Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Zemien + 1

Rolling with Joy

The last I met Zemien was during my Penang trip with the gang. We had the opportunity to meet again in May as he was bringing his boyfriend around the region for their Skank Around The Region Tour. Their travels brought them from New Zealand -> Singapore -> Hanoi -> Krabi -> Penang -> Kuala Lumpur. We were lucky enough to meet up right before KH was to fly off to Japan the next day. Since they were in Bukit Bintang for a shopping binge, we arranged to meet up for dinner at The Pavilion's Ichi Zen. When I walked into the restaurant, Zemien and his angmoh boyfriend was already there. Naturally I offered my had to Zemien, but he said, "Why so formal?" and proceeded to give me a big hug. LOL. Was my first time meeting his BF, whom he introduced as Paige. I had forgotten that Zemien is nine years his senior. If you go by stereotypes, its normally the other way around. KH was the last to arrive. We made two sets of orders and when everything arrived we had no free space on the table! Thankfully we managed to finish all the food. On first impression, Paige is a quiet person and its cute to see Zemien explaining stuff to him. Turns out that night's dinner was quite an adventure for Paige. Even chawanmushi was not something that he could envision! We went shopping after that as Paige wanted to make good use of his Pavilion Tourist Card. With that, we saved 10% off the total bill. Went to Harvey Norman and found that the advertised discounts were for huge appliances only. Why would tourists buy that anyway? The Universal Traveller promotion was even more unbelievable-- Free Travelling Bag with Every Purchase! Turns out that 'Travelling Bag' referred to the zip lock bag that you use to carry liquids in your hand carry. LOL. What a rip off. Let them continue on striking off each offer on the promotion booklet. KH and I called it a day and took the slow train ride home...


Happy walker said...

i like the food! XD

Hdaran said...

And rode on the train off into the sunset..

William said...


The sun already set :P