Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Year of the Lamb Burglar

Lim Ching Miau

At the end of February, I was the designated driver to mum's charity event at SJK(C) Chung Kwo. Exactly one year ago, I went to the same school on a wild goose chase. Once bitten, twice shy. This year, I got there with no fuss and even found a good parking spot. The organiser had given the Spring Single Mothers Association one table, so I was there to fill the space. Every year, this Christian association organizes a huge charity lunch for the needy. There were goodie bags at each table and an 8-course lunch by Restaurant Sheng Hui, a caterer from Sekinchan. Loads of performances ranging from song and dance to a testimony from an ex-paralympian. The emcee was Lim Ching Miau, the controversial plus-sized actress from two of Teresa Kok's "Onederful Malaysia" parodies. You would remember her as "Mrs. Jit". Currently she is promoting her movie "Kung Fu Taboo".

Charity Lunch

As luck would have it, my dinner was also by Restaurant Sheng Hui. Mum and I were at my church's Chinese New Year dinner. Plenty of food and performances. The guest of honour was the archbishop of the KL archdiocese. The dinner was kicked-off in a most unconventional way-- by planting a cleaver into a roast pig! Not the classiest way to launch an event, but definitely the yummiest. Each table had a large plate of siew yuk. So yummy! The performances were quite standard with not one, but two performances of 小苹果. Don't find it remotely catchy. Near the end of the dinner, received an urgent call from my sister telling us that her place had been robbed! Yikes. We quickly packed up and left. By the time we got home, the police had already left. Turns out the burglars came in from the kitchen window. They pried open the window and sawed off the grill. And as luck would have it, the alarm wasn't switched on. They ransacked the master bedroom and even carted away the CCTV recorder! According to the police, no fingerprints were lifted (like it mattered), so means they were wearing gloves.

SIC CNY Dinner 2015

Unfortunately for The Tribe, Sis left much of her jewellery, foreign currency and the kids' red packet money in her bedroom drawer. The burglars also carted away tablets and BIL's DSLR. Shaken by the events, Sis and the kids came over to my place to sleep. Just like what happened at my place more than a decade ago, criminals usually go straight for the bedrooms. Never ever put your valuables in easy to look places like drawers. That's the first place they'll look. If you hide your stuff elsewhere, they'd have less chances of finding it since they would have wasted their time going through the usual places. The crooks also had the time to burgle the neighbour's house. Yikes. When BIL told him the bad news via the phone, the fella gave a very ch*bai answer (pardon my French): "If my house was broken into, I'm sure your's was too!". What an idiot.

Cat Burglar


Tempus said...

Hahahahaha SJK C Chung KwoKKK was my primary school! I heard there's another SJK C Chung Kwo, but the Chinese name is different!

William said...

That really caused me some major confusion!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh gosh! Sorry to hear about the robbery.

William said...

Up till now, she's still trying to get the G&G going