Saturday, April 05, 2014

Fromage et Vin

Same Name

Didn't go marketing on Saturday. It was a rest day. Enough of cooking during CNY. Joined SK for WTM at Kong Kee. Mum had a charity event at 中国, a Chinese school at Jalan Loke Yew, so SK and I sent her out. Every day, I alight at Sultan Ismail LRT station for work. And from the platform, I see a school with the same name-- 中国. The English spelling was Chung Kwok. Little did I know that there is another 中国 in KL. Masyallah. When we arrived at Chung Kwok, the guard notified us that there was no function there that day. =_=. Frantically, we started Googling, Wazing, and Google Mapping for another possible 中国. Turns out that there is a school by the name of Chung Kwo (pay attention, no K). Ish. Seriously, couldn't they have used another name?! After dropping my mum off, SK and I made our to Bangsar's CZip Lee. The day before, she had mistakenly picked up a box of water colours think that it was acrylic. Apollo was with her and they both didn't realize it. This is what we call "ghost cover eyes". Bumped into many cute Bangsar boys around Jalan Telawi. Well-groomed and well-fed. Went into Bangsar Village next. Hunted for Private Structure, but took us ages to find it. Turns out they had moved once again from BVI LG to BVII UG. Bought some Ts and undies for a friend in Germany for his belated birthday.



Ate lunch at Senjyu where we bumped into a fabulous male Datin. Designer handbag with handle wrapped with designer scarf. Bling boots. Bling nail extensions. Makeup. Designer shades and high hair. Fantastic. With our parking expiring at 2:00 pm, we quickly made our way back in case we receive a ngau yuk kon on the windscreen. Later in the evening, I tried to swim my fat away. Was accompanied by a teenager who was quite a good swimmer. Motivated me to swim just a little more. Haha. Sigh. Why no eye candy at my apartment's pool? MaisonSK hosted dinner again but with an extra cheese and wine party which was joined by Apollo, QueerRanter-D and Brian. Since Apollo and QueerRanter-D were there together, naturally the night was dominated by vegetarian jokes. The reason for the party was to try the matured cheddar and cured sausages that CK brought back from Scotland. He nearly wanted to bring home haggis, but that didn't materialize. Spread the cheese on the crackers and topped it with pork pate or goose liver pate. Truth be told, the way we were doing, it didn't look too pretty. LOL. Opened two bottles of wine. The more expensive bottle tasted watered down. Borak-borak at the table, munch-munch away on peanuts and kuih kapit.

Who Moved My Cheese

Cheese & Pate



Ash Godiva said...

so in conclusion got 2 chung kwok and 1 chung kwo at kl?(maybe got other)

William said...

One is called Chung Kwok and the ther Chung Kwo.