Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hidden Stash

Fishball Noodles

Sunday was another opportunity for KH and I to get some quality time together as mum had a beauty talk lined up in the morning. Grabbed breakfast at Restoran Good Tea. Not our first choice, but no tables were available at Restoran Alisan and it was super stuffy in there. Think it was only our second time at Restoran Good Tea after more than a decade. Truth be told, food there ain't bad. And its definitely much cooler. Do give the mee kolok a try. Springy noodles. There's a wantan mee stall there that looks pretty popular. Surprised that a hawker stall needs a POS system. Still messy as heck with the orders. Failed. Better to try during off-peak periods.

Giant Tuna

Back home, KH and I did our thing. He wasn't feeling too well, but the scratchy throat didn't stop him from performing his husbandly duties. Mum finished her talk earlier than expected. Picked her up at lunch time and went to lunch together. Gave Sushi Zento a try. Huge floor space with upstairs and downstairs dining. Up in the air, they suspended a huge tuna replica. Free food if you get crushed by it. FYI, Sushi Zento belongs to the same group as Ichi Zen and Edo Ichi. Menu is similar but the price seems less attractive than their sister restaurant in The Pavilion. Minus points for that. KH and I were leg fencing throughout the course of lunch.

Pork Slices

Sushi Moriawase

In the afternoon, SK went home to start her Great Pau Project with the help of her colleague's Tesco bread maker. No points for guessing that I had pau for dinner. Quite impressed with the jicama-chicken pau. However, the those with pumpkin filling didn't turn out so well. Overall, the taste was good, but she really needs to improve on the presentation. For some reason, I had the inspiration to spring clean my underwear drawer. Found loads of unworn underwear that I had forgotten about. Some even ended up underneath the drawer for years! Most interesting were the pair of black mesh and black lace mini briefs that Tater bought for me from Thailand. Also found my stash of letters and cards that I had received from friends along the years. Brought back many memories.

Hidden Stash


Twilight Man said...

Oh no more Alisan! Always rained with crow shits place.

William said...

Sit inside lo

Anonymous said...

Leg fencing je? If me, I sudah sword fighting! ^^

Jaded Jeremy said...

Who won the leg fencing?

William said...

Beside my mother le... XD

A tie