater was right when he said:

P.O.S. = Piece of Shit.


Twilight Man said...

Correction... Please change the title to POS LAYU!

William said...

Good one!!!

Jaded Jeremy said...

If I heard correctly, even our Pos Laju postman labeled themselves "Pos Lambat" hehehe.

William said...

Joke of an SLA. Joke of a KPI.

Clayman said...

Sorry to hear about it.

Derek said...

Pos Malaysia memang hopeless...

William said...

Oh well, Malaysian way of doing things.

Yeah lo.