Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fitting In

Market Infests the Playground

Replenished groceries and fresh produce at the wet market on Saturday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary at all. Wanted to eat my favourite breakfast soup noodles at the lorong, but they weren't open! Gasp. So unheard of. That's how the Chinese are-- work, work, work, work, work then take long leave during the Lunar Chinese New Year. Or for the more calculative, make a killing during that period. But anyway, if you're at the OUG wet market, you may wanna consider having the Penang curry laksa stall at Restoran Sun Sea. The uncle has retired and the stall is now manned by two twinks. Go check it out. LOL. Back home, mum fired up the juicer. A great combination of Taiwanese white bittergourd and apples. Not bitter, but the after-taste is very refreshing. Wanna get my hands on more of the stuff. During lunch, mum whipped up some mee suah in chicken soup and topped it with poached free-range chicken egg. Wholesome and yummy. In the afternoon, KH came over to show off his brand new Honda Civic. Quite a nice car and definitely worth it at the price that he got thanks to Talent Corp's AP. Just a short drive around my neighbourhood. Brought him to SuperSave to get an attachment for his rear view mirror. Wasn't wide enough, like my Almera. Ended up at Ocean Bubble Tea House after that. Still wasn't feeling all that great so I ordered a cup of hot tea. We had the whole place to ourselves so my hands were a little bit more adventurous.


White & Bitter

In the evening, we had a dinner date with Lifebook and couple of his friends from Penang. The dinner venue was Publika. After a long and convoluted discussion, we dined at Ante Kitchen & Bar. The place was fully booked, so we only could hold the table from 18:30pm till 8:00pm. That wasn't a problem because we the kitchen was still free and and there was ample time to eat. We shared everything, so it turned out to be a very porky course dinner. For starters, I ordered the cod fish and crab meat mash. The crab meat made taters so much yummier but truth be told, I couldn't detect the fish. Next was the smoked duck salad. Definitely smoky. LOL. A fusion dish came up too-- Char siew carbonara in curry cream (or dry curry wantan noodles). Super creamy. Can't imagine eating a whole plate of it. Then came the heavy duty meat dishes. First was the Hogger Pork Ribs. A full rack of lovely fall-off-the-bone porky goodness. Seriously a little bit too much even for the six of us. Last was the char-grilled pork steak, a signature of theirs. A very juicy cut with plenty of fat. Definitely the infidel carnivore's choice. Without the embarrassment of being shoo-ed off, we vacated the table before time was up. Did some wandering around Publika before sitting down again at Namoo on the Park. Took them some time to find us a seat. Brisk business. Shared a trio of sweet stuff. Think my favourite is still the Mat Tang with its wonderful oven-baked sweet potatoes, pumpkin and rice cakes.

Hogger Pork Ribs

Char siew Carbonara in Curry Cream

Challenging at times including mum in group dinners. Many would not risk it. Takes a certain amount of calculated confidence. Gotta watch what we say and make sure that mum doesn't get bored. And I have to balance it out between mum, KH and my friends. But I guess at times its not so difficult. Mum and I are kinda 'veterans' at it. When the opportunity arises, she does join into the conversation. And she knows to break from the group to look at outlets that interest her more. Practise makes perfect!

Cornflakes Dessert


Happy walker said...

I like the wanton noodle and ice cream popcorn~ =D

Shadow Wind said...

FOOOOOOOD!!!! I want!

William said...


Eat up :P

Derek said...

Hmm yeah lo, sometimes can tell that your mum feels bored or ignored.

untold stories said...

so jealous of you to have all your loved ones together.