Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Hunt for Nasi Dagang

Note: Hello! I'm back! Was I missed? Did anyone lodge a missing blogger report? God-forbid did my visitor stats go down the toilet? Actually, I've just finished doing my laundry and reading all the mail, and my body is telling me it's bedtime although it's just 4:54 pm. Wish me luck battling jet lag and wish me luck writing about my great Canadian adventure with KH and processing the gigabytes of photos that I took! Meanwhile, I shall serve up more stale posts that are now two and a half months late! Enjoy. :D


At Ante Kitchen the night before, Lifebook was telling me about a nasi dagang joint in Damansara Uptown. Initially, I thought it was Hayaki Cafe, a place famous for its indifferent, slow as molasses service. Turned out to be Capital Nasi Dagang (100% BUKAN milik bumiputera Melayu). Needed Waze to navigate around that confusing place. Even on a Sunday its full of cars. Thankfully, Capital was located at one of the quieter rows. When mum and I arrived after mass, the place was quite packed. Someone was packing loads and loads of nasi dagang, causing a backlog. Not many things on the menu, so we ordered two most representative dishes-- nasi dagang and laksa Kelantan. Truth be told, the nasi dagang is more value for money. The laksa was quite bare and in my opinion they should have reheated the noodles before pouring in the gravy. The nasi dagang on the other hand was quite good for KL standards. At least I did not have to pay MYR22 for it. Drove down to OUG after lunch. I had an appointment to fix my shaggy hair while mum had a yumcha session with her friends. Looking at me, my stylist suddenly realized that my hair has a nice flow to right, so he suggested to completely shave off the left side. No more undercut. That radical move was quite convenient in the sense that I could go out without combing my hair. Just push it all to the right. Mum wasn't done yet, so I walked to my car that was parked a few row of shops away. On the way, I stopped to buy nasi kerabu and some onde-onde, pulut panggang and kuih koci for SK.

Brian's Birthday

Walking in the sun made me a bit cranky as I wasn't feeling well. When I reached the car, I saw a request from KH asking me to buy a gift for Brian. Alamak! I had to trudge back to Plaza OUG. Located a random kiosk and bought a car charger for him. Took the 'arduous' journey back to my car and tested the thing. Ada lampu, takde letrik! KNS! Didn't want a repeat situation, so I parked my car closer to the plaza. Thank goodness there was a spot at the nearby cyber cafe. When I complained to the kiosk owner, only then did he produce a contraption that simulate the car's cigarette lighter. He should have bloody took that out when I first bought it! Certified dead, he gave me a replacement. And I only left after it was tested good by him and at my car. Ugh. Troublesome. Went home and rested. Wrapped the present with leftover Christmas designs and watched Fairy Tail while trying to bulk up my biceps (a long shot. Have been avoiding the pool for weeks now due to my yo-yo health condition. Hope my swim trunks don't grow mushrooms. Brian's birthday party was at MaisonSK. As usual, she cooked up a storm. As requested by the birthday boy, we didn't get a cake, but bought two tubs of ice cream instead. Ice cream cones all around! Would have loved for KH to lick my ice cream cone, but we only managed a quick kiss and grope in the room, away from the other guests.


Twilight Man said...

Welcum back home. Why post old tales? We want to hear your excitements!

William said...

There must be continuity :D

Jaded Jeremy said...

You watched Fairly Tail but didn't watch the epic series Avatar: The Last Airbender? Tsk tsk tsk.

William said...

I'm not releasing him :P