Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Raya I: Kopi & Yezo

Curry Noodles

Satu Syawal datang menjelma,
Makan pagi di Damai Utama,
Bersama SK dan ibu semua,
Takde jemputan ke rumah terbuka.

Salmon Soseji

Mum had a lunch gathering, so I sent her out to Citrus Park where her friend picked her up. Turned over to Kuchai Lama after that to pick KH up for some lovin'. Worked up a sweat at my place and we went out to lunch at 1:30 PM. Gave Sushi Roiyaru a try following a recommendation from Sharky. Apparently Japanese restaurants at Sri Petaling aren't cheap and Sushi Roiyaru is no exception. None of the sets piqued our interest so we went for ala carte. Surprised to see salmon sausage on the menu, so we tried that. Also got some white tuna sashimi, kyuri roll (their signature) and some nigiri sushi.

Sushi & Kyuri Roll


Went coffee hunting after that. The nearest was Espresso & Single Origin, but KH was not impressed. Then walked to 103 Coffee Workshop but it was busy and noisy as heck. coffea Coffee was the same. In the end, we left for Kuchai Lama and went to Shepherd Star Cafe as recommended by Wai. Based on the name, one can guess that it's another Christian joint like Genebin & Zo. It's on Jalan Kobis, off Jalan Kuchai Lama at a row of shops where workshops and spare part shops look more at home. As we started up the stairs, a server popped out to greet us (yikes, they monitor their CCTV). When we walked in, we were bombarded by a whole lot of kitchen smells. Seems that they have no proper ventilation. Good news is, they have food options but bad news for the clothes that they are selling in there. And the place serves bottled cold coffee. Not the place to go for hot beverages. The ID is a mix of modern and Asian with most of their tables made from crates. Not a good idea in my opinion cause there is no place to slot in your legs!


Bottled Coffee

Caramel Crunch Cake

Old School

P.S.: Lucky I got to this before Raya Haji!


zerachiel said...

cake looks yummy !! :)

Derek said...

So short description on the skanky part de... usually longer...

William said...

Quite good

You describe lo :P

Twilight Man said...

Next time write longer as Derek has ordered so. Tsk! Tsk!

William said...

Shouldn't be too graphic. ;)