Sunday, June 21, 2015

MACC: Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians

Pre-Dentist Visit Breakfast

Did my yearly dental check-up on Saturday. For some reason, I always eat wantan noodles before getting my scaling and polishing done. My dentist never commented about my impacted wisdom tooth. He knows that I will come begging and crying when the pain sets in.

Snake, Lamb & Donkey

Later in the afternoon, KH and I went to The Gardens Mall for a paktor session. Coffee at Jamaica Blue, then we went to watch "MACC: I Want To Touch a Douglas" at The Gardens Theatre. Susahnya nak cari tempat tu. Have to go up from a very specific escalator. The show was quite funny, with a series of stand up comedy from Jason Leong, Phoon Chi Ho (I remember him from Shear Madness), Kuah Jenhan and of course Douglas Lim. All sorts of jokes about politics, religion and race. Jason's material was mostly about his career change from doctor to comedian. Chi Ho talked a lot about his wife. Kuah shared an interesting personal story about interracial love. And Douglas really hates one of our national badminton players. And of course a lot of the more controversial jokes came from him. We didn't sit together, that was kinda weird, but I did enjoy the show anyway. Douglas kept asking the crowd to buy his posters for RM10 a piece. Evil eye for audience members who left empty handed. LOL.


MACC: I Want To Touch a Douglas

Final event for the day was a BEC gathering. Had to rush home from MV for that. Phew...

The Immaculate Heart of Mary


Ash Godiva said...

those zodiac pillows are sho cute:3

Jaded Jeremy said...

Impacted wisdom tooth? What is that?

William said...

Haha. Every year also got.


Derek said...

Really funny show le, even though didn't sit together with baby

ernestlow said...

Hi wills, the wanton noodles look yummy. Pray tell where? Thanks.

Twilight Man said...

That's my friend in the poster!

William said...

Never hold my hand :P

Don't know the shop name, somewhere around Jln 1/149

Who is your friend?