Friday, April 10, 2015

Shear Madness

Breakfast Noodles

Got home late on Friday night. AirAsia or KLIA2 always has a way to screw up your schedule. If not for flight delays, it would be baggage hiccups or long taxi queues. But we can always blame it on the rain. My colleague took the the 1825 flight while I took the 2015. Ironically, we arrived in KL at the same time. Took supper that mum had prepared. Loved the stuffed chicken wings that she had made for the first time. Great pairing with minced pork and wild yam. Loaded my laundry into the machine, pre-set it to start in six hours and went to bed. Activities on Saturday were all planned out. Had a wantan mee breakfast with SK before bringing mum and the kids out to The Pavilion to look at the Christmas decorations. Nothing ground-breaking really, just that this year, they had a giant Santa Claus Christmas tree and much use of animatronics. Lots gyrating elves and snowmen. The kids had fun in a mini merry-go-round with Little Monster shouting "going up" and "going down". Had an early lunch at Ichi Zen and redeemed my free Chatime from LINE (I don't remember how many times I typed "I love Chatime" to finally get that). Went a bit crazy at Parkson's Lacoste warehouse sale and did some gift shopping. From our purchases, we got cash vouchers and when we spent that, we got more vouchers. While mum and SK went hunting for something to buy, they left the kids with me. Little monster was already low on fuel and slept on the sofa at the lounge area. But it wasn't a deep sleep. In no time he was up and waiting for my mum. Luckily it was a secluded area, else it would have seemed that I was some kidnapper. Thank goodness he quieted down after he got tired from crying.

Father Christmas Front

Father Christmas Back

Salmon & White Tuna

By the time we got home, it was around 5:00 PM. I had a date with KH at PJ Live Arts, while mum and KH were attending a function at Thien Hou Temple. Time was a bit tight, so I persuaded KH to come over earlier to have dinner with me. Had an hour to have some fried noodles nearby. The plan was to drop off mum and SK before heading to watch "Shear Madness" in PJ. Just had a little time before the show to share a cup of latte at Dooi Chang and walk around. Surprising, I laughed so hard during the show. They had sprinkled so many localized jokes into this whodunit (sex jokes too, but they were mindful of the kid sitting at the front row). At first I was afraid that it was annoying like "Philadelphia, Here I Come!". Ironically, Qahar Aqilah was the lead in that and he was the hairdresser in this. The same energetic performance but much less annoying. Lol. Quite different from what I am used to as the actors interact with the audience and audience actually can influence the outcome of the ending. Couldn't really enjoy the show after the intermission cause mum and SK where already done and we were running longer than scheduled. By the time we picked them up, the hall had been closed up and they were waiting at the guard house. Thankfully mum didn't throw a hissy fit as SK was with her and they were entertained by a slightly off-center Vietnamese woman who claimed to be a prostitute without proper immigration documents. The guards and police didn't know what to with her. Hahaha.

Doi Chaang


Twilight Man said...

I think C X planes are scary when it comes to delays, lost baggage and 15 connection flights in HKG. I have developed terrible phobia!

Pre-Christmas for 2015 December? Hello!!!

William said...

It was my first time with CX.
Haha. Yes, my backlog is severe.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, christmas! Labour day coming... hahaha...
~ Daniel

William said...

Hahaha. I need to speed up big time!